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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Dope Piece – Fogtown @lanti$ (Prod. Mike’L) [Video]

St. John’s, NLOriginally published December 9, 2014 – East Coast MC Dope Piece recently dropped new visuals for his track titled “Fogtown @lanti$.” This track is an eerie cloud rap joint, laced with some dope old school influenced Mike’L production.

Dope takes us on a trip to the land of Fogtown @lanti$ (which is pronounced “Fogtown Atlantis” – for the record). Spoiler alert: there is lots of psychedelic imagery involved and there is some serious Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan reppin’. DP has a monstrous fast flow, and he hits hard with a hook that will definitely get stuck in your head: “Baby where you at?/ Fogtown @lanti$/ Baby where you at?/ Fogtown @lanti$.”

Dope Piece - Fogtown @lanti$ [Video] -

If we’re being completely honest, here, the dude kind of looks like the lovechild of Mac Miller and OB O’Brien. You feel me? Anyways, Dope has a killer flow – he can go like 432,765,321 bars per minute; all while strutting around on-screen in a Jordan jersey and white bucket hat.

This dude is the real deal. He actually says so, himself, on the track: “I’m legit/ Like the Jordan 4.” Cue: close-up video shot of Dope’s feet to show that he is – in fact- supremely legit because he is wearing Jordan 4s.

So baby, where you at? The correct answer is: Fogtown @lanti$.

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  1. jfrost

    Tuns of shit down here you guys pass over!!!!! at one point helifax da avocate made me newfoundland contact for HHC NL a few years back and it never go fixed up!

  2. @HipHopCanada

    @jfrost – It’s not “passing over” anything if the music / material isn’t submitted to us. It’s on the artist to make an effort to build a relationship with someone here and to ensure new releases get in those hands. I’m unfamiliar with “helifax da avocate” and I doubt he would have the authority to make anyone an HHC contact for Newfoundland, especially if no one at HipHopCanada has had contact with you about that position directly.

  3. Vater709

    @JFrost I sent this video over I just gave it a shot first shot they much of liked it to put it up its outta of love the post up stuff bout the 709 we gotta stand as one and be happy of are Artist are on here its better then none i just sent a new song over to em but it wasn’t post it its just you get lucky or not

  4. John Steinberg Jr. III

    J frosts music gets turned down because he’s a complete joke and no one cares what a delusional jealous clown has to say

  5. sneaky

    @jfrost is the shit his lyrics r ill his beats r sick and hes an all around good guy always trying to give back to the community so before u talk shit ya better take a look at reality do sum research get ur facts straight before u talk ur shit cause ur lyrics r smack ur beats r cracked and best be hittin the books because ur rap career is nearly over u best be lookin for a new career cause rappin just aint ur game and ur beats jus sond like shit so rock on jfrost cause u know theese guys aint got shit on u u keep bein u and keep ur head held high and i ll always have ur back with prerolled blunt ya feel me

  6. dopepiece

    thanks for the review sarah super stooked and thanks vater for sending this over

  7. Vater709

    I Got you @DopePiece Thanks again Sarah shout out to you and the Whole HipHop Canada Staff for showing love

  8. @IHeartTART

    All love, fam <3

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