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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Ramborghini Beats dropped the XIX beat tape & told us about their first beat battle in Calgary

Edmonton, AB – Edmonton production duo Ramborghini Beats (aka: JDATS and Feddica$h) just hit us with this new beat tape titled XIX in honour of their first beat battle competition in Calgary.

Earlier this month, our friends at 10 at 10 and Beat Drop teamed up to bring us Calgary’s very own Beat Battle. The preliminaries went down at the Beat Drop production school on Dec. 4, and we were all super stoked to see Ramborghini Beats and Evrlove Artafacts come through to represent the YEG. Calgary’s beat scene has had such an amazing year – so when we got a beat battle like this that brought guys from both Edmonton and Calgary, it took things up a notch. It’s no longer just a Calgary ting. It’s provincial. Shout-out to the Alberta producers. I see you.

Allan Rayman - The Bird & The Cage [Audio] -

At the end of the night of the preliminaries, eight finalists were announced to compete at Hifi Club the following week: Ramborghini Beats; Evrlove Artafacts; YYC newcomer, Rajah; OG vet, J. Ricky; DJ Swann; Calgary production duo Chuurch; Scott F*ckers and young homie Trunks.

The final battle event was RIDICULOUS. It went down pretty early on in the evening but it probably should have been a club night… I mean… aside from the condensed beat battle format, those compositions would have had the club bouncing all night. OF COURSE J. Ricky won the battle because he’s a beast and crafts up these crazy ridiculous monster compositions. But young homie Trunks (WHO IS ONLY 16 – FOR THE RECORD) ended up winning second place. So the fam at Beat Drop gifted Trunks with scholarship so he can go to their school and TAKE FREE BEAT LESSONS. THIS KID IS LIVING THE DREAM.

But I just have to reiterate how insane the finals were. It was such a close call between all of the battles. By the end of the night, I just wanted everyone to win a piece of that $1,000 grand prize because A) ALL of the finalists were crazy talented, B) I hate conflict and choosing winners, and C) The progression we got to see with every producer throughout the duration of the preliminaries and finals was truly commendable.

But let’s get back to Ramborghini, here. I’d known about Ramborghini Beats because they are the go-to producers for Edmonton artist K-Riz (who’s arguably my favourite Alberta rapper at the moment). K-Riz is a very dynamic artist who straddles the line between soulful sexy R&B and hungry rap. So obviously the guy’s producers possess that exact same dynamic range. Ramborghini sits on the the HonorRoll Music Group roster along with fellow producers J.Soul, Jon Mario, and Sekou, as well as artists GRAY, K-Riz, Karimah, Adora, and Josh Sahunta.

Throughout their battling, Ramborghini showed us sexy, soulful, new wave, trap, and experimental beats that can only be classified as ‘Ramborghini.’ JDATS produces on Abelton Live, while Feddica$h uses FL Studio. So their beats use components from both platforms.

This beat tape is 20 minutes in length and is structured like a mixtape. It features a compilation of beat battle material, including beats that were used in the competition as well as beats that didn’t end up getting used in the competition.

We also caught up with Ramborghini Beats producers JDATS and Feddica$h to ask them about their experience with the beat battle, this dope lil’ beat tape, and where you (yes – YOU – rappers and singers and artists) can purchase their beats for use (as long as K-Riz doesn’t call dibs on them first!)

Q&A: Ramborghini Beats

Allan Rayman - The Bird & The Cage [Audio] -
(From left) J. Ricky, Feddica$h, JDATS, and event host Beni Johnson at Hifi Club
(Photo by Glen Co)

“You have 45 seconds And in that time you need a build up, a drop, the main loop and a change up. If you don’t have those components, that’s gonna be a long 45. You want the audience to lose their minds when they hear it. But more than anything… you need a good mix” – JDATS (Ramborghini Beats)

HipHopCanada: How did the two of you meet and decide to start making beats together? What’s your process like when making beats between the two of you?

Feddica$h: K-Riz introduced us. He recruited us to work on his upcoming album Fresh Air. We’d exchange ideas for beats, give each other things we couldn’t finish, or swap samples then go and put our own spin on it.

JDATS: Feddi and I just hit it off. I liked his 808 work and admired his ear for sampling. He liked the melodies I’d put in my tracks. We both have strengths in areas where we may be lacking. But we’re constantly learning from each other. Feddi produces with FL Studio, and I do it through Ableton Live. So we use some tactics from both programs to build the beats. The more we worked together, the more we started creating our own sound… and from that Ramborghini was born.

HipHopCanada: Are these beats for sale? Where and how can people purchase/lease them?

JDATS: Yes. Most of these beats are… except for the ones K-Riz calls dibs on. So you’d have to contact us before he does. Easiest way is to contact us through our label HonorRoll. We do sell beats, but we mostly concentrate on artist development through our label. If the vibe is right and an opportunity to make quality music presents itself then then anything is possible. (Editor’s side note: you can email the label at or hit them up on Instagram)

HipHopCanada Tell me about your experience with the beat battle in Calgary.

JDATS: I’ve done the beat battle circuit in Edmonton. I’ve won a few titles, but Feedback Friday in YYC was a whole different beast. The talent we had in that room was crazy.

Feddica$h: It was my first beat battle – period. Attended some in The YEG but never entered personally because I was just starting out. The FBF in YYC was really on a different level. Lots of great producers at a high skill level, so you had no choice but to bring your A-game.

HipHopCanada: What did you learn through it all?

JDATS: Trap beats go hard in battles! It was a really humbling experience. These young kids that we saw at the competition were really inspiring. Combined we’ve been at this 15 years or so. So when you hear the compositions these young bloods are coming out with, your jaw drops. Like… how the f**k did they come up with that? That shit blew my f’n mind! I admire their enthusiasm and it reminds us to keep thinking outside the box.

HipHopCanada: How did you decide which beats to use/ how to cook up beats strictly for a beat battle?

JDATS: We definitely brought beats from our “Bangers” folder. But we really wanted to bring diversity. We wanted to have our beats that were sample-based, some make-you-dance type tracks, something with a good melody, maybe some feels… Deciding on what beats to play was the hardest part. We wanted to go in right off the bat in the preliminaries – especially since we were the “out of towners.” We definitely wanted to bring the noise.

There is a formula to making a beat for a battle. You have 45 seconds And in that time you need a build up, a drop, the main loop and a change up. If you don’t have those components, that’s gonna be a long 45. You want the audience to lose their minds when they hear it. But more than anything… you NEED a GOOD MIX.

HipHopCanada: I find producers to be relatively introverted – so what was it like to be the main focus like that…you know…instead of backing up a rapper or singer in the lab?

JDATS: We’re both extremely introverted. But being up on stage, playing your beats… you really feel like you’re holding up Simba on a mountain. You’re like a proud father on that stage. None of that introverted stuff applies anymore when you hear your tune on those big speakers. And when you look through that crowd and see even one person vibin, you know you did something right.


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