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Grieves talks Winter And The Wolves, touring and finding balance in the music business [In…

Vancouver, BC – It’s impressive to listen to Grieves speak. He has so much passion for his music that it makes you remember … Read More »

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Dizaster talks Cassidy, Ether, KOTD, Vancouver rap & more [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – During a recent trip to Vancouver, battle rap’s most talked about emcee Dizaster sat down with HipHopCanada’s West Coast … Read More »

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Sese announces release date for YFRWN3; previews cover art [News]

St. Catharines, ON – Your Halloween won’t be complete without the latest edition of the YFRWN mixtape series. That’s right, this October … Read More »

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The Good, The Bad & The Strange: Artist to Artist with Tech N9ne [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – Originally published September 11, 2014 – Tech N9ne is no stranger to touring. Arguably one of the hardest working … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]


30 Sep

Tommy Spitz – Hungree ft. Sean Price (Prod. Hungree Mon) [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ON – Our Song of the Day is the bonus cut off the dope new Tommy Spitz EP, God’s Got My Back. “Hungree” was produced by Hungree Mon and features Brooklyn’s own Sean Price. Check it out below and click here to cop that new Spitzo EP – for free!

Tommy Spitz - Hungree ft. Sean Price (Prod. Hungree Mon) [Audio] -

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30 Sep

Madchild releases Switched On EP [News] #BAXWAR

Columbus, OH – With a new US tour kicking off tonight in Ohio, Battleaxe Warriors frontman Madchild has officially released his new EP, Switched On.

The project made an impressive debut at the #9 spot of the iTunes Top Albums chart and #2 on the Hip-Hop/Rap Top Albums chart. It’s his eighth solo release since dropping The Madchild EP in 2009. He’s also released 6 albums in that time as a member of Vancouver’s award-winning Swollen Members and has several new releases on the way.

You can purchase Switched on now via iTunes and the official Battleaxe online store (which also has lots of other Madchild and Swollen Members merch).

As for the tour, US residents will have a chance to see Madchild live as part of Insane Clown Posse’s Shockfest Tour.

Madchild releases Switched On EP [News] -

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30 Sep

ApeFace – Manta Rays In Space ft. Hash Mills [Audio]

Calgary, AB - Calgary-based rapper-producer Apeface just hit us with the second single offering off his forthcoming project, The Golden Triangle LP. This track is titled “Manta Rays In Space,” and it features a hot little feature from Brownsville’s own Hash Mills (y’all might remember the two previously collaborated on the Winnfield & Vega EP).

This song is pretty self-explanatory. It will take you on a trip. To outer space. With Apeface. And Hash Mills. And the Manta Rays. I mean, Ape usually runs pretty deep. So I’m sure there’s some underlying societal commentary here that is going way over my head. So for now, I’ll just roll with what I hear.

ApeFace - Manta Rays in Space ft. Hash Mills [Audio] -

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30 Sep

Dystinkt Beats – Seoulful Instrumentals [Review]

Edmonton, AB –  I’ve had the opportunity to review dozens of records, mixtapes and albums during my time with HipHopCanada; but when Dystinkt Beats’ mixtape Seoulful Instrumentals dropped into my inbox last month, I wasn’t sure how I was going to take to the task. This would be my first time reviewing an album, solely focusing on instrumentals. However, Dystinkt Beats lived up to his alias and had me vibin’ to this eccentric mix of beats.

The 10 track concept is a compilation of soul and R & B, mixed with North American hip-hop and South Korean urban music (cue track 1 “Head UP” and track 7 “Change”). Whether you’re an MC (or singer) looking for smooth and consistent beats to get behind you, or just a lover of music looking for that goodness to nod your head too; then Seoulful Instrumentals is your go-to. The rhythm to “Summer Love” (for example) is so laid-back and savory to the ear, that you could be content with vocals or no vocals at all.

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29 Sep

King Reign – Chemical Romance [Video]

Toronto, ONKing Reign just dropped a new video on us for the track “Chemical Romance” off his recent Sincere album. This is one of the rawest and realest visuals I’ve received lately. It takes a very honest look at the relationship between a pimp and his girl. And more importantly, it looks at the “Chemical Romance” (i.e.: the drug dependancy) that keeps the girl coming back for more.

Reign takes on the hook of this joint. And it’s just as haunting as the video itself: “With him/ She never had a chance at love.” And the Motown-influenced sound of it all (shout-out to DJ Agile on the beat) brings it all together for one serious jam which you’ll be bumping on replay. Seriously. I played this joint several times today. And now I am full of emotions. Ugh. The video was directed by Philip Sportel and produced by REIGN Media. Check it after the jump. And prepare yourself – you will feel things. Sad things.

King Reign - Chemical Romance [Video] -

29 Sep

Ab-Soul at Vancouver’s Fortune Sound October 15 [News]

Vancouver, BC – We’re pretty excited to see one of Top Dawg Entertainment’s finest in Vancouver for the first time. Ab-Soul will be taking over Fortune Sound Club on October 15 presented by Timbre Concerts and sponsored by your pals here at HipHopCanada.

On tour to promote These Days, with EarthGang & Bas in the cut, Ab-Soul will likely perform to a sold-out crowd so don’t sleep on copping tickets. Head to the usual spots, DIPT, Beatstreet, Red Cat, Zulu on online here to purchase. Stay tuned for our coverage.

Ab-Soul at Vancouver's Fortune Sound October 15 [News] -

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29 Sep

Northwest Division – Stay Sharp [Mixtape]

Vancouver, BCNorthwest Division sharpen their skills on their latest project and first ever mixtape, hosted by one of Vancouver’s most prolific men on the decks, DJ Flipout. Stay Sharp packs a heavy punch into six tracks while Junk and Hungry come with the fierce rhymes that feel so natural. They spit over some of the game’s hottest beats from Schoolboy’s “There He Go” to Rich Homie’s “Type Of Way”.

You can download the mixtape on Datpiff here or stream it below. Stop slippin’, Stay Sharp.

Northwest Division - Stay Sharp [Mixtape]  -

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29 Sep

Kayden Crooks – The Appetite [Audio]

Vancouver, BC - Vancouver’s Kayden Crooks recently compiled a group of tracks from his past year for a short and sweet 5 track project titled The Appetite. As he prepares to release his upcoming mixtape #HATER this winter with producer DJ Big Smoke this should give listeners a peek into what Crooks is all about – peep The Appetite below.

Kayden Crooks - The Appetite [Audio] -

29 Sep

Nillie – I Got You (Prod. ShatterGlass) [Video]

Calgary, ABNillie is gearing up to drop his forthcoming #SleepyheadzZz mixtape. So to get y’all hyped up on it, he’s hit us with his second single release off the project: “I Got You.”

The joint is the ultimate ode to “Rolling Stone” by The Weeknd. Nillie hops in on a dope ShatterGlass beat that samples “Rolling Stone,” and then the Big N hits us with a not-so-black-and-white version of the original Weeknd visual. The video was directed by The Makan Brothers (who actually recently scored a sweet video screening at the Calgary International Film Festival for their movie Jewel Fools – which I saw, and it was dope). Check the video for “I Got You” after the jump.

Nillie - I Got You (prod. ShatterGlass) [Video] -

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28 Sep

Who is Canada’s hottest rapper?

Who’s the hottest rapper in Canada? We’re always looking to cover new artists so let us know who you think deserves it the most. We wanna know what you think! Respond to the post our through one of our social media channels: Instagram (below) – Facebook & Twitter (after the jump).

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