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Grieves talks Winter And The Wolves, touring and finding balance in the music business [In…

Vancouver, BC – It’s impressive to listen to Grieves speak. He has so much passion for his music that it makes you remember … Read More »

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Dizaster talks Cassidy, Ether, KOTD, Vancouver rap & more [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – During a recent trip to Vancouver, battle rap’s most talked about emcee Dizaster sat down with HipHopCanada’s West Coast … Read More »

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Sese announces release date for YFRWN3; previews cover art [News]

St. Catharines, ON – Your Halloween won’t be complete without the latest edition of the YFRWN mixtape series. That’s right, this October … Read More »

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The Good, The Bad & The Strange: Artist to Artist with Tech N9ne [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – Originally published September 11, 2014 – Tech N9ne is no stranger to touring. Arguably one of the hardest working … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]


30 Aug

Treetop – On My Nuts [Video]

London, ON – The Treetop crew recently debuted new visuals for the track “On My Nuts” off of Kehmak’s forthcoming debut Revenge of The Nerds. I’m guessing the premise behind this video was pretty simple. I’m thinking the Treetop dudes got together and were all like, “Yo. You know what would make for the best video ever? Exploring the importance of identity by dressing up as TMNT and doing cool ish.”

The Culture production on the track is really campy. It sounds like a sing-along song. And the hook “They’re all on my nuts” will get obnoxiously stuck in your head. The video was shot and directed by Tim Freelink, and written by Casper and Kehmak. Check it after the jump.

Treetop - On My Nuts [Video] -

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29 Aug

The Bass6 – Lucid Dreams Vol. 12 [Mixtape]

Toronto, ON – Last week, SmashMouth Music Group’s super-producer duo – The Bass6 – launched the twelfth installation of their weekly Lucid Dreams mixtape. This volume includes the typical Bass6 track listing that’ll take you through the motions: You start off in your vibe-out zone. Then you’re wilding out and losing your ish. Then there’s the mandatory IloveMakonnen joint (this has been a frequent occurrence for the last few weeks). Then you get to seep in some original SMMG jams. And then you fade out. This all happens in the 30-minute duration that is the mixtape. That’s a lot of feelers to feel in half-an-hour.

Highlights from this particular tape include “Skyfall” off Travi$ Scott’s monstrous Days Before Rodeo release, DillanPonders’ drug-dependancy “Vitamins” anthem, “Monster” by Future, and some really dope Creamie beats. Creamie is one half of The Bass6, by the way. Eeeps. Check it out below.


The Bass6 - Lucid Dreams Vol. 9 [Mixtape] -

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29 Aug

Wolfpack – Sea Of Green [Audio]

Prince Albert, SK – Our guys in the Wolfpack crew recently made a joint repping their native Saskatchewan’s own CFL superstars: The Roughriders. The track is called “Sea Of Green,” and it is the second single off of the Pack’s forthcoming Wolfpack Or Nothing (due out in September). This anthem is one-part total Riders fanatic, one-part comparison between football and the rap game, and one-part turning-it-up.

Rayne Drop (the crew’s producer) hits us with an energy-fueled beat that samples audio from the Riders’ games, as well as from various Grey Cup victories. It’s got an intensity of serious capacity. Pushing up the offence. Turning things up a notch for the fans. Taking possession of the ball. Riding for the team. It’s all happening. The guys use this track to compare themselves to the leaders of a nation – the Rider Nation.

Wolfpack - Sea Of Green [Audio] -


28 Aug

Seth Kay – See U In LA [EP]

Vancouver, BC – Formerly one half of the duo District 36, Seth Kay comes into his own with his debut EP See U In LA. Dark and hazy, leaned out, slowed down beats set the right vibe with the relaxed rhymes right on point. Seth’s style is just so damn cool.

It’s good to see this cat back in the game where he belongs. Catch the See U In LA Release Party at DIPT on August 31 from 8 – 10pm and peep the EP below.

Seth Kay - See U In LA [EP] -

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28 Aug

Factor – Fvck You ft. Kay The Aquanaut [Audio]

Saskatoon, SK – It’s that time again, for Factor to put out a new joint from his monthly Factor Friday series. The August edition features fellow Saskatoon artist and frequent collaborator Kay The Aquanaut, with crisp production by, of course, Factor.

