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Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

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Discreet releases new album Under the Influence in collaboration with Legendary Hammers

Victoria, BC – It wasn’t that long ago that Victoria emcee Discreet released his last project Victoria’s Secret. We recently reviewed the solid project from the rapper and were able to shed a little bit of well-deserved light on the smaller rap community of Victoria that Discreet is helping to keep alive. The project was a thorough and elaborate attempt which was backed by a wide range of topics and material (and more than we’ve gotten from any other artist).

For this reason, it was even more impressive when he came back to us and delivered another new project which boasted an even more extensive track-list. This guy truly doesn’t stop – and the dedication to providing his fans with quality, honest projects is admirable. We’re here to break down Under the Influence with the same dedication that he brought to this latest album.

 Discreet releases new album Under the Influence in collaboration with Legendary Hammers -

If there is one thing that Discreet, aka Gregory Barz, is known for – it’s laying it all out on the line for his fans. He’s never been an artist who has delivered anything that he doesn’t fully back, and this conviction came through even stronger throughout these 17-tracks. From the opening moments, we’re guided along an introspective tour that takes a look at topics like drug addiction, loss, and love. Any of those three topics are heavy and compelling subjects on their own but combined they create an overall tone of therapeutic release and emotional delivery.

“Intro” opens the album with a mesh of voices reminiscing over personal accounts of the trials and tribulations that accompany drug use and addiction. If you weren’t paying attention, you are by this point, as it leads purposefully into “Under the Influence.” This track is a strong statement for Victoria and accompanied by shout-outs and heavy bars with enough similes and analogies to keep you on your feet with your mind engaged. “Touch The Sky” is similarly high-energy and taunts any doubters with declarations of self-motivation and independence.

One of the most personal and vulnerable tracks on the album is released in “Upside Down” which touches on the loss of his mother among other challenges. It’s a cool thing to see artists get real with their fans and human, and this song is one that they will benefit from hearing (with a dope hook to make it worth your while). “Only For You” follows suit with another touching emotional tribute of love for a special someone.

Discreet brings it back with an up tempo on “Rock Bottom” that depicts a brighter future of positivity and optimism.”Interlude” integrates a conversation between a guy and his ex, which leads us into “Good Girl.” This track is a different tone than anything we’re used to. I never personally thought I would hear a rapper speak about wanting a virtuous woman, but it’s a nice change that we can applaud. “If I Was Your Man” matches these sentiments with woven melodies, and resonating instrumentals.

Other gems on the project include “On My Grind” which is an anthem that will sink heavier with the rap fiends, as well as “Dancin’ Wit’ the Devil.” Whether you came looking for the bangers, or a track to speak to your current relationships status, Under the Influence has something for everyone. And whether you’re a hater or a supporter, you can’t knock sincere determination. A 17-track projects hints that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear from Discreet. But until the next time, this album provides you with a full arsenal of material to cover your bases.

Discreet releases new album Under the Influence in collaboration with Legendary Hammers -

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