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HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 50

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify back in 2016 and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every … Read More »

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The identity of H.E.R. remains a mystery, but the authenticity behind her music is crystal…

Vancouver, BC – It’s a Friday evening in the sunny coastal city, and the energetic lines of youth stretch around UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. … Read More »

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Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja discusses what it feels like to be “Outnumbered̶…

North Bay, ON – Earlier this summer Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja released a brand new nine-track mixtape entitled C.H.I.E.F, which features … Read More »

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Baltimore’s Trey Rx explains the emotional investment on his debut project, Frequenc…

We first got wind of Baltimore-based artist Trey Rx when he released “i-83” a few weeks back … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22


29 Jun

PremRock & Fresh Kils dropped a new video for 2oolman & Junia-T’s remix of “Bring Your Bad”

Toronto, ON – Toronto producer Fresh Kils recently teamed up with New York artist PremRock for a collaborative album titled Leave In Tact. And the duo just released a brand new video for 2oolman and Junia-T’s remix of “Bring Your Bad.”

Directed by Mike “Duncecap” Petch on location at the Honeywell in Harlem, this video takes us through the all-too-familiar crapshoot of terrible first dates and conversation.

The original track appeared as the fourth track on Leave In Tact, and serves as a nod to all those “bad” thoughts you keep in your head because you don’t want to offend anyone. Like when you don’t want to meet your girl’s friends, and you don’t want to find out about your date’s hobbies or favourite books, or when you have no desire to ever meet a girl’s parents or bond with her pops over your mutual love of jazz. It’s a refreshingly real commentary on what everyone’s thinking but no one’s saying.

Fresh Kils signs to Deep Thinka Records & announces European tour [News] -

28 Jun

My Team: Why S, Tallup Twinz & Burn team up for Die Fire Films-directed video

Toronto, ON – UpTop Movementz dropped the Die Fire Films-directed “My Team” video out just over a week ago but it’s already racked up close to 250K views and has a lot of people talking. According to the YouTube comments, various people featured in the video were picked up during a Driftwood police raid a few days after its release.

“My Team” was produced by G-Loudz Beats and features Why S, Burna and the Tallup Twinz. It’s unclear if any of the artists were caught up in the raid. Check out the video below.

My Team: Why S, Tallup Twinz & Burn team up for Die Fire Films-directed video -

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28 Jun

Kenny Gourmet breaks his musical hiatus with his new summer single “Come Thru”

Vancouver, BC – Singer/rapper Kenny Gourmet returns from his musical hiatus with his summer single, “Come Thru.” This is the first offering of new music from Gourmet in the past 10 months and showcases his growth as a vocalist and songwriter, as well as an introduction to the Uptown Paradise collective.

With heavy R&B vibes and a charismatic hook, “Come Thru” is a sure fit for your summer playlists. Featuring soft-toned piano melodies on top of an 808 driven beat produced by Veixx Beats, the production on the single is smooth and inviting.

Known specifically for his talent at writing catching hooks, Gourmet explains, “I finished this 6-track EP and was just sitting on it for a good 4 months with no plans on releasing. But I’m planning on releasing each song throughout the rest of the year. It’s finally time for people to stop sleeping on the kid.” Catch the releases from Gourmet’s forthcoming EP, For The Babes in the coming months.

Kenny Gourmet breaks his musical hiatus with his new summer single Come Thru -

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28 Jun

Sick enlists Big Lean & Revy P for Sam Olaechea-directed “Mawd Head” video

London, UK – Sam Olaechea directs the new “Mawd Head” (prod. 2Epik) video by Sick which was shot over in London, England. The song was produced by 2Epik and with guest appearances by Big Lean and Revy P. Check it out below.

Sick enlists Big Lean & Revy P for Sam Olaechea-directed Mawd Head video -

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28 Jun

Video of the Day: Rexdale’s Pilla B drops the Juggin video with fallen rapper Yung Dubz

Toronto, ON – Rexdale artist Pilla B and Yung Dubz shot the visuals for the hard-hitting “Juggin” before Dubz was senselessly murdered this past May. The video features Pilla and Dubz riding through the neighbourhood and getting their money right.

Pilla spoke on his friend’s passing for last week’s Noisey premiere: “The death of my brother is not the end of the story. I am Forever Yung.

“Juggin” was produced by Jmak and the video was shot by KB Kutz Film. Peep it below. R.I.P. Yung Dubz.

Rexdale's Pilla B drops the Juggin video with fallen rapper Yung Dubz -

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28 Jun

Think about your ex and listen to 11:11’s new single “Good Love”

Toronto, ON – Delivering his first loosie of 2017, 11:11 finally dropped a new video single earlier this month titled “Good Love.”

