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#DearRappers: Quit fronting [Article]

Vancouver, BC – In a world made up of internet fame, Twitter followers and Instagram acclaim , the term “fake it ’till … Read More »

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The Kendrick Lamar experience at Pemberton Music Festival 2014 [Review]

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 18, Kendrick Lamar came through Pemberton Music Festival 2014 to perform a set at the Mt. Currie … Read More »

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Here’s what happened when Snoop Dogg rolled through Pemberton Music Festival [Review…

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 19, Snoop Dogg (aka: Snoop Lion, Snoopzilla, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoopadelic,, etc, etc, etc) rolled through Pemberton … Read More »

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ScHoolboy Q makes his Canadian debut at Pemberton Music Festival [Review]

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 18, T.D.E.’s own ScHoolboy Q made his Canadian debut at Pemberton Music Festival 2014. Q has admittedly … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]

Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]


2 Jul

Robb Bank$ to make Canadian debut on July 4 in Toronto [News]

Toronto, ON – Buzzing Florida artist Robb Bank$ will be making his Canadian debut live in Toronto this coming Friday, July 4 at Product Nightclub (364 Richmond St. W.) alongside The Bass6. Known for his Raider Klan affiliation and for being the son of reggae superstar Shaggy, Bank$ will be performing and hosting inside Häus:

“Stemming from visions of redefining nightlife through stunning, thought provoking production and décor, Häus merges comfortable, hospitable and nostalgic vibes from a HOUSE PARTY experience to the nightclub atmosphere. With that said, every Friday Häus is a reflection of you.”

Robb Bank$ to make Canadian debut on July 4 in Toronto [News] -
Robb Bank$ makes his Canadian debut on July 4

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2 Jul

Shome – Kill Bill ft. DillanPonders [Audio]

New Orleans, LA – New music from Indian-American rapper Shome produced by Toronto’s Tay Lewis and featuring Toronto rapper DillanPonders. The song will appear on Shome’s ॐ Namaste ॐ album which is slated to drop in August. More details from the press release below:

Namaste is an Indian meaning for: ‘I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place within you, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place within you and I am in that place within me, WE ARE ONE.’


Shome - Kill Bill ft. DillanPonders [Audio] -

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1 Jul

DUBB & HipHopCanada announce new mixtape; Chippy’s Top 5 DUBB songs [News]

Ottawa, ON – With Canada Day in full swing, and the National Capital Region’s infamous festivities underway on Parliament Hill (Serena Ryder, Marianas Trench etc.) we thought it was the perfect time to announce a HUGE collaboration we’ll be releasing.

As DUBB is one of the US’ biggest and most exciting rising rap stars, when it comes to American hip-hop heads, the Los Angeles rapper is one of the biggest Canadian supporters you’ll find. He’s put on more Canadian producers than anyone we’ve come across, and flat out makes some incredible music. The entire AV8ERS movement has taken off in the past couple of years, and DUBB is rumored to be headhunted by some of the biggest labels in the game.

In honor of DUBB’s support for Canadian talent (JD Era, Daniel Worthy etc.), we’re happy to announce a brand new mixtape that will put all of those DUBB/Canadian producer-artist collaborations on one project, along with some unreleased gems. We’re stopping short of releasing specific details, but we do want to take some time now to introduce DUBB a bit further.

One unknown aspect of DUBB’s Canadian connection is his manager Shyan “Chippy” Ellis. Although based in New York City, Chippy has plenty of roots in Toronto. If you’re new to DUBB and the AV8ERS movement, Chippy will give you a proper introduction with a list of his Top 5 DUBB Tracks of All-Time (but not including those Canadian collaborations, of course).


DUBB & HipHopCanada announce new mixtape; Chippy's Top 5 DUBB songs [News] -

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1 Jul

JD Era – Canada EH! [Video] #HappyCanadaDay

Vancouver, BC – I remember a time when many Canadian rappers wanted to hide the fact that they were Canadian, instead hoping to pass off as their American counterparts. You certainly don’t see that much anymore.

And since the very beginning, Black Market’s JD Era has worn his Canadian pride on his sleeve. Even going as far as paying homage to his home country with the catchy “Canada EH!” anthem, and that was AFTER his stock rose exponentially from the Raekwon co-sign. It’s the type of song title that – years earlier – would have made Era supporters cringe at how many non-Canadian listeners he was possibly alienating. But not anymore. Many international listeners have embraced the young Ghanaian-Canadian talent for staying true to himself and being proud of his heritage. One YouTuber put it best:

Yooo getting goosebumps off of this. Who is this dude? I’m not even from Canada and I’m standing up. Mad respect dude.

“Canada EH!” which was produced by Mark Henry and appeared on Era’s acclaimed No Handouts mixtape, is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. Check out the CartelFilms-directed “Canada EH!” video below or click here to download the whole No Handouts tape. Happy Canada Day!

Tonight, you can find JD Era inside Vancouver’s Red Room with Jae Maze, Emotionz and more.

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1 Jul

10 at 10 Spotlight: Natural Ensemble [Interview]

Calgary, AB – June marked another monster month for the 10 at 10 fam over at Commonwealth. Is it just me – or are the Calgary acts just getting tighter every single month? For this month’s 10 at 10 Spotlight, we feature Okotoks duo, Natural Ensemble. Take a look after the jump for their reflections on playing everywhere from Sylvan Lake to Australia, and their thoughts on positivity in hip-hop.

