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You Feel Me? Toronto’s Infu talks new EP, “West Side” video, plans for 2…

Since first emerging on the Toronto hip-hop scene in 2010, rapper Infu has been working hard at…

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Toronto rapper Top 5 talks Styles P, getting advice from Drake, Varna Drive & more

Toronto up-and-comer Top 5 recently made his National Capital Region debut with an all ages show inside Ottawa’s The Bourbon Room.

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I Think You’ve Gone Mad: Here’s the transcribed version of Sean Leon’s i…

Toronto, ON – On Dec. 23 2016, Toronto artist Sean Leon blew up the Internet by releasing an incredibly in-depth interview with … Read More »

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Sarah Jay’s Picks: Top 40 Up-And-Coming Canadian Rappers & Rap Crews of 2016

Calgary, AB – As we head in to 2017 at HipHopCanada, I decided I’d kick off the new year proper by delivering … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Jam Master Jay receives tribute turntable routine from son TJ Mizell & Skratch Bastid

Jam Master Jay receives tribute turntable routine from son TJ Mizell & Skratch Bastid


13 Dec

Derek Wise just dropped his “RYAN GLAMSLING” video & you need to see it

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week Toronto artist Derek Wise celebrated his birthday by premiering this new video single titled “RYAN GLAMSLING” (produced by ASMR).

Directed by Andy Hines, “RYAN GLAMSLING” is the Derek Wise anthem record. Sticking to his cold, stoic M.O, Derek rides shot-gun around the city of Toronto with a squad of DTF females as he asks “Are you down for the night?”

It’s been a heavy year for Derek. He beat his charges earlier this year and reemerged into the rap game with a much colder outlook.

He dropped that record “Had To Wake Up” back in June when he beat his charges. And the song was an honest, raw look at what actually happens when you’re facing charges; you find that the fans and friends who claim they are down to ride aren’t actually that down to ride. Now Derek just wants to know who’s down for the night.

You need to hear these four new songs Derek Wise just released -

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12 Dec

We talked to Brampton’s Jordan Cassius about his recent release “Recommended” and Way Cool

Brampton, ON – Toronto gets most of the hype for breeding dope Canadian rappers, but recently it’s Brampton which seems to be having its’ moment for rap in Canada. The Way Cool collective is deserving of a deeper look as they’ve been low-key showcasing some of the greatest artist developments for the area. We recently introduced their emcee Kyle Wildfern, and featured one of their producers DviousMindZ on HipHopCanada to formally introduce this crew. 

Jordan Cassius is the next Way Cool emcee/producer who’s making smooth moves for this team. Wielding multifaceted music talents, he represents a new generation of artists who are also crossing over to self-produce their work. “Recommended” boasts heavy bars and a banger beat that is undeniably cooler than your average. His library of current releases is equally as strong, and many self-produced. We talked to Jordan about everything Way Cool. Check out our conversation below where he touches on the interchangeability of R&B, producing his own work, and how he continues to make bangers.

We talked to Brampton's Jordan Cassius about his recent release Recommended and Way Cool -

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12 Dec

Winnipeg emcee Limm releases, The Effect EP and impresses

Winnipeg, MB – Philadelphia based rapper, Limm hasn’t lost momentum from his last single release recently dropping his debut EP The Effect. The 6-track project is a nice addition that  features thoughtful melodies, and breathy rhyming alternations that comfortably focus on his personal reflections.

The beats aren’t overly complex, and its’ easy to consume style is part of the appeal. The choruses are catchy, and the six tracks are sure to speak to even the most entry level hip-hop listener. You don’t have to be particularly engaged in any sub-genre of rap to like this project, and his flow is confident at times without being too aggressive that they scare off listeners. It’s a feel-good style of rap that feels as though we’re listening to the inner thoughts of the emcee.

Highlights of the project include “Driving at Night”, “You Da Shit” featuring Mani, and “Straight Like That” (which is a personal favourite). Check out the EP below, and get acquainted with the latest body of work from the rapper.

Winnipeg emcee Limm releases, The Effect EP and impresses -

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12 Dec

King H goes in on the new visuals for “Next Up Freestyle”

Vancouver, BC – King H is a Vancouver emcee who was born into the industry as a freestyle rapper, but is smoothly making the crossover into higher-tier production with his recent video for “Next Up Freestyle”. He teamed up with TiV Productions and director Frank Pan to produce the clean visuals which features other West Coast artists such as: Malikai Motion, Tru$t, Ru, 40k and RRKADE.

King H is coming off of his recent Switch Up Ep which dropped last July, and is currently working with 40k and Zelli to create next project. The album will be titled Next Up and is set to be released in early 2017.

Check out the video below, and get acquainted with the easy listen .

Kyle H goes in on the new visuals for Next Up Freestyle -

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12 Dec

Prepare to be impressed with the latest release from Josh Dillon titled “FLYING NIMBUS”

Brampton, ON – Way Cool seems to feature an A-1 roster of artists that just keeps on growing. We’ve witnessed Josh Dillon previously make his mark on the production side of things – contributing production for other members of the crew. He personally dropped a single this weekend that will make you take a second glance at the Brampton artist. He’s more than just an artist who works behind the scenes, and “FLYING NIMBUS” is impactful in all the right ways.

