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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Song of the Day: Classified teams up with Canadian vet Saukrates for “Noah’s Arc”

UPDATE: After an overwhelming response to the initial post, we’ve decided to make Class and Soxx’s new collaboration our Song of the Day. Classified’s new album Greatful is available now on iTunes and other outlets.

Enfield, NS – Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated new Greatful album, Classified recently teamed up Canadian OG Saukrates for this new video release for “Noah’s Arc” (directed by Mat Barkley and shot by Byron Kutchera).

This is one of the heavier songs off the Greatful project because it’s a paralyzing commentary on our day-to-day. In case you’re not familiar with the story of Noah’s Arc – the gist of it is that the world turned into an awful place with awful people so God hit the reset button by flooding the entire world. Noah was a pretty solid guy so God let him survive afloat in an arc with two of every animal ever.

This song reflects that sentiment: “The world is dirty, needs to be refreshed/ So the rain falls down to wash away the mess/ Drown the wicked ones, while the pure stay afloat/ Is this the end or the beginning?/ I don’t know.”

Classified teams up with Canadian hip-hop vet Saukrates for this new video for

Classified expresses disappointment with the state of the world and asks for a world-wide reset of affairs: “I’ve seen the people causing other people paining problems just to make a dollars of ’em/ I see society, rioting, violently/ Fighting for the peace, huh, don’t they see the irony?/ We living in a dirty world and it needs to be refreshed/ So the rain keeps falling down to wash away the mess/ I’m blessed.”

The idea is that everything has become so convoluted that the only way for us to save society is to start over. But despite the hopelessness of the situation, Class is able to lament upon the very basis of his album: being Greatful. He’s able to recognize his mark on the world, and he’s able to show appreciation for the smaller-scale prosperity within his own life. He finishes every single verse with the line, “I’m blessed.”

The feature from Saukrates on the hook on this was an unexpected surprise. But in hindsight, this is such a proper collaboration. Class and Soxx are both veterans on the scene at this point but Saukrates is an earlier generation artist – he’s a pioneer. So it’s almost a mentor-mentee kind of a song. But in addition to that, Big Soxx is – hands down – one of my favourite Canadian rap game vocalists. He has such an evocative delivery – especially when he sings. And this song needed that.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to download Greatful yet, I highly recommend you head over to iTunes to peep the release. It’s definitely my favourite album that Classified has ever released.

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