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We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

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Deuce Fantastick – Immortal [Video]

Edmonton, AB – “Immortal. Death I will defy / if my music lives forever / then I’m never gonna die.” Peep Game’s Deuce Fantastick, spits gems in his latest video “Immortal.” Directed by Jeff Eckert, the video includes serene visuals from Edmonton’s infamous High Level Bridge and the grounds [outside of] the Alberta Legislative Building. Beautiful locations for a night-time shoot.

In his own words, Deuce takes us through his journey from the beginning; his hunger for the culture, his influences that came before him, and the struggles along the way. Produced by Xian (Prettidope Entertainment) and Fantastick Vylintz Productions, “Immortal” is the second single off of Deuces’s latest album My Fantastick Reality, which is currently available on iTunes. Show Deuce some love and peep the video after the jump.

Deuce Fantastick - Immortal [Video]-

Twitter: @DeuceFantastick | @Jeff_Eckert | @xian_prettidope

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