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2017 BET Hip Hop Awards winners; Eminem calls out Trump in Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Miami Beach, FL – To much anticipation, the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards aired tonight with host DJ Khaled leading the way… … Read More »

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Bass N’ Tings II returns Oct. 19 with ShaqIsDope, Staasia Daniels, EverythingOShauN …

Toronto, ON – HipHopCanada is thrilled to be on board for another round of the Bass N’ Tings Festival. Bass N’ Tings … Read More »

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Review: The Weeknd leaves his mark (with an XO) At Rogers Place in Edmonton

Edmonton, AB – The Weeknd made a stop in Edmonton Monday evening (Oct. 2) for the second leg of the Starboy: Legend … Read More »

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Ashton talks about his debut EP, Good Company & strengthening his pen

Mississauga, ON – If you love Canadian artists as much as we do, you know that this summer spurred the release of amazing … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Til’ The Wheels Fall Off: Halifax’s Rude Dowg enlists Knotez, Miracle & R

Til’ The Wheels Fall Off: Halifax’s Rude Dowg enlists Knotez, Miracle & R


7 Aug

Yours Truly affiliate TG (Top Gunna) rolls out the visuals for “ISSUES” TGMIX

Ajax, ON – Coming to us from Ajax, Ontario, Yours Truly Affiliate TG (Top Gunna) delivers his second visual interpretation for “ISSUES” TGMIX.  This release follows his introduction on “Tuesday” and takes viewers deeper into his life and home base in Central Canada.

The RODZILLA-directed video features stacks of cash, dope, and a menacing pitbull that is the newest addition to his family. You’ll also get a glimpse of the rapper’s crew as they hangout at various spots against a variety of high end vehicles. The delivery is clean, and the song stacks up as a hitter itself as TG easily manipulates his flow. Stream “ISSUES” below.

Your Truly affiliate TG (Top Gunna) rolls out the visuals for ISSUES TGMIX -

7 Aug

ELJAY is ready to take over the summer with his new anthem “Today”

Toronto, ON – After releasing his debut EP, Friday Nights & Sunday Mornings about six months ago, ELJAY is back with a new summer release “Today”.

I first discovered ELJAY back in January and have been addicted to his energy and charisma ever since. His music is lighthearted and fun, but hits just as hard as anyone else you would find on your summer house party playlist. His versatility is apparent in songs like “Smile” which was the outro track on his previously released E.P, but ELJAY has defined his sound with uptempo, high energy records like “Today”.

ELJAY’s new release, “Today” was produced by his roommate Bodi who has been his go to guy for production as of late. While talking to ELJAY about the single, I learned that Bodi, who has recently gotten more serious into production has impressively been using nothing but stock sounds to make his beats. ELJAY ended up freestyling a hook on the beat which ended up being the hook to the new single and that is how the song was born.

If you were lucky enough to catch ELJAY at UNCRWND this past weekend, it is clear that there are no signs of stopping for this rising artist. He has been able to generate an impressive following over the last few months in part due to his positive energy and strong work ethic.

ELJAY is ready to take over the summer with his new anthem “Today” -

7 Aug

Listen to these two new tracks by Jordan Solomon: “Little Love” & “Message”

Toronto, ON – Over the weekend 19-year-old Toronto artist Jordan Solomon released two brand new tracks on us, a summer love song titled “Little Love” and a freestyle titled “Message”.

“Little Love” was produced by Rago Art and is on the exact same wave as Jordan’s “Piña Colada” single from back in June. It’s a dancehall-rooted summer island track for the females, with just enough bounce to keep your body moving. It’s a recognition that no matter who you are or what you’re about, we all just need a “Little Love.”

“Message” completely switches the pace up as Jordan intros into his freestyle: “I ain’t even really rapped like this in a minute. I’m about to snap!” He then fires off a round of shots at all his haters and all the people sending him messages that he’s not planning on responding to. The song is on much more of a braggadocios tip as Jordan spends two minutes flexing about how sweet his life is right now, and how people keep blowing him up with messages he’s pretending he didn’t receive.

Listen to these two new tracks by Jordan Solomon:
Photo by Archie Sandall

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7 Aug

Nahom proves you’re never really that broke on this track produced by Tay Lewis, S.L.M.N. & Golden Boy

Toronto, ON – Yesterday Toronto artist Nahom unleashed a brand new single on us titled “Broke?”.

Featuring one of the most insane lists of production credits of all time, the track was co-produced by Tay Lewis, S.L.M.N., and Golden Boy. So obviously the track is a straight banger.

Nahom dives deep in on this one as he reminisces back to the days where he was broke. But in hindsight, Nahom realizes that he wasn’t as broke as he thought he was. Because even though he may not have had a lot of money in the bank, he had hope and he had his heart in the music.

Wealth is often misunderstood as a simple accumulation of money. And people always forget that wealth is something you need to have in all areas of your life. It’s much more of an emotional thing, as opposed to a financial thing. Which is why I love how this song’s title is “Broke?” – with a question mark. Because everything you know is (probably) a lie, and even if your wallet is empty you may actually have much more going for you than the guy with the paper.

