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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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JR Fillion – Wrong Things ft. Bizzy & Casper The Ghost [Video] #Premiere

London, ON – London’s own JR Fillion teamed up with Bizzy and Casper The Ghost to bring us this fresh new video for “Wrong Things” off of JR’s forthcoming Northern Lights album.

“Wrong Things” is about that crippling fear we all have that we’ll make one mistake – do one wrong thing – and f**k it all up. It also points out that “Wrong Things” is totally an arbitrary thing. There’s no formula for being a good or bad person; we’re all faced with moments and decisions in life.

There are no set “right” or “wrong” decisions to make. But this track sheds light on keeping kin and family as top priority when making those very decisions. The track was produced by LMomrelle, and the video was directed by Sonic Sinema. Peep the video premiere after the jump.

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JR brings us in to the first verse where we see him grinding at a 9-5 job at a diner. (Important side note: The beat on the track drops right as JR flips on the lights at the diner and says “So please turn my lights on.” That’s the best).

JR gets vulnerable on us. I mean, listen to that chorus: “I’m ‘a make it home/ Even if it’s pitch black/ I can see the light at the end of the road/ And I don’t want to do the wrong things/ I don’t want to do the wrong things.” You feel that? JR Fillion just straight-up told us that he’s terrified of f**king up his life. When’s the last time you admitted that? I feel like everyone has that very same fear of failure – but you rarely hear cats talk about it.

As JR walks home from the diner, he passes Bizzy on the street corner and Bizzy takes over for the second verse. Bizzy’s an up-and-comer out of London and this verse is proof that y’all should stay watching this kid. His delivery is polished and he hits the faster flow like a pro. Anyways, his verse is all about the importance of family and making time for the ones you love. Because – as Bizzy points out – there is no rewind and do-over in life: “‘Cause at any point in time it could come to an end/ ‘Cause you never get the chance to come and do it again.”

Casper takes on the last verse and we get to peep a cameo from his daughter (AWE!!!!). He kicks his verse right off with some words from the wise: “My daughter told me/ Don’t be dumb, daddy.” What follows is one of the rawest Casper verses I’ve heard. He guides us through a chaos of navigating fatherhood, his regrets, and his identity (both in and out of the rap game): “I hate you” was the last thing he told his mother/ Ever/ And I’ve been feeling guilty for forever.” And through it all, the video shows footage of Casper taking his daughter to school. Heavy.

It all fades out as the video cuts to one last shot of JR walking home from the diner and the hooks plays out one more time. And all of the feelings happen.

If you’re feeling this like I’m feeling this, you can catch all three of these cats opening for Kidd Kidd (G Unit) in March at the London Music Hall. Maybe they’ll perform this and it will be the best thing ever.

Twitter: @jr_fillion | @wehatecasper

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