Peter Jackson - Since I Was 16
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DillanPonders – You’re Welcome [Review]

Toronto, ON – On Apr. 1, Toronto’s drug lord extraordinaire DillanPonders released his highly-anticipated You’re Welcome remix project. The project dropped as … Read More »

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Captain California: Problem is heating up the West Coast [Article]

Vancouver, BC – All ears are on L.A. when it comes to laid-back bangers with a voice speaking for the ‘hood. He’s … Read More »

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Peter Jackson releases Since I Was 16; debuts at #53 on iTunes [News]

Toronto, ON – 9-0 Nickel Entertainment’s Peter Jackson has officially released his album, Since I Was 16. The 12-track original release features … Read More »

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The KOTD #Quarantine2 breakdown with Sketch Menace [Interview]

Calgary, AB – In case y’all have been sleeping, Mar. 28 marks the date of the massive #Quarantine2 KOTD event in Calgary … Read More »

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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]


21 Mar

Bias Truth – What We Gon Do Now [Video]

Toronto, ONBias Truth just hit us up to let us know that he dropped his latest visuals for “What We Gon Do Now” off last year’s #AllRise project. This video comes to us as Bias gets ready to launch his highly-anticipated Better BMore BFore. I say it’s highly-anticipated because Bias is one of my favourite Canadian conscious rappers in the game right now and I feel like Better BMore BFore is going to get all up in my head and under my skin.

But back to the video for “What We Gon Do Now.” Bias hits us with a heavy knowledge bomb – the cycle of violence, drug use, and hurt is all-encompassing. Even if you think you’re far removed from it all, you’re not: “The problem is you don’t think the way you think is a problem.”

Bias Truth - What We Gon Do Now [Video] -

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21 Mar

Anjali World – Nobody ft. Tyga / We Turn Up ft. French Montana [Audio]

Los Angeles, CA – Singer-songwriter (and marine conservationist) Anjali World is a young Indian-American artist from the Bay Area making some noise with singles featuring Tyga and French Montana. She also happens to be the daughter of Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive. Ajanli first turned heads back in April 2014 with her debut single “We Turn Up” with production by Super Dave and a guest feature from French Montana. She followed that up towards the end of 2014 with another big record called “Nobody” featuring Last Kings rapper Tyga. Anjali has been busy on the performance circuit and has already opened for the likes of Trey Songz, Raghav, and the New Boyz. She also performed it at the Sacramento Kings halftime show in December to rave reviews. You can check out “Nobody” below and a download is available through iTunes.

Anjali World – Nobody ft. Tyga

Anjali World - Nobody ft. Tyga [Audio] -

21 Mar

Behind the scenes with Pimpton & JD Era [Interview]

Edmonton, AB – In between shows during the western leg of his KCMKV2 Tour, Regina’s rising star Pimpton made a stop in Edmonton for a two-day video shoot for “The Roaches vs. The Chosen.” Shot and directed by Big Shot Music, the video is set to be released on March 25 and features Canadian hip-hop legend Madchild and the Battleaxe Warrior’s newest member JD Era. If you haven’t checked out the teaser, you can peep it here.

I caught up with both Pimpton and JD Era, on set, after the video wrapped up on the second day of shooting (Jan. 19). Madchild had just enough time to get his verses shot before he had to dip, so unfortunately he couldn’t join us. However, while giving daps on his way out, you could see the love he had for this collaboration. The collaboration was one thing, but you could also see an honest brotherhood between the three MCs.

After celebrating [the shoot] with a little champagne and Hennessy; the three of us sat down for some genuine conversation. Check it all after the jump.

Behind the scenes with Pimpton & JD Era [Interview]-

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20 Mar

Keynote speakers Jean Grae & Rakim close out Hip-Hop Week Montreal [News]

Montreal, QC – For the past week, Hip-Hop Week MTL has been celebrating hip-hop culture through a series of great events. It has featured a range of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and performances exploring the culture’s relationship with feminism, race, class and activism.

NYC rappers Jean Grae (formerly known as What? What?) and Rakim are headlining the event in two separate sit-down discussions. Jean will connect with host Annick “MF Gold” tonight in an intimate discussion about hip-hop feminism, femceeing, and creating music while Yassin “The Narcicyst” Alsalman (an acclaimed emcee in his own right) engages the God MC Rakim in an intimate conversation about career as well as the past, present and future of hip-hop. Topics for the Saturday, March 21 event will include: hip-hop and race/class politics in America, making music with Eric B., the Five Percenters and his conversion to Islam, and the performativity of “authenticity” in rap.

Tonight’s discussion with Jean Grae takes place from 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at Concordia University while Rakim will be featured at McGill University on Saturday, March 21 between 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Both discussions will be followed by a special performance by the guest speaker inside Montreal’s Le Belmont (4483 Boul St-Laurent). Doors for Jean Grae’s concert will open at 9:30 p.m. and she will be joined by a special guest and Bambu. Rakim’s concert will get started at 10 p.m. and he will be supported by Gabe ‘Nandez and Nomadic Massive.

