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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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KassKills’ Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos of 2014 [Article]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published January 2, 2015KassKills’ Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos of 2014 can be found below. But first, a message from our Editor:

For the past several years, HipHopCanada’s West Coast coverage has been spearheaded by Vancouver based KassKills. As our West Coast Editor, Kass has coordinated our coverage of shows, new releases, contests and interviews, as well as contributed her own interviews and stories. She’s a huge reason for a large increase in our West Coast traffic this year and remains one of our most valuable assets. If you’re in the Vancouver area and attending a show, you’ll likely cross paths with her as she attends a ton of gigs yearly. Hands down, she is a blessing to our team and the scene and she has lots of great things planned for you for 2015.

In 2014, Kass got in a ton of dope interviews including most recently with DPG legend, Kurupt (“Gotti Like That: West Coast words with Kurupt [Interview]“), Toronto’s Keys N Krates (“Innovators – Ground Shakers: The Art of Blending with Keys N Krates [Interview]“), and Ab-Soul (“Soul’s Philosophies: Ab-Soul (of Black Hippy) [Interview]“). She also linked up with Dizaster, iLL Chris, Craig MacMillan for Move Right Music, Wu-Tang’s RZA, Kid Ink, and Madchild although that one is technically Dec. 2013.

Not to mention a ton of audio/video posts, and album/concert reviews. You can find all of her posts (as well as several posts from her team), on her profile.

To bring in the New Year, we asked Kass to put together her favourite videos of the year. After the jump link below you can find her Top 10 picks along with some honourable mentions. Check it out! [More]

KassKills' Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos Of 2014 [Article] -
Evil Ebenezer, Saukrates, Rich Kidd

KassKills’ Top 10 Picks

10. PartyNextDoor – Recognize ft. Drake

While this video could have been a little better, there’s no denying that 2014 was the year of PartyNextDoor. I knew I should have at lease one Drake affiliated video in the cut, so out of all video released this year, this is the one song that has been on repeat for me since it’s release. His lack of videos only leave fans thirsty for more in 2015. Well played, Party.

9. Saukrates – The Big Bang

From the critically acclaimed EP Amani by Saukrates, “The Big Bang” was not only one of the best Canadian videos of 2014, but it comes from one of the best releases as well. Don’t you hate it when your former rap hero tries to come back and it’s just so-so? Not the case here. Big Soxx is back with a bang…literally.

8. Seth Kay – Direction

Not your typical rap video, it’s more of a short film with a “To be continued…” ending. Directed by Richie McFly, it’s a dark story of an encounter with a femme fatale. We need more Seth Kay’s in the rap game. This kid is too on point.

7. Def3 – Catalina Wine Mixer ft. Kay the Aquanaut

For obvious reasons, this release by Def3 is one of my favs of 2014. A Step Brothers themed video done proper with direction by Stuey Kubrick. Enough said.

6. k-os – WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand)

I love to see k-os on his grind. This video was filmed during Carnival in Trinidad so it’s got that extra bit of visual stimulation. The shots are incredible; from the costumes to the local cameos…it’s all quite stunning. And k-os is as on-point as ever so there’s no disappointment there.

5. Jazz Cartier – Set Fire

While I’m not super ingrained into the scene out in The Six, it’s obvious that Jazz Cartier of Get Home Safe is about to make huge waves. “Set Fire” has all the elements of a classic rap video: strobe lit solo shots, clique in the staircase and fine females in body paint. All around winning.

4. Matt Brevner – Pride ft. Stevie Ross

Whoa. Matt Brevner and Stevie Ross came up with a really creative concept on this one that sets them apart from the rest. It’s dark and eerie and brings up some emotions while watching it in it’s entirety. Extra points for being one of a kind, but this song also kills it. Stevie on the hook leaves the feeling of wanting more. I’m excited for b-sharp in 2015.

3. Evil Ebenezer – Be Somebody ft. Snak The Ripper

I wanted to choose a video that embodied the whole Stompdown Killaz vibe. With Stuey Kubrick on the video, how can you go wrong? Evil happens to be one of my fav Killaz and with the addition of Snak and the rest of SDK, it was a no-brainer. The track is actually quite uplifting too, which gives it a higher rating on my list.

2. Rich Kidd – Brick ft. Gudini (aka Davinci)

If Rich Kidd hasn’t been on your radar this year, you must be living under a rock. Even Nunavut – where the video was filmed while he was in town for Noisey’s Tripping Out series – knows what’s good. The crispy white landscape makes for an extraordinary rap video background…and that’s why it’s so dope. Plus Rich Kidd is hotter than a Canada Goose in July.

1. Red Gold and Green Machine – The Look Of Love

This video comes from Vancouver soul-singer Tonye Aganaba and her L.A rap counter-part Dr. Oop. Tonye happens to be one of the most talented singers in Vancity and as soon as she put out her hip-hop project Planet Africa, that was a wrap for the rest of 2014. She easily takes the cake for best video and song out of Vancouver, and as far as I’m concerned, all of Canada. Next to blow? Yup. Watch out for this babe.

Honorable Mentions

LNDN DRGS – Harvey Keitel

An unexpected dope project from Vancouver’s Jay Worthy and Sean House. I love the whole vibe of this one.

Northwest Division – Women With Tattoos

NWD killed the Vancouver scene in 2014. These are some seriously dope visuals and not just because I make a cameo.

KAi Sky Walker – Martyr

KAi is one of the most under praised in Vancity. With visuals by Mista Hindz, this is an all around exceptional production.

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