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The identity of H.E.R. remains a mystery, but the authenticity behind her music is crystal…

Vancouver, BC – It’s a Friday evening in the sunny coastal city, and the energetic lines of youth stretch around UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. … Read More »

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Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja discusses what it feels like to be “Outnumbered̶…

North Bay, ON – Earlier this summer Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja released a brand new nine-track mixtape entitled C.H.I.E.F, which features … Read More »

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Baltimore’s Trey Rx explains the emotional investment on his debut project, Frequenc…

We first got wind of Baltimore-based artist Trey Rx when he released “i-83” a few weeks back … Read More »

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DillanPonders got his first MuchFACT grant & used it to make a video for “Heave…

Toronto, ON – As he gears up to release No Mans Land on Aug. 30, SMMG artist DillanPonders just released a brand … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K


5 Jul

Edmonton’s Doom Squad & Fortunato visit the Letterkenny Farm for monthly cypher series

Sudbury, ON – Edmonton hip-hop group Doom Squad drops their monthly cypher series with veteran Toronto MC Fortunato at the Letterkenny Farm in Northern Ontario. The 4 artists have been on the road together for the past month, travelling across Canada as part of the LSD Tour. The cypher was produced by Sonik who also directed the video.

Edmonton's Doom Squad & Fortunato visit the Letterkenny Farm for monthly cypher series -

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5 Jul

All To You: Sammy Keys’ new single is the late night summer song you need to hear

Ottawa, ON – 2017 has been a pretty quiet year for Ottawa artist and friENDly collective member Sammy Keys. Aside from the release of “Let’s Talk”, Sammy hasn’t really delivered anything new.

Thankfully, he just dropped a brand new loosie titled “All To You.”

Produced by Abel Beats and engineered by Laguil, “All To You” is a downtempo, late night summer song for anyone out there catching feels. It’s a song for when you meet someone and want to give them the world at any and all costs. And you don’t need anything in return except love. It perfectly bodies those giddy teenage crush vibes, with a lower key drum line and softer melodic instrumentals. Check it out below.

Ottawa artist Sammy Keys breaks down his new track

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4 Jul

YG tells us what he would do if he were president & how Pac would influence our generation

Montreal, QC – One thing that YG’s fans love about him the most is his candid honesty, and his newest interview with Montreality delivers. The 4hunnid emcee shares all, as he plots out what he would do if he were president of the US – explaining, “If I was President, I’d give all the families across the United States $100,000 to see what they would do with it. If I was President, everybody would go to college for free. If I was President all the food in the grocery stores would be organic. All these police that’s killing innocent black people, they’d be doing life in prison … f** that, slaughter they ass, chop they neck off!

In the 7-minute interview, he also reflects on how the industry and rap game would be if Pac was still around. His conversation comes at a time when we’ve all been reflecting on the importance of Tupac as a leader, visionary, and influencer – and YG says, “If Pac was around he’d be pressing the line about all this bullsh*t that’s going on. Some of this rap sh*t that’s going on, prolly wouldn’t be going on. He’d be vocal about it.

Check out the interview below, where he also speaks about the frayed political system and fatherhood with his baby girl.

YG tells us what he would do if he were president, and how Pac would influence our generation -

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4 Jul

What’s Your Problem? Listen to Shay Lia’s new Kaytranada produced single

Montreal, QC – At the end of last month, Montreal vocalist Shay Lia linked up with Kaytranada for a brand new single titled “What’s Your Problem?”.

Shay is a French-Djiboutian vocalist who first caught my attention after appearing on “Leave Me Alone” off Kaytranada’s 99.9% album. Shay is a 2017 new wave soul artist, with a soft, breathy delivery and an incredible vocal ability.

Backed by Kaytranada on the beat, “What’s Your Problem?” is a pop-driven booty bounce track about the hot-and-cold push-and-pull of relationships. The song’s pre-chorus alludes to the promise of fixing a broken relationship: “Boy, if I’ve been all in your mind/ And you’ve been all in my mind/ That means that we got time/ So you know that it will last a while/ If we can work it out/ Or else our love goes down south.”

But then Shay completely flips the script in the chorus, claiming she wants nothing to do with her partner anymore: “You wanted some with me/ I want nothing to do with you.” It’s all too relatable though. We never like to own up to our part in the problems at-hand. So it’s much easier to blame the other person. “What’s your problem?”

What's Your Problem? Listen to Shay Lia's new Kaytranada produced single -

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4 Jul

You need to listen to Sean Leon’s new Life Goes On Without You playlist

Toronto, ON – At the end of June, Toronto artist Sean Leon released a surprise four-track playlist titled Life Goes On Without You.

The playlist features two previously released singles – “Charge It To The Wav.” and “Steve Harvey/Family Feud” – along with two brand new singles – “Tony Flamingo” and “Sidelines.”

