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We Can: Kranium talks Tory Lanez, XXL’s Freshman list, Jamaican food & more

Ottawa, ON – Our friends over at Envy Magazine were on hand for the Ottawa debut of dancehall artist, Kranium. The Montego … Read More »

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EverythingOShauN discusses his two new tracks, working with Minty Burns & “Neva…

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Is the grass greener on the other side? Buddah Abusah discusses his new track & outlo…

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The HipHopCanada recap of HOT 97 Summer Jam 2017

East Rutherford, NJ – Another moment in hip-hop history was made at HOT 97 Summer Jam 2017. With a plethora of lively … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now


16 Apr

Being a Struggle Rapper isn’t necessarily a bad thing: KIV’s new mixtape explores the come up

London, ON – At the beginning of April, London artist KIV dropped a brand new 10-track mixtape titled Struggle Rapper.

We got to see the roll-out for this one when KIV released the video for “Sudden Moves” at the beginning of the year. But I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the mixtape. “Struggle Rapper” is a term that has a very negative connotation.

When you think about struggle rappers, you think about the guys yelling “I’M BRINGING REAL HIP-HOP BACK!” who steal beats and still don’t understand what mixing and mastering is, and stuff. Struggle rappers are the butt of industry jokes, and often blamed for all of the stigmatization of hip-hop.

But KIV decided to show us a different side of the Struggle Rapper struggle. Inspired by an article he read on HipHopDX, KIV decided to make a mixtape about the come up.

Struggle Rapper is a balanced commentary on the realities of coming up as an artist. KIV drew sonic inspiration from boom bap and mixed it with some new wave influence to create an updated 2017 spin on the old school. He takes us through his journey, and tells us his story. He is – after all – just another Struggle Rapper on the come up. Take in the mixtape below, and check our Q&A with KIV after the jump.

Being a Struggle Rapper isn't always a bad thing: KIV discusses the importance of the come up -

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16 Apr

We talked to Lava Cru producer Neemz about how he turns his beats into Horcruxes

London, ON – Earlier this month the Lava Cru trio (Kachinga, Cam, and Neemz) released a 13-track instrumental project titled Horcruxes.

The project is a nod to the concept of “Horcruxes” from the Harry Potter series. A Horcrux is an object containing a hidden piece of a dark wizard or witch’s soul.

As the lead producer of the project, Neemz wanted the project title to body his process; he always puts a fragment of his soul into his compositions. So the title was an obvious fit.

Neemz likes to start his beats off with the melody, and build the rest of the beat around that melody. He mostly produces with Fruity Loops, and has a penchant for sampling. The project itself takes us on a 13-track journey through more hopeful uplifting beats (“Blessed”), emotional sadboy compositions (“Sad Songs”), and even nods to the OGs (“Nas”). There’s actually probably a beat on here to coincide with any type of way you’re feeling right now.

Although this project was released by Lava Cru, the guys are pretty open to artistic collaborations right now. So if something resonates with you, get in touch with the guys and get to work. And if you’re going to use any of these beats, please remember to credit your producers. Without them you are nothing. Check out the project below, and scope our Q&A with Neemz after the jump.

Horcruxes: Neemz discusses LavaCru's new project & putting pieces of his soul into his beats -

16 Apr

Spotty Josif premieres “Guards” and talks collaborating with Calgary’s Ayoo Angie

Vancouver, BC – With a change of seasons upon us, West Coast emcee Spotty Josif dropped his newest single today, titled “Guards.” Spotty has been fairly active in recent months, giving us “Way Before” with Vancouver emcee Seth Kay before the holidays, and “WYWG” with Dave Fields on the second installment of the HICU soundtape.

“Guards” features Calgary emcee Ayoo Angie who brings her own unique sound to make this Etherten-produced single one that you need to check out. Ayoo Angie’s voice is a deep, raspy, sweet and savoury mix of Missy Elliot and Remy Ma – if you can even put a finger on her sould because she’s really in her own lane. They both bring dynamic bars to the track that vividly touch on topics of love, dark sexual encounters, and independence. We caught up with Spotty to talk about the new track, collaborating with Ayoo Angie, and what he has in store for the coming months.

Stream “Guards” below. 

Spotty Josif premieres Guards and talks collaborating with Calgary’s Angie Ayoo -

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16 Apr

Kyle Wildfern takes his vocals to new depths on the “moneymoneymoney” freestyle

Brampton, ON – Kyle Wildfern has had a really strong 2017 so far, but the new freestyle that he just dropped “moneymoneymoney” is his strongest to date (and stronger than most rappers’ official singles). The depth of his voice on this track is apparent, and the grit and authenticity literally breathes out of Wildfern’s bars. If you listened to past releases like “Ex’d Out” and “Suicide” you might have also predicted an emotionally provocative track like this in the future, and we’re glad we finally got it.

Fellow WayCool members, DviousMindZ and Martin Sole jump on the freestyle to handle production. The whole crew has been working at perfecting their individual crafts, and it’s really showing.

Stream “moneymoneymoney” below, and familiarize yourself with the crew. 

Kyle Wildfern takes his vocals to new depths on the moneymoneymoney freestyle -

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15 Apr

JETSET finally dropped a new single titled “Young” & you need to hear it

Toronto, ON – After listening to JETSET ‘s “Time Of Your Life”, I was hooked on the guy. Which is rare. Because usually it takes me a few single releases to catch on to an artist’s vibe. But JETSET is an immaculate vocalist with this deeply emotive R&B vibe. So as soon as I heard “Time Of Your Life”, I was already waiting on another drop.

