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Coach Fresh: Maestro Fresh Wes talks new LP, TEDx, honorary diploma & more

Toronto, ON – From the opening effects on “Put Ya Guard Up,” to the “Skyscrapers (Remix)” that brings it to a wrap, … Read More »

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Casper TNG to headline New Year’s Eve pre-party in Ottawa on Dec. 29

Ottawa, ON – Toronto based Menace Muzik Group recently announced a New Year’s Eve pre-party in Ottawa featuring a headline performance by … Read More »

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10 new songs you need to hear: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks on Spotify

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada recently relaunched Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks on Spotify. And this week we’re back with 10 new songs.
For those … Read More »

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Deadline approaching: Submit now for the JUNO Awards & JUNOfest

Toronto, ON – The deadline is quickly approaching to submit for this year’s JUNO Awards taking place in Vancouver.
Submission details and eligibility … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award


1 Aug

Yours Truly affiliate TG returns with Limited Vision directed-visuals for “Tuesday”

Ajax, Ontario – Recently surfaced, is a hard-hitting video from Yours Truly affiliate TG (Top Gunna).  You may remember him from his recent feature on Vancouver artist NINETYFOUR‘s last song, “Able.” With a strong and heavily present street style some might find him comparable to Pusha T. The video stands out right away with its’ direction from quickly rising videography company Limited Vision (who just shot Killy’s new video “Distance“)

TG is an emerging rapper from Ajax, Ontario known for his unique flow and lyrical ability – and he brings that lyrical witicism to “Tuesday.” The 22-year-old artist jumped on the scene in his early teens, free styling on YouTube videos with other local Toronto rappers. He has more recently become dedicated to releasing music and dropping tracks frequently. The video follows TG and his crew against a variety of Vancouver settings including the rougher area of East Vancouver.

Watch the visuals for “Tuesday” after the drop.

Yours Truly affiliate TG returns with Limited Vision directed-visuals for Tuesday -

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1 Aug

JAHAIL talks about making the move from Toronto to Vancouver with “ON ROAD”

Vancouver, BC – If you’re familiar with the West Coast scene, you know how strong the Yours Truly crew has grown this last year. One of the quickly rising members, is JAHAIL who is a Vancouver transplant by way of Toronto.

While he’s a new member to the coast, he’s been making big noise since he came out of the gate and his new track “ON ROAD” is no different. With common themes of change and adapting to new environments, the artist speaks on the challenges and experiences he’s gone through since making the trek to the other side of Canada to pursue his music career.

Through our correspondence, JAHAIL explains:

This song is a personal piece of mine. I was pretty vulnerable around the time of creating it. I feel like a lot of people can relate to this song in a sense of being away from home or away from someone they care about or have feelings for and that’s pretty much what I was going through. Coming to a new city, that being Vancouver from Toronto, was a pretty big change for me. This has also become a change for other people as people see that I am now doing more things than before. More people want to be around or participate in the movement. All in all, I feel like this song should be heard by many. I also plan to release a video for this song soon, but no date yet, it’s a surprise.

Stream the West St-produced track “ON ROAD” below.

JAHAIL talks about making the move from Toronto to Vancouver with ON ROAD -

1 Aug

Kenny Gourmet is stealing hearts on his new summer joint “For The Babes”

Vancouver, BC – Uptown Paradise artist Kenny Gourmet is back following the recent release of “Come Thru”- which landed spots on Spotify playlists: “Northern Bars” & “Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji.” The new single by the Vancouver singer/rapper is titled, “For The Babes” and produced by LA-producer SGV alongside Vancouver producer HVDSON.

Breaking from his recent hiatus from music, Kenny Gourmet has spent the last year refining his sound and his undeniable progress comes through loud and clear on this new release. And this most recent release might be his strongest yet. “For The Babes” is subtly suggestive, and guides listeners through its’ smooth summer R&B vibes – easily making it a potential new favourite in your girl’s playlist.

The Uptown Paradise artist is steadily becoming known for his strong writing ability, and hooks. He sings, “Cause everything that I do, I do it all for you/ I’ve been losing it in my mind, when you send me all these nudes girl/ Cause everything that I do, I do it all for you.

Stream “For The Babes” on Spotify here, and on Youtube below.

Kenny Gourmet is stealing hearts on his new summer joint For The Babes -

1 Aug

Freddy King enlists Shamuel Jackson & Logik416 for Emancipation Day song “Revolution”

Toronto, ON – In celebration of Emancipation Day (August 1), commemorating the so-called end of slavery, Toronto-based MC (and The Remix Project alumni), Freddy King, releases visuals for his single “Revolution” featuring Shamuel Jackson and Logik416, founder of the Stolen From Africa brand, and one of the most senior members of the HipHopCanada team.

The video was filmed in some of the most historic Toronto communities for African and Caribbean culture: Regent Park and Eglington West (Little Jamaica). With Caribana festivities coming up this weekend, we often forget the true meaning behind why we “jump up and tunn up.”

