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The identity of H.E.R. remains a mystery, but the authenticity behind her music is crystal…

Vancouver, BC – It’s a Friday evening in the sunny coastal city, and the energetic lines of youth stretch around UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. … Read More »

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Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja discusses what it feels like to be “Outnumbered̶…

North Bay, ON – Earlier this summer Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja released a brand new nine-track mixtape entitled C.H.I.E.F, which features … Read More »

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Baltimore’s Trey Rx explains the emotional investment on his debut project, Frequenc…

We first got wind of Baltimore-based artist Trey Rx when he released “i-83” a few weeks back … Read More »

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DillanPonders got his first MuchFACT grant & used it to make a video for “Heave…

Toronto, ON – As he gears up to release No Mans Land on Aug. 30, SMMG artist DillanPonders just released a brand … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K


8 Jul

Listen to Shan Vincent de Paul’s “Zen” new break up track instead of texting your ex

Toronto, ON – Following up to his debut Saviors album from last year, sideways collective member and Toronto artist Shan Vincent de Paul recently dropped a brand new loosie titled “Zen” (produced by Amy Axegale).

Last time we caught up with SVDP, he told us how to make a relationship work. This time around, he’s telling us how to make a break up work.

“Zen” is a raw commentary on the all too familiar period of post-break up obsession. Regardless of whether the relationship was healthy or extremely toxic, there’s always that stretch of time where every moment of every day is spent thinking about your ex and dwelling in everything you miss.

Logically, you can rationalize why the relationship wasn’t working. But that doesn’t stop you from scrolling through pictures and fiending for a drink so you can get drunk and drunk-text ex-bae. The commitment to the break-up requires equal (if not more) commitment than the relationship itself.

The track is rooted in downtempo, bounce-y production, and laced with the repetition of one line throughout: “Thinking about your body, babe”. SVDP switches his delivery between melodic rap bars, and soft, emotive vocals as he tries to reach his place of healing and “Zen.”

Shan Vincent de Paul is dropping his debut Saviors album in the spring & he wants to Thank God

7 Jul

Back and Forth with Bane: “Sometimes you even gotta take a step back to go forth in life”

Brampton, ON – A few hours ago, Brampton artist Bane dropped a brand new banger he did in collaboration with Edeez titled “Back and Forth.”

“Back and Forth” is a track about living the day-to-day in the West End. It’s a look into the struggles Bane deals with, and the low points he’s had to reach in order to appreciate the high points.

Bane’s always had an extremely raw delivery (and “Cocaine Art Gallery” is probably still one of the rawest tracks of all time – facts!), but he’s really been honing in on a more anecdotal style of delivery lately.

In addition to rapping about his struggles with the females, Bane opens up about the challenges of going without seeing his daughter, sleeping on his mom’s couch, and plotting his revenge against the people he had to cut off.

The track itself was laced a while ago, but ended up getting shelved. Bane revisited it recently with Edeez, who wound up cooking up an entirely new beat for the song. Listen to “Back and Forth” below, and scope our in-depth interview with Bane after the jump.

Bane talks working with Kyle Wildfern & why he doesn't let people get

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7 Jul

Viral underground Toronto rapper KILLY just dropped a new video single titled “Distance”

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week Toronto artist KILLY released a brand new video single titled “Distance” as the follow up to his previous viral record “Killamonjaro”.

Shot by limitedvision and produced by 100tones, “Distance” keeps to KILLY’s M.O. of emo, ambivalent Internet raps. He delivers to the camera with an emotionless, dead-pan performance: “Shawty do the map do the distance/ Broski got the pack he efficient/ I’m the only worthy opposition/ I don’t think you really know the feeling.”

For someone who literally only has six songs posted up on his SoundCloud (most of which are from more than a year ago) and just around 2,000 followers on Twitter, KILLY has managed to blow up on YouTube. Probably because he embodies that brand of angsty, emotionally-void turn up rap that the people want. He has a knack for churning out bangers, and has locked down the algorithm for making videos that are so authentically KILLY.

But he’s still got that dark, insecure edge that keeps him relatable. So he’ll always throw in a couple of lines to remind us that he still doesn’t think he’s as hard as he is: “Funny how now she wanna meet me/ Only thinking bout her when I’m TT/ Saying that I’m busy/ I’m not busy/ Shorty tryna lip me, forgot she used to diss me.”

Viral underground Toronto rapper KILLY just dropped a new video single titled

7 Jul

Today: DJ Mustard & Eddie Quotez at Bluesfest; 50 Cent, Flight Distance & more tomorrow

Ottawa, ONOttawa Bluesfest is back with what is easily one of their top line-ups to date. The gates officially opened yesterday evening with Taylor Angus and a couple of Ottawa indie acts, but the first hip-hop act is local MC, Eddie Quotez, with his unique style, exciting energy, and eclectic sound he calls Kawaii Rap. Quotez will be performing on the Black Sheep Stage, where hitmaker DJ Mustard will perform for an hour starting at 9:30 p.m.

Local hip-hop holds down the City Stage on Saturday as Made Wade and Flight Distance are both scheduled to perform before G-Unit bossman 50 Cent headlines at 9:30 p.m. You can visit the Ottawa Bluesfest website for the full schedule and we’ll be back soon with another update.

