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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Toxic needs to smoke a “hunnitthousandblunts” to get over his ex-girlfriend

Brampton, ON – Brampton up-and-comer Toxic (of the LSC collective) just released his latest single titled “hunnitthousandblunts,” produced by Mr. Brik.

“hunnitthousandblunts” is a track about moving on from past relationships and having a difficult time coping with all the feels. It’s also about the cycle of substance abuse we use in order to cope with our emotions that ultimately takes us full circle right back into those sad feels we are trying to avoid.

Listen to “hunnitthousandblunts” below, feel very sadboy, and scope our Q&A with Toxic after the jump.

Toxic needs to smoke a

Q&A: Toxic

HipHopCanada: Start off by telling me what this track means to you on a personal level.

Toxic: This is a very personal meaningful song to me. It’s about the damage done after a relationship or a fling ends. While I was writing this song I just imagined being on the phone and saying the things I wish you could say to them. Like a last “Goodbye! This is what you did to me!” phone call. But I know I can’t, simply because that girl will never call me back. And if I were to call them first that would only make things worse because I never want to give in. I want to try to get past it to be a stronger person. But that’s not always how it ends up. It’s about the constant painful reminder of that girl being stuck in my head that makes me turn to substance abuse to forget about her. But in the end it only makes me think of her even more.

HipHopCanada: Talk to me about the female and the situation that inspired this song.

Toxic: This song wasn’t necessarily about one girl, it was about a bunch of different relationships I’ve had that have ultimately led me to these same feelings. But primarily the song’s mostly about an ex-girlfriend. And how I don’t like to deal with my problems… but how I always run away from them and numb the pain.

HipHopCanada: I think one underlying message on this song is that idea that people always try to avoid feeling bad feelings at any cost… whether it’s by smoking out all the blunts, or finding some other way to numb the feelings.

Toxic: Yes, I definitely agree with you on this one. I think this an issue everyone deals with, even if they don’t smoke or do drugs. Everyone always has their own way to run away from their problems, whether it be by getting high, or pretending like it never happened. I want this song to be able to connect with people going through heartaches and struggles to let them know that they’re not alone.

HipHopCanada: Who is Mr. Brik and how did that collaboration come about?

Toxic: A couple months ago I was stumbling across the internet for some new beats, and I found his YouTube page. And I really liked his beats. I made a couple demos with some of them and then messaged him on SoundCloud asking for his email so I could send them to him. He ended up really liking what I did with his beats and I showed him the rest of LSC and he really likes our crew. He’s a great guy who’s also sent me some dope artwork. I’ll have more songs produced by him coming out in the future for sure!

Twitter: @toxickeif

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