It took the guy long enough, but he finally released a brand new single titled “Young” (produced by Savillion). The track is less about the actual age factor of being “Young”, and more about maintaining a live-in-the-moment mindset. This song also comes to us just as JETSET has made the decision to leave the security of a day job to solely focus on his music and passions.

“Young” was created during a studio weekend that took place last year with JETSET, Savillion, and JETSET’s brother. The weekend was inspired by Mac Miller’s hit single “Best Day Ever.” The aim was to create a bunch of music that had that same sort of dreamy, optimistic, youthful vibe to it as the track “Best Day Ever.” By the end of the weekend, the guys managed to set the foundation for six different songs, “Young” being one of them.

Take in the track below via SoundCloud, and check out our interview with JETSET after the jump. And make sure you catch JETSET live in concert at the next UNCRWND event on May 4, at the Rivoli (332 Queen Street W.).

JETSET finally dropped a new single titled

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15 Apr

Susiety artist Kay Curtis discusses the importance of self-acceptance & his new “IFWTV” video

Montreal, QC – Earlier this week Susiety artist Kay Curtis released a brand new Hugh Durnford Dionne shot video for the track “IFWTV”.

“IFWTV” is an acronym for “I F**k With the Vision”, and serves as a bit of a mission statement for Kay. He’s at a point where he’s in complete undisturbed lone wolf mode.

He no longer feels connected to his artistic peers, he doesn’t support the movement of rap that all sounds the same, and he’s reached a point where the only person he’s rapping for is himself. The track features production courtesy of LUNA, and additional vocals from Susiety’s newest artist T R I N I T Y.

The video maintains a very minimalistic vision, with a lot of black-and-white footage, and a lot of improvised shots from around Montreal. The track itself follows a very cinematic progression, starting with Kay’s commentary on getting through his day-to-day struggles. Towards the end of the song, the beat switches up completely. According to Kay the beat switch represents the height of self-awareness, and beginning deal with struggle by letting things go. Watch the “IFWTV” video after the jump, and scope our Q&A with Kay Curtis.

Susiety artist Kay Curtis discusses the importance of self-acceptance & his new

15 Apr

M.I.C. Crates: TopLeft Recordings drops hot new project mixed by DJ Ducats

Toronto, ONTopLeft Recordings presents M.I.C. Crates, mixed by Ottawa’s DJ Ducats. This release features some of Canada’s top underground emcees spitting over classic 90s beats. You can download in as individual MP3s or as one single mix. Click the jump link for the link and track listing. Shouts to Devine for yet another dope release supporting the Canadian scene.

M.I.C. Crates features music by T Gramz, Acetik, T To The D, 9th Uno, Alex Dimez, Staalin, TassNata, Eternia, Sawbuck, Fish Grease, Frankie Payne, J Bru, MIC GUTZ, Chain City, MC Collizhun, Sharky, Labeled Minority and unknown2scientz.

M.I.C. Crates: TopLeft Recordings drops hot new project mixed by DJ Ducats -

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14 Apr

Right But Wrong: Toronto’s ScrapGang (aka SG) preview mixtape with new video

Toronto, ON – While continuing to promote their Already Signed. mixtape, Toronto’s ScrapGang (aka SG) let off new Knemesis-directed visuals in support of their project dropping this summer. You can check out “Right But Wrong” (produced by Scott Supreme) after the jump link below.

Right But Wrong: Toronto's ScrapGang preview Summer mixtape with new video -

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14 Apr

We talked to a bouncer about what it was like working at Canadian Juggalo Weekend

Calgary, AB – The Insane Clown Posse has just finished their final song of the night on the second and final day of the inaugural Canadian Juggalo Weekend.

Dozens of fans remain on stage and in the area in front of it, spraying each other with the bottles of Faygo that were left over from the performance. Diet root-beer seems to have been the main flavour of the Michigan-based soft drink used to drench the crowd tonight, and the entire venue now smells like it.

Empty bottles, feather stuffing from pillows, and other confetti litter the floor. In some area the Faygo puddles are so deep the floor is no longer visible. In most areas the floor has become a mirror, the fresh coat of syrup water providing a crystal clear reflection. In the midst of this scene HipHopCanada’s Jonathan Crane decided to interview one of the bouncers – Raoul R – about his take on the weekend’s events.

We talked to a bouncer about what it was like working at Canadian Juggalo Weekend -

…perhaps the reputation that they have – that juggalos have – might be something blown out of proportion…
– Raoul R, bouncer

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14 Apr

HeatWave pays homage to his heritage & previews album with Young Motsami video

Vancouver, BC – We’ve got some hot new visuals you wont want to miss from Vancouver recording artist, HeatWave. “Young Motsami” is the lead single from Heat’s upcoming album, The Masses Volume 3, which will be out in June. You can watch it now after the jump link below.

Vancouver / Atlanta based artist HeatWave drops off ‘Young Motsami,’ the lead single from his upcoming album The Masses Volume 3. HeatWaves pays homage to his heritage and his African name, given at birth in Thaba-Tseka, Lesotho meaning ‘traveller.’ Not only does this record pay respects to culture but also family, specifically to HeatWave’s mother and his true fans. Visuals shot by Ledoox, give the people of taste of what’s to come on The Masses Volume 3 dropping in June, with pre-orders coming this May. ‘Young Motsami’ catches HeatWave in his bag as he smoothly operates on the beat, telling the people what it took for him to get where he’s at today. Watch ‘Young Motsami’ from HeatWave and tap in with the Atlanta / Vancouver, Canada based artist!

Vancouver's HeatWave pays homage to his heritage & previews album with Young Motsami video -

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