Coverage of Ottawa Bluesfest 2017 will be brought to you by HipHopCanada in partnership with CapCityHipHop.

Ottawa Bluesfest: DJ Mustard & Eddie Quotez today; 50 Cent, Flight Distance & more tomorrow -

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7 Jul

You need to see this new video for “Prolongation” by Montreal vocalist RYAN Playground

Montreal, QC – Earlier this week Montreal artist RYAN Playground released brand new visuals for her track “Prolongation.” The track comes to us as the first track from RYAN’s upcoming debut LP, which is a follow-up to her 2016 released elle EP.

Directed by Didier Charette, this visual is a home video-style trip back through RYAN’s childhood. The video itself doesn’t actually include any home videos or childhood footage. Instead, it journeys with RYAN as she revisits nostalgia through all the little things – like riding her bike, and visiting the playground, and walking through the trees, and watching the airplanes.

It’s a dreamy, ethereal video, but there’s also an uneasiness about it all. RYAN seems to be seeking some sort of closure through her journey that’s been haunting her for a while: “Even if you make it right, I can’t lie, something isn’t right when we say goodbye.” Check out the video for “Prolongation” below, and keep it locked on RYAN’s forthcoming new LP.

You need to see this new video for

7 Jul

HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 40

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify back in 2016 and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every single week.

Each Friday we’ll hit you with a Canadian urban music playlist curated by our Associate Editor In Chief, Sarah Jay. Every week Sarah will be putting together a 38-track weekly selection of new releases, classic favourites, throwbacks, and songs she’s playing heavy on rotation.

This week’s playlist features a ton of brand new music starting with Immerze’s latest single “Go”, featuring Brandon Gregora and produced by Zlender. Volume 40 also features new music from RAJAN, Maurice Moore, Buddah Abusah, Hezi, Sean Leon, Wasiu, Leoh Davis, Aaricia, Ryan Playground, Curtis Waters, Shay Lia, Lincoln, Gov, Meryem Saci, Jay Worthy, So Loki, Rochester, Haley Smalls, Jviden, Paris Louis, Brahny, and more. Oh. And KILLY is finally on Spotify. So of course “Killamonjaro” is on this playlist.

Check out the playlist and tracklist for Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 40 below, and make sure you go follow us on Spotify.

HipHopCanada is now on Spotify: Listen to our debut weekly playlist curated by Sarah Jay -

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6 Jul

Aiona is the Brampton vocalist you need to know and her new EP is just, Phase A

Brampton, ON – The mark of truly good music is in its’ power to move and induce an emotional reaction out of the listener. Brampton vocalist Aiona is a professional when it comes to creating music that hits you in places that were unknowingly emotionally vulnerable. And while female artists seem to come and go within the industry – this new project proves that Aiona isn’t just a phase or a trend. Rather, she’s an artist whose staying power exceeds a timeline.

Whether she’s singing about a forsaken love, or her journey to self love – the themes on the EP strike a provocative and alluring chord. What connects her so deeply with her fans is her ability to face difficult feelings head-on and weave them into beautiful, and sometimes tragic, ballads. Her new EP Phase A is a project that many of us have been waiting for and it thoroughly delivers in showcasing her creative capabilities.

Aiona is the vocalist you need to know, and her new EP is just, Phase A -

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6 Jul

Respect the DJ (MTL Edition) We Love Hip Hop Ep. 21 with DJ Majess, Kwite Sane & DJ Blaster

Montreal, QC – Impromptu episode alert! On this latest episode of We Love Hip Hop we sit down with Montreal’s DJ Majess, DJ Kwite Sane and DJ Blaster. We get into a deep convo about old school DJs and the DJs of the future, as well as the struggles of DJing. We call up We call up WLHH co-host PK Herc (in Toronto) and discuss Hip Hop Tea including; Migos, Drake making a hip-hop album, and more.

You can find the We Love Hip Hop podcast on iTunes and other outlets.

Respect the DJ (MTL Edition) We Love Hip Hop Ep. 21 with DJ Majess, Kwite Sane & DJ Blaster -

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6 Jul

“West End Stories” We Love Hip Hop Ep. 20 with special guest, Theo3

Toronto, ON – Big shout out to Theo3 for bringing some wisdom to our madness! Amazing stories of his come up as an emcee, making the change from being on probation to becoming a prominent community figure helping the youth. Even our Hip Hop Tea got political!

You can find the We Love Hip Hop podcast on iTunes and other outlets.

We Love Hip Hop Ep. 20 with special guest, Theo 3 -

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6 Jul

“Infamous X Legendary X Real Stories!” We Love Hip Hop Ep. 19 with special guest, JB (GCP)

Toronto, ON – This was a super insightful episode of We Love Hip Hop with Toronto hip-hop legend JB of GCP! He breaks down the situation with “The Game” and and the shady moves involving the song, “Fire In Ya Eyez.” He also talks about becoming Flemingdon Park’s main representative, meeting Jay Z, Kid Capri and more. This week’s Hip Hop Tea includes: R.I.P. Prodigy, Bill Cosby’s mistrial, Jay Z’s new album, 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me classic, and more!

You can find the We Love Hip Hop podcast on iTunes and other outlets.

We Love Hip Hop Ep. 19 with Special Guest, JB (GCP) -

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