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50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Migos, DJ Mustard, Night Lovell & more to perform at Bluesfest 20…

Ottawa, ON – RBC Bluesfest 2017 has some big names coming to Ottawa, some for their National Capital Region … Read More »

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HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 20

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify in 2016 and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every single … Read More »

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Rick Ross wants you to know that success is yours if you’re bold enough to take it

Empires aren’t built over night, and the decade-long career of Rick Ross has been an unwavering and … Read More »

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Drake & Nineteen85 win 2 Grammy Awards for “Hotline Bling”

UPDATE: In a what will definitely come as a surprise to some, Chance The Rapper beat out Drake’s chart topping album Views … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews releases “Just Another Love Story” video; pens himself a letter

Quake Matthews releases “Just Another Love Story” video; pens himself a letter


9 Dec

Justin Trash is making hype music for Toronto with “YONGE AND FINCH”

Toronto, ON – Originally born in Scarborough, Ontario, Justin Trash spent 8 years living in Colorado, Illinois, and California before settling again in Toronto. This might conclusively be why his music is a concoction of multiple influences. You might recognize Justin as one member of Korean trio, UPTO₩N, which is its’ own hotpot of sounds and musicians. 

He considers himself a representation of uptown Toronto, and specifically the little Korea town. His newest release “YONGE AND FINCH” represents the journey which has lead him back to uptown. The track was produced by Too Raw Entertainment, and mixed by Roc Lee. Check out “YONGE AND FINCH” below, and expect more hype music from the rapper.

Justin Trash is making hype music for Toronto on YONGE AND FINCH -

9 Dec

Jazz Cartier just dropped his new single “Pree” & you need to hear it

Toronto, ON – Yesterday Jazz Cartier hit us with his latest single release titled “Pree” (produced by Lantz) as a subtle shot fired at all the haters, talkers, and biters.

“Pree” is a Patois term used in reference to people who stay watching and whispering; the people who keep tabs, pay attention, and (unfortunately often) try to copy what other tastemakers are doing.

It seems like Jazz has a bit of beef with how Toronto’s been responding to his recent success: “Ya’ll should follow my steps/ ‘Til y’all niggas get left/ Man it’s been a long time since I seen the city/ I’ve been outta town/ Makin’ plays, catchin’ K’s, never outta bounds/ Tried to tell ’em/ They never listened/ That’s just how it goes.”

There’s no arguing that 2016 has been the year of Jazz Cartier. While so many other Canadian artists were out there trying to replicate the OVO model, Jazz stayed in his own lane and became a torchbearer for an entirely new Northern sound. Now guys are trying to replicate what Jazz is doing, and he’s calling ’em out on it.

Jazz Cartier just dropped his new single

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9 Dec

HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 10

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify earlier this year, and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every single week.

Each Friday we’ll hit you with a Canadian urban music playlist curated by our Associate Editor In Chief, Sarah Jay. Every week Sarah will be putting together a 38-track weekly selection of new releases, classic favourites, throwbacks, and songs she’s playing heavy on rotation.

This week’s playlist is our special Canadian rap-UK grime crossover edition. In addition to all the dope new Canadian releases on rotation here, Sarah has also included a handful of collaboration tracks between Canadian rap artists and UK grime artists: Toronto artist Smoke Dawg’s “Overseas” collaboration with Skepta, Wiley’s “U Were Always, Pt. 2” with Skepta and Belly, and Saskilla’s “Grime In Japan” with Canadian grime artist Tre Mission, Manga and Wiley. We also featured a solo cut titled “Moxie” from Vancouver grime artist Maka.

Vol. 10 also features several new records that just dropped that we’re super excited about including Jazz Cartier’s “PREE”, Immerze’s “Ying Ying”, TOBi’s “LiBRA”, Sammy Keys’ “Let’s Talk”, CJ Flemings’ “Highlight”, and Moka Only’s “Somethin’ For Warmth” off the just-released Martian XMAS 2016 project.

Check out the playlist and tracklist for Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 10 below, and make sure you go follow us on Spotify.

We also want to take a minute to send a shout-out to Spotify Canada for using Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks as reference for their new Northern Bars playlist.

HipHopCanada is now on Spotify: Listen to our debut weekly playlist curated by Sarah Jay -

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8 Dec

Perfect Timing: EMP dropped their second official single & you need to hear it

Toronto, ON – Last week HNHH premiered “Perfect Timing” as the second official single release by Toronto/Brampton supergroup EMP.

In case you’re not familiar, EMP is a trio consisting of vocalist Pree, rapper Milly Manson, and super-producer Eestbound. The trio’s sound is anchored by Eestbound’s signature production; glitches, distortion, drum swings, bass slides, and heavy kicks. You can’t even box these guys into a sub-genre at this point because their sound is so distinctly EMP.

The group has blown on to the scene as the face of the next generation of Toronto rap. Their first single “Rebellion” serves as the group’s mission statement.

They’re inciting a rebellion and giving a voice to all the youths in game who’ve (unfortunately) come up thinking that Drake and OVO are the only things that can ever be synonymous with Canadian urban music. That’s not that case at all. These guys are the face of what the new wave of music sounds like.

“Perfect Timing” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. Check out the track below.

Perfect Timing: EMP dropped their single official single & you need to hear it -

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8 Dec

You need to hear this new track “LiBRA” by Brampton artist TOBi

Brampton, ON – Fresh off the release of his monstrous Fyi EP, Brampton artist TOBi recently dropped his latest single titled “LiBRA” (produced by Nahum).