“Tony Flamingo” is a bouncy, braggadocios summer jam produced by Jandre Amos. It’s a track all about being “top tier” and it’s rooted in this very unexpected guitar melody. “Sidelines” – on the other hand – is an anthem for all the side girls out there getting played, and all the guys who are playing girls on the side: “Groupies in the West End/ F**k ’em and they best friends/ Why my main bitch play detective?/ But I’m stealth/ She can’t detect it!”

He also shouts out Justin Trudeau on the intro of that one, and has a line about Donald Trump trying to steal his trap. And the best part is that the track was produced by Edeez and Eestbound, because I’ve been waiting on some co-production from those two for a minute. Mostly because I confuse the two of them because their styles are so similar. I hear Edeez on the beat and I think it’s Eestbound. And then I hear Eestbound on the beat and think it’s Edeez.

You need to hear this new just-released Sean Leon track titled

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3 Jul

JMØN may be only 19 years old, but he’s already making his mark on the West Coast scene

Vancouver, BC – As a new generation of artists makes their come-up, the birth of new sound is logically warranted and inevitable. But like all things in life, change is not always embraced with the same enthusiasm is sometimes deserves (and in rap it’s often highly dissected – even sometimes resisted). Artists like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert have changed the current constraints that are placed around the genre. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying the changes that are happening in sound trends (although some fans and critics try to).

West Coast artist JMØN comes from a new generation of artist (and rap fans) who are redefining the genre on the West Coast. These kids are creating their own hype music, marketing themselves in creative ways, and throwing their own parties with their own soundtracks. If anything – we currently live in a time where you don’t have to have any label backing you in order to make a dent on the industry. And actually, independent artists are becoming more common, successful – and doing it younger. 

With the West Coast scene being highly underrated and still not fully appreciated, speaking to the 19 year old rapper seemed to be the perfect opportunity to better understand what’s going on. Coming with undeniably hard-hitting tracks like “You Can’t Hang” and “Gwala” – he’s and artist that you won’t want to overlook. Catch our conversation, and some of his new music after the drop.

JMØN may be only 19 years old, but he's already making his mark on the West Coast scene -

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3 Jul

Jviden just dropped his new single “Juice” and you need to hear it

Brampton, ON – Produced by sol.theory and dF, Brampton artist Jviden makes his long-awaited return with “Juice” and it delivers in every aspect. With dF becoming one of Canada’s producers to watch this last year, his co-production initially warrants deserving attention as well. And it’s no surprise this single hits hard with a strong reverberation. But Jviden’s time away from releasing music set the foundation for the strongest return, and his confident tone and bars on this track are impressive. This is the perfect example of a successful bounce-back in the face of doubt.

Few will find grounds to underestimate him any longer after listening to this new single. Jviden raps, “I’m on my way, I told ya’ll to wait/Know I been gone for some years, but I’m back and I’m catching you n***gs in tears/ All my old bitches want me back, all these new bitches telling me they got my back/ But I’m watching every step, ain’t no stumblin’ n’ that/ Better watch what you say, ain’t no mumbling n’ that.

Stream the new single below. We’re sure you’ll vibe with “Juice” too.

Jviden just dropped his new single Juice produced by dF, and you need to hear it -

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3 Jul

Here’s what happened during Flying Lotus’ headlining set at Sled Island 2017

Calgary, AB – From Jun. 21 – 25, the annual Sled Island music festival took over Calgary for a week of live shows and music throughout the city centre.

For this year’s festival, Flying Lotus was chosen as both the festival headliner, as well as the festival guest curator. As the guest curator, FlyLo was given the opportunity to choose a handful of performers on the festival bill including IGLOOGHOST, DJ Quik, Busdriver and Tierra Whack.

And on the evening of Jun. 24, FlyLo hit the stage at Palace Theatre to perform his own headlining grand finale festival set.

Here's what happened during Flying Lotus' headlining set at Sled Island 2017 -
Photo by Sarah Jay

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1 Jul

Video of the Day: Deuce Deuce & Aktual “Leave It All Behind” with Apostolos-directed video

Toronto, ONDeuce Deuce (of Concrete Mob) recently dropped new visuals in support of his God’s Plan album. “Leave It All Behind” features ATL-based Aktual and was directed by Apostolos Films. The Boss DeVito-produced record is available on iTunes along with the rest of the God’s Plan project.

Deuce provided some insight on the song through email: “It means a lot to me. Moving forward. Sometimes you’ve gotta leave things behind and move forward. People you may have grown up with etc.” Check it out below.

Video of the Day: Deuce Deuce & Aktual Leave It All Behind with Apostolos-directed video -

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1 Jul

AYR: A-Game teams up with Rich Homie Quan for “All Year Round”

Toronto, ON – The A-Game twins are back with a dope new record featuring Rich Homie Quan. This is “All Year Round (AYR).”

AYR: A-Game teams up with Rich Homie Quan for All Year Round -

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