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Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

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Troy Phoenix got everyone ready to start a “Ruckus”

Toronto, ON – Rex World artist, Toronto’s own Troy Phoenix recently released this new self-produced single titled “Ruckus.”

Troy Phoenix differentiates himself from the classic “Toronto sound” with EDM-style production and a drudgey delivery. And for the record – “ruckus” is more-or-less a synonym for the turn-up. Check it out below.

Troy Phoenix got everyone ready to start a

I have huge respect for dudes like Troy who are able to engineer their own beats without compromising quality. A lot of guys try to do their own production out of necessity; and most of the time it’s a huge disaster. Like… we’re talking unmastered and unmixed GarageBand compositions. That bad. But Troy knows what he’s doing.

You can tell Troy went in on this song with a plan. I been saying genre fusion is the sound of the future for a minute. But I’ve only seen a handful of guys try to merge EDM and rap. It’s way easier to play it safe and do that whole rap-singing R&B-rap thing (ya know…the style of rap that Drake made cool) as opposed to trying to couple rap with electronic. But Troy’s managed to execute an electronic banger that still references Henny, scheming bad boys, and bitches without resorting to an 808-laced trap beat. That’s what’s up.

Twitter: @TroyPhoenixx | @REXWORLD_

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