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Rising rap star Don Mulatto of Sault Ste. Marie passes away at 20

It’s with a very heavy heart that we report the death of Don Mulatto … Read More »

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NXNE 2016: Here’s what happened when Azizi Gibson performed at Revival Bar

Toronto, ON – I was blessed to be able to dip over to Toronto last week to cover the annual NXNE music … Read More »

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“Hotline Bling” wins big at MMVAs; VIEWS stays at No. 1 for 7th consecutive we…

Toronto, ON – With Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the new episode of Game of Thrones airing on the same … Read More »

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Vancouver’s Snak The Ripper releases highly anticipated new album, From The Dirt

Vancouver, BC – After a strong lead up that involved extensive touring and a ton of great marketing collateral, the new Snak … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Classified talks about his collaboration with Snak The Ripper & Slug on “Never

Classified talks about his collaboration with Snak The Ripper & Slug on “Never


29 Mar

Dirty Frazier teams up with Starving Marvel in visuals for “Make A Couple Dollars”

Quesnel, BC – Fresh off tour and riding off the buzz from his previous project The Dirty One EP, Dirty Frazier hits hard with the latest video from his recent project Hooks EP. Teaming up with Starving Marvel the pair bring the grimy and hard-hitting visuals for “Make A Couple Dollars” breathing some real life into the phrase “fuck you, pay me”.

Peep the visuals below and cop Hooks EP here.

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28 Mar

The HipHopCanada Guide to the JUNO Awards

Calgary, AB – Today is the official kick-off to JUNO Week in Calgary, which all leads up to the 2016 JUNO Awards on Sunday, Apr. 3.

We’re super stoked to announce that HipHopCanada’s own Sarah Jay and Rosa Jason will be live at the JUNO Awards this year, bringing you coverage of everything hip-hop related. We want to send a huge thank you to the JUNO Awards for allowing us to be a part of the festivities this year.

If you’re going to be in Calgary this week and want to get your fill of hip-hop during JUNO Week, we’ve put together this handy-dandy guide for you to check out.

We combed through the JUNO schedule to find the must-attend events for Canadian hip-hop fans – whether you’re a die-hard Stealth Bomb Records devotee, a SonReal superfan, or a day one follower of E! and MUCH host Tyrone “T-Rex” Edwards (who – need I remind you – is one of the most important pillars in Canadian rap); you’ll find that this year’s JUNO Awards actually have quite a few things to offer us Canadian hip-hop fans.

The HipHopCanada Guide to the JUNO Awards 2016 -

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28 Mar

The Eh List: Divo & GMJ head to Los Angeles for “Angels Fly Remix” videoshoot

Los Angeles, CA – Coming in support of The Eh List Volume 4, Divo and GMJ release new visuals for “Angels Fly Remix,” which is featured on the mixtape. The record is a more laid back version of the original and offers hope to those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

And while Divo is originally from the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario, he traveled to the other side of the continent to get the video made:

“Because the song is titled ‘Angels Fly’ it made sense that I shoot the video in the City of Angels,” said Divo who also directed and produced the music video through his own creative agency Artesano Studio.

Check out “Angels Fly Remix” after the jump, or click here to check out The Eh List Volume 4, presented by our good friends at Bring Ya Eh Game.

Divo & GMJ head to Los Angeles for Angels Fly Remix videoshoot -

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28 Mar

Los Poetas premiere new single on The Strombo Show; release Alex Narvaez-directed music video

Toronto, ON – With their new single “Cien %” (featuring the legendary Tony Touch and cuts by the newest member of Los Poetas, DJ Grouch) having been premiered last night on CBC Radio’s The Strombo Show (with host George Stroumboulopoulos), Los Poetas waste no time in releasing some intimate visual support.

Aside from the incredible catalogue of music they continue to build on, Los Poetas have made a huge impact with their high quality video work. Teaming up once again with Alex Narvaez of Narvaez Productions, the music video is intentionally presented as a “behind the scenes” look at the creation and performance of the song.

Having worked with Los Poetas for so long, Narvaez understands the inner workings of the group and has played a huge role in telling their story visually. With this latest project in mind, he wanted to take a more candid approach:

I’ve had the pleasure of creating the visuals for this group since their first self-titled single. We’ve released 3 music videos together which were a lot of fun to collaborate on. This time around I really wanted to capture them in their element while they’re creating the music. So having Tony Touch in Toronto for this collaboration was a bonus, we figured it was a great time to capture the creative process in the studio. I would say this is more of a ‘behind the scenes’ video than an actual music video. Something to show the viewers a more candid side of the group they wouldn’t normally get to see.

Los Poetas premiere new single on The Strombo Show; release Alex Narvaez-directed music video -

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28 Mar

You need to hear this 4 pack of new songs Derek Wise just dropped

Toronto, ONOriginally published March 26, 2016 – One of my favourite Canadian up-and-comers right now, Derek Wise just released this 4 Pack of new songs on his Glam Wave playlist: “Ready 2 Go”, “When We See You”, “Drop Life”, and “Sad $1’s”.

These four songs utilize some monstrous production, exclusively composed by Canadian producers: High Klassified, Geoff Wood, Daniel Worthy, FrancisGotHeat, Urs Truli, and Chef Byer. As Derek explained it to me: “All the producers on Glam Wave are the hardest working dudes in Canada. [The] sound speaks for itself.”