Produced by Rob Holladay and directed by Zecko and Jonny Lingo, the “Good Love” visual plays out as a short film about the aftermath of a break up. It captures the seemingly impossible battle of trying to make it through the day while still clinging to the overwhelming flood of emotions and heartbreak. You put on the brave face until you get home. And that’s when you break down and cry.

Usually guys drop their sad boy tracks in the winter, favouring more upbeat jams in the summer time. But 11:11 kind of flipped the script on us, here. He dropped all his love songs back in November on the 11/11 EP, and now he’s catching the heavy, heartache feels.

Part of what makes 11:11 so special is his ability to tap into and convey his raw emotions. Whether he’s dropping songs about wanting to get married, being hopelessly in love, or (in the case of this song) obsessively lamenting over his ex, 11:11 has a very raw delivery. He has no qualms about admitting that he messed up the relationship and wants forgiveness. He wants the “Good Love” back. Check out the video after the jump, and go stream the single via Spotify.

You need to listen to 11:11's new four-track EP titled 11/11 -

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28 Jun

Listen to SARS Radio Ep. 96 & 97 with hosts TRA & DJ Law; Live Saturdays 6-8 p.m.

Toronto, ON – Just a few more episodes to go before the guys hit 100. The dedication to the scene needs to be applauded. SARS Radio Episode 96 and Episode 97 follow the same trend quality and consistency as previous shows with a hot selection of new and popular tunes. Each show also features regular segments including DJ Law’s Infection Needle mix and the SARS Radio Top 5.

Episode 96’s artwork features Juno Award-winning rapper Adam Bomb (Naturally Born Strangers) who recently dropped a collaborative album with fellow Freedom Writer (and producer), Big Sproxx. Bomb makes several appearances on the set list and is joined by T Gramz, Theology 3, J.O. Mairs, Infinite, DillanPonders, Baka Not Nice, Pressa, Tory Lanez, Peter Jackson and more. Bomb also cracked the Top 5, but the top spot went to Jay Whiss with “Welcome To The Life.” Episode 97 sees Jay Whiss drop to No. 5 while Bomb and Sproxx claim the No. 1 spot on the Top 5 with “Lemme Tell Em.” Gangis Khan (aka Camoflauge) comes in second with the hot new single, “Till I Die.” Canadian legend Michie Mee shows us she’s still got it with “Thank You,” and Drake’s boy Baka Not Nice lives up to the hype with “Liv Up To My Name” in the No. 4 spot. A huge line-up of tunes that you need to take in.

Catch SARS Radio live with TRA and DJ Law every Saturday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Maximum FM.

SARS Radio – Episode 96

Listen to SARS Radio Ep. 96 & 97 with hosts TRA & DJ Law; Live Saturdays 6-8 PM -

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27 Jun

Nicki Minaj (Career) Funeral! We Love Hip Hop Ep. 18 with Big Norm

Toronto, ON – This one was a special comedy/420 cooking/co-host birthday edition of We Love Hip Hop. Shouts to Big Norm for coming through and conversing with the man dem! He tells us how he recently got incarcerated/detained in Taiwan. He gives us the ups and downs of the comedy world as an Asian (Filipino) comic. Shout out Jonny Jibbz who was also in the building letting us know the preparation it took for his first battle rap appearance in GZ (KOTD) as a rapper, not as BeastMODE Battles league boss.

Nicki Minaj (career) funeral! We Love Hip Hop Ep. 18 with Big Norm -

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27 Jun

Listen to Peter Rosenberg’s full Prodigy Tribute on Hot 97

New York, NY – After the recent passing of Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Peter Rosenberg put together a dope tribute to the LeFrak City-native. It features classic Mobb, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and more. Check it out below. R.I.P. Prodigy.

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27 Jun

Street anthem “100 Days” from Blockboi Twitch just got a visual treatment

Toronto, ON – Blockboi Twitch hails from Toronto’s Black Creek & Tretheway area, for those who know the Southside of Jane. The Toronto emcee has an aggressive and distinct flow that sets him apart, and “100 Days” is no exception. Blockboi Twitch considers himself a voice for the streets who aims to lead by example.

On his recent video release for the single, he elaborates, “I’m just talking to the people and showing my side of everyday life. It might be a struggle to some and might be great for others to live the fast/hustle/grind life and do what’s gotta be done to survive. So my first video and track I released from my upcoming mixtape is called “100 Days”. It’s just a new sound that makes us through to the next day. Showing the area I grew up in starting off with the new generation of the kids of the area to the older heads and giving you a breath of fresh air. I have a couple videos coming up this summer & new music so watch out for it.

Watch the video for “100 Days” below, and keep an eye out for a mixtape in the coming months from Blockboi.

100 Days is the street anthem from Blockboi Twitch that just got a visual treatment -

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