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UNCRWND Volume 4 gearing up to be one of the hottest events in Toronto this May

Toronto, ON – One of our new star contributors, Stefan Calabrese aka CALABRU, has a big event coming up that we’re thrilled … Read More »

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Catching up with Riff Raff: The road from Mad Decent signee to Neon Nation kingpin

Calgary, AB – Today marks the Calgary stop of Houston rapper Riff Raff’s four-month world tour. The Canadian leg, in particular, is … Read More »

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Being a Struggle Rapper isn’t necessarily a bad thing: KIV’s new mixtape explo…

At the beginning of April, London artist KIV dropped a brand new 10-track mixtape titled Struggle Rapper … Read More »

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Here’s what happened during the first ever Canadian Juggalo Weekend

Calgary, AB – It’s Friday afternoon around three o’clock and I’m walking towards Marquee Beer Market & Stage for day one of … Read More »

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Find A Way: Neon Dreams win Canadian Music Radio Award, shine at Juno Week

Find A Way: Neon Dreams win Canadian Music Radio Award, shine at Juno Week


24 Nov

F.E.L.N. – T.O. Noire [Album]

Toronto, ONF.E.L.N. predicted (in the form of a tweet) that his new release wouldn’t be picked up by HipHopCanada. Perhaps it was just a sneaky ploy to get our attention. Either way, we checked out T​.​O. Noire and we like what the up-and-comer has put together. It’s a good showcase of his skillset and highlights his versatlity within different styles and production. His brief bio on Bandcamp gives you a glimpse of what he’s about: “I make music… sometimes it’s rap – sometimes it’s trap & sometimes it’s trip…” Nuff said, check out T.O. Noire via Bandcamp below and be sure to follow @FELNisKING on Twitter.

F.E.L.N. - T.O. Noire [Album] -

24 Nov

Tommy Spitz – Get Busy ft. Boobie Spitz (Prod. Shy Juelz) [Audio] #OneTwoooo

Toronto, ON – King Spitzo shows why he’s one of the most unique talents coming out of the 6 with his new gem “Get Busy” featuring Boobie Spitz (released on Boobie’s birthday). Just weeks after releasing his acclaimed God’s Got My Back EP, the Toronto spitter keeps the new material coming with more projects on the way. Hard copies of the EP as well and merch like hoodies and t-shirts are available. You can contact Tommy Spitz through Facebook or Twitter (@TommySpitz), IG (@MrOneTwoooo) etc. Check out the Shy Juelz-produced “Get Busy” below!

Tommy Spitz - Get Busy ft. Boobie Spitz [Audio] #OneTwoooo -

24 Nov

R.O.Z. – Tough Luv (Prod. 2Epik) [Video] #SOTD

Winnipeg, MB – Our Song of the Day is new music from Winnipeg-based Scarborough-native, R.O.Z., representing EMB and Da Degrees. The 2Epik-produced record is likely to appear on R.O.Z.’s next project although this has yet to be confirmed. Check out “Tough Luv” below and be sure to check out the video, directed by Zac Facts and featuring Big Lean, after the jump link below. The video was originally released later October. Stay tuned for more new music from EMB/Da Degrees.

R.O.Z. - Tough Luv [Audio] #SOTD -

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24 Nov

DJ IV breaks down Halifax Hopscotch Fest featuring Tech N9ne, Lil Jon & more [Review]

Halifax, NS – Halifax’s Hopscotch Festival, like many other festivals, needed a few tender years of growth to help shake the kinks out. In the 4th year running, they added the fuel to the fire they needed to prove that Hopscotch can weather the storm and be a staple festival for Halifax like Manifesto is for Toronto, like Under Pressure was for Montreal… Covering all aspects & elements of urban culture & arts, featuring local artists that have helped mold the scene for decades to new comers who have recently found their passion within the walls of hip-hop, hosting international urban artists, producers, DJs, MCs, break dancers and being able to pack 3 days worth of entertainment into a “something for everybody” city wide adventure.

DJ IV breaks down 2014 Halifax Hopscotch Festival featuring Tech N9ne, Lil Jon & more [Review] -

The 2014 Festival directed towards exposing the local youth to urban arts and culture kicked things off with a soft-opening featuring visual urban art at The Dart Gallery, artist Christian Toth showcased his contributions of paintings, murals & a variety of works from other artists. Some of those artists were also invited to do live art installations for the official grand opening night, a first of it’s kind… Drive In Concert!

