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Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja discusses what it feels like to be “Outnumbered̶…

North Bay, ON – Earlier this summer Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja released a brand new nine-track mixtape entitled C.H.I.E.F, which features … Read More »

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Baltimore’s Trey Rx explains the emotional investment on his debut project, Frequenc…

We first got wind of Baltimore-based artist Trey Rx when he released “i-83” a few weeks back … Read More »

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DillanPonders got his first MuchFACT grant & used it to make a video for “Heave…

Toronto, ON – As he gears up to release No Mans Land on Aug. 30, SMMG artist DillanPonders just released a brand … Read More »

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I’m Just Sayin’: Jae Ari discusses his relations with women & making one …

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week Toronto artist Jae Ari released a new Hpnotic718-produced track titled “IJS” (or “I’m Just Sayin’”).
Although we’ve … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K


15 Jun

Van Hill asked the bank teller to give him all hundreds & made a song about “Robert Borden”

Brampton, ON – Earlier this week Brampton artist Van Hill released a new track titled “Robert Borden” as a nod to the eighth Prime Minister of Canada, and the current face of the Canadian $100 bill.

Produced by Edeez, “Robert Borden” is a hard-hitting banger about getting money, and it’s a much different look from any other Canadian rap song about getting money you’ve heard. You know how American rappers have their Benjamins? We don’t have any bank note nicknames like that up North… I don’t know why. But it’s not something guys have thought to do… until now.

“Robert Borden” is a track about getting what’s yours and wanting everyone to know how you’ve been earning; it’s about going to the bank and asking the teller to give you all hundreds because you can.

This track comes to us as Van gears up for the release of his forthcoming Amsterdam Motor Show mixtape, which will be the follow-up to the recently released Sad Day At Wonderland. Stay tuned on that, and listen to “Robert Borden” below.

Van Hill asked the bank teller to give him all hundreds & made a song about

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15 Jun

Migos made it into Canada and Vancouver came out in numbers for Future’s Nobody Safe Tour

Vancouver, BC – For most of us on the West Coast, the announcement of Future‘s Nobody Safe Tour brought with it the excitement (and for some skepticism) of the final arrival of Migos. Accompanied by Tory Lanez and A$AP Ferg for all Canadian dates, the tour promised to be a stacked evening this past Friday, June 9th featuring some of our favourite voices in rap and hip hop. “Bad and Bougie” may have been the biggest song of 2016, and the Migos’ Culture LP may have respectively been the most influential project aside from DAMN. and More Life. And for those fans who were able to attend Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour, many of us were aware that Future was sure to put on an interactive show in the larger Rogers Arena Setting. Friday evening was primed to be a show to be remembered, and it thoroughly delivered by checking off a few notable artists from our must-see bucket-lists.

Migos made it into Canada and Vancouver came out in numbers for Future's Nobody Safe Tour -HipHopCanada

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14 Jun

NINETYFOUR keeps our attention focused on Yours Truly with sultry visuals for “Watch Me”

Vancouver, BC – The Joe McLaren-produced track premiered a few weeks ago, but the accompanying visuals for NINETYFOUR‘s newest single “Watch Me” are applaudable. The Yours Truly collective has relished no inclination of slowing down in recent months, and NINETYFOUR comes correct with cinematics visuals directed and created by Limited Vision. The West Coast community is growing stronger in its’ expression and confidence – and Yours Truly is showing the rest of Canada that there are credible artists making great music on this side.

Watch the artist serenade a female love interest against the pink-hued backdrop. Ninetyfour emerges amidst various settings and surrounded by his crew, as he dominates in both suit and streetwear. Following his debut album, It’s Yours, NINETYFOUR hints that he’s got bigger things in the works with an equally as large sound on “Watch Me.”

NINETYFOUR keeps our attention focused on Yours Truly with sultry visuals for Watch Me -

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14 Jun

Trees & Clouds: Checkmate & Concise hit the annual 420 Festival in Vancouver for “Get High”

Vancouver, BC – Filmed on location at Vancouver’s infamous 420 Festival 2017 at Sunset Beach, we bring you “Get High,” the latest music video release from celebrated veteran rappers, Checkmate and Concise.

Who better than a couple of Vancity OGs (and well known cannabis aficionados) to guide you through the annual spectacle celebrating all things cannabis.

Brought to you by and self-produced by Concise, “Get High” was shot and edited by Starving Marvel.

Trees & Clouds: Checkmate & Concise hit the annual 420 Festival in Vancouver for Get High -

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14 Jun

Triggered: Jimmy Yitty breaks down his new DillanPonders diss track

Toronto, ON – Toronto artist Jimmy Yitty (formerly Jimmy From East York) kicked off this week by dropping a diss track aimed at DillanPonders titled “Triggered.”

Produced by Josh Grant, “Triggered” comes to us following Jimmy’s recently released Before The Wolves EP, which dropped earlier this year. Jimmy has always had a very dark edge to his sound. But that EP was mostly sad boy vibes. This track is straight, fiery anger.

Jimmy kind of reached a breaking point earlier this year when a situation arose with his ex-girl, and a supposed “friend” of his. Jimmy decided to stop feeling sorry for himself, and decided to channel all his feels into his music.

