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Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD’s 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy

Toronto, ON – Hip-hop heads and battle MCs from around the world are currently descending upon Toronto for the next chapter of the World Domination series. … most of them likely in town already.

King of the Dot presents World Domination 5: Global Supremacy is officially underway, as of the 7 p.m. press conference in Toronto, while the first battle will take place tomorrow inside The Mod Club (722 College Street). Hosting duties will be reprised by the usual suspects including Organik, Gully TK and Bishop Brigante.

Along with the highly anticipated event, KOTD has also teamed up with New Era Cap to release their official new KOTD Red Snapback. The hat was unveiled earlier today at the New Era Flagship Store in Toronto (202 Queen Street West). No worries if you’re not in the city though as you can order it (as well as the original black KOTD Snapback) on

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -
Dumbfoundead & Bishop Brigante | Photo: @KOTDTV (Instagram)

Global Supremacy

Friday and Saturday’s events will feature a total of 15 battles, with even more battles going down Sunday for #WD5 Ground Zero (Ground Zero is like KOTD’s farm league system, similar to how the AHL and NHL work together in hockey: it’s a league full of promising talent looking to graduate to the big show which in this case is KOTD main stage events like World Domination or Blackout). Sunday will also feature the KOTD 7 Year Anniversary / 100 Million Views Celebration. 100 million views is a hugely impressive feat for the KOTD team to pull off and this weekend of celebrations is sure to be EPIC.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

Day 1 Battles: Friday, August 21

The Friday card features 8 great match-ups including 2 main events – Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal and Dizaster vs. Dumbfoundead.

Canadian representation on Day 1 includes Ottawa’s Charron versus Yonkers rapper John John da Don and Bender of Flight Distance taking on Soul, Calgary’s Sketch Menace versus Don’t Flop president Eurgh, Windsor’s 100 Bulletz taking on DNA, and Tycoon Tax squares off against J-Pro.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

The event will also feature a dope battle between Gin-I, founder and president of South Africa’s Art of War battle league, and up-and-comer Psycoses, who has been inundated on social media with new fans signing his praises. As one person put it, “Your multisyllabics are bananas! Keep bringing that fire!” Or another fan excited to see Psycoses join the KOTD ranks: “Bro ur killing everyone u battle .. Keep dat shit up bro ! REALTALK .. KOTD needs people with new material & ur str8 boxin.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

The Dizaster / Dumbfoundead battle is easily the Friday match-up I’m looking forward to the most as 2 incredibly talented MCs with totally different styles go head-to-head for all out war… again. Yeah this isn’t the first time they’ve faced each other but it could very well be the last. The first battle was in the mid-2000’s at the Basement in LA. It was noticeably more laid back and relaxed than what we’re used to from these MCs lately, but, of course, it wasn’t a ‘Main Event’ battle with thousands of people around the world expected to tune in. Both MCs are considered fan favourites among KOTD circles and with the battle taking place in Toronto, the playing field is as neutral as it comes.

No one wants to look like a chump in front of that many people… and both MCs respect their fans too much to bring anything but their hardest bars with them from Cali. In any event, KOTD has confirmed that it will be the last battle of the day, expected to begin around 1 a.m. EST.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

The only other 2 battles I can see getting more views and interest is the Main Events on Day, including Iron Solomon’s King of the Dot debut. The New York giant will be taking on controversial (and highly entertaining) Watts rapper, Daylyt. It’s another case of 2 different styles squaring off, but both blessed with lyrical skills the average rapper would kill for. Historically Iron Solomon has had a more “straight bars” approach to his battles, and Lyt has been known to occasionally bring some extra flare and gimmicks to draw more attention. It will be interesting to see how the battle plays out and which type of battle Daylyt is in the mood for.

Day 2 Battles: Saturday, August 22

Day 2 has less Canadian representation but all 3 of the scheduled battles will feature intense match-ups that you won’t want to miss.

To begin with, Halifax’s Quake Matthews joins the King of the Dot battle circuit to take on The Lexxorcist aka Lex Luthor of Staten Island, New York. As Battle Rap’s Chris Mitchell noted, “Quake, only has one KOTD performance on his record (against Osa in 2011) but comes from the same place where Pat Stay first started: Nova Scotia’s Elements League.” His lack of experience in the league could hinder his level of comfort going in, but it’s definitely not a reason to count him out of the competition. Luthor has gone back and forth between KOTD and Ground Zero and also has ties to Toronto’s BeastMODE Battles league.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

Next up we have former King of the Dot champion Kid Twist taking on Philly’s Rone in what is sure to be a battle jam packed with memorable lines and sixth degree burns. If you’re unfamiliar with Rone (how could you not be?), you might remember him as the MC that Daylyt walked out on back in March during the first ever Don’t Flop Philly event. Rone had dressed in an Abraham Lincoln costume for the battle, and Daylyt gave him one round before heading to the text, later tweeting “Dear battle rappers…please do not think about doing antic on me….u will be on stage dolo.

Ironic since, as we pointed out earlier, Daylyt is notorious for antics. Perhaps most notably, he attempted to defecate on stage back in Oct. 2014 while facing Real Deal for KOTD: Duel in the Desert, and at the last World Domination, WD4, he “rubbed his scrotum sweat on Loe Pesci’s face.” It will remain to be seen if Daylyt, Rone or anyone else will bring those types of antics to #WD5.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

Day 2 Title Match: Pay Stay vs. Illmaculate

Last but not least, and considered the most important battle of #WD5, Pat Stay takes on Portland, Oregon rapper Immaculate in the KOTD Title Match. Pat Stay has defended the title before and appears quite confident that he’ll be bringing the belt back to Dartmouth. His recently tweeted his predictions for the event:

I’m the champ and always will be the champ. Watch me prove it this weekend, again.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

And about a month ago he tweeted directly at Illmaculate with a picture of his new Cadillac and encouraging words of advice:

Just bought this, cash…yo @illmaculate …write somethin bout this. ..battle rap rhymes with Cadillac. ..GO!

And while Illmac did respond to that tweet, with a simple “catch a cab doesnt rhyme pat,” most of the shade he’s been throwing Pat’s way has been in the form of a hashtag – #NewChain – and retweeting a ton of fans convinced he’ll be the new champ when it’s all said and done.

About an hr ago I finished my set on a sold out stage. Waiting to board this plane heading for Toronto now #WD5 #JahProvides #NewChain

Check out a Illmaculate promo video KOTD has prepared , “Road To The Chain” below.

Watch WD5!

If you’re planning on watching WD5 from the comfort of your home, and have yet to purchase PPV (pay-per-view) access, it will cost you $40 (the poster below was an early bird offer that expired today). But other than the now inaccurate cost, it has everything you need to know about the #WD5 LIVE PPV. If you’d like to order, head over to KOTD.TV.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of KOTD's 3-day World Domination 5 Global Supremacy -

Twitter: @KingOfTheDot

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