Lest we forget, this is a celebration of our resiliency and freedom. Freddy King’s Field of Dreams album is set to be released on Tuesday, August 29. “Revolution” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Freddy King enlists Shamuel Jackson & Logik416 for Emancipation Day song Revolution -

1 Aug

Mekhi finally released a new track & he wants to lock down a “Rider”

Toronto, ON – A few days ago Toronto artist Mekhi finally released a brand new single titled “Rider.”

Co-produced by Mekhi and Sammy Sosa, “Rider” is on much more of a downtempo tip compared to everything else we’ve seen from Mekhi. I first caught on to Mekhi back when he released “Oh My”. But that was over a year ago and aside from the release of “Sauce” he’s had a very quiet year.

“Rider” is an anthem for all the guys out there who want quality over quantity, and want to lock down something serious with someone who’s about it. It’s a late night, after-hours song for when you know someone’s feeling you, and you’re feeling them too. The track is directed at one female in particular. But she’s playing shy, so Mekhi lays it all out on the table. He’s got a lot of girls trying to holler, but the only female he wants is the one he knows can hold it down for him. Listen to “Rider” below.

Mekhi finally released a new track & he wants to lock down a

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31 Jul

Listen Now: Ottawa’s Project Prezzy & Majic Mike team up for “Look At Me Now”

Ottawa, ON – Check out this recently released tune by Ottawa’s own Project Prezzy (aka Project Prezident). “Look At Me Now” features fellow Ottawa MC (and radio host) Majic Mike, and production by frequent Prezzy-collaborator, GingerWithBread.

Listen Now: Ottawa's Project Prezzy & Majic Mike team up for Look At Me Now -

31 Jul

Toronto newcomer ChiChi Cortezz delivers new 4-minute freestyle

Toronto, ON – Teaming up with one of Toronto’s hottest directors, NV aka Nino Luey, comes newcomer ChiChi Cortezz with a new 4-minute freestyle. The video does the song justice, providing a beautiful mix of ChiChi and her catchy-hood liked bars.

4 minutes, 4 minutes, I still ain’t finished. 4 minutes, 4 minutes, the game I’m in it.

ChiChi makes it clear she’s far from finished and just starting to make her entrance into the music industry. Keep your eyes out for more from ChiChi Cortezz and check out the new freestyle below.

Toronto newcomer ChiChi Cortezz delivers new 4-minute freestyle -

31 Jul

Ottawa’s KnoxC reps for his hometown with “6ix One” video

Ottawa, ON – Up-and-coming rap artist KnoxC reps hard for his hometown with the “6ix One” video. Check it out below.

Ottawa's KnoxC reps for his hometown on new 6ix One video -

31 Jul

EestBound finally dropped two new beats & you need to hear them

Brampton, ON – One third of the EMP trio and one of the most important producers in Canada’s production scene right now, EestBound finally delivered new music this week with the drop of “SWITCH (1NTR0)” and “TORN (XQUISITE PAIN)”. It’s been a few months since anything has surfaced from EestBound on his SoundCloud page, and EMP hasn’t put out any new music in five months. So this was long overdue.

Both compositions are much darker than what we’ve previously seen from EestBound. His signature M.O. leans heavy on dark depressive slappers, but these two beats are straight up grim. “SWITCH (1NTR0)” is a haunting, atmospheric composition. Utilizing string melodies, and strategically placed drops, EestBound delivers a depressive beat with just enough turn up to keep you shaking your head.

“TORN (XQUISITE PAIN)” is a busier composition with the drum line taking main focus. This is basically the soundtrack for getting lost and trapped in your own thoughts. There’s a deep heaviness to this, and it emotes a lot of confusion and uncertainty. The beat outros with a wailing guitar instrumental that fades out into silence. Check out both of the new beats after the jump.

This Must Be Heaven: DillanPonders breaks down his new Eestbound & Houssam produced single -
Photo by @zhamakthecat

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30 Jul

Experiences: Mississauga grime artist Dhamiri finally dropped a new banger & you need to hear it

Mississauga, ON – One of the best things that happened this weekend, Mississauga grime artist Dhamiri teamed up with Moony and DBLCRSS for this brand new release titled “Experiences”.

Dhamiri is a part-Canadian, part-Lebanese, part-British artist who’s quietly been chipping away at his own brand of Canadian grime for a while now. We spoke with him about it earlier this year after he blew up the internet with “Run Up”. And we’ve been eagerly waiting on a new release since.

“Run Up” was a shot fired at the haters, but “Experiences” is more of an introspective track. It’s still hungry AF, and there are still subtle shots fired. But the hunger is self-directed. The idea is that we have to be able to experience all the experiences life has to offer – good and bad – in order to continue progressing.

It’s about hitting those life milestones and using that as the foundation for your clout. And more importantly, it’s about using those experiences to live life with greater understanding of the world around you and how you fit into it: “I move it/ As well as pack it/ I aint slackin’/ F**k fashion/ There’s more important assets/ Experiences/ I must have them.”

Dhamiri breaks down the state of grime in Canada & what it's like coming up as a Canadian grime artist -

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