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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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DillanPonders – Somewhere In Chinatown [Video]

Toronto, ON – SmashMouth Music Group’s own DillanPonders (aka: the lord of blow, aka: one of my favourite rap cats in the game right now) just released new visuals for “Somewhere In Chinatown” off of The Boy Who Lived.

You know when you get really inebriated and unintentionally find yourself getting grossly honest with people? This is what happened on this track. “Somewhere In Chinatown” is Dillan’s own powder-fueled commentary on his B-List fame in Toronto’s rap scene: “I’m feeling f**king famous/ Your best friend know what my name is.”

The track was produced by BatmanOnTheBeatz and the video was directed by Justin Edward. Check it out after the jump.

DillanPonders - Somewhere In Chinatown [Video] -

For this video, DP has bleached up his lovely mane of dreaded locks. He’s rocking a pair of Elton John-style sunshades, and he’s wandering around in Chinatown. He’s a mess; he’s at the point where his high is starting to come down and he’s just a sloppy mess of chemicals. But that’s when ish gets real.

Dillan kicks off the song with an anecdote about cheating on his girl. Then he says, “Nine out of 10 want to swallow me.” Which is hilarious. Because all I can think of is those dental commercials where they say “Nine out of ten dentists recommend this toothpaste for a clean and healthy smile,” or whatever. Except this is not television; this is not dental experts repping Crest toothpaste. This is DillanPonders lost somewhere in Chinatown where nine out 10 girls want to swallow his ejaculation.

DP gets into the nitty gritty of having naked bitches on his table, and rehashing the sex life with his ex, and having three girls at once, etc, etc. This dude should start a side career writing the official rap game Kama Sutra. But DP also dives into more personal territory. His rhymes are usually very self-assured and IDGAF-y. But he’s very self-aware and uses this track to speak to some of his character flaws. He admits that he’d show up late to his own funeral (he totally would – by the way). And then he says “I don’t make plans/ And I don’t make breakfast.”

So you while you’re watching this, you’ll feel things. Yeah, you might not be stoned out in the middle of nowhere. But this will hit you deep where your insecurities are. Because at some point in your life, you’ve been DillanPonders. I mean, you probably haven’t had three girls at once. But chances are at some point you’ve found yourself wandering around in confusion and incoherently questioning your entire existence.

Twitter: @DillanPonders | @__SwitchMedia | @BatmanOnTheBeat

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