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We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

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Vontaylor – V2NTAYLOR [EP]

Toronto, ON – The second of two projects released by newcomer Vontaylor in the past quarter – not to mention a couple of other dope singles in between including “That’s 6ix” and “On Us.” Once again, Vontaylor represents hard for Toronto and tracks like the Illangelo-backed “Belong to the City,” or the Neenyo-produced “King Street” and “Queen Street,” really drive that point home.

But if you checked out the first project (you can find the link after the jump) I wouldn’t be surprised if you skipped what I had to say and jumped right into the music. I know I would have. This is V2NTAYLOR.

Vontaylor - VONTAYLOR [EP] -

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Vontaylor – VONTAYLOR [EP]

Vontaylor - VONTAYLOR [EP] -

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