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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Theo3 – Thoughts of a Child (Prod. DJ Fase) / Any1 (Prod. Phat Tony) [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ON – Today’s Song of the Day is a new gem from one of our favourite Toronto artists, Theo3. The DJ Fase-produced “Thoughts of a Child,” (co-produced by Phat Tony) touches on a child’s growth and understanding of the world, at a time when they’re seeing it with an unbiased point of view. Along with releasing the new song, Theo included a bit of a backgrounder on the track’s inspriation. You can find that after the jump (along with the lyrics) and the audio can be found below.

The post also includes the track “Any1,” produced by Phat Tony.

Theo3 - Thoughts of a Child (Prod. DJ Fase) [Audio] #SOTD -

Thoughts of a Child: PSA

Written by Theo3

“My childhood was good. I wasn’t wealthy, but I had a lot of friends, a lot of mentors. You know…sports, video games, watching WWF. Growing up in a big city like Toronto you have a million experiences to think back on and reflect about. But this song isn’t about anyone’s particular childhood, it’s about the essence of innocence, gaining knowledge, being unbiased by the eventual let downs and successes of life that will come later. It’s about being thankful for having an open mind, and whatever good or bad things you dealt with in your childhood…this song is about understanding the World from a child’s perspective. Whether it’s a time you wish to remember or forget, you once had the “Thoughts of a Child” and that’s what I’m saying here. Right when I heard DJ Fase’s sample of children playing in the beginning, I went in that zone. Close your eyes or nod your head or do both, take it in. Thanks for listening.”

Thoughts of a Child: Lyrics


Thank God for the infinite wisdom I was given,
sometimes I wanna think like children
It’s so hard when your different to fit in a lane rigid,
so now I wanna think like children
STAY SHARP cuz there’s never DAYS OFF, livin in a COLD WORLD, always gotta PLAY PARTS, where the finish AIN’T MARKED but quick to SAY START,
Y’all trippin’…Now I wanna think like children (Thoughts of a child)

Verse 1

I don’t wanna work with a clean slate, that seems fake
Been on this Earth where the fiends take
Where the G8 rebates 3/8th’s first then disperse to the weak states
Where the cheapskates eat cake, scrape each plate so the worst off
Gotta work off free trade and the cause of the jobs with the least pay
Be the same church that’ll preach aid.
But they teach hate, do you need faith?
In religion where World vision can’t see straight
Need a new prescription in a freeze frame
Gotta move position till it be safe
See an activist act to a tree chained, cuz the greed came
When a seed grains 3 things, and not one of those be sane
Gotta ask yourself what’ve we made.
See I don’t want innocence, or to cleanse my mind of these images
But the difference is that I can’t close my eyes and hide
Or describe how I wish it is
Take pride in the fact that I think abit
Never tried to escape with a hypnotist
But the life of a child I’m missin’ it
Back when it all seemed so limitless.

Verse 2

I don’t wanna say can’t we all get along, when the higher ups never wrong
In a field with their weapons drawn, tryin’ to build up an enterprise
Under the guise of checkin bombs. Wonder why they arrestin’ moms
Leave a child on his own while the rest are gone.
Strange how we cease to find inner peace ourselves but a country we’re sent to calm. For what! Forget it, the quest is on, medic put a prosthetic
In a veterans arm, left pills for depression with hi vest and stars
And didn’t really know why he was sent to war THERE’S MORE
The World’s like rent a cause, where the debutants and the 5 star generals
Assess the cost and the revenues against the loss at a 5 star restaurant
If the money make sense in a sense its on
Then an add campaign what they spend it on
Keep the tension strong, little hate, little fear
If they blend it wrong, It’ll break it’ll tear.
Where the men are pawns in a concert of live ammunition on tour
I ain’t meant for songs.
Where the policy’s meant for blanche
But still got billboards for Benetton – That’s Why

Theo3 – Any1

Theo3 - Thoughts of a Child (Prod. DJ Fase) [Audio] #SOTD -

Twitter: @Theo3Musik | @DJFase | @Big_Tweeze

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