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Checking in with Rushden Diamonds [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – From ripping stages around the globe to collaborating with some of the most influential emcees to the culture, Lord … Read More »

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Talented producer, UTVMG’s Acres killed in Calgary; suspect charged [News]

Calgary, AB – Canada has lost another talented artist to violence. Producer Jaimend Roberto Orellana-Sincuir, also known as Acres, was shot multiple … Read More »

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Home of the Brave: Rezzi talks bullying, new mixtape & more [Interview]

Toronto, ON – For the past couple of years, a Toronto teenager has become a strong voice for speaking out against bullying. … Read More »

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There Is Only Now: Souls of Mischief hit the stage in Calgary [Review]

Calgary, AB – On Feb. 11, the good people over at Blueprint Live brought Souls of Mischief to Comonwealth Bar & Stage … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Knucklehead – Take It From There (Dir. Fozz) [Video]

Knucklehead – Take It From There (Dir. Fozz) [Video]


22 Dec

DillanPonders – Grunge (Prod. GoldSoulBeats) [Audio]

Toronto, ON - DillanPonders just hit us with his latest single release titled “Grunge.” If you’re even slightly familiar with DP, you’ll know that he is the closest thing to grunge hip-hop you’ll find – both in character and musicality. He’s deliberately untidy and uncoordinated. And his outlook is pretty bleak – I mean, the dude lives in a winter wonderland 24/7. And by winter wonderland, I mean white powder. And by white powder, I mean cocaine. DillanPonders is the grunge lord.

This track kicks off with some sludgy chords on a GoldSoulBeats beat. And then DP comes in on the grunge raps: “Hair like Britney/ Nose full of Christina.” For the record, neither Britney Spears nor Christina Aguilera were particularly grunge. But Dillan’s rocking a new blonde dreadlocked do that’s kind of reminiscent of Britney…..bitch. And his nose is blown up with coke (aka: Christina Aguilera).

DillanPonders - Grunge (Prod. GoldSoulBeats) [Audio] -

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22 Dec

CrazyCstyle & Young Hustlez – One Day ft. Marv Won [Video]

Vancouver, BC – After Performing a recent show on Vancouver Island, West Coast Canada’s Young Hustlez, and CrazyCstyle release “One Day” featuring Marv Won, a well known and respected name in hip-hop. Check it out after the jump.

One Day - CrazyCstyle & Young Hustlez feat. Marv Won - [Video] -

22 Dec

Scope G – Creature Creator [Video]

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver-based artist Scope G releases his debut visuals, “Creature Creator,” for his project New Realm. The video is directed and edited by Scope, and it features the upcoming artist performing shortened versions of 2 self-produced songs, “Ego Eye” and “Retrograde.” With a unique and peculiar vibe, the video briefly lays out the story-line of New Realm, where a creature and a human in parallel universes become one. Expect the New Realm project to drop later in 2015. Check out the video after the jump.

Scope G - Creature Creator [Video] -

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21 Dec

David Versis – Kill The Lights [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Toronto rapper-producer David Versis just released a new single on us titled “Kill The Lights.”

This release comes to us following some very exciting news for Versis: he did production work on Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood album, which has just been nominated for a 2015 Grammy. Huge shout-out to Versis on that one, and for putting himself on the map. Dude’s been making waves on the scene for the last few years so it’s so dope to see him getting that shine. Other recent Versis credits include work on Yo Gotti and T.I.’s monstrous “King Sh*t” joint.

But let’s backtrack to this “Kill The Lights” release, here. Versis hits us with a suave R&B–tinged sexy sex song that was self-produced in conjunction with Mikhail. Despite the sexy undertones, this song is actually really sad because the whole “kill the lights” thing refers to a relationship fizzling out. David is pretty shook up.

David Versis - Kill The Lights [Audio] -

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20 Dec

K-Riz – Is It Real (Prod. JDats) [Video]

Edmonton, AB – Last week K-Riz released his latest video single for “Is It Real.” This track comes to us off K-Riz’s forthcoming mixtape titled The Low: Side B, which is due out in mid-January 2015.

This track clears up any and all misconceptions you might have about becoming a famous person. Think of this video as an educational tell-all for rappers on the come-up. K-Riz gives us a real commentary about what can happen when fame takes over and slams you in the solar plexus.

What starts off as dream to get girls, money, cars, and love gets a little convoluted along the way. The track was produced by JDats, and the video was directed, filmed and produced by Jeff Eckert for Cold Island Productions. Check it out after the jump.

K-Riz - Is It Real (Prod. by JDats) [Video] -

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19 Dec

Dark Planet Collective – P.U.S.H [Video]

St. John’s, NL – Back in October, the Dark Planet Collective duo (aka: rapper Blue Wolf and producer Frankly GlowBrains) released a fresh video single titled “P.U.S.H.” “P.U.S.H” is an acronym for Persevere, Unite, Sacrifice and Hustle – by the way.

Dark Planet Collective - P.U.S.H [Audio] -

19 Dec

Deuce Fantastick – Immortal [Video]

Edmonton, AB – “Immortal. Death I will defy / if my music lives forever / then I’m never gonna die.” Peep Game’s Deuce Fantastick, spits gems in his latest video “Immortal.” Directed by Jeff Eckert, the video includes serene visuals from Edmonton’s infamous High Level Bridge and the grounds [outside of] the Alberta Legislative Building. Beautiful locations for a night-time shoot.

In his own words, Deuce takes us through his journey from the beginning; his hunger for the culture, his influences that came before him, and the struggles along the way. Produced by Xian (Prettidope Entertainment) and Fantastick Vylintz Productions, “Immortal” is the second single off of Deuces’s latest album My Fantastick Reality, which is currently available on iTunes. Show Deuce some love and peep the video after the jump.

Deuce Fantastick - Immortal [Video]-

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19 Dec

Kryple – So Confused [Audio]

Edmonton, AB – In support of his upcoming solo-album Anger Management, Doom Squad’s Kryple recently dropped his second single “So Confused.” With an assist from Edmonton’s mix-master Nato Down, Kryple elicits his talent in his self-produced beat. Not only capable of creating beats that knock (you need to check his Facebook page, for real), Kryple’s lyric-game is clean.

I lost the love, will I feel it again / If I quit rappin’ would these people round me still be my friends / Its like a job tryin’ to separate the real from pretend / I got blood on my hands but no guilt on my conscience / Weight on my shoulders, I’m built for the nonsense.”

Kryple - So Confused [Audio]-

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19 Dec

AllxDay – Come Ride ft. DreDay [Audio]

Edmonton, ABAllxDay brings us a lil’ R&B flavour with “Come Ride” featuring DreDay. The excess of luxury is at an all time high in hip-hop and this track caters to all that glitters; fast whips, stacks, and swag for days. The bravdo is real for both AllxDay and DreDay; letting the ladies know that if you’re down to ride with a real one, then look no further. Take a listen below.

AllxDay ft. DreDay - Come Ride [Audio]-

19 Dec

Rashid St. James – Yung Tetsuo (Berry Gordy) (Prod. 4:44) [Audio]

Toronto, ONRashid St. James just released a monster new single titled “Yung Tetsuo (Berry Gordy).” This single was featured on the recently released SmashMouth Mentality Vol. 2 compilation tape put out by our friends over at SmashMouth Music Group. Check it out.

Rashid St. James - Yung Tetsuo (Berry Gordy)(Prod. 4:44) [Audio] -

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