Nahom proves you're not broke as you think on this new track produced by Tay Lewis, S.L.M.N. & Golden Boy -

6 Aug

Vancouver’s MANILA GREY pulls through with another banger on “Free Spirit”

Vancouver, BC – Produced by azel north, MANILA GREY‘s new single “Free Spirit” features a commanding vocal sample, and a club ready bassline. The Canadian-Asian Duo from Canada (Richmond, BC) trade bars about their Vancouver night life experiences. The song powers through 3 minutes at a blistering pace, and continues to keep listeners engaged with a crazy beat change around the 1:20 minute mark.

Stream the new single below, and get acquainted with one of Vancouver’s most promising acts.

Vancouver's MANILA GREY pulls through with another banger on Free Spirit -

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6 Aug

What Time Is It?! I don’t care! Because Lou Phelps & Innanet James dropped a new video

Montreal, QC – This weekend Lou Phelps teamed up with Innanet James to release this Christian Boakye-Agyeman directed video for “What Time Is It?!” off of Lou’s debut solo project 001: Experiments.

“What Time Is It?!” was produced by Kaytranada and is Lou’s own personal favourite track off 001: Experiments. It seems to have become the fan favourite track, as well. Because it’s too relatable. It’s the 2017 party anthem for all the socially reclusive poseur partiers.

The track is a hilarious, self-deprecating anecdotal rap about Lou sneaking out of his mama’s house to go to a party. And it’s exactly the kind of party you’d expect to find Lou at – the kind with lots of good, clean fun. Maryland rapper Innanet James makes an appearance on the song’s second verse, whipping up breakfast while recounting the story of his own late night adventures. Check it out below.

What Time Is It?! I don't care because Lou Phelps & Innanet James dropped a new video -

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6 Aug

Enter into the distorted sonic world of Vancouver-based artist angst with “No More” Part 1 & 2

Vancouver, BC – Fresh off an opening slot for Lil Pump last week at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, Vancouver-based artist angst dropped 2 new tracks to ride the momentum of the successful show. “No More” Part 1 and 2 are distorted and somewhat hazy with angst’s distant vocals echoing in the distance. Part 1 offers production from 333 and Gin$eng and Part 1 is produced by angst, himself, and gosuto.

These tracks are of another genre – maybe even another world and angst rejects most of our typical ideas of hip hop or R&B because he’s cultivated his own sound that doesn’t quite assume the positions of either. Check out the songs below and get acquainted with the artist.

Enter into the distorted sonic world of Vancouver artist angst with No More Part 1 & 2

5 Aug

No DAPL: Toronto’s Surrealist supports Dakota Access Pipeline protests with new video

Toronto, ON – Since early 2016, the Dakota Access Pipeline has been protested by a grassroots movement now associated with the hashtag #NoDAPL. The underground oil pipeline is 1,172-miles-long (1,886 km) and begins in North Dakota and continues on through South Dakota, Iowa and close to Illinois. The protests started to occur after Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of the Dallas, Texas corporation Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. made the decision to re-route the pipeline due to the original location being rejected because of its proximity to municipal water sources; residential areas; and road, wetland, and waterway crossings. In response to the decision, the company announced an alternative route but then turned around and placed it half a mile from the heavily populated Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

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5 Aug

Joël Lobban dropped a new track called “Room 47” & you need to hear it

Ajax, ON – Yesterday Ajax artist Joël Lobban released a brand new Alo produced single titled “Room 47”.

“Room 47” is a bouncy after-hours track about the anticipation of knowing what’s about to go down behind closed doors. Joël uses the track to extend an invitation to his female interest to join him at the telly in Room 47: “Go to Room 47/ Baby I’ll show you how to love/ After you won’t want to go anywhere.”

It’s not so much an invitation as it is a demand. There’s minimal coercion involved because Joël knows that his girl is starving for love. And he’s fully ready to show her how it’s done.

You need to listen to Joël Lobban's latest release

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5 Aug

Jay Portal just released the video for his DBLCRSS produced “Rockstar” anthem

Hamilton, ON – Earlier this week Jay Portal finally released the accompanying video for his DBLCRSS produced “Rockstar” anthem.

“Rockstar” came out back in June as a summer banger for all the youth in revolt who’ve got big dreams of coming out on top. Jay’s uncle used to be a singer in a Led Zeppelin cover band so Jay came up witnessing a glamourized look at the “rockstar” lifestyle. He’s wanted to be a part of it ever since, and to be able to live with zero f**ks given.

The video itself was shot by Kochanka Visuals, and features a grungy low-key aesthetic. Jay’s not gassed up on himself so he knows he’s not even close to rockstar status. There are no telly parties or bottles popping in this video; mostly just shots of Jay squatting on the concrete, smashing guitars, and rapping in alleyways. Which is rockstar AF. Because “rockstar” status is actually just a mindset. That’s what separates the rockstars from the guys in rock bands.

Premiere: Hamilton artists DBLCRSS & Jay Portal discuss their new grunge-trap

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