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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Gorgeous Geordie & Guilty Priest – Guilty Goth [Review]

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver’s Gorgeous Geordie is back in form, teaming up with long time friend and frequent collaborator Guilty Priest. The latter handles all the production of the album while Gorgeous Geordie is joined by a hand picked cast of emcees brave enough to weather the storm. Guilty Goth is the name of their self titled release and it’s grimier than four-day-old pizza scraped off the skytrain platform.

Gorgeous Geordie & Guilty Priest - Guilty Goth [Review] -

Where to start? The easiest place would be to begin by making comparisons to last years classic Coffin Life. But that’s a bit like comparing a new NaS album to Illmatic. Let’s just leave that alone entirely. The good news is that so much of what made Coffin Life special has returned to entertain us once more.

Ok so now that that’s out of the way. Let’s picture ourselves in a hunters shed in the middle of the woods. A three legged chair, and an ax, walls with holes in them and a lone candle on a small desk. It’s foggy and the Guilty Goth album start to play. Uncomfortable yet? Blair Witch Project meets hip-hop meets Evil Dead. Good Christ this album is dark. Not a single beat could be labeled “danceable” either. Guilty Priests droning synths and bass lines would have the exorcist running in fear. A handful of horror movies are sampled throughout the album and make the whole atmospheric experience feel that much more like a bad dream you’re stuck in.

Fans of Gorgeous Geordie will be pleased that he has lost none of his incredible imagination and wit. His off the top of the head train of thought lyricism takes centre stage on Guilty Goth and will having you laughing, gasping and just plain impressed. On Pentagram, Geordie opens with the following bars:

Forgotten, god droppin’ off flash drives/ Waves splash feel the unholy gettin’ baptized, witchcraft ritual, see the dances/ Whole albums written with the planchette.

If you’re into Top 40, You will not like this album. It’s too thought provoking. It requires too much attention. But those also happen to be the reasons why it’s so good. Let’s get something straight. This is not your average hip-hop. A lot of artists will throw around the statement “I just feel like I’m so unique” or “I’m just trying to break away from the average” or some other hollow phrase like that. The fact of the matter here is that Guilty Goth is not for everyone. This music will probably offend you. You will feel uncomfortable and you will either like this or troll it.

The greatest feat that Guilty Goth accomplishes is that it makes art that triggers a response. Someone once said “music is just what feelings sound like.” This could not be more true of Guilty Goth. Whether you love this or hate it you are going to feel something. It’s going to move you. There’s no way you get through all eleven tracks without having a strong opinion about it.

In their success at breaking away, Guilty Priest and Gorgeous Geordie have also left themselves on an ice float. They make no effort in catering to the masses. This is music that they enjoy and they’re not too concerned with the rest of the menu. But there has to be a niche for this. There have to be people out there who are into 80s horror movies, dabble in the occult and are going to crack Pabst Blue Ribbons and tag a concrete wall under a bridge while listening to this full blast. With an open mind and a willingness to try the new Slurpy flavour none of your friends have yet, you could be in for a treat as well.

Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @GorgeousGeord | @GuiltyKreative

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