At this point Derek’s solidified his sound as one of the most noteworthy sounds in the Canadian rap game. You know when you’re listening to a Derek Wise joint because it’s the Canadian spin on progressive future-trap rap. These songs just go to show that the man is virtually unfuckwitable at this point.

You need to hear these four new songs Derek Wise just released -

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27 Mar

You need to watch Ramsay Almighty’s new video for “Miami”

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON – MC-producer Ramsay Almighty just dropped this dope new video for his track “Miami” (produced by Aaron Francis) that dropped at the very beginning of 2016, and it’s one of my favourite videos from this month. This video was filmed by Photobyastral and marks a huge milestone in Ramsay’s career; it’s become his mark on the international market.

We see plenty of guys drop nods to the likes of New York or Compton or whatever. It’s pretty common to name drop a dope city in the U.S. But rarely do we see guys actually try to take it to that next level.

As Ramsay explained it to me: “These songs were all affirmations: I wanted to rap it and real life it. After a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was inspired to create sounds that brought listeners to a different place.”

Obviously that place was Miami. And not only was Ramsay able to bring his listeners to that place; he was actually flown out to perform in that very same place.

“Miami heard the song; they believed the vision! They [Cranium Clothing] literally flew me out there to host and perform at the Congress Hotel, South Beach. I performed one song and mobbed out with Lil Yachty at a roof-top party. But it all began with a song on my laptop and a vision for where I wanted to go.”

You need to watch Ramsay Almighty's new video for

27 Mar

For No Good Reason: We caught up with Nixxon to break down his new EP

Toronto, ON – Toronto artist Nixxon (formerly JesseRay) just hit us with his latest project drop; a tight little five-track EP titled For No Good Reason (which you can peep over here).

Because this is such a major release for Nixxon, we caught up with him and got him to break down the EP for us – track by track. He shared his insights into the deeply personal lyricism we’ve come to expect from the guy, and also touched on his decision to do some of the production out-of-house. Nixxon also spoke with us on his recent change in stage name.

Nixxon used to perform under the name JesseRay. But he’s changed his name and with that has come the beginning of Nixxon distancing himself from his past affiliation with The Weeknd (Nixxon and Abel founded Bulleez N Nerdz together way back in the day before XO happened).

Nixxon has stepped away from emulating the XO sound and has started to hone in on his own sound. You can hear that progression on For No Good Reason – and you can also see the progression talking to Nixxon about his approach to this body of work. Peep our interview after the jump.

For No Good Reason: We caught up with Nixxon to break down his new EP -

“People get sick of songs in two minutes these days so I just have to keep making music”
– Nixxon

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27 Mar

Nixxon just dropped his new EP titled For No Good Reason

Toronto, ON – Toronto artist Nixxon (formerly known as JesseRay) just dropped his highly anticipated new EP titled For No Good Reason.

This EP comes to us as a condensed five-track body of work to mark a new artistic direction for Nixxon. It’s a project fuelled by hazy auto-tuned vocals laced over top of production by Nixxon and his fellow Torontonians Zlender, Gio Espanol, and Rekkzone, as well as outsourced production from Atlanta-based trio The Shadowz.

Nixxon’s M.O. has always centred around very emotive songs. This project delivers just that by giving us a roller coaster of personal anecdotes, including “Beast”, which was written after Nixxon parted ways with his former manager; “Fall”, which was written after Nixxon and his girlfriend broke up; and “Bandz,” which serves as an anthem for anyone who’s gone broke trying to pursue a dream.

For No Good Reason: We caught up with Nixxon to break down his new EP -

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26 Mar

So Loki remixes their single “Lil Ma” and gives us our weekend anthem

Vancouver, BC – It’s Easter weekend, and while some of us are feasting with family and friends, music fiends know that a stretch of free time this long is prime time to scope out new music to add to our collections. So Loki, the sonic engineering masterminds that they are, showed up to give us that track that left me feeling like I’d successfully found and acquired a gem. The duo chopped up and remixed their single, “Lil Ma” with impressive ease.

Sometimes I feel like remixes aren’t quite on par with the quality that the original song had, but these guys do their song justice – and then some. Sam Lucia adds a strong redefinition to the song with a fresh set of bars over the slowed down revamp, while still keeping the haunting chorus that was signature to the identity of “Lil Ma”. Check out the track below, and then go add it to your weekend playlist. You can also check out the original which is part of their debut mixtape Supermaniac, here.

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26 Mar

Mission Control aims to bring together Vancity’s most promising upcoming talents

Vancouver, BC – If you live in the Vancouver area and have an interest in the growing live music scene that’s been cultivating, you’ll want to clear your schedules for the evening of April 9th. HipHopCanada West is pleased to announce it’s upcoming coverage of Mission Control – an upcoming artist showcase which is set to highlight some of Vancity’s most promising new talents of 2016 including local emcees, dancers and artists.

Winnie Cooper has sponsored the evening, so you know you’re in for a night of good live music and a well-crafted showcase. Whether you find yourself drawn to the progressive sounds of So Loki, the croons of Raiel, or the feminine wordsmith Tee Krispil, the evening is set to have a little something to appeal to everyone across the genres.

Mission Control Banner

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