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Til’ The Wheels Fall Off: Halifax’s Rude Dowg enlists Knotez, Miracle & R

Til’ The Wheels Fall Off: Halifax’s Rude Dowg enlists Knotez, Miracle & R

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Allan Rayman – Graceland [Video]

Toronto, ON – Today is the best day ever because today Allan Rayman hit us with “Graceland,” which is the second official single release off the forthcoming Hotel Allan (slated for release in 2015).

I have a confession to make to y’all: Allan Rayman is ranked as one my Top 5 all-time favourite artists right now. That is how much I love what this dude is doing. He mixes new wave R&B with punk rock and hip-hop influence to create a serious mindf**k of a sound. It’s always undeniably suave and sexy, with this gritty edge of rawness. I feel like Allan is the musical equivalent of a one-night-stand; you take in his tuneage and it blesses you with a deep primal feeling. But when the track wraps and he’s gone, you feel a mess of unidentifiable feelings. And you’re left waiting on the next Allan Rayman release. Seriously. It was tough waiting on this release after Allan’s previous “Interlude” song drop shook me up. The wait was unbearable.

“Graceland” is less hip-hoppy than usual, and much more rock-fused R&B Allan Rayman-ness. But you should give it a listen anyways. Trust. The video was directed and cut by Steph Verschuren and Allan Rayman. Give it a peep after the jump.

Allan Rayman - Graceland [Video] -

So here’s how it all goes down: the video starts off with Allan waking up is Graceland. And then the song kicks in. Allan compares himself to the likes of a Holy Ghost, a tidal wave, an empty glass and a lone cigarette. To quote, he says: “I am that cigarette/ That you’re quitting on.” Serious metaphor business, right? But read between his lines- because what it all comes down to is a deep unsettling sense of loneliness.

And then a message flashes on to the screen at 1:32: “Allan Walks Through The Reality Of His Untimely DEATH.” It is important to note that “death” is written in all capital letters for emphasis. Because DEATH.

I’m going to go out-on-a-limb here and guess that it’s not referring to a literal dying death; it’s referring to an emotional death. But instead of dying and going to some afterlife, Allan has emotionally died and found himself lost in Graceland. The video wraps as Allan links up with the masked lady (who you saw in the video for “Beverly“) and they stroll off together into the darkness; the darkness that is actually a metaphorical representation of hollow emotions. Shoot. This is deeper than anything I’ve ever known in life. I feel all the feelings right now and I don’t really know what to do with them.

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