As much as this track is a trigger shot at Ponders, it’s also a platform for Jimmy to work through his own sadness, grievances, and anger. Listen to “Triggered” below, and check our interview with Jimmy after the jump.

Premiere: Celebrate Jimmy Yitty's born day with this new Johnny Darko featured

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14 Jun

Premiere: Toronto up-and-comer Grainz North previews EP debut with “Entrepreneur” single

Toronto, ON – This one is going to get people talking. We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to a hot new artist and premiere his 416 Smallz-produced single, “Entrepreneur.”

21-year-old Grainz North is said to be affiliated with P. Reign’s Reps Up movement, who happen to hail from the same Galloway neighbourhood in East Scarborough. The track is basically a modern approach to “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” telling the tale of someone who finds out that more success usually comes with more haters… and how he deals with it. Grainz North is expected to release his debut EP, The Way Out, this summer.

We spoke with Grainz briefly about the new release:

First and foremost, much love to HipHopCanada and all the other websites that have supported my new single ‘Entrepreneur’ produced by my dawg, 416 Smallz. This song is very personal to me because it ultimately represents my life ambitions because I am someone who wants to be able to fulfill multiple goals not just music wise but business wise as well. Coming up in the streets of Northside, Galloway was rough and I just want to inspire the youth and my dawgs into understanding with hard smart work and god anything is possible. Expect for me to drop my debut mixtape The Way Out this summer and to keep the heat coming, I’m not trying to ride anyone else wave I just want to put on for my city and create opportunities through my label, The Way Out Entertainment. Dun kno, HipHopCanada!

Premiere: Reps up affiliate Grainz North previews EP debut with Entrepreneur single -

14 Jun

Strombo & Lee “Scratch” Perry talk Drake, Kanye, Bob Marley & more in rare interview

Toronto, ONThe Strombo Show welcomed Lee “Scratch” Perry for a very rare, exclusive conversation that deeply reflects on his life, songs and legacy from Bob Marley to Kanye West to Beastie Boys and beyond. It is an intimate, in-depth conversation fueled by heart, marijuana, wine and his deep connection with music.

You can also check out Mr. Perry’s s exclusively curated playlist of his favourite songs via Apple Music and some behind the scenes photos courtesy of Vannesa Heins.

Strombo & Lee Scratch Perry talk Drake, Kanye, Bob Marley & more in rare interview -

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13 Jun

Has It Been That Long? Nahom kicks off the week with this new single release

Toronto, ON – Up-and-coming Toronto artist Nahom kicked off this week by hitting us with a brand new single titled “Has It Been That Long?” (produced by Dean Vision). This track comes to us as Nahom gears up to release his 15-track debut project Every Moon later this summer.

“Has It Been That Long?” is a downtempo, PBR&B ballad about that one person who’s always in your heart and always on your mind. When you’re with them, you’re trying to hold the relationship together. When you’re without them, you’re trying to hold yourself together.

The track is backed by a melody-driven instrumental with a very subtle drum line. There’s a very minimalistic approach to the production. It’s completely stripped down, and gets even more sparse as the track progresses. Which makes sense. Because Nahom is straight baring his heart and soul on here. By the time the track reaches its end, it’s just Nahom singing over top of that one instrumental melody as the song fades out.

If you didn’t think you missed your ex, you probably will after hearing this song. Check it out below.

Dutch Revz & Stevie Davis

12 Jun

JMØN introduces a new wave of young rappers from “The Couvv” with “You Can’t Hang”

Vancouver, BC – 18 year old rapper/singer/songwriter/producer JMØN may be young, but his flow is advanced and musical intuition uncanny. Based in Vancouver, the rapper is repping a new movement of young artists who are revamping the West Coast scene with heavy trap beats and a new-age rap dynamic. His sound is current and youthful, but his energy is raw – meaning it’s sure to attract fans of all ages. His newest single “You Can’t Hang” features Vancouver artists KR and 2Hunnit with production from Penacho.

This uprising of new energy is inspiring the West Coast to take on a greater leadership role in the Canadian music scene, and JMØN hopes his weirdness and unique persona will set him apart from the sounds we’ve typically heard from the area. The West has taken on the identity as “The Couvv” from these young artists, and we’re excited to hear where they take things next. Catch the single below, and keep an eye out for his EP WØW this summer 2017.

JMØN introduces a new wave of young rappers from the Couvv with You Can't Hang -

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12 Jun

The Underachievers got candid about religion, and their thoughts on an Utopian society

Flatbush, NY – Courtesy of a new interview from our Canadian colleagues Montreality – The Underachievers were open and telling as they spoke on Socialism, an Utopian society, and Kendrick Lamar being the most talented artist in hip hop. The Flatbush, New York-originated artists got real with fans about their perspectives on religion, meditation, and our collective greater purpose.

Reflecting on some of the most iconic minds in rap, AKTHESAVIOR and Issa Gold paused to reflect, explaining, “ScHoolboy Q told me stay true to yourself, you can still make it big because the game will adjust to you.” Check out the new video after the drop. The Underachievers toured Canada not too long ago, but we’re hoping that this interview will encourage them to come back our way in the near future.

The Underachievers get candid about religion, and their thoughts on a Utopian society -HipHopCanada

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