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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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The KOTD #Quarantine2 breakdown with Sketch Menace [Interview]

Calgary, AB – In case y’all have been sleeping, Mar. 28 marks the date of the massive #Quarantine2 KOTD event in Calgary at Republik. Calgary’s been waiting for its minute to re-emerge on to the battle scene. Quarantine 2 is giving us the platform to do just that.

So on Mar. 27, I linked up with KOTD’s Alberta Division kingpin – the great rap lord Sketch Menace – to talk about the event’s match-ups. And all I can tell y’all is that big things are going to happen. This is a milestone event for Calgary’s battle scene.

Even Metro gave the event some shine with a very straightforward article that broke down each competing battler. It’s super dope to see KOTD making its way into the Calgary mainstream media instead of lurking forever in the dark underbelly of the underground music scene. Shout-out to the photo of Dirty Harry, Sketch, and New’L that ran with the article, too. That photo should be a centrefold, or something. Shout-out to my dudes. Also, the article definitely exposed Sketch’s day job as, “a downtown, suit-and-tie-wearing, commercial real-estate broker.” Shoot. That’s a rough exposure. My condolences to Sketch on that one.

But let’s get back to the event, here. Q2 puts the spotlight on some of the finest battlers along Canada’s West Coast, with match-ups featuring battlers from all across the continent (and Scotland – because Soul) to battle it out. Some of these cats are seasoned vets on the scene, while others are unknown names on the come-up. Regardless of how big of a buzz each battler has, these matches are all potential game changers that could completely rearrange the KOTD battler hierarchy as we know it.

The KOTD #Quarantine2 breakdown with Sketch Menace [Interview] -

Sketch and I caught up at Lexington Ave Culture Spot on Friday evening to break down the Quarantine 2 match-ups and talk about the growth of Calgary’s battle scene. After a crazy run-around day that mostly consisted of herding battle rappers and attending to last-minute details, Sketch showed up to Lexington Ave to talk shop with me. Admittedly, I’m a total battle rookie. Aside from the YouTube battles I’ve watched online, I’ve actually only ever been to one KOTD battle in Calgary. And it was a bit of a bust. So I’m still learning the ropes.

I got Sketch to break down each of the match-ups for the event for me. We also took a minute to talk about the growth of Calgary’s battle scene and some of the key players repping for the city. Sketch also pulled a bit of a Kanye and went off about how battle rap is an art form. Shoot. It was heavy. Then he gave us an infomercial about the importance of supporting KOTD through buying merch, getting in on that pay-per-view, and showing up to support at events (all things which YOU SHOULD PROBABLY DO BECAUSE SKETCH MENACE SAID SO). Check it all out below.

Twitter: @SketchMenace | @KingOfTheDot

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