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Built For This: Fortunato & DJ IV drop new video in support of 2 Bad Dudes album

Built For This: Fortunato & DJ IV drop new video in support of 2 Bad Dudes album

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Calgary rappers DaKidT and Alexandros came to “F**k up the Summer”

Calgary, AB – Calgary rapper DaKidT recently teamed up with 403K Films to drop a new video for the Alexandros-assisted track titled “F**k Up The Summer.”

The song (produced by Majestic Drama) came out over the summer but the video is just getting released now at the end of the season. So take it as a bit of a nostalgic throwback to the last few months.

Long story short: DaKidT and Alexandros f**ked up the summer, downed a lot of Ciroc and Belair, and whipped out one of the most polished music videos Calgary has had in a minute. Huge shout-out to Gabriel Yee and the 403K Films team on that one. Check it out after the jump.

Jimmy B - Vanz [Video] -

The video intros with shots of the Kid walking around Calgary and squading up with the homies in front of that convenience store that is located exactly one block away from my apartment building (hi, guys!).

This isn’t a porch stoop summer jam, by any means. This is a total banger. This bodies that excitement that everyone has going into the summer months. What a time to be alive. You feel me? There is so much potential and opportunity. That, and it’s just prime time to spend turning up with your crew and enjoying the moments you have.

But it’s more than that to the Kid. Seems he went into the summer with some hungry ambitions. He had strategy because he knew everyone would probably be out there enjoying the summer. So while they were sleeping, he got grinding: “Killing you rappers/ You all on the menu/ Came here to f**k up the summer.”

But on the real: I have to give a huge shout-out to T. In a twisted turn of events, it looks like Calgary is – IN FACT – capable of making Southern trap. Shouts to DaKidT for making this proper and not making it into the kind of cornball-y mess that usually sees guys from Calgary trying to be Southern rappers. T brands this into his own Canadian Southern rap sound. Like… the Northern interpretation of Southern rap. He’s not trying to play like he’s from Atlanta or nothing. I mean, homie shot a large chunk of this video in front of the CP Rail. That’s Canada. Represent.

Twitter: @Tyrellbonnick | @AlexandrosVee | @403KFilms

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  1. hiphopjesus

    why are the writers for hhc so stooped. this aint even the dudes song he stole it and gets praised for it? do some research ah ah thought yall were editors not people who just see something and write ah ah

    hiphop jesus: lord and savior

  2. @IHeartTART

    Hey hiphopjesus. Thanks for reaching out.

    I contacted the artist and he showed me a contract proving that he has leasing rights to the beat. So next time do some research before you start accusing artists of plagiarism like that. It’s not a good look on you at all.

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  4. hiphopjesus

    having leasing rights isn’t the issue… the fact people front like they can sing those notes on the hook… those aren’t them boys on the hook lol

    why does everyone copy from Calgary?

    keep looking their is more versions
    anyone can lease a hook and drop a verse … is that a real artist… lame

  5. Oh OKay

    The only great part of the song is the beat and hook, only original part being the verses? Just like you said, definitely downed a lot of Ciroc, but not that apple green flavour cuz he still clearly needs to find his own keys to success.

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