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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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SeT – More Than This ft. AJ Cooper [Video]

Toronto, ON – SmashMouth Music Group MC SeT just released new visuals for his collaboration track with AJ Cooper titled “More Than This” (off of SeT’s debut AuRA LP).

The video is all about perseverance; the perseverance to make the illest ’90s-inspired hip-hop music video of all time. The video was directed by Joseph Devitt Tremblay. See how it all goes down after the jump.

SeT - More Than This ft. AJ Cooper [Video] -

SeT arrives at this really extravagant mansion. It’s not his, though. It’s a house for sale and SeT is having a “viewing.” So he ties up the real estate agent (we don’t find this out until the end of the video), and hits up AJ. The two MCs take over and get things poppin’. This video covers the entire spectrum of everything ’90s: big flexin’ fur coats, bucket hats, fancy drank, and close-up shots of the dudes exhaling smoke like bosses.

Supposedly, SeT was channelling his inner-Biggie Smalls (you’ll notice he’s listening to “Juicy” as the video starts up, and also makes a “Big Poppa” reference on the last verse). But I was getting a bit more of an OutKast feel from it all. Why? Because it was fun as f**k to watch this. Despite the fact that SeT and AJ were trying to embody the serious ’90s flex, I felt like shooting this video was their rapper-equivalent of a trip to Disneyland. For real. They looked like kids in a candy store in those furs (for reference – look at them prancing around in delight at 3:32).

Anyways, this video was kind of like a “Making ’90s Rap Music Videos 101” tutorial. Here’s what it all comes down to: first you need to find an open house for a really nice mansion. Then you need to tie up the real estate agent. Then you take over the house. Wear your freshest furs, smoke your smokiest smokes, and drink your fanciest liquor. Make sure you catch the whole escapade on film and – BAM – you have your music video.

Twitter: @iamSeTdoe | @SmashMouthMG

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