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Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

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Song of the Day: King Reign’s legacy celebrated with new Darp Malone-produced “Santa Romeo”

Toronto, ON – Today is both a sad and amazing day for me. It’s sad because I’m reminded that one of the first Canadian artists I ever had the privilege of meeting and covering, passed away well before his time.

Kunle Thomas, better known to some as King Reign, sadly suffered a heart attack last summer, fell into a coma and passed away on June 28, 2016 at just 40 years of age. He left behind two small children, his parents, his siblings, his partner, and a hip-hop community that will undoubtedly mourn him to the end.

I’m happy because today Reign’s memory is further kept alive, thanks to the unbridled efforts of some of those that loved him the most. There’s a ton of unreleased material on the way and today I’m thrilled to bring you the brand new single, “Santa Romeo,” produced by Darp Malone (with a Skratch Bastid drum edit and Ivana Santilli on the horn). The humour-filled record showcases Reign’s storytelling strengths and the ups and downs of romantic conquest. We spoke to Malone regarding what he remembers about making the song:

The way King Reign tells the story is so visual that you can’t help but come up with crazy musical ideas to compliment his flow… I had the bassline and keyboard riff in mind and I had this hi-hat laying around and while I was laying down the drum track Reign was playing along on the hi-hats. It sounded good do we just flew it in… I had this trumpet hook in mind that I was playing but it wasn’t sounding right with the keyboard sounds. We wanted big, live sounding brass and we felt like Ivana Santilli would be the perfect fit. She obliged. She came through one evening played the hook and also came up with the trumpet riff for the verses.

Song of the Day: King Reign's legacy celebrated with the release of the Darp Malone-produced Santa Romeo -

King Reign’s longtime friend and collaborator, David “Click” Cox, spoke on the importance of keeping Reign’s legacy alive with new music.

Reign was a special artist. He had a distinctive and memorable voice and an inherent ability to paint pictures with his words. His artistry was indicative of the type of person he was and we not only wish to keep that legacy alive through continuing to release his music, but also to preserve it for his kids and family for years to come.

The supporting video for “Santa Romeo” will be out soon, but for now please take in the single and help us keep Reign’s legacy alive by sharing it to all those that would listen.

“Santa Romeo” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day

Rest In Paradise King Reign.

Twitter: @KingReignThe1st

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