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Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

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SeT – Baussin ft. Tray [Video] #VideoPremiere

Toronto, ON – HipHopCanada has teamed up with our SmashMouth Music Group family to bring you the video premiere for SeT’s “Baussin'” banger off the AuRA LP.

So here’s the deal – if you are “baussin’,” you are running it. You are the alpha dog. Top gun. Herder of sheep. Simba of the rap cats. You never follow; you always lead. You are SeT; and you are baussin’ around your city. Check the premiere after the jump.

#VideoPremiere SeT - Baussin ft. Tray [Video] -

SeT dives right in over some gnarly trap production (courtesy of AJ Cooper) and quickly establishes his baussin’ status. He means business. Dude hits us with a supremely fast chopper flow and asserts his reign over the T-Dot.

He’s rolling with his crew; shooting hoops, rolling doobies, wilding out, and dipping into the big bag of Party Tostito chips. Shoot. Dude even throws in this prance dance move at 1:30. Then Tray comes in on the second verse and hits us with an equally fast flow. Now is it just me, or does he kind of have this Wiz Khalifa thing going for him? Either way, dude delivers a solid verse.

I have no doubt that cats are going to get hooked on this joint. As soon as the chorus kicks in, you feel compelled to sing along: “Baussin’/ Baussin’/ Baussin’/ Baussin’/ Baussin’ ’round my city.” It’s like when Drake says he’s on his worst behaviour. Or when Kendrick goes, “YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! YAWK.” It just sticks.

Twitter: @iamSeTdoe | @TrayTrevor | @GodlyExi

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