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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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This Must Be Heaven: DillanPonders breaks down his new Eestbound & Houssam produced single

Toronto, ON – With only a few days left before Acid Reign drops, SMMG artist DillanPonders recently released this brand new record off the album titled “HEAVEN” (produced by Eestbound and Houssam).

“HEAVEN” is one of the most aggressive tracks Ponders has spit on. But it’s also one most optimistic tracks Ponders has spit on. This is a record about the completely subjective concept of “HEAVEN”. For Ponders, “HEAVEN” is a state of being and a mindset. He recognizes that he is blessed to have his squad and the people around him.

This is on some gratitude tip. And it’s a friendly Ponders sponsored reminder to stop trying to acquire materialistic things in order to obtain joy or clout or whatever. True happiness comes from within.

Listen to “HEAVEN” below (shouts to SwitchMedia on the cover art), and scope our Q&A with DillanPonders after the jump. And make sure you keep it locked on the release of Acid Reign on Dec. 28. I swear that album is going to be a game changer.

This Must Be Heaven: DillanPonders breaks down his new Eestbound & Houssam produced single -

Q&A: DillanPonders

HipHopCanada: Start off by telling me what this track means to you on a personal level.

DillanPonders: This track means a lot to me. On the production side, I’ve wanted to work with Eestbound for a while ’cause the man’s unbelievable talented. And I felt I could really put a hurting on one of his monstrous beats. As for the concept… “HEAVEN” is basically my abyss. I’m surrounded by free-thinking, powerful beings all the time; Gods, if you will. This must be heaven.

HipHopCanada: This is probably the most aggressive flow I’ve ever heard from you. Talk to me about that.

DillanPonders: It just felt right. Can’t wait for you to hear the entire project (only five more days!!!!!) The intro to this album is equally aggressive. It’s just where I’m at as a spitter. If I really feel the beat I’m spitting in ALL CAPS. I’m comfy, and I’m tired of “rappers” who rap for the sake of rap, or only do this to look cool in the anti-social media realm. This “aggressive” tone just comes about naturally. 🙂

HipHopCanada: Talk to me about how the collaboration with Eestbound and Houssam came about for this one.

DillanPonders: I honestly had no idea who Houssam was up until last week. As for Eest… me and Brenden drove out to Brampton abut two months ago to sit with him and his manager.. I want to continue working with him in future ventures so we thought it right to meet in person, crack some jokes and get a feel for one anothers’ vibe. And that’s just what we did. Eest sent Brenden a beat pack shortly after the meeting. “HEAVEN” honestly wasn’t even meant for me in the first place. But soon as I heard it, I said “MINE!!!” I only had one slot left on the album and I knew that song was the last missing piece. It only came to light that Houssam co-produced rather recently. So it was only right to give him credit, as well.

HipHopCanada: I love this whole idea of “HEAVEN” because it’s such an arbitrary concept. Even like… when you’re throwing shade at the guys who buy cars and whatever to big up themselves… Heaven and happiness are found from within and I think that really came across on this record.

DillanPonders: So happy you understand the message of this song. “HEAVEN” is a mindset; a state of chi, an everlasting zen that isn’t dependant on anything tangible. It’s happiness found from within. Luckily I got a whole shhquad full of Gods to share it with.

HipHopCanada: What do you want listeners to take away from hearing this?

DillanPonders: That’s up to them. But you wont ever be able to look at me again and say “he cant spit”!

Twitter: @DillanPonders

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