Cover your ears little ones because while the title is purposely misspelled “Fvck You” the lyrics will punch your ear drums…and there are a lot of fucks tossed out too. Peep the audio below.

Factor - Fvck You ft. Kay The Aquanaut -

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28 Aug

DJ Mustard – 10 Summers [Review]

Los Angeles, CA – You’d be in denial if you didn’t think that Summer 2014 belonged to DJ Mustard. The amount of hits behind his belt this season are somewhat of a phenomenon. “Paranoid”, “2 On”, “Don’t Tell ‘Em”, “Show Me”, “Main Chick,” “Who Do Ya Love” – you can’t turn on hip-hop radio or walk into a club without hearing those Mustard-produced beats (and that’s just to name a few).

He kicked off the season with Summer Jam (June 1) and basically wrapped it up, as the house DJ for the MTV VMA’s, on August 24. On top of all the madness – “Mustard on the Beat Hoe”, dropped his highly-anticipated debut album 10 Summers.

[News] -

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28 Aug

K-Riz – Paradise ft. Habe (Prod. LordQuest) [Video]

Edmonton, AB – YEG’s own K-Riz recently dropped new visuals for the track “Paradise” (featuring R&B singer, Habe). This is the first single off K’s mixtape entitled The Low, and it is a summer anthem of supreme YEG-reppin’ status.

This is also a really solid summer lovin’ joint. K-Riz channels his inner-Common by getting smooth and suave with the ladies (his particular love interest in this video is played by soul-singer Sydney Love). The video was directed, filmed and edited by Cashew LOA. Peep the video after the jump.

K Riz - Paradise [Video] -

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27 Aug

DillanPonders – The Boy Who Lived [Review]

Toronto, ON – Earlier this month, SmashMouth Music Group’s one-man reign of cocaine – DillanPonders – launched his sophomore LP entitled The Boy Who Lived. Just so we’re on the same page, here, DP is one of my favourite MCs in the game right now. When people ask me what’s popping in Canadian rap music, I tell them about DillanPonders. My dad even knows who DP is because I’ve told him about DP and made him listen to Dillan’s songs about blowing coke and receiving fellatio. THANKS DAD! YOU’RE A TROOPER! Anyways, Dillan represents a new sound in Canada’s rap game. He takes custom-fitted trap beats from his SmashMouth posse, dusts the beats with a thick cakey coating of cocaine, and hits us with introspective raps on a flow that goes like 6,987,654,654 beats per minute (I’m exaggerating – but you get the idea). He can flow.

Dillan doesn’t flex about his drug usage, though (most of the time – at least). He’s not one of those cats to glorify it. He simply raps about his life; and hard drugs are a pretty big component of that. Sometimes he gets into the dark chemical-induced mental struggle of it all. And sometimes he’s perfectly happy to get his dick sucked while prancing around in heaping piles of powdered snow. Anyways, I wasn’t really sure how to go about doing such a review for such a groundbreaking project. So I did a really long over-analytical breakdown of every single song on the LP. Stream the LP below, and check my review after the jump.

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27 Aug

Kalen J Music – The Road ft. Evil Ebenezer, Ursa Maja & Chandre [Audio]

Regina, SK – C.J.E.’s resident drummer, Kalen J Music, just hit us with his new single titled “The Road” (featuring Evil Ebenezer and Ursa Maja on the raps, and vocalist Chandre on the hook). I’m a huge fan of what KJ has been doing, lately; mostly because I find it reminiscent of how Questlove changed the rap game. Questy helped popularize live drumming into the mainstream rap game. He found a niche and filled it. And along the way, he was able to use The Roots as a platform to unite various vocalists and MCs for some of the most hard-hitting collaborations that EVER happened.

KJ is making that happen for the Saskatchewan scene. He brings together vocalists and MCs, and generally just gets people building together. He’s even starting to get the West Coast involved with the addition of Evil on this track. Peep the audio via YouTube after the jump. And head on over to iTunes to purchase a copy of the single.

Kalen J Music - The Road ft. Evil Ebenezer, Ursa Maja & Chandre [Audio] -

27 Aug

JD Era – DOPE [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ON Just “DOPE.” Our Song of the Day is a perfect example of why JD Era is one of the most respected MCs in Canada. The Showboiz-produced banger is available to stream (and download) below.

JD Era - DOPE [Audio] #SOTD -

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