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KMPNY is coming: The emerging Toronto duo talks fake love, unity & their debut with 2…

Toronto, ON – The beginning of May 2017 marked the debut single release from emerging Toronto duo KMPNY (pronounced “company”).
The rapper-producer … Read More »

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CRTC kills funding for MuchFACT & BravoFACT; Sign the petition

Ottawa, ON – Originally published May 22, 2017 – It goes without saying, MuchFACT has been a vital tool in the development … Read More »

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Daddy Issues: Wasiu talks about making psychological rap that’s disguised as strippe…

Montreal, QC – At the beginning of the month, Montreal artist Wasiu released a new single titled “Daddy Issues.”
The track was produced … Read More »

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VNCHY discusses Money Baby: “Although money can give you anything, it is far from ev…

Toronto, ON – At the end of last month, Toronto artist VNCHY teamed up with S.L.M.N. and GoldenBoy for a brand … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews just dropped a teaser trailer for his upcoming Celebrate The Struggle album

Quake Matthews just dropped a teaser trailer for his upcoming Celebrate The Struggle album


19 Apr

Catching up with Riff Raff: The road from Mad Decent signee to Neon Nation kingpin

Calgary, AB – Today marks the Calgary stop of Houston rapper Riff Raff’s four-month world tour. The Canadian leg, in particular, is a promo tour for his Aquaberry Aquarius album that was released in January.

For those who haven’t been keeping track, here is a brief summary on the recent years of Riff Raff, a man who LA Weekly once called “today’s most enigmatic rapper”:

In May of 2012, a year before the above statement was made, Riff Raff signed to Mad Decent, the imprint run by legendary dance music artist Diplo. This was the home of his debut studio album, 2014’s Neon Icon.

In April of last year, it was announced that Riff Raff had signed a $4-million deal to start his own label, Neon Nation Corporation, under BMG Rights Management. This was the home of his second studio album, Peach Panther, which was released last June.

Four months later he followed it up with Balloween, making Aquaberry Aquarius his third release on the label. Releasing three albums in a little over six months is a stark contrast to the two-year interval that separated his first two studio releases. Although this gap is the industry averages, Riff Raff clearly follows his own conventions.

“If I want to make an album I’ll just go make it and then we’ll drop it,” says Riff Raff. He’s on the phone from Syracuse about to head to the gym. “Sometimes I don’t wanna make an album for like six months, eight months, or a year.”

“I just happened to have time to make that album [Balloween], I dropped Balloween, and then we started to focus on this other one.”

Catching up with Riff Raff -

“If I want to make an album I’ll just go make it and then we’ll drop it.”
– Riff Raff

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19 Apr

D-Blok Studios to stream 4-hour live cipher on April 21 featuring 10+ rappers

Vancouver Island, BCD-Blok Studios presents the D-Blok Studios Live Cypher on Friday, April 21st which will be streaming live on YouTube and Facebook. The cypher will feature a ton of artists including Xavier Francis, Stabby Organs, Rev Ron, Tangible Two, Iconic, Abyss, Aria Silenced, Morgan Murray, Schaps, Teenwolf and The Wiseguy. DJ Mitts and DJ G.Mo will be on hand to run the beats. The cypher will run from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. PST. You’ll find the stream on the D-Blok Studios YouTube channel.

D-Blok Studios to stream 4-hour live cypher on April 21 featuring 10+ rappers -

19 Apr

Thinkin Bout U: Toronto’s Infu gets personal on new Anno Domini-produced single

Toronto, ON – On “Thinkin Bout U,” Infu is visibly frustrated with his love life but maintains hope that things will work out. Despite the stories she told and the lies she’s made up, he’s “all in his feelings” and can’t get her off his mind.

The Mazzuca Media-directed video perfectly compliments the Anno Domini-produced single’s touching vibe and catchy hook. His previous single, “West Side,” got me to take notice but “Thinkin About U” has really made me a fan of what Infu is coming with. In fact, if there was a complaint to be made about the song it would be the length. Another verse would have been just fine with me.

You can find “Thinkin About U” on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. Check out the video below.

Thinkin Bout U: Toronto's Infu gets personal on new Anno Domini-produced single -

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17 Apr

Xavier Omär shares “No Way Out” in advance of Toronto show April 18th

Warner Robins, GAXavier Omär has just shared a brand new song called “No Way Out.” The Hit-Boy-produced track blends the traditional R&B slow jam–sax and all–with a dark, ethereal tinge that expertly frames the solemn contemplation of Omär’s vocal . A featured verse from Washington, DC rapper GoldLink offers some welcome contrast to the sobering vocal from Omär, lending the song some edginess in its closing moments.

“No Way Out” marks the second track from Xavier Omär in a two-song digital release with Red Bull Sound Select. This new project from Omär strives to channel the raw vulnerability of old school R&B, where crippling honesty serves to invite the listener into a rollercoaster of euphoria and heartbreak. He uses openness to grapple with the anxiety of a new and promising relationship head on, and the stakes have never been higher.

