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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Everything​OShau​N plays it hot-and-cold in his new full-length video for “Bipolar”

Toronto, ON – After releasing a teaser on us back in May, Everything​OShau​N (formerly Ohshawn) of GSX Music just released the full-length video for “Bipolar.”

Everything​OShau​N isn’t actually diagnosed bipolar, but he uses this song to give a raw commentary on his scatter-brained thought process and extreme emotional dealings with the fairer sex. While I’m never a fan of stigmatizing mental illness to explain emotions, I understand what O is getting at.

The “Bipolar” title is used to show how Everything​OShau​N sees his relationships as just as emotionally crippling and debilitating as the mental illness: “I don’t know why all the bitches think I do this shit on purpose/ But I’m ‘a make this thing worth it/ And I’m ‘a make you f**king work it.”

EverythingOShauN - Bipolar (Teaser) [Video] -

You know how some people are notoriously hot-and-cold? This song is Everything​OShau​N’s narrative on what happens when the games of playing-hard-to-get and getting-hot-and-cold are taken to extremes. I asked EverythingOShauN about it and here’s what he told me: “I been told by girls I was a certain way yesterday and today I am not the same O, and it becomes a big issue. I think I am just extreme on both ends. Either I am really into you and I move mountains and all that for you. Or I disappear and act like you don’t exist because I am giving you space or myself space. I don’t recognize the extremes or my “bipolarness” until I am out of the situation maybe a big fallout. So [girls] are so quick to throw out the term bipolar at me.”

This song isn’t just about relationships, though. As O points out, he’s also running a dialogue on everything from social issues and money issues, to trust issues and other problems. Of course that makes sense, though. The writing style of the track fits within the context of the track. It’s unpredictable and wavering all over the place.

The video (directed by Customatic) was filmed at Caledon’s badlands so it’s got a very primal feel to it. The badlands landscape makes the video seem less like a relationship fuelled on turmoil, and more like a carnal game of hunter-and-prey.

EverythingOShauN enlists the help of GTA Internet celebrity, Danielle Loxs, and the two of them spend the video playing cat-and-mouse. Danielle is the cat, by the way. O is the mouse. “Danielle represents those women that try to control me or at least have me trying to figure out myself and the consequences of my actions. My dealings with all these issues and my thought process makes me seem bipolar,” explains EverythingOShauN.

The hunt seems to switch between obsessive passion and disinterested apathy. That’s where the “Bipolar” link comes in. There are unpredictable emotional highs and lows. But sometimes everything is okay and EverythingOShauN stands united with Danielle in the middle of the forest as pink smog wafts into the air behind them. But wait it out. Give the two love birds a couple more minutes together…O will probably fall off the map again, and that’ll set Danielle off on the hunt again.

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