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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Nolely Nole – Suicide Club EP (Prod. M Mac) [Review] #Premiere

Toronto, ON – HipHopCanada has teamed up with our family over at SmashMouth Music Group to bring you the premiere release of the Suicide Club EP by Nolely Nole. The seven-track project was produced entirely by SMMG’s own M Mac. And as you can probably guess by the project’s title, this ish gets dark.

Nolely Nole bodies us with this really unique voice – it’s high-pitched, kind of psychotic, really grimy, and really raw. Dude’s voice is one of a kind. And it totally coincides with his craft, too. When I listen to Nolely Nole, I feel like I’m listening to a maniac; it’s unfiltered, it’s often scattered, and it’s never cohesive. That being said, it’s eerily genuine. Nolely Nole has the ability to get under your skin and hit you with some very graphic lyrics about mental health, addiction, drug abuse, and sexual gratification.

So since we’re premiering the project for you, we’ve also broken down the EP for y’all; track by track. Peep the streaming of the project below, and check our review after the jump.

Nolely Nole - Suicide Club EP (Prod. M Mac) [Review] #Premiere -

1. End Of The World (Prod. M Mac)

Nolely Nole grants us initiation into his Suicide Club with this opening track titled “End Of The World.” He starts by mumbling about how the “medications” don’t work. It feels institutional – like Nole is on lockdown, or something.

M Mac delivers a slightly slower BPM, so it feels like the track is running in slow motion. It’s like a scene straight out of those movies where the main character’s entire world is crumbling and burning and people are dying and stuff, and it’s all relayed in slow motion so you can feel the devastation in every single fibre of your being. This is what “End Of The World” is.

As the listener, you become that very main character. Everything around you will melt into oblivion. And all that remains is the Suicide Club EP. There’s nowhere left for you to seek comfort, except on the EP’s next track.

2. Ghost ft. L-SPEX, Flex The Antihero & DMKZ (Prod. M Mac)

“Ghost” has a very depressing “Live fast, die young” undertone. Nole brings in L-SPEX to deliver the hook; which is very reminiscent of the Weeknd. It’s a repetition of the word “Ghost” with a haunting R&B smoothness that’ll reduce you into a puddle of sensitive emotional mush.

Nole hits hard on a frantic first verse: “I’m drunk driving in my bedroom/ I can barely shift.” Then SmashMouth Music Group MC, Flex The Antihero, delivers a second verse with a raw commentary on hating life and existence. DMKZ slows things down on the third verse as things start to fade away.

3. P.U.S.S.Y. Ft. DillanPonders (Prod. M Mac)

At this point on the EP, we take a brief interlude to A) hear about Nolely Nole’s very specific oral sex techniques and B) cop a listen to a DillanPonders feature.

So how – exactly – does Nolely Nole perform fellatio? I know you’re curious. You know you’re curious. So here’s how he likes to do it: “Face first in that pussy/ I go face first in that pussy.” But he doesn’t stop there. No, that would be too easy. That wouldn’t warrant an entire track about tongue-digging for treasure in some girl’s lady bits. So here’s where Nolely Nole takes us to a whole other level: “I do handstands in that pussy/ I do handstands in that pussy.” !???!?!?!?!??!?!??!?! Dammmmmmnnnnn. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Then Dillan comes in on his feature and destroys it. I have to preface this by telling you that I’m a ridiculously huge DillanPonders fan. Y’all know I’m about that DP music. DP also likes to rap about oral sex. Remember that track DP did called “Swallow”? That was gold. So this collaboration was essential.

4. Can’t Forget (Prod. M Mac)

Nolely Nole brings us back into his angst-fuelled Suicide Club with this track about his inability to forgive and forget. Dude holds a grudge: “I can’t forget about it so don’t tell me/ To try to forget about it/ It won’t help me.”

He strategically spits on the mic (like actual spitting with saliva involved; not just “spitting bars”) at 1:05 in such a way that the spitting actually flows with his bars. Shoot. I wonder if he picked up that technique while he was learning to do vagstands for the previous track. Either way, that’s dope.

Then Nolely has a bit of a breakdown towards to end of the track and goes nuts on the microphone. If we threw a few instrumental solos in there, this part of the track would be a song breakdown featuring an actual emotional breakdown.

5. Lights Off (Prod. M Mac)

This song dips deep into depression. Nolely starts off with some anecdotes about his darkest points in life. Like when his dad left him. Or when he was homeless. And then he throws in this line of desperation: “Anything you give me now/ I take as collateral.” This is the hardened psychotic underground version of Drizzy Drake’s “Trust Issues.” For real.

6. Karla (Prod. M Mac)

Nolely Nole jumps right at us on here and spews off an incomprehensible slew of rhymes. Nole really doesn’t like Karla. So this gets hella messy. The kind of messy where you wake up with a pounding headache, covered in your own puke, and ask yourself what you’re doing with your life. And everything is dark. And everything is wrong in the world. And everyone sucks.

If you’ve never had a serious bout of crippling depression, this joint will give you some solid insight into what it’s like to drown in sadness and anger. Also, this track basically serves as the polar opposite to any female-worshipping song you’ve heard lately.

7. White Women Remix (Prod. M Mac)

Sorry ladies – this is not a song about you. This is a song about drugs: powder, aka: snow, aka: blow, aka: white women. Nolely Nole cuts the EP seven tracks deep, to go on a massive powdery drug binge. And he encourages us to all to go apeshit crazy and do the same: “Go on shave your head, b*tch/ Go and snort a brick, hoe.” I mean – if you’ve made it this far along on the EP, you may as well pull a Britney Spears circa 2007, and stop taking yourself so damn seriously.

That all said and done, you’re likely going to get a little shook on this track. You’ll feel an uncomfortable rage boiling up inside of you. Not the kind of rage that makes you want to turn up to some trap banger and pop bottles in da club or whatever. It’s the kind of rage that’s really unsettling. Welcome to the Suicide Club.

Written by Sarah Sussman for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @IHateNolelyNole | @mmacbeats

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