The slowed down beat focuses on highlighting the sweetest croons from Dillon, as he sings, “Music was made for love, Cruising was made for us. I love it when we’re cruising together.” Combined with a spoken word approach, the bars on the track speak on some of the most personal topics including his growth and love interests. Mostly though, you can’t listen to this track and not feel some type of way. Fellow Way Cool member, Kyle Wildfern took his turn behind the booth and handled the production on this one.

Enjoy “FLYING NIMBUS” below.

Prepare to be impressed with the latest release from Josh Dillon FLYING NIMBUS -

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12 Dec

Rozmo gets lyrical in sepia on visuals for “Hootenanny”

Vancouver, BC – Local freestyle battler, and emcee Rozmo recently connected for the second time with visual artist Jamie Sands. The result was a collaboration between the two to film a video for the rapper’s summer party anthem “Hootenanny”. His lyrical abilities, and clever bars shine on the track as he flows over a rolling beat.

His debut album BROKE was praised amongst the local Vancouver community for its’ honesty and authenticity. And most notably, he’s gone undefeated as a battler on platforms, such as Smoked Out Battles and KOTD.

Check out the video below, and look out for more signature lyrical bars from the emcee.

Rozmo gets lyrical in sepia on visuals for Hootenanny -

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12 Dec

Khaliowe reps for Mississauga with the release of visuals for “Life of Lies”

Mississauga, ON – Khaliowe has been singing for 4 years now, but just went public with his tracks this last half of 2016 while he reps for his newly founded crew, ats (analyze the situation) . Born and raised in Mississauga, he’s got a lot of love for his hometown, as he explained to us over our correspondence, “I love my city because I feel like it’s what molded me into the man I am today. Which, can be seen through the stories I tell within my songs.”

He most recently released the visuals for his single “Life of Lies”. Through the process of getting to know Khaliowe and his background, he elaborated that he’s been working on the engineering and producing side of music as well. His background in music began in middle school choir and progressed to structured singing lessons. You can hear this previous musical experience quaintly in his recent work.

“Life of Lies”  is a precursor for his upcoming debut mixtape, set to be released in February of 2017. The project is set to include 5 original tracks explaining his unique perspective of personal growth. This video is clean and the visuals are well-done, so we’re excited to see more from the singer/emcee.

Check out the video after the jump.

Heights Of Eighty Six - Heart [Audio] -

12 Dec

The After Party introduces upcoming project with visuals for lead single “What I Wanna Be”

Montreal, QC –  After a year hiatus, Montreal emcee The After Party recently released the lead single “What I Wanna Be” off his upcoming project, Self Reflection. While the rapper finds himself repping out of Quebec, the visuals capture the haunting ambiance of the wilderness of British Columbia. His heightened emotions are projected to the audience from his dark silhouettes against the vivid landscape.

Through email, he was able to elaborate on the video by explaining, “That period of life was really difficult for me. I was working a job that I hated, but it helped me pay for my studio time and travel expenses. I felt like I was in limbo and I just had recorded the raw vocals to this joint. I was working at a Shisha lounge from Christmas to New Year’s day, and I was able to save up my tips to pay for a trip to Vancouver. By the time I reached Vancouver, my producer sent me the final version of “What I Wanna Be”. I called up Mr. HindzSight, a renowned videographer. The homie took me to Burnaby Mountains where he grew up, and the rest was history.”

Check out the video after the jump below.

The After Party introduces upcoming project with visuals for lead single What I Wanna Be -

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12 Dec

$ha’s new record “AC Centrum” is the after-hours song you need to hear

Toronto, ON – Earlier this month Toronto artist $ha released a new self-produced record titled “AC Centrum”.

This song is about those sexy after-hours vibes that get so hot you gotta turn the AC back on. $ha sends this one out to all the females caught up in their feels and too scared to pursue anything serious with the guys in their lives.

Instead of trying to lock down his girl into anything serious, $ha stays patient… and sexes his girl’s brains out: “F**k her with my chains on/ I’ll be going in/ Hot sex/ You gon’ have to turn that AC on again/ She don’t wanna fall in love/ It’s ok, we can be friends.”

You need to check out $ha's new video for

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12 Dec

Clean: Listen to Tre Capital’s new collaboration with Eestbound & Michael Seven

Toronto, ON – L.A. recording artist Tre Capital recently linked up with Eestbound and Michael Seven for this new record titled “Clean”.

For the record, “Clean” is actually a filthy little record. Anchored by some gritty, dark Eestbound and Michael Seven co-production, this track serves as Tre’s flex-fuelled year-end anthem. The guy is hungry and he’s got his knives and forks ready for 2017: “Lookin’ so clean like I’m walking outta church on a Sunday/ God got my back so I shouldn’t be trippin’ in the first place.”

Tory Lanez releases album debut, I Told You; sits at No. 2 on iTunes Album chart -

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