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The Kendrick Lamar experience at Pemberton Music Festival 2014 [Review]

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 18, Kendrick Lamar came through Pemberton Music Festival 2014 to perform a set at the Mt. Currie … Read More »

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Here’s what happened when Snoop Dogg rolled through Pemberton Music Festival [Review…

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 19, Snoop Dogg (aka: Snoop Lion, Snoopzilla, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoopadelic,, etc, etc, etc) rolled through Pemberton … Read More »

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ScHoolboy Q makes his Canadian debut at Pemberton Music Festival [Review]

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 18, T.D.E.’s own ScHoolboy Q made his Canadian debut at Pemberton Music Festival 2014. Q has admittedly … Read More »

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On The Run: Standing ovations for Beyonce & Jay Z in Toronto [Review]

Toronto, ON – When you think of absolute perfect concerts, what comes to mind? Perhaps a Bad Boy reunion? Or maybe even … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]

Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]


8 Jun

Johnny Bravo – Move That Product [Video]

Ottawa, ON – Wild boy Johnny Bravo of Left Lane, a new diverse music group out of Ottawa that also includes Swisha T, KOTD’s Corey Charron, and Kemyst, drops off a new visual for the high energy anthem. The newly formed crew of emcees will be dropping a project over the Summer and this new track will serve as the first official release. Watch it below and check in for Left Lane’s next move!

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8 Jun

Doom Squad – Prosper Project [Review]

Edmonton, AB – Comin’ straight outta E-Town; Doom Squad celebrates their love for the chronic, their dreams of success, and struggles in the come up in The Prosper Project. With beats produced entirely by Prosper and guest appearances from the likes of Sonik, K-Blitz, and Deffine; these north-side boys created a piece to make you vibe out and burn one.

From the intro to the third track – “Fly for Days”- my first impression of this 16-track project was, “weed album.” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (don’t front – we all have ‘em). However, rapping about getting high (for an entire album) can be a little…excessive. Strategic or not; Doom Squad makes a smart play by switching up the tone by the fourth track – “Just Be Real” – in which the lyrics reflect more on their passion for their art and making it without selling out:

“It’s such a common occurrence / and ya’ll aint even workin’ / I see you spittin’ but it’s not with a purpose / So what the f*ck you do it for if it’s not you? / This ain’t no hobby I’m doin’ it cause I got to.”

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8 Jun

Moka Only: Sex Money Moka Canadian Tour stops in Calgary & Edmonton [News]

Edmonton, AB – You already know it. But I’m ‘a remind you, anyways: Moka Only just launched his monstrous Sex Money Moka album. And then he hit us with the goods by announcing a nation-wide tour in support of the release. The Big M has been making his way from Ontario back through Western Canada. And now he’s finally in Alberta to rock the mic for us. And by rock the mic, I mean that Sex Money Moka is happening live. And it’s going to be too fresh.

Tonight, R-Evolution Media & Battleaxe bring Moka O to Edmonton’s E Bar (10018 – 105 St.). The evening is hosted by Identity Recordz Inc., and features opening tour support from Robbie G, along with local opening support from Mory Sentz, Loyal ‘T’, Drezus, Rellik, and Evrlove. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show begins at 9:15 p.m. Tickets are $20 at the door.

Then on Jun. 10 (that’s this upcoming Tuesday), Moka rolls through Calgary’s Overtime Sports Bar (3745 Memorial Dr S.E.) to perform a show hosted by the homie P.H.E.B.U.S. Local opening support will be provided by Nki Louise & Rolemodel, Saintanik, Swift Smoken, Majic, C-Note, Suicide Kings, Iron Lion, and Pyke. Tickets are $10 and you can cop them online over here.

On Jun. 14, Moka heads back to his hometown Vancity to wrap up – or should I say, rap up (best pun ever) – the tour. You can peep all the details on that over here. Check the official event flyers after the jump, and head on over to Facebook for more information on the show in Edmonton tonight, and the show in Calgary on Tuesday. See you there, people.

Moka Only: Sex Money Moka Canadian Tour stops in Calgary and Edmonton [News] -

8 Jun

Gee Wunder – We In Here [Video]

Toronto, ON – Motive Music Co. brings you the first video coming in support of the new Record Mode LP from Toronto vet Gee Wunder. The album was released via Motive Music and Fontana North Distribution back in March and is available on iTunes. The video was co-directed by Gee Wunder and Savvy So-Fly and the song was produced by Haze P. Check it out after the jump.

Gee Wunder - We In Here [Video] -

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8 Jun

Dynamic – Feel My Pain (Dir. Patrick Lozinski) [Video]

Toronto, ON – “Feel My Pain” is the latest video from Ottawa-native Dynamic aka Ya Favourite Lightskin. The video comes in support of his new EP, A Collection of Thoughts, which will be out on Canada Day. The video was directed by Patrick Lozinski while the song was produced by DJ Erian. Mixing was handled by Rockwell of Philly Moves. Peep it after the jump.

