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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Toronto insiders Jonathon “Bizz” Brown & Shane Stirling launch The Faculty podcast

Toronto, ON – If you’ve been around the Canadian hip-hop scene for a while, specifically the Toronto scene, you have to be familiar with Jonathon “Bizz” Brown and Shane Stirling. The pair have been friends for years, collaborated on a laundry list of projects including music and fashion related ventures, and done their fair share to contribute to the growth of the Canadian scene(s).

Now Bizz and Stirling have teamed up once again to combine their passions and, to be frank, make use of something they’ll be doing anyways – engage in lively debates about music, sports, innovation and the like. The discussions have now been opened up to the public in the form of The Faculty, a new podcast that just made its debut.

Toronto insiders Jonathon Bizz Brown & Shane Stirling launch The Faculty podcast -

Bizz provided some insight on what to expect from the show:

Sports, art and culture naturally intersect in a lot of people’s lives, so The Faculty is a place where those conversations can happen, with distinctly Toronto sensibilities sprinkled on top. Some days you’ll hear in depth stories about experiences Stirling or myself have had access to through our work in design, culture, social media, trends and sports. Other days you’ll learn about other members of The Faculty – talented folks from Toronto and abroad who’s stories we feel should be highlighted to our audience.

Stirling is currently the art director and lead on a new project titled The Vanguard which, “meets at the intersection of Sport, Culture and Innovation” – combining his three loves while showcasing his expertise.

Bizz, on the other hand, is Vice President of Business Innovation at Trend Hunter, the world’s largest collection of cutting edge ideas, “fueled by 178,000 insatiably curious people.” Bizz is an avid writer and was an editor and senior contributor for HipHopCanada (as well as Urbanology) for several years. He was also the founder and driving force behind the Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead It Lives In The North movement, which Stirling also contributed to.

Shane Stirling

Director. Designer. Social Convener

Shane Stirling is a Toronto-based consultant, specializing in Creative Direction, Content Production, Content Strategy, Curation, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Film, Photography, and Music Production that helps clients earn and own territory in the cultural marketplace.

A classically trained visual artist with an approach that is as dynamic as it is polished. His work speaks in graphically clear and simple terms, with a narrative that is filled with notes of aspiration, passion and love. Notorious for his authentic narrative, his music video and digital film direction perennially achieves heavy rotation placement and high-level social media engagement. His design work has seen him define national retail environments, break new ground in digital and social media, market legendary cultural icons and present iconic brands in an inspiring and authentic manner. His work is uniquely united and defined by an uncanny ability to engage and build an audience.

Client relationships past, present and ongoing include, but are not limited to: Nike, Timberland, Drake, Taio Cruz, Marcus Troy (Bentley Motors, Converse, Puma, DC Shoes, Kicks On A Plane), Footlocker, Athlete’s World, Chris Lighty, Violator, Def Jam, and Universal Music Group.

In addition to Stirling Notes, Shane is currently consulting for a handful of corporations, international recording artists and small businesses on brand and communication initiatives. Shane lives in the Design District (Lower East Side) of Toronto, with his son Khenyan.

For more information visit

Toronto insiders Jonathon Bizz Brown & Shane Stirling launch The Faculty podcast -

Jonathon “Bizz” Brown

Vice President, Business Innovation, Trend Hunter

Jonathon Brown is the Vice President of Business Innovation at Trend Hunter and is responsible for overseeing business innovation research and business development efforts among other duties. In this role, he’s helped increase Trend Hunter’s research client base significantly, trained and managed a team of researchers and innovation experts and architected the launch of the New York Times Best Selling book Better & Faster, authored by Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche.

He began his time at Trend Hunter as a Journalism/Social Media Intern in November 2012 after spending a summer studying and freelancing in Los Angeles. Prior to his west coast retreat, he completed an Honors Bachelor of Arts with a Specialist in Journalism from University of Toronto and worked as a writer, senior writer, columnist and regional editor at Urbanology Magazine and Also published in the areas of non-fiction and poetry, his passion for writing and communication has proven a lasting and important piece of Jonathon’s personal and professional identity.

In early 2013, after writing nearly 2,000 articles on, Jonathon became a research expert. He went on to interview dozens of executive thought leaders at companies such as Under Armour, Adidas, Ben & Jerry’s, Taco Bell, General Electric and more.

Personally, Jonathon is a sports enthusiast and dedicated gym-goer who loves to travel, recently visiting Qatar, Costa Rica, Dubai and Ireland.

For more information check out Bizz’s in-depth profile on Trend Hunter.

Toronto insiders Jonathon Bizz Brown & Shane Stirling launch The Faculty podcast -
Throwback: Bizz with Bizz & Pharoahe Monche, July 2010

Twitter: @ThatsBizz | @StirlingNotes

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