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HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 42

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify back in 2016 and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every … Read More »

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Justin Trudeau dropped a summer Spotify playlist featuring Quake Matthews, K-OS, & mo…

Toronto, ON – Earlier this weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released his own personal 39-track Spotify playlist for summer 2017. And one … Read More »

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Producer-activist David Strickland discusses the importance of the Native voice within hip…

Toronto, ON – On July 1, Native American producer and activist David Strickland released two brand new singles – “Rez Life” and … Read More »

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Summer Vibes to showcase 10 up-and-coming Canadian artists July 29 & Aug. 12

Courtice, ON – Artists are a dime a dozen but the great ones know how to standout from the masses. One thing … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews’ Celebrate The Struggle album debuts in Top 5 of iTunes hip-hop chart

Quake Matthews’ Celebrate The Struggle album debuts in Top 5 of iTunes hip-hop chart


20 Jul

Check out “Back Up” the latest addition from Waycool’s Kyle Wildfern

Brampton, ON – We’re a little late on this drop, but WayCool member Kyle Wildfern‘s latest release shouldn’t go uncovered. “Back Up” is an upbeat, and bouncy track that spins Kyle’s vocal with an impressive swing. Kyle was recently named in Noisey’s The Essential Guide to Toronto Rap – and he hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, the Waycool team consistently picks things up with greater production and stronger flow each time around.

Check out the Romby-produced track “Back Up” below – and don’t miss getting familiar with Kyle.

Check out Back Up the latest addition from Waycool's Kyle Wildfern -

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20 Jul

Stay on your “Two Twos” & listen to K. Forest’s new single

Brampton, ON – Earlier this week Brampton artist K. Forest released a brand new dF produced single titled “Two Twos”.

This track comes to us as part of the roll out for K. Forest’s upcoming new Pray for A Beautiful Sky album. He’s spent most of this year on hiatus until a few months ago when he dropped “Low Low” and “On Deck”, and then followed that up with his summer 2017 anthem “Reverse” back in June.

Despite only a handful of releases this year, it seems K. Forest has settled into a close working relationship with dF, who’s produced all of the 2017 Forest fire we’ve heard. The two have an undeniable chemistry that often sees Forest lending a hand on his tracks’ co-production.

This particular track is rooted in an atmospheric instrumental anchored by a snapping drum line and Forest’s signature soulful vocals. There’s just enough bounce on this joint to keep you shaking your head, and just enough emotion on the delivery to get you all hot and bothered. Take a listen to “Two Twos” below.

New music: K. Forest brings us to another Level -

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20 Jul

Derek Wise buries the snakes and haters in this new video for “Jamal”

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week XO affiliate Derek Wise returned from his brief hiatus for the release of this new RJ Sanchez directed video for “Jamal”. “Jamal” was produced by Yungshrimp Tempura and Stretch and appears as the opening track on the January released Inglorious album.

One of the hardest songs off Inglorious, “Jamal” set the tone of the album from jump. Derek Wise is the voice of Canada’s dark, hidden underbelly. He’s a lyrical slumlord and reigning king of the trap. And within two lines of his album, he manages to establish that A) he’s probably had sexual relations with your girl and B) drugs!!!!: “I wash the drugs with the strainer/ I f**ked your bitch so don’t blame her/ No I don’t sell to no strangers/ Shoot up the club for my paper/ I got her off of the gram/ F**ked me then blessed all my mans/ Now she dose off of the xans.”

The “Jamal” visual is a cinematic journey about burying, and laying to rest the negativity, haters, and snakes in Derek’s life. The video starts in the thick of the forest as it switches between face-on shots of Derek rapping for the camera, and shots of Derek hacking away at the trees with a hatchet. Then we’re taken away from the forest and into a desert landscape for the burial.

Tomorrow: XO's Derek Wise releases his album debut, Inglorious -

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19 Jul

Major Lewis shows his versatility with this new release “Say I”

Toronto, ONMajor Lewis, the artist who prides himself with being a singer, producer and engineer of his own work is back with a new release “Say I”.

For the last few weeks, I have been seeing the name Major Lewis all over the internet. Whether it be friends of mine telling me to listen to his remixes or seeing him listed as the producer of Derin Falana’s “Think It Through”, it seemed as though I couldn’t avoid him. I decided to give his new single a listen and the result is a pop infused RnB single which is sure to top your summer playlist.

Recap: Jalen Santoy shines through NXNE Festival 2017 -

19 Jul

Recap: Jalen Santoy shines through at this year’s NXNE Festival 2017

Toronto, ON – For decades, NXNE has been a proud moment for Toronto culture and its diverse music scene. It is a place where Toronto artists are able to flourish alongside young hungry artists from all over the world who may be in Toronto for the first time. This year however, amidst poor attendance numbers for most of the festival and what seemed to be poor strategic planning, the festival did not really live up to people’s expectations. With that said, the true moments of culture and excitement from the day came from the artists, both local and visiting, who were able to make the most of the weekend and put on a killer show for their audience.

I was fortunate enough to link up with Jalen Santoy who was one of the artists that really blew me away at the festival. The energy that he brought to the stage, and the charisma that he had during his performance was unmatched by any of the other acts. He was in Toronto for the first time for NXNE and he really was able to take in the culture of the city as well as the infrastructure of the music scene. Jalen stressed that he felt at home in Toronto even though he wasn’t from here and that the culture of the city was something that he wasn’t expecting.

When it comes down to it, music festivals are about the music, and even though NXNE may not have lived up to the expectation of past years, the music and the spirit for Toronto culture is what keeps it alive. For Jalen Santoy, an artist visiting Toronto for the first time, NXNE was a great opportunity to embrace Toronto as a hub for music and culture. He is the epitome of what keeps the festival spirit alive in the city. Check out this recap video via Jukebox Toronto from Jalen’s NXNE experience as he is Passin Thru Toronto.