Dynamic - Feel My Pain [Video] -

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8 Jun

Tyler Durand – Overdose [Video]

Brantford, ONTyler Durand drops off a new video for his song “Overdose,” produced by Gritty Committee. The video comes courtesy of 7 Productions. Check it out after the jump.

Tyler Durand - Overdose [Video] -

7 Jun

Chef’s Plate (LordQuest & Junia-T) – OG Bobby Johnson (Remix) [Audio]

Toronto, ONChef’s Plate is a new collaboration between acclaimed Toronto producer-MCs LordQuest and Junia-T. “OG Bobby Johnson” is one of several remixes you can expect from the duo this summer. The track was mixed and mastered at Quest’s Kitchen and the artwork was handled by Wolf J.

Chef’s Plate is just a free expression of sounds and colors mixed into one” – LordQuest

Some soulful ignorance for the summer” – Junia-T


Chef's Plate - OG Bobby Johnson (Remix) [Audio] -

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7 Jun

The Bass6 – Lucid Dreams Vol. 4 [Mixtape]

Toronto, ON – SmashMouth Entertainment DJ duo, The Bass6, return with Volume 4 of their weekly Lucid Dreams mix series. Volume 4 features the likes of Drake, Chuck Inglish, 50 Cent, Riff Raff, Wiz Khalifa, Yung Lean and more. Check it out below.

You could hit play on this below, close your eyes, and watch how your body involuntarily turns all the way up. The Bass6 are our hometeam and they went so far in on Volume 4 of our Lucid Dreams mix series.

The Bass6 – Lucid Dreams Vol. 3 [Mixtape] -

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7 Jun

DJ Premier: “I’ve still got that hip-hop in me.” [Interview] #Throwback

UPDATE: As December will mark our 15th Anniversary online, we’re going to be pulling from the archives to revisit some of our favourite and most popular stories. This is our first interview with DJ Premier back in 2007. Check it out! In more recent DJ Premier news, he recently revealed to Jay Z’s Life + Times that he has an upcoming project with an artist who’s name he didn’t disclose. He also reaffirmed his and Nas’ interest in doing a collaborative album and the likelihood of it coming together.

Brooklyn, NYOriginally published October 2, 2007 – As a seminal figure, and avatar for the art form of hip-hop it doesn’t get more major than DJ Premier. Though not old school in the Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz, Sha Rock sense of things, he has come to represent a certain fundamentalism in the music. His status is such that most fans even cringe at the sight of his name being mentioned in “Best of…” or “Hottest…” type comparisons. While those kinds of lists are good for comparing current stars, and “come-lately’s”, Premo’s music almost has a quality of existing outside of time.

Running down his catalogue is an exercise, listing both classic and obscure records, as well as both classic and obscure artists. There aren’t any consistent trends that can be linked to popularity or sales. DJ Premier is not one to watch trends; he’s one who makes music. And that’s where you’ll find the consistency, in the sound. Be it for Christina Aguilera or Sauce Money, his sound is indelible. His almost stoic dedication to boom-bap and his perfectionism in working with artists has been second to none, bringing performances out of them that in many cases are unfortunately never seen again. That’s what makes him the cultural touchstone that he is. If you ever forget what hip-hop sounds like, listen to a DJ Premier record. You’ll remember.

DJ Premier: My relationship with hip-hop is great because I've still got love for the art form [Interview] -

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7 Jun

Serbian non-profit 28.Jun hopes song will generate aid for Balkan Flood Victims [News]

Victoria, BC – Can a song save the world? Perhaps.

Following the heaviest rains to hit the Balkans in over a century, causing massive flooding and displacing over 930,000 people across the region, the need for aid is great.

Primary health care facilities in most of the affected areas have sustained damage and with the loss of both crops and functional water supply systems, food and clean water continue to be a top priority for those in need. American and Canadian Serbs have sprung into action to answer this need and over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, valued at over $1.5 million, is now ready for partners at the Serbian Red Cross to distribute to the thousands of flood victims. Humanitarian non-profit organization, 28.Jun, has gathered product donations from brands including Gatorade, Target, Walmart and Huggies and Canadian brands including Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Loblaw’s. 28.Jun and the Red Cross of Serbia are working closely to provide humanitarian aid to the flood victims of Serbia and Bosnia. What are needed now are funds to cover the shipping costs.

“We’ve received a lot of support from communities all over Canada, the United States and the world,” said Filip Filipi, president of 28.Jun. “Right now, we need financial assistance to get our cargo plane off the ground as soon as possible. We have to raise another $50,000 and we will not stop until the plane takes off. We have a responsibility to help our people at this time of crisis,” he expressed.

iTunes | Donate at

$50,000 Needed to Ship 1.5 Million Dollars of Donated Relief Items by Plane To The Balkans.

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