Jean Grae & Rakim keynote speakers to close out Hip-Hop Week Montreal [News] -

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20 Mar

Tonight: Feedback Friday at Beat Drop in Calgary [News]

Calgary, AB – Once a month our good friends over at Beat Drop, 10 at 10, and Dirty Needles put on for the YYC producers and beatsmiths at Feedback Friday. The March installation of it all goes down tonight at Beat Drop (1120 – 17 Ave S.W.) from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., with doors opening at 6 p.m. By the way – this is a free event. So you should go.

Here’s the deal: Feedback Friday has created a community and that’s why I love it so much. It’s all good vibes and building together. You can lurk in the back and listen to the beats, you can play your beats, you can offer criticism, you can ask for criticism, and you can network with the producers on one of the few nights where they are out IRL and out of their labs.

Tonight: Feedback Friday at Beat Drop in Calgary [News]-

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20 Mar

The Sky is the limit: Getting to know Tyler Skyy [Prolific Profile]

Vancouver, BCTyler Skyy doesn’t fit into your typical description of a rapper. He moves to the beat of his own drum and has a unique way of story-telling unlike any other local rapper. Despite struggling with serious health issues from a young his attitude remains positive and he makes a solid effort at give back to his community, especially Children’s Hospital where he spend a majority of his youth.

His recent project Intergalactic was just released so we took the opportunity to talk with the young artists about his past, present and future in the rap game. Check out our latest Prolific Profile on Tyler Skyy below.

The Sky is the limit: Tyler Skyy [Prolific Profile]  -

Photo: Christian Nambayan

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20 Mar

Demrick releases new video in support of Battle Axe-released album [News]

Los Angeles, CA – Check out the latest visuals from Demrick in support of his Losing Focus project with Cali Cleve on Battle Axe Records. Demrick, an LA rapper originally from Philly, joined the Battle Axe Records team back in November and completed a 10+ date Canadian tour with Madchild in January. While in Vancouver, he spoke with HipHopCanada’s own Holly Brown Bear to discuss Losing Focus and going out on tour. Click here to check that out.

Madchild also commented on the Serial Killers artist joining the team: “We’re excited to have Demrick join the family and join forces with Battle Axe for the release of his new album. We’ve been following Demrick’s career for quite some time, and he’s putting out quality music that pays respect to the culture of hip-hop.

You can check out the Jakob Owens-directed “My Religion” video after the jump. Losing Focus features guest appearances by Madchild, Futuristic, Xzibit, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Brevi, Logic, King Chip, Kidd Upstairs and Dizzy Wright. You can find the project now on iTunes.

Demrick releases new video in support of Battle Axe Records released album [News] -

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20 Mar

Bo$ Clique – theJAM (Prod. B3auu) [Audio]

Hamilton, ON - The Bo$ Clique crew just hit us up with their latest single release titled “TheJAM.” The song was made two summers ago, and served as inspiration behind the collective’s entire forthcoming CliQO project.

“TheJAM” is a total summer block party kind of joint – it’s got a bit more bounce than a stoop jam, and way less flex than a turn-up track. The Bo$ boys take us over to theJAM, which is basically the best party that ever happened. Check it out below.

Bo$ Clique - theJAM (Prod. B3auu) [Audio] -

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19 Mar

Jay Bee – Peace ft. Gripp [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Toronto-based producer Jay Bee just hit us up with a new single release titled “Peace,” featuring Gripp. This is the second single release off of Jay Bee’s forthcoming Highly Focused project, which is due out on Mar. 30.

So here’s the deal: y’all know John Lennon, right? Jay Bee took Lennon’s song “Give Peace A Chance,” and sampled it into a beat. Then he got Massachusetts-based MC Gripp in to murk it up a bit with some raw realness rap bars: “The world is doom and gloom/ It could ruin you/ And truly we have problems I don’t have solutions to/ Like a Rubik’s Cube.” Check it out below.

Jay Bee - Peace ft. Gripp [Audio] -

19 Mar

Ricky Storm – On My Mind ft. Anton Lovely [Video]

Toronto, ON – REX World artists Ricky Storm and Anton Lovely recently teamed up to hit us with their brand new music video for “On My Mind” off their forthcoming collaborative Free Spirit project.

This track is all about the introspective struggle that happens when your mind is racing in one direction while your body is caught up in something completely different. Yeah, you might be turning up at a condo party in Scarborough. But while you’re pouring up your cup and making moves on the honeys, you’re also analyzing your next big moves in the rap game. You feel me?

There’s some serious detachment going on here with the body and mind: “I can’t sleep/ But I’ve got dreams/ F**k my haters and my enemies/ And all them bitches/ I’m ‘a make ‘em hate the day they doubted me.” Peep the video after the jump.

Ricky Storm - On My Mind ft. Anton Lovely [Video]-

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