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MGK laces up for Iron Mic in Edmonton [Review] #IronMic

Edmonton, AB – On Apr. 19, Pearl Entertainment delivered the first Iron Mic Music Festival at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Western Canada’s biggest indoor … Read More »

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Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch bring the Wu Block to Edmonton [Photos] #IronMic

Edmonton, AB – On Apr. 19, Pearl Entertainment brought the first ever Iron Mic Music Festival to the Edmonton Expo Centre. The festival … Read More »

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T.R.A. talks new album Crazy 8′s, SARS Network updates, touring & more [Intervi…

Toronto, ON – Originally published April 10, 2014 – I met Toronto rapper T.R.A., aka Tha Rhyme Animal, in person for the … Read More »

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Anno Domini talks production success & advice for aspiring CDN producers [Interview]

London, UK – In the early 2000′s, when the relationship between hip-hop and the internet really began to flourish, many aspiring MCs … Read More »

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I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]

I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]


27 Feb

Deffine – Shut Up [Video]

Edmonton, AB – Edmonton MC Deffine just dropped visuals for his track “Shut Up” off his forthcoming New Definition project. So we start off with him looking all bummed out. Looks like the dude has writer’s block. And then his notepad starts talking to him. And then (by the mastery of our media guru, Sonik), a cartoon embodiment of Deffine appears on said notepad and starts spitting bars at writer’s-blocked Deffine.

So he gets a bit sketched out. Because his notepad is rapping at him. You feel me? That ish isn’t normal. But cartoon Deffine has some pretty hungry bars. He’s holding his ground as a YEG MC. Me thinks this is why it’s called “Shut Up.” Because Deffine wants us to take the time to listen to what he has to say. And just like that, the song’s written itself. Writer’s block, solved. Thanks, cartoon notepad embodiment of Deffine. The video was directed by Sonik, and the track was produced by Dunna. Check it out below.

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27 Feb

Clas’sick – MindSet [Video]

Toronto, ON – Toronto’s own Clas’sick recently dropped some new visuals for his track “MindSet.” It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a look at the MindSet of Clas’sick. He gets in over some spaced-out production, and spits some serious T-Dot-representing bars. He’s keeps things mellow, but hits hard with that flow. And here’s my two cents: his word-enunciation is kind of borderline-Andre 3000. Trust. It’s dope. The video was shot and edited by Carlos “Suave Crooks” de Sousa for L.A. Familia Productions. Check it below.

27 Feb

Billionaire B – Canadian Nights & Domaine Romanee [Review]

Vancouver, BC - Billionaire B pays his respects to the true North and to exquisite French wine with a stellar, chilled -out 18 track album titled Canadian Nights & Domaine Romanee Conti. Sexy hooks, smooth beats and a laid back flow, this is one to pair with something nice to smoke, a bottle of something expensive and someone fly to get comfortable with. You feel where this is going? You don’t always have to throw on The Weeknd after dark to get your girl in the mood. Aside from several interludes scattered throughout this can be listened to top to bottom while you practice making babies…assuming ya’ll can make it last for 18 tracks.

billionaire be - canadian night & domaine romanee [review]

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26 Feb

Josh Martinez – Cross That Road (Epidemiks Remix)

Vancouver, BC – Last last year we teamed up with Camobears Records to challenge all producers to remix “Cross That Road” from Josh Martinez‘s most recent album, Blotto. The result is a fresh take on the track brought to you by Epidemiks. In case you need to be reminded to cop that Blotto we’ve included the link here and the Epidemiks remix can be heard below.

josh martinez - cross that road (remix)

26 Feb

H-TRAIN – Shut Up [Video]

Vancouver, B.C – “Shut Up” is the first song and video from H-TRAIN off the SpaceH Mixtape, which will be released early this summer. Produced by Young and New Music, shot by Lawn Party Films, and edited by Self Hired Productions – check the video below!

26 Feb

Evrlove Blake – Krow x All Gold ft. Evrlove Corey F [Video]

Edmonton, ABEvrlove Blake has just launched his latest visuals to hype you up for the release of his rookie Triangles, Circles & Squares project (which drops on Friday). These visuals include two tracks off the upcoming tape: “Krow” and “All Gold.”

The video was filmed and directed by Levente Kovacs of LK Visuals. Instrumental production for “Krow” comes courtesy of Keraya Beats, and production for “All Gold” was done by AdothaGod. Sound production was done by Graham Smith (aka: Evrlove Ripshred). Check it below.

26 Feb

SoULBOi – Make U Love Me [Audio]

Vancouver, B.C – “Make U Love Me” is the latest single, produced, written, re-composed, re-sampled, re-interpolated, preformed, recorded, sequenced, drum sampling, mixed and mastered by SoULBOi for Rise Of My Inspirational Music. Check it out below.


Soulboi - make u love me <p class=Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


26 Feb

Applied Sciences – A.P.S.C. [Audio]

Oakville, ONApplied Sciences just dropped their debut self-titled single entitled “A.P.S.C.” For a debut single, this is really dope. The Oakville-based trio manages to establish their sound as a conglomeration on hip-hop and jazz, with a smidge of ska influence. Actually a lot of ska influence. Not just within the production, but in their rhyme schemes, as well.

And keep your ear to the ground. Because these dudes are gearing up to launch their debut Live From 55 album. And it sounds like they’ll be dropping some new singles on us next month, too. So give “A.P.S.C.” a listen below.

26 Feb

Evrlove Blake: All about those Triangles, Circles, and Squares [Article]

Edmonton, AB – On Feb. 28, Edmonton’s own Evrlove Blake (of the Evrlove crew) releases his rookie Triangles, Circles & Squares mixtape. It’s been eight months since Evrlove Blake first told me about his tape. And I’ve been impatiently waiting for it, ever since. Evrlove Blake first flew on to my radar in spring 2013 with his visuals for “Empty Glxss” and “Interpretation.”He teamed up with Evrlove Corey F and Kryple for one video with two sides: the turned-up party anthem that was “Empty Glxss,” and the thought-provoking feelers-inducing “Interpretation.” I was feeling it.

Then there was that time when he decided to put his own spin on Kendrick Lamar’s monstrous “Control” verse. And admittedly, it was the only “Control” response verse that I ended up posting on HipHopCanada. Because it wasn’t even a response to K-Dot. It was a whole new track unto itself: “Artist.” It wasn’t a scenario of, “Oh, let’s take Kendrick’s verse and plug in some new rhymes and sound angry and stuff.” Because most cats were doing that. Blake actually took the time to craft an entirely different flow, and a gnarly set of lyrics, to match. He even brought Corey F into it all. And Corey put  this “Verses turn cynical/ Your progression is minimal” line on to the track’s hook. I assume it was intended to poke fun at every single person trying to respond to Kendrick.

Evrlove Blake: All about those Triangles, Circles, and Squares [Article] -

[Evrlove is] more like a brotherhood now; a way of living. Evrliving. Evrlife. Evrdoing something. Forevr chasing what you want to do.” – Evrlove Blake

26 Feb

Doctor J – Italian Leather [Audio]

Montreal, QC – Real City’s Doctor J keeps consistent and releases another new track this week. The song titled “Italian Leather” finds the young emcee displaying his dope wordplay over a smooth 90′s inspired instrumental. Take it in below and tune in for another new joint next week!


Doctor J - Italian Leather [Audio] -

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