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Grieves talks Winter And The Wolves, touring and finding balance in the music business [In…

Vancouver, BC – It’s impressive to listen to Grieves speak. He has so much passion for his music that it makes you remember … Read More »

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Dizaster talks Cassidy, Ether, KOTD, Vancouver rap & more [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – During a recent trip to Vancouver, battle rap’s most talked about emcee Dizaster sat down with HipHopCanada’s West Coast … Read More »

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Sese announces release date for YFRWN3; previews cover art [News]

St. Catharines, ON – Your Halloween won’t be complete without the latest edition of the YFRWN mixtape series. That’s right, this October … Read More »

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The Good, The Bad & The Strange: Artist to Artist with Tech N9ne [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – Originally published September 11, 2014 – Tech N9ne is no stranger to touring. Arguably one of the hardest working … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]


27 Aug

T.Y. – Hold Me Down [Audio]

Hamilton, ON – Originally published August 26, 2014 – Hamilton-based MC T.Y. returns this week for the third installation of #TYTuesday. T.Y. is campaigning for his forthcoming project by hitting us with a new remix every single week. Last week T.Y. got in on “You Got Me” by The Roots. The week prior, he remixed Souls of Mischief’s “93 til Infinity“ and threw us a very Pro Era-esq performance. Actually, I ended up hailing him as, “Canada’s answer to Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew.”

Anyways, T.Y. is back this week with a remix of “Provider” by N.E.R.D (side note on that: you may remember the video featuring Pusha T as a drug dealer; tee hee). Check the track below.

T.Y. - Hold Me Down [Audio] -

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27 Aug

Tom MacDonald – House In The Hills (Trailer) [Video]

Los Angeles, CAOriginally published August 26, 2014 – Vancouver boy Tom Mac Donald is getting ready to drop his upcoming video “House In The Hills” but before that he’s decided to drop a little teaser. The trailer for his most recent sees Mr. Mac reflecting back on his wrestling years, watching old clips of himself in the ring.

It’s safe to say the new video will be just as uniquely artistic as his previous, so stay tuned for that dropping September 1. Click the jump to check out the trailer.

Tom MacDonald - House In The Hills (Trailer) [Video]  -

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27 Aug

Moka Only & Sesh – Bright Side [Video]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published August 26, 2014 – Some new visuals from Vancity emcee Sesh with some help for West Coast vet Moka Only. “Bright Side” comes from Sesh’s latest tape, Sesh Mixtape, released on tape cassette and online here. Peep the video after the jump.

Moka Only & Sesh - Bright Side [Video]  -

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25 Aug

Cam’ron Brings The First of the Month Tour to Vancouver (Live) [Photos]

Vancouver, BC – Killa Cam made a stop by Vancouver’s Venue Nightclub this past weekend on his First Of The Month Tour presented by #BlueprintLIVE.

Cam’rom made it rain Killa Season on a sold-out crowd of heavy Dipset fans after locals Icy Touch & Floetic,
Juvi Dizzle, Money Hungry, J. West & im’peretive and Hoodrich warmed the place up. Check out the photo gallery by Jamie Sands below.

Cam'ron Brings The First of the Month Tour to Vancouver (Live) [Photos] -

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25 Aug

J.West – Pelican Fly ft. Stroker Deluca [Audio]

Vancouver, BC – Aaaand here comes the latest #WESTWEDNESDAYS instalment from J.West. The track is produced by Stroker Deluca and features Freeze Wun and #WESTWEDNESDAYS goes humorous this week. Interspersed with an ominous male group chorus and rounded off by a soulful female vocal, the track’s flows are cheeky and “Pelican Fly” is relaxed and fun. Check it out below.

J.West - Pelican Fly [Audio] -

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25 Aug

Outright Cypher – The Film [Review]

Victoria, BC - What began as a humble meeting of eight friends in the parking lot of Victoria High School soon turned into a living and breathing entity that has grown exponentially. Outright Cypher is a film that documents the impact that a weekly meeting of MC’s, beat-boxers and enthusiasts has had on the people who attend.

The cypher itself has been alive for more than six years, bringing the city’s most talented out every Wednesday night. For many, OUTRIGHT has been a home away from home, a place to escape, relax, to practice an artform and to be with like minded individuals.

What separates OUTRIGHT from most cyphers is the dedication by the collective to ensure it’s all inclusiveness. The circle goes around, and everyone gets their shot. No one is turned away. It’s this feeling that has kept people coming back to this dusty lot year after year, week after week. This film is dedicated to those who created it, and to those who keep it alive. ORC for LIFE. Camera and Sound by Alex Miller, Darryl LeCraw and Dyland Newstead.

For more info, email Alex at, or just go to the end of North Park road on Wednesdays at 7pm! Check Outright Cypher the film below.

Outright Cypher - The Film [Video] -

25 Aug

Mizzy – Ghoolah ( KIDS, The Hazing promo) [Video]

Vancouver, BC - To help raise the hype for The Hazing, KIDS have been releasing a video each week leading up to the release. Each video features a beat that will be on the album but with a verse by a group member that isn’t featured on the actual track.

Week three features Mizzy aka Mizznum PI on the hunt for those killing dope music with “Ghoolah”. This week they had the help of Kristoff Duxbury of Blood and Whisky Productions. He directed, filmed and edited this piece. Check it out below.

25 Aug

Hugo Kafumbi – Heart & Soul [EP]

Vancouver, BC – Introducing out the brand new EP from Vancouver emcee Hugo Kafumbi titled Heart & Soul. Shouts out to YK1991, VancityBeats, MjNichols and MadMoney on the production. The project was recorded in Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, California by Trevor Tews. You can check out Heart & Soul below along with his most recent video by the same name.

Hugo Kafumbi - Heart & Soul [EP] -

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25 Aug

Sinister – 4th Quarter (Prod. Young K)‏‎ [Audio]

Toronto, ON - Toronto-based MC Sinister just hit us with his latest single, “4th Quarter,” off his forthcoming LP entitled The BarFather. Just so you know, the concept and cover art for The BarFather are totals spinoffs of The Godfather. Eeeps!

Sinister comes in on a Young K-produced beat and brings a solid dose of old school-influence into the mix. Sinister uses this track to parallel the rap game with basketball. We’re given a soundbite from the sixth game of the ’98 NBA finals (Utah Jazz versus Chicago Bulls). This was Michael Jordan’s final game with the Bulls. And the fourth quarter was too much to handle. With only seconds remaining in the game, Jordan scored a layup that just put the Bulls in the lead by one point. The Bulls won. Ish was crazy. Anyways, the fourth quarter is the most intensive and deciding part of the basketball game. The fourth quarter is survival of the fittest.

The fourth quarter decides on one winner and one loser (you know – unless OT happens). If we’re putting this into the context of the rap game, Sinister is putting himself into that final round. He’s been on hiatus for a few years, but he definitely wasn’t sleeping. He’s got a new project cooking up. He’s got this new-wave old school flow. And he’s getting into the game. Check the new audio after the jump.

Sinister - 4th Quarter (Prod. Young K)‏‎ [Audio] -

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25 Aug

P. Reign – DnF ft. Drake & Future [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ON – Brand new music from P. Reign. This is “DnF” featuring Drake and Future. “DnF” is our Song of the Day. Make sure to pick up the Dear America EP on on Sept. 2.

P. Reign - DnF ft. Drake & Future [Audio] -

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