Two things you notice about N.e. (made up of MC Geeze and DJ B-Ren) within the first ten seconds of seeing them on stage are their energy and their positivity. Talking with Geeze, it’s evident that it is exactly these two things which help N.e.’s music translate to audiences all over the world. Geeze says that even though foreign audiences can seem like a different playing field, a positive sound and energy finds all audiences the same way because at the end of the day people are out for good times; regardless of where they happen to be.

10 at 10 Spotlight: Natural Ensemble [Interview] -

My hometown taught me how to rap. My city taught me how to be an MC.” – Geeze

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1 Jul

Classified – Oh…Canada [Video] #HappyCanadaDay

Charlottetown, PEI – When it comes to celebrating Canada Day, no better track comes to mind than JUNO Award-winning rapper Classified’s “Oh…Canada” banger off his 2009 album, Self-Explanatory (available on iTunes). It peaked at #14 on the Canadian Hot 100 and went digital platinum. It was even the entrance music for UFC’s Patrick Côté.

For this year’s Canada Day celebrations, Classified is reaching the PEI 2014 Canada Day party along with the Barenaked Ladies, Tegan and Sara, and more. He’s live at the Charlottetown Event Grounds with a local start time of 7:45 p.m. You can click here for more details about the event. We’d be surprised if “On…Canada” wasn’t in the set list for today’s performance! #HappyCanadaDay!

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1 Jul

#DearRappers: Stop sending me “0 to 100″ freestyles [Article]

Edmonton, AB – Here’s the deal: you cats need to stop sending me “0 to 100″ freestyles. I won’t listen to them. Everyone and their grandmothers are sending me “0 to 100″ freestyles right now and I can’t take it anymore. The Canada rap game is oversaturated with “0 to 100″ freestyles and it’s not a good look for us – at all.

There’s this phenomena that I am going to call the “A Milli Phenomena,” wherein every MC or MC-wannabe drops a freestyle over top of one particular track. It started with Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” off Tha Carter III in 2008 and several songs have since received the same treatment. For a while, there, “Pound Cake” was going strong (right after Nothing Was The Same blew up the Internet). Last year, everyone was getting in over top of Ferg’s “Work.” And then – of course – everyone did a “Control” verse. It was atrocious. And now, everyone is flooding my inbox with freestyles over top of “0 to 100.” And this needs to come to a stop A.S.A.P. Ferg (Tee-hee. I stole that from Sarosh. He says “ASAP Ferg” whenever he means to say “A.S.A.P.” It’s great). Because if we’re being completely honest, here: these freestyles are becoming the white noise of my Gmail. I see “0 To 100″ and I move on to the next demo. Why? Because I don’t care that you think you’re better than Drake. You’re not better than Drake. And if I want to listen to “0 to 100,” I’ll go listen to “0 to 100.”

So I’m going to break it down for you, here on #DearRappers. Here is why you need to stop sending me the same ol’ freestyles. And here is why you need to start making original material, or at least look at working a different kind of freestyle. Check it out after the jump.

#DearRappers: Stop sending me 0 to 100 freestyles [Article] -

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30 Jun

J-Bru – 40 Bars (Dir. Twon Smurf) [Video]

Halifax, NS – Check out the latest video from Bru-Print Music recording artist, J-Bru. “40 Bars” was directed by Twon Smurf and can be seen after the jump link below.

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30 Jun

Gina Lee: the strong, the dedicated, The Last Hope [Interview]

Toronto, ON – You hear it all of the time – being a woman in the music industry is an uphill battle, but rarely do I get to speak to the women who have lived to tell the tale (even though I know there are plenty out there). However, I got to switch it up this week when Gina Lee, a Toronto native, called in from The Big Apple. On one hand, you see the artists who travel across the border, hopeful hearts in tow, with their sights set on getting their big break. On the other hand, there’s Lee, who packed up nearly two years ago and is now based in New York, working on a project that’s set to drop this summer and garnering not only attention, but support from all of the right people.

I’d love to tell you that Lee is an R&B singer, but knowing that she’s come into her sound just in time for her newest release, I may be telling a bit of a fib. After staying fairly silent for quite some time, Lee has finally released her first single, “Tipsy,” off of her forthcoming EP, The Last Hope. With plans to single-handedly shut the summer down and break through barriers for Toronto’s music scene, Lee spills her tricks on how she continues to climb towards success as a woman in a testosterone-driven industry. We also talk the pros and cons of staying independent, and how she feels The Last Hope will level up with one of Toronto’s greatest releases to date; Drake’s So Far Gone.

If you want to get a dose of what you’re in for, you can grab “Tipsy” from iTunes and read our interview after the jump link below. This is girl-talk you definitely don’t want to miss!

Gina Lee: the strong, the dedicated, The Last Hope [Interview] -

Don’t be afraid to speak out on what you believe in and if you’re confident you should never be afraid of what the consequences are going to be.” – Gina Lee

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30 Jun

Ty Ali – Go Stupid / Tyson Kruze – Started From The Bottom [Video]

New York, NY – New York City rapper Ty Ali invited us to check out his new video, “Go Stupid.” It was our first time hearing from the young rapper but we locked in the social media follow after just one run through. The video was directed by Karim Jamal for BLD Films and the song was produced by Flash Gordon.

After digging through Ty Ali’s YouTube channel we also stumbled on another NYC rapper (seemingly connected to Ty Ali) named Tyson Kruze with a sick “Started From The Bottom” dub titled the Cashport Mix. You can check out both songs after the jump link below.

Ty Ali - Go Stupid / Tyson Kruze - Started From The Bottom [Video] -

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