Catch Xavier Omär performing in Toronto as part of CMW on April 18th at The Velvet Underground. Listen to “Afraid/No Way Out” on SoundCloud here.

xavier omar -

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17 Apr

SARS Radio Ep. 87 features Dre Barrs, Blacka Da Don, February Cxld, W5vy Davis & more

Toronto, ON – With another successful episode in the bag, SARS Radio has uploaded last week’s show which aired on April 8th. Episode 87 features new music from Dre Barrs (featured on last week’s artwork), Tommy Spitz, T Gramz, February Cxld (formerly known as Milli Millz), SYPH, Blacka Da Don, Robin Banks, Drizzy, Acetik & SARS Radio host TRA, Sayzee and a ton more. Check it out below and keep your eyes open for Ep. 88 which should be online soon.

T Gramz and Maino locked in the top spot of the SARS Radio countdown. Listen now to find out who else filled out the chart. Tune in every #SARSSaturday (with TRA and DJ Law) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can send your music to

Listen now: Episode 87 of SARS Radio features Dre Barrs, Blacka Da Don, SYPH, February Cxld & a ton more -

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17 Apr

Views Before The 6 releases 2 part interview with Canadian legend, Mastermind

Toronto, ON – Catching you up on the latest from recently launched Toronto podcast, Views Before The 6, featuring hosts Big Tweeze and Thrust. The guys just uploaded Part 2 of their in-depth and entertaining interview with Canadian legend, Paul Parhar aka DJ Mastermind.

Just recently the show has also featured some other influential people from the Toronto scene including DJ X, K-Cut of the legendary Main Source, and Tony D and Brother Different of The Sunshine Soundcrew. Check them all out below and make sure you subscribe to the show on SoundCloud for the latest updates.

Views Before The 6 with DJ Mastermind (Part 1)

Views Before The 6 releases 2 part interview with Canadian legend, Mastermind -

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17 Apr

Sayzee & producer MDKNIGHT team up for new single “Magnum”

Toronto, ON – The savage lyricist known as Sayzee (formerly Sese) teams up once again with producer MDKNIGHT for another banger to preview his forthcoming EP, PREMO. This time Sayzee finds inspiration from the hit 80’s show starring Tom Selleck, Magnum P.I. Check out the tune below and, in case you missed it, you can find the MDKNIGHT-produced “imnotcool” after the jump. “Magnum” is available on Spotify.

Sayzee & producer MDKNIGHT team up for new single Magnum -

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17 Apr

You need to watch the new video for Austin Sexton’s vibe-filled single “U”

Santa Barbara, CA – At the end of 2016 we had the opportunity to speak to California’s Austin Sexton about his single “U” featuring Otto Sexton, LFTD Mike & LFTD Vu. The conversation was candid, and gave us a little insight to the workings of the sultry and romantic single that was an instant hit with audiences. The visuals for the track dropped today, and the delivery is equally as impressive as the first listen to the track.

Full of West Coast vibes, a cameo by Austin’s father Otto, and California backdrops, the video is a beautiful cinematic tribute. Shot by Matt Alonzo (who has credits like Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, and the Game) the visuals are a perfect representation to match the vibe-inspired single. Check out the new video below, and our recent conversation here.

You need to watch the new video for Austin Sexton's vibe-filled single U -

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17 Apr

Husser’s new video For “Can’t Blame ’Em” is one of the best things you will see this month

Montreal, QC – At the end of last week, Montreal artist (and one third of The Posterz) Husser released a brand new single and Émile Lavoie directed video for “Can’t Blame ‘Em” (produced by JOATOUCH) off Husser’s upcoming debut LP titled Geto Rock For The Youth.

“Can’t Blame ‘Em” is a masterpiece – visually and sonically. Because it’s exactly the kind of song we’ve come to expect from Husser’s solo endeavours. The Posterz are still one of my favourite Canadian rap crews on the come up. And part of that is because each one of the guys – Husser, Kris, and Joey – have their own distinct flavour. Husser is on some experimental tip, and also one of the more technically inclined rappers on the come up. He could just drop freestyles for the rest of his career and everyone’s face would probably melt off.

As Husser explained to the Fader, the song was written when he was on tour in Europe with The Posterz and torn between staying faithful to his girl, and getting it on with the European females. So while the homies went out to smash, Husser stepped into the closet of a hotel room in Paris to pen this one. And the end result is one of the most unfiltered, uncensored, youth riot tracks 2017 has seen.

The video also delivers an important commentary on class, and how the bigger man always wants to get you down and make you feel lesser-than. There’s also a nod to Steve Jobs in there; and Husser paralleling himself to Jobs, and wearing a turtleneck, and throwing down at some mock launch event in a parallel universe. Apparently the hope is that this video will also elevate Husser to sex symbol status. Watch the video below, and keep it locked on the release of Geto Rock For The Youth later this year.

Husser’s video For

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17 Apr

NmG rapper SYPH gets it “Out The Mud” in new Zac Facts-directed video

Mississauga, ON – Nu Money Gang rapper SYPH continues to build on his promotional campaign for his Finally project with the release of a new Zac Facts-directed video for “Out The Mud.” After a series of early releases such as “A Whole Lot” and “The Bag” (featuring Tracy T), the NmG general shows why he’s been getting it from the mud since day one. Daniel Worthy on the beat.

Here’s what SYPH had to say about the new video, which has already surpassed 100K views in less than 2 weeks:

Most don’t know but my father was a big piece of reggae music, music you listen to everyday. He made the popular ‘dutty love’ riddim. He was the lead drummer with Bob Marley. The grafitti shot in the video is my father. He was really involved so it was only right I got a shot in front of the wall.

NmG rapper SYPH gets it Out The Mud in new Zac Facts-directed video -

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