DJ IV breaks down 2014 Halifax Hopscotch Festival featuring Tech N9ne, Lil Jon & more [Review] -

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24 Nov

Kaboom Atomic – Easy To Us ft. Def3 & Panda Steve (Prod. The Dirty Sample) [Audio]

Vancouver, BC – A few weeks ago we hit you with the news of a dope collaboration release titled NewClear from Vancouver MC Kaboom Atomic and Calgary producer The Dirty Sample (who you may also know by his rapper alias: Apeface).

Along with the project drop, these dudes released a single off the project titled “Easy To Us” (featuring Def3 and Panda Steve). It’s been almost a month since the launch of NewClear. So if you’re still sleeping on it, you’d best give this joint a listen. It’s a gem. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on it this month. It embodies the very “post apocalyptic raw” lo-fi sound that the homies were aiming for on the project.

Kaboom Atomic - Easy To Us ft. Def3 & Panda Steve (Prod. The Dirty Sample) [Audio] -

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24 Nov

Father at Underkill Thursdays in Vancouver December 11 [News]

Vancouver, BC – Another dope event is happening at Underkill Thursdays at Vancouver’s Killjoy Bar presented Timbre Concerts and Underkill. All the way from ATL, Awful Records producer/emcee Father will make his Vancity debut at Killjoy for an intimate late show on December 11 with DJ Seko and Sailor Gerry.

Tickets can be purchased at or at DIPT, Red Cat Records, Zulu Records and Beat Street Records.

Father at Underkill Thursdays in Vancouver December 11 [News]  -

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24 Nov

West Coast vet Kurupt in Vancouver on December 17 [News]

Vancouver, BC – Blueprint Live is celebrating the two year anniversary of their CO:LAB hip-hop series with a true West Coast legend. Kurupt will be in the house at Venue Night Club on December 17, with Roscoe, on his Moon Rock Tour and we’re happy to be apart of this event.

Oh, did we mention it’s free with RSVP? There’s no reason not to make it on December 17th so head here to reserve your tickets.

The evening will see a few performances by our pals DJ Flipout, Spac3man, JC Subliminal, Pimpton and more. Check out the official event poster below.

Kurupt in Vancouver December 17 [News]  -

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24 Nov

Lord Diamonds – Change Of The Guard ft. Moka Only & Michael Rushden [Video]

Vancouver, BC – After being featured on Kool Keith‘s latest single Walk On Water this past September, electronic alternative hip hop duo Lord Diamonds and Michael Rushden are back with a video for their new single Change Of The Guard. The Vancouver emcees are joined by the super-talented DJ Weezl and one of the most recognizable names in Canadian hip hop – Moka Only.

Known for his original yet sometimes boundary pushing concepts, Lord Diamonds video claims to be directly influenced by some of his favorite movies growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s. Off the bat, you can tell this isn’t your standard hip hop video and it’s refreshing to see that. Creativity will always stand out and this new video is a perfect example of that statement.

Take in the dope visual below and be sure to check out the remix by Kutmasta Kurt available alongside the video version of the track on iTunes November 26th.

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23 Nov

Zach Taylor – Cool If I Tried [Audio]

Calgary, AB – Calgary up-and-comer Zach Taylor recently hit us with his latest single release titled “Cool If I Tried.” For the record – Zach is only 17 years old. So he’s still finding his flow and delivery, and all of that. But for a cat who’s still in his teens, Zach is ridiculously self-aware.

This song is a bit of a nod to Shad – it’s very self-deprecating. Zach delivers a thoughtful joint about being supremely uncool. He also manages to subtly poke fun at cats who try way too hard to achieve cool status. Check this line: “On Instagram/ Don’t post much about the studio/ But when I do/ Gotta use hashtag: #DrizzyFlow.”

Zach Taylor - Cool If I Tried [Audio] -

22 Nov

Yelawolf’s Slumerican Made Tour hits Vancouver (Live Review) [Photos]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published November 18, 2014 – Stepping into Venue Nightclub on Granville Street this past Saturday for Yelawolf’s Slumerican Made Tour with Rittz and local act Northwest Division, I could immediately feel the excitement in the room. The energy was bright and the excitement was contagious.

Often, the opening act in Vancouver don’t necessarily fit the bill. This night particular however, that was not the case. At all. There simply is not a Vancouver hip-hop group more appropriate for the Yelawolf opening slot than Northwest Division. Having just released their Stay Sharp mixtape and still buzzing from sharing a stage with Mobb Deep three weeks prior, Junk and Hungry had their game faces on. Their crisp, razor sharp flows primed the audience for what they came to see; staccato double-time bounce raps and these two proved they can keep up with the likes of the heavyweights they were opening for.

Yelawolf's Slumerican Made Tour hits Vancouver (Live) [Review/Photos]

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