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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Blake Carrington & Devontée want to know “W.Y.T.D (What You Trynna’ Do)”

Toronto, ON – Earlier this month Blake Carrington and Devontée teamed up for this dope little record titled “W.Y.T.D (What You Trynna’ Do)” off Blake’s forthcoming #FAILURE (Finding A Way In Loving Urself Reflects Excellence) project.

Blake and Devontée use this song to fire off a rhetorical question aimed at all the clowns in the rap game: “What You Trynna’ Do”? I say it’s rhetorical because I don’t think they’re expecting a serious answer from y’all.

It’s more of an observation they’ve made that guys are clowning off and blindly doing things with no clear motive or principle: “Never had no co-sign/ A lot of n**gas focus on the finish line/ But they never ever wanna put in time/ Tell me what you trynna’ do?”

Blake Carrington and Devontée want to know W.Y.T.D (What You Trynna' Do) -

Instead of sticking with the typical rap song format, Blake and Devontée trade off lines and bars throughout the song. You don’t see this too often but it always takes me back to when I first heard “93 Til Infinity” by Souls of Mischief. I thought it was so groundbreaking that they were trading off every 16 bars.

So trust when I say this song speaks volumes to the artistic chemistry between Blake and Devontée. Any rapper can write a verse to a beat. But doing a trade-off like this requires interpersonal writing skills. You feel me? You gots to be able to play well with others in order to pen a song like this.

I also really love the contrast between these guys’ delivery. Blake has got the higher-pitched nasal delivery while Devontée has a deeper grizzly voice. The difference in delivery is so noticeable with this song format and makes the trade-offs that much more noticeable.

The guys hope on the phone towards the end of the track for a bit of phone dialogue that sums up what they’re getting at on here… just in case you missed the point of it. Devontée hangs up on his girl to take a call from Blake and he’s all like: “WHAT Y’ALL SAYING?” Then Blake is all like: “WE GRINDING OUT HERE!” And then Devontée is all like: “I FEEL YOU ON THAT ONE, BRUH!” And then Blake is all like: “YO. THAT’S ALL WE GOTTA DO!” And then the beat drops for one last verse before the track wraps.

Twitter: @carringtonworld | @DevonteeWOE

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