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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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D-Sisive – Golden Lullaby (Prod. MMac) [Audio]

Toronto, ON – As we’ve pointed out before, no one introduces a D-Sisive record like Mr. Derek Christoff himself. Look for the description of this newly released tune after the jump. As usual, the producer/MC pulls no punches when it comes to telling fans where he’s at musically and what’s going on in his head… the muse behind his latest creation. But it’s the same type of D-Sisive you hear in his music… honest, introspective and not shy about taking a shot at himself if he feels it’s warranted. In any event, we like him and we know you do too! Check out “Golden Lullaby” below and look out The Great Mr. Nobody Mixtape (like that title doesn’t completely encompass everything). “Golden Lullaby” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

The release party is going down Friday, September 19, inside Rancho Relaxo (300 College Street). Along with D-Sisive, the event will feature performances by Swamp Thing, Def3, Factor, Wordburglar and more. Click here for the Facebook listing.

D-Sisive - Golden Lullaby (Prod. MMac) [Audio] -

D-Sisive Releases Golden Lullaby…

Having children changes everything. It changes the way you see the world. Your priorities change. Musicians write songs that are more child-friendly. Actors choose films their children will like. Everything changes. You change. You’re no longer living for the same reasons.

I wasn’t going to change. Nope, not me. I wasn’t going soft. That would be against everything I stand for. My swear words. My anger. My sadness, and bitterness. That’s D-Sisive, and without those things, he’s…I’m…a soft, fat Macedonian dad. I sure as hell wasn’t going to record Fat Macedonian Dad music, either. Jim Jones would never approve! Nelly Furtado had a child, then made the worst album of her career. With help from Timbaland, she needed to find her inner-horniness and promiscuity to bring her back. She was fortunate, but it could have went the other way. I wasn’t falling into that trap. A fat, Macedonian dad, I was not.

But… A fat, Macedonian dad, I am!

Seeing|hearing my daughter’s heartbeat for the first time, during her first ultrasound, kinda flushed that down the toilet. It made her real. It brought me to tears, and I only cry during funerals and the ending of Rudy. It was beautiful, and inspired me to write Golden Lullaby.

I’ve been sitting on this MMac produced song for almost 2 years, and feel now is the perfect time to release it. My daughter, Ava, is a year old. She loves Alphaghetti, and I love her.

Hope you love the song!

Love and kisses.
The Great Mr. Nobody
Derek Christoff

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D-Sisive - Golden Lullaby (Prod. MMac) [Audio] -

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