For the record, Libra is considered to be the most desired sign in the zodiac. Libras are generally loved by everyone ever.

“LiBRA” is a very vulnerable record for TOBi. He uses this track to give himself permission to be a soft, mushy romantic. He sticks to his soulful M.O., but takes things to the next level.

This song is one of the most beautiful, optimistic, cozy love songs I’ve heard in a long time. It radiates rays of sunshine and cute-sy barf-y love. This song is on some dancing by moonlight, growing old together tip: “You my right-hand/ But your left/ Add a ring to it/ Your first name, my last name/ Got a nice ring to it, don’t it?” Check out “LiBRA” below and feel some type of way.

You need to hear this new track

7 Dec

Tommy SPITZ enlists Chinkz Rrahh for new KinSmuv-produced single, “Anxiety”

Toronto, ON – We just received a new KinSmuv-produced banger from veteran Toronto rapper Tommy SPITZ. It rhetorically asks, “is you the dope head or the dope pusher? There’s only 2 options” – touching on the “Anxiety” that comes from both lifestyles. “Where the fuck did my summer go?

The Chinkz Rrahh-assisted record is slated to appear on Spitzo’s Progression EP dropping sometime in 2017. We’ll have more details for you when they’re available but for now check out “Anxiety” below. #OneTwoooo

7 Dec

In the Mix: Ottawa’s DJ Ducats to make possible return to radio with new show

Ottawa, ON – Ottawa hip-hop fans will be happy to hear the news of DJ Ducats making a possible return to radio in the near future. The seasoned vet served the nation’s capital with “Straight Hip Hop, No Fluff!” for literally decades, holding down a prime spot on CKCU 93.1 FM’s Friday night schedule. Now it seems like he has a new show in the works, but that has yet to be officially confirmed and details haven’t been provided (despite sending over a detailed list of questions). Having known Ducats for years, I decided to call his bluff and see how he would respond to me making a post about my assumption. The “rumour” came in the form of a cryptic message I received along with a recent mix. I asked, “So does that mean you’ll start a new show soon?” To which he replied, “I’m just focusing on this new mix at the moment.” If nothing else, this is a push to see him get back on the air.

If he does, he could be bringing back his last gig – The Peaceful Journey, which was a staple in the Ottawa community for years – or starting something totally new. Either way, if you ever checked out The Journey, you’ll know his next venture we’ll be worth tuning in to.

In a Metro article published back in 2007, his show was described as a key support base for local talent and a go-to stop for Ottawa heads looking to discover the latest big records making the rounds: “Since it started in 1996 on CKCU 93.1 FM, the hip-hop show has been a staple for those interested in discovering the freshest tracks from local and international artists. Ducats, and his on-air crew including Arun, Ill Real and Val, pride themselves on giving Ottawa hip-hop lovers something a little different.

In any event, this mix is incredibly dope and another reason why we need Ducats to return to the airwaves. Check it out after the jump link below.

Veteran Ottawa DJ Ducats to make possible return to radio; new mix dope but offers no clues -
DJ Ducats

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7 Dec

Ottawa artist Sammy Keys talks about his feelings & breaks down his new track “Let’s Talk”

Ottawa, ON – 17 year old Ottawa artist and friENDly collective member Sammy Keys recently released a new Abel Beats produced single titled “Let’s Talk” as his third official release.

“Let’s Talk” is a love song about all the scary emotions that go hand-in-hand with realizing you’ve caught feelings. The song was written this past summer when Sammy fell for a female unlike any other female he’d ever met. He linked up with Abel Beats on the production and delivered one of the most feel-good love jams I’ve heard in a minute.

For a guy who’s still in his youth, Sammy knows more about love than most grown ass adults. Check out “Let’s Talk” below, and scope our Q&A with Sammy after the jump.

Ottawa artist Sammy Keys breaks down his new track

6 Dec

Toronto’s Keffaleng makes impressive debut with trap soul EP, Still Shanti

Toronto, ON – Strong production, hook-laden, smooth harmonies; just some of the qualities that make the trap-soul EP Still Shanti one of the most intriguing new projects to be released in what is turning out to be a highly competitive and gem-laden fourth quarter.

Toronto up-and-comer Keffaleng is already making waves across the border – garnering the attention of ThisIs50, ITSBIZKIT, DJ Enuff, to name a few – and his new project is sure to give his homegrown fanbase a boost.

Powered by CVRE, with support from producers Nahum (“Our Year”) and Vinnyx (“D.K.M.B.”), the Still Shanti EP offers a rich sound which dedicates significant song space to letting the beat ride and really emphasizing the quality of the production. Mixing credits go to Seth Dyer and Kaz. Dyer also mastered the project.

If you’re unfamiliar with Keffa, Still Shanti serves as the perfect introduction to what the DPXND-artist is all about. You can check it out below or find it now on iTunes and Spotify.

Toronto's Keffaleng makes impressive debut with trap soul EP, Still Shanti -

6 Dec

“Off That” is the vibey new single from ninetyfour

Vancouver, BC – Following the release of his latest video “Never Much Love” ninetyfour sets a tone with his new single “Off That” produced by Jahmal Gittens. Dropped on Soundcloud last week, “Off That” is a fresh new joint that has been included on the re-release It’s Yours – available on Spotify now.

Stream the track on Soundcloud below or peep the entire album on Spotify here.

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