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Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

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Is the grass greener on the other side? Buddah Abusah discusses his new track & outlook on life

Hamilton, ON – Fresh off the release of Buddah’s EP, Hamilton artist Buddah Abusah (formerly of the now disbanded Bo$ Clique crew) recently released a brand new video for his track “Green Grass.”

Produced by Donato Beats, “Green Grass” is a good vibes summer song about maturing, growing, reprioritizing, and recognizing your own potential. Buddah is entering a new phase of life with a huge focus on his family. And with the addition of his daughter into his world, he’s starting to see the world around him much clearer.

The video maintains a simple aesthetic as a nod to the importance of simple happiness. It doesn’t actually take much to achieve happiness, despite the complexity of society and how we’re led to believe happiness is achieved. Buddah’s got it figured out, though. And this is what he’s preaching. Check the Push Media directed video below, and scope our in-depth interview with Buddah after the jump.

Q&A: Buddah Abusah

HipHopCanada: Start off by telling me what this track means to you on a personal level.

Buddah Abusah: Well I feel I have grown. I know when I have taken another or higher step in life, I feel in it. I feel wiser, stronger, more observant, understanding and more attentive. That is what this vibe is. It’s about being able to find a way to make your yellow patch of grass green again. Understanding and realizing my focuses and what’s important in my world only. Believe in myself – for real, for real – and take the next step I see myself taking.

HipHopCanada: I feel like the idea of “Green Grass” represents a shift for you, and a new beginning … they say the grass is greener on the other side, and you’re on the green grass now. Talk to me about how you got there.

Buddah Abusah: Getting there… I still feel like I’m trying to get “there.” But that’s all through life. Life is crazy. The amount of shit an individual goes through no matter what their experience is, is something I personally will never take lightly or for granted… nor should anyone else. My life experience made me who I am; to understand on taking the right path that can benefit me and those I care and love for. To be honest this wasn’t like a two-month ago thing and then… “Hey! I’m on some green crazy, n**ga! I’m straight!” Naw. Like this is years of ups and downs like anyone else, and really understanding what God is putting in front of me. Where I am now I truly feel I am 100 % ready to take that scary step most are afraid of. Stepping out of that comfort zone and letting people know like, “Yo, I got dope hippie vibes, I can rap too!” type sh*t. I really do feel I have stepped it up and music-wise I have something no one else in my city does. Took a while to get here and so much more God gave me to do in my life.

HipHopCanada: What does the “Green Grass” look like for you? What are the things in your life right now that you are hopeful and optimistic about?

Buddah Abusah: Great questions! Well “Green Grass” isn’t necessarily a visual thing, but an emotional thing. A feeling. Like in the hook I mention, “New trip/ New car moves fast” and “New chick/ Nice tits/ Bubbled ass!” Yes, you can obviously visualize it. But why I’m saying it is that fresh feeling you get. I have been getting anxiety lately. Sometimes it has me tripping to be real. But it’s all because of how I crave the feeling I desire and want so bad. Not for materialistic things… but what I am soul searching for. So that’s MY “Green Grass”. I wonder if others would think of it that way..? I’m hopeful for my new family and my path in music. My daughter gave me something I didn’t even know that was in me, and now she got me rapping my ass off. Made me realize that maybe I have something more than what I thought. Maybe I have potential to do something serious and fun with my life; be able to give all to her and those around me. Like don’t get me wrong… I always believed in myself. But… like… until you have a kid of your own, you wouldn’t understand what I mean exactly. But my daughter and my lady have me on some next sh*t now and they give me hope. Shout out my f**kng hippies Empire MGMT, Push Media and Zeek! A.P.E gangin’ all day!

My daughter gave me something I didn’t even know that was in me, and now she got me rapping my ass off. Made me realize that maybe I have something more than what I thought. Maybe I have potential to do something serious and fun with my life; be able to give all to her and those around me.
– Buddah Abusah

HipHopCanada: What are some of the new beginnings you are entering?

Buddah Abusah: New beginnings for me is becoming a solidified artist in Canada, but with a world-wide sound. I understand me more and more, and believing in myself more and more, day by day. And this on its own is new for me. My management team and I are putting in work. See… a lot of people say they believe in me and they support but I don’t see their asses at one single show or post one single song unless I DM them to. But now being on some new hippie vibes people really messing with, it’s new for me for people to really just fall into low-key. One homie pulled that sh*t on me and I haven’t seen him in years! Didn’t think he gave a damn?!?

HipHopCanada: What was your vision for this video, and what is the significance of the locations you shot this at?

Buddah Abusah: To be honest, my homie Ken of Push Media is the genius behind this video. Last day in the studio finishing off this record and the rest of the EP [and] he already had ideas for it and spots. I’m the type of dude that when I work with you, I believe in your craft and let you create your way. I don’t dictate but will critique when needed. Shot in the city on west side and downtown Hamilton and in Toronto were I record in Liberty Village. The Toronto scene is big for me because that’s where things in my music career started to change.

HipHopCanada: Visually, this video is very simple. And I like how that mirrors this idea of “Green Grass” and how happiness is such a simple concept.

Buddah Abusah: My music and visuals are representing who I am, as well. I am a simple person yet complex. My music – I feel – is easy to understand but is rich with substance and deeper meanings at times. I classify myself as the “modern day hippie”, which you’ll learn and grow with as time goes. Stepping to a new beginning is simple but doesn’t mean it’s going to easy. That shit is called life, my hippie! Happiness is simple, but how society and the system is ran makes us believe it’s hard to achieve in simple ways. I know my life will be one hell of a journey but happiness comes first.

I classify myself as the “modern day hippie,” which you’ll learn and grow with as time goes.” – Buddah Abusah

HipHopCanada: What’s it been like for you since Bos Clique disbanded? Working on music as a solo artist is much different from working on music as a crew.

Buddah Abusah: I’ve been solo before so this is nothing new. I’ve been in a collective before as well, so that was nothing new either. Though I was the one to leave and pursue on my own, I think it was the best decision I’ve made musically. Working with a group is great and full of fun times, because you have others involved in it with you. But the type of person I am, personally I can’t work with people really like that. I like being in control 100% of my music… unless a feature. But f**k it… even then. Consistently having to get approval was annoying as shit, to be real with you. Plus other reasons that are not necessary to mention as well. Working solo I love because I’m as creative and as open as I want to be, and can express how I want to. I’m that type of artist. I have my own lane, my own sound; I have my own vision.

Interview conducted by Sarah Jay for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @BuddahAbusah


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