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ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

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HipHopCanada photographer Jamie Sands picks his Top 10 Shots of 2014 [Photos]

Vancouver, BC – HipHopCanada photographer Jamie Sands picks his Top 10 Photos of 2014 after the jump, but first a message from our Editor:

We owe a lifetime of gratitude to Jamie Sands for all the amazing coverage he’s provided us over the years. Teamed with our West Coast Editor, KassKills, as well as other West Coast writers, Jamie has always provided sick coverage of Vancouver concerts and events for us and 2014 was no exception. We could list everything out but it’s easy to locate the body of his HipHopCanada work by visiting his profile or our Photo Gallery. A quick search of his name on the site brings up 5 pages of results dating back to 2010. Needless to say, Jamie’s dedication to his craft and the West Coast scene has been a huge blessing to us.

So we asked Jamie to pick his Top 10 photos of the year. They’re all from BC-based events and mostly from Vancouver where Jamie resides. They’re listed by event date. He doesn’t pick No. 1 choice but I can tell you the Ab-Soul shot is my personal favourite. He’s also selected pics of Nas, Action Bronson, Redman, Run The Jewels and more. Each photo is accompanied by an exerpt of the original post the photo can be found in. Check it out after the jump. [More]

HipHopCanada photographer Jamie Sands picks his 10 Top Shots of 2014 [Photos] -
Eminem, Squamish Music Festival, August 2014

Jamie Sands’ 2014 Photo Picks

Devin The Dude

February 3, 2014 | Fortune Sound Club (Vancouver, BC)

Houston was in the house and the “Doobie Ashtray” was filled to the brim after a dope set from Devin The Dude at Vancouver’s Fortune Sound. Local boys Northwest Division, Greg Beamish and Billionaire B lit the flame before the smoked out Devin The Dude hit the stage with a joint in hand and a cloud above his head. Jamie Sands was in the cut to filter out the smoke and catch some flicks – check them out below. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -


March 20, 2014 | Fortune Sound Club (Vancouver, BC)

The Funk Doc was in the building this past week for a smoked out, full house at Fortune Sound with guests Wide Awake w/ Tempo, J West, Greg Beamish and comedian Dino Archie. An interesting choice in openers to take the stage just before Redman, the crowd was very receptive to Dino Archie’s comedic relief…and he actually had jokes despite it being mostly the front row paying attention. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -


April 5, 2014 | Fortune Sound Club (Vancouver, BC)

Philly Queen Eve was in the house at Fortune Sound this week and can we just say…damn girl. Hotter than ever the Ruff Ryders’ first lady made quite the impression on Vancity with an epic performance to a nearly sold-out house. Local emcee AukoKrat got the party started and was the perfect introduction, especially since she’s probably Vancity’s best example a female emcee holding their own in a male-dominated genre. Veteran girl-power babe Cherchez also added her sweet signature to the party from the DJ booth. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

Action Bronson

April 20, 2014 | Venue Nightclub (Vancouver, BC)

“I feel like I’m AC Slater” Action Bronson stated to a full house at Vancouver’s Venue Nightclub on the greatest day in Vancity weed celebration. #BlueprintLive hosted the 4/20 event with locals Ghost, J. West and Money Hungry in the cut to spark the first flame and get the spot warmed up for Bam Bam.

“Strictly 4 My Jeeps” got the crowd going as the epically sized white paper joints were passed from crowd to stage and back to crowd. Bronson held his own with a larger-than-life presence and impressively, no hype dudes. “I’ma 80s baby – I wish I was Peter Gabriel” Bronson stated with another classic reference before bursting into the “Sledge Hammer” sampled “Contemporary Man” and finally leading into his verse from A$AP Rocky’s “1Train.” [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

Die Antwoord

May 22, 2014 | Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver, BC)

After their sold-out show in Vancouver this past spring, South Africa’s weirdo zef rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er – otherwise known as Die Antowoord – took the stage in Vancouver this past week once again. During this round they took in a larger venue of all-agers at PNE Forum and you better believe they brought the same strangeness and energy. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

Pharoahe Monch

June 26, 2014 | Venue Nightclub (Vancouver, BC)

The real hip-hop heads were in the building at Venue Nightclub this past week for the legendary Pharoahe Monch. Producer extraordinaire 9th Wonder was also in the cut with fierce female Rapsody and you best believe they all went hard with the beats and rhymes.

A handful of Vancity locals got the spot nice and warm at the #BlueprintLive event. Emotionz, ILL-Legitimate, J. West, Coner, A-Ro and DJ Praiz repped for the V before Rapsody murdered the mic with 9th on the 1′s and 2′s. Pharoahe Monch got the PTSD joints poppin’ and kept the crowd moving into the early hours. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

Wu-Tang Clan

June 29, 2014 | Orpheum Theatre (Vancouver, BC)

The most epic rap show in Vancouver’s history was held this weekend at the Orpheum Theatre and HipHopCanada was in the building and proud to be a co-sponsor. Timbre Concerts managed to bring almost every member of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan to Winnipeg and then Vancouver the following night. Who was in the building? The RZA, The GZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon The Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Masta Killa and DJ Mathematics brought the house down in Vancity and although Method Man would have been a welcomed addition, the night was still nothing short of spectacular. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -


August 8, 2014 | Squamish Music Festival (Squamish, BC)

One of the most anticipated acts of Squamish Valley Music Festival was Nas, who took the Tantalus Stage on Friday night to perform a set filled with Illmatic classics. 20 years since the iconic album dropped and Nas proved that there is still nobody cooler in the rap game. Dressed in a denim vest on denim jeans (Canadian tuxedo – coincidence?) Nas let the every classic rip from “NY State of Mind” to “One Love” without a drip of sweat. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

Danny Brown

August 10, 2014 | Squamish Music Festival (Squamish, BC)

Sunday was packed with some of the best names in hip-hop and Danny Brown did not disappoint. Another highly anticipated performance at SVMF was the Detroit Bruiser who has been denied entry into Canada in his previous attempts to play the West Coast.

Excitement erupted as he took the stage mid-day for his very first performance this side of the Northwest. Favourites from Old and XXX made their way to the eardrums of the crowd and Brown got a turnt up as you would have expected him to be. He barely caught a breathe as he shot out tracks one after another like a spray of bullets eventually taking a moment to brief with the crowd after 30 minutes. ”Hi Squamish. My name is Daniel” followed by his signature awkward giggle that mildly resembles Roger Rabbit. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

Joey Bada$$

October 16, 2014 | Vogue Theatre

Joey Bada$$ was recently in Vancouver on the Canadian West Coast date of his B4.DA.$$ Tour presented by Timbre Concerts and sponsored by HipHopCanada. With his signature classic, new-school sound and Pro Era crew in effect, Bada$$ packed in the Vogue Theatre and put on an unforgettable performance. The hype was real for those Summer Knights favs but Joey also dropped that new material from his upcoming, highly anticipated debut album, B4.DA.$$. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -


October 17, 2014 | Fortune Sound Club (Vancouver, BC)

On October 15th Ab-Soul headlined Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club on the West Coast date of his These Days Tour with openers Bas and Spac3man.

When I first heard Ab-Soul would be headlining at Fortune Sound Club a few months ago, I was beyond excited. I had first heard of him a couple of years ago when his album Control Systems was released and had been listening to him ever since. Watching him grow as an artist from “Turn me up Some” (with Kendrick Lamar) has been something of an adventure on it’s own. [More]

HipHopCanada photog Jamie Sands picks his top photos of 2014 [Photos] -

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