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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Suicide Kings – Attack Of The Beat Fiends ft. Aztek the Barfly & Cancer [Video]

Calgary, AB – The Suicide Kings duo (MC Joey Knuckles and producer King Cole) just hit us with their latest visual release for “Attack Of The Beat Fiends” off the Crown Of Thorns album. Joey teams up with Aztek the Barfly and Cancer to drop bars over top of a King Cole beat. And they all take us deep underground in a video that was filmed on the streets of Detroit.

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It all starts off with a female newscast voiceover about police obtaining a man who was “gnawing off another man’s face.” Ew. Anyways, the newscaster continues talking: “I have to warn you that the pictures we’re about to show you are very disturbing.” So it gets all hammed up like we’re going to be exposed to some really disgusting pictures of some dude with part of his face chewed off. But – spoiler alert – that doesn’t end up happening.

Instead, the video cuts to Joey for the first verse of the track. Then Detroit-based rapper-producer Aztek delivers the second verse. And Cancer (who also happens to be Detroit fam) brings us home. Here’s some context for y’all: you know what a fiend is, right? It’s a more generic term for an addict. These cats are addicted to the beats. They are fiending for the beats. Which is actually just a really grimy way of saying, “I love music. A lot.”

This track pulls double-duty as an ode to the craft and music, as well as an opportunity for some serious chest-puffing flex. The track itself is one rapper shy of being a posse cut. But it’s the same formula. Each artist takes on one verse to tell us why he’s the hungriest cat on the block. And he uses his rap skills (flow, delivery, rhyme schemes), to drive his point home. In the end, we’re left with a really hungry track that showcases the best abilities of the rappers at-hand. I’d never heard of Aztek or Cancer before this track – but I’m ‘a keep my ear to the ground on them.

And I love that Joey and Cole are so diligent about trying new things. They’re jumping knee-deep into the rap game and taking a lot of risks that I don’t see too many local cats doing. Like – you know – taking their music beyond Calgary and getting in with the U.S. cats. Shout-out to SK.

Twitter: @SuicideKings1 | @JKsuicidekings | @colethagod

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