Recap: Jalen Santoy shines through NXNE Festival 2017 -

19 Jul

Toronto rapper Kama of Ez-Mak pays tribute to Prodigy with new freestyle

Toronto, ON – New music from veteran Toronto rapper (and businessman) Kama of the Ez-Mak movement, including a tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

“This is my third and last freestyle before I release my first official single in about 5 years. This is a tribute to Mobb Deep legend Prodigy. Mobb Deep is my favorite rap duo of all time and ‘Quite Storm’ is one of my favorite tracks (and beats) of all time. I’ve rapped over this a million times in my life but this time was different. I was driven to spit this automatic off the top when I saw the stupid disrespect to Prodigy’s mural. After spitting it, I decided to add it to my soon to be released mixtape, Hot Ras, which will be dropping in a week or 2 max. R.I.P. to one of the greatest rappers and greatest minds of hip-hop and this generation. Salute.”

Toronto rapper Kama of Ez-Mak pays tribute to Prodigy with new freestyle -

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18 Jul

Stay On It: Listen to Tasha Mac’s new collaboration with Surauchie & feel all the feelings

Toronto, ON – Last week up-and-coming Toronto vocalist Tasha Mac teamed up with Surauchie to release a brand new track titled “Stay On It” (produced by ProdbyAngel__).

“Stay On It” is a downtempo summer ballad about doing everything in your power to make a relationship work, and hoping that if you do enough and put the work in, that your relationship will last eternally. But it’s also about the give-and-take required to make love work. Both people in any relationship need to “stay on it” and hold each other down if they really want to stand a chance: “I’m a be alright, I promise/ I’ll be right by your side, I promise/ To the end of time, I promise/ I promise.”

There’s an underlying sadness to this song, which is why it’ll probably make you feel some type of way. Kind of seems like Tasha is the one making all of the promises and putting in all the work. And at the end of it all, she’s left trying to figure out what – exactly – she needs to do to keep her love forever.

Stay On It: Listen to Tasha Mac's new collaboration with Surauchie & feel all the feelings -

18 Jul

TopLeft Recordings releases M.I.C. Volume 10 (mixed by Toronto’s DJ Law)

Toronto, ON – In life, we’re always looking for consistency; something which is difficult to accomplish and maintain. But once again, TopLeft Recordings has delivered a hard-hitting and head-turning compilation for you. As the M.I.C. Series has become known to feature the best of the best in the Canadian underground, M.I.C. Volume 10 might just be the most street-influenced edition yet.

Volume 10 features Theo3, Staalin, Adam Bomb, Citizen Kane, 36th Cypher, Daniel Son, Saipher Soze, 360, ES, Chris Thomas, Rekless Christ, T Gramz, Dre Barrs, Noyz, Acetik, Lee Ricks, Che Uno, KingCon, NRDW, Tre Timmons and the Veteran Assasins. Production comes courtesy of Big Tweeze (aka Phat Tony), Rushmore Muzic, Tone Mason, Futurewave, Lil Eto E, F80 Music, Euphonic, 1DollaProductionz, Philthy Pro, Dummy Beats, Satnam Singh Chatha, Noyz, Calchemist, Wyze Intellect, The Quarter Inch Kings, Sentury Status and Nookie Beats. Check it out below – individual MP3s or one single mix courtesy of the award-winning DJ Law.

TopLeft Recordings releases M.I.C. Volume 10 (mixed by Toronto's DJ Law) -

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17 Jul

As Jay Moses preps his upcoming EP, “LAVI$H” and “For Me” give us a teaser

Vancouver, BC – There are currently so many untapped, and undervalued artists on the West Coast – and we’re just starting to see them come to the surface as the community and scene grows stronger. Jay Moses is in the midst of preparing a 12-track project titled, Eden that has been a year in the making. His two recent singles from the upcoming project have us hooked, and deserve your listen.

“LAVI$H” is a confident anthem that shows Moses ability to easily navigate different bar structures and rhyme schemes. The track focuses on an atmospheric vibe – whereas “For Me” offers an instrumental backdrop with seductive and deep vocals from the artist.

Regarding the new singles, Jay explained, “LAVI$H’ is one of those songs that you just gotta’ flex to. Sometimes, you just gotta’ be your biggest fan and ‘LAVI$H’ is more or less me biggin’ myself up. I want it to empower the listener. ‘For Me’ is on the total opposite side of the spectrum. It’s my rendition of ‘Me and My Girlfriend’. I was really stepping out of my comfort zone with this one but I wanted to give everyone a peak of what’s to come on the full EP.”

Stream “For Me” and LAVI$H” below, and keep an eye out for the upcoming project.

For Me

As Jay Moses preps his upcoming EP, LAVI$H and For Me give us teaser -

17 Jul

Photos: Fetty Wap, Migos, Maurice Moore, Daniel Caesar, Lil Yachty & DJ Acro at Bluesfest

Ottawa, ON – Despite some weather issues, most people we’ve spoken to have had nothing but positive things to say about his year’s Bluesfest and the line-up organizers put together. Some incredible artists came to the city. Here are some photos from some of the acts that closed out the last few days of the festival. Fetty Wap (with Monty), Migos, Maurice Moore, Daniel Caesar, Lil Yachty (who won’t be forgetting this performance anytime soon since he fell of the stage), and DJ Acro. Check out each collection after the jump link below.

Photos: Fetty Wap, Migos, Maurice Moore, Daniel Caesar, Lil Yachty & DJ Acro at Bluesfest -

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