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#DearRappers: Quit fronting [Article]

Vancouver, BC – In a world made up of internet fame, Twitter followers and Instagram acclaim , the term “fake it ’till … Read More »

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The Kendrick Lamar experience at Pemberton Music Festival 2014 [Review]

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 18, Kendrick Lamar came through Pemberton Music Festival 2014 to perform a set at the Mt. Currie … Read More »

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Here’s what happened when Snoop Dogg rolled through Pemberton Music Festival [Review…

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 19, Snoop Dogg (aka: Snoop Lion, Snoopzilla, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoopadelic,, etc, etc, etc) rolled through Pemberton … Read More »

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ScHoolboy Q makes his Canadian debut at Pemberton Music Festival [Review]

Pemberton, BC – On Jul. 18, T.D.E.’s own ScHoolboy Q made his Canadian debut at Pemberton Music Festival 2014. Q has admittedly … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]

Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]


28 May

Asher Roth hits Vancouver June 25 [News]

Vancouver, BC - Originally published May 16, 2014 - Remember when Asher Roth loved College? Well he’s all grown up now and on his business touring the globe to promote his most recent release RETROHASH and guess what Vancity? You’re gonna get a piece of the Roth pie.

Timbre Concerts is bringing the Pennsylvania boy through Fortune Sound on June 25 – naturally sponsored by HipHopCanada – and we want to make sure you know what’s up. Tickets are available at Red Cat, Zulu, Highlife and Beatstreet or online here. Don’t fall asleep (in the bread aisle) on this show, it’s sure to be a good one. Meet and greet tickets also available. Hit the jump for more details.


Asher Roth hits Vancouver on June 25 [News]  -

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28 May

Seth Dyer – First Flight [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Epsilon Virginis MC Seth Dyer recently dropped his second single release entitled “First Flight.” Seth comes in on some poppy electro-trap production (courtesy of EpicNAverage), and hits us with a combination of rap bars and pop vocals. Right off the bat, Seth establishes himself as an artist – not a rapper. Important distinction. Actually, the Epsilon Virginis collective of kinfolk aims to establish new creative renaissance involving music, visual art and creative content. Which you got to give daps to. Changing the rap game is tricky business, these days.

Seth understands the necessity that is a solid hook. “First Flight” will get stuck in your head. He’s also got some great one-liners. Like that whole, “I’m a rock/ Like my first name Chris” thing. Because – you know – Chris Rock, and all that. Seth is currently gearing up for forthcoming IX EP release this summer, as well as a full project entitled Actaeon. So keep it locked on those, and peep the new single below.


Seth Dyer - First Flight [Audio] -

28 May

Droop-E – OG (Prod. BatmanOnTheBeat) [Video]

Vallejo, CA – SmashMouth’s own BatmanOnTheBeat, originally from Winnipeg but now a resident of Los Angeles, is one of the latest Canadian producers garnering attention south of the border. Batman is the producer behind E-40′s son Droop-E’s latest single, “OG.” The track is expected to appear on Droop-E’s next album, The Portal. Check out the video after the jump link.

Droop-E - OG [Video] -

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28 May

Wild Pitch: 50 Cent says he’s a Hustler, “Not a Damn Ball Player” [Video]

New York, NY – Throwing the first pitch at a ball came can be a great honour but it can also lead to cringing and ridicule. As 50 Cent found out Tuesday night, messing up a first pitch in the age of social media will not go unnoticed – especially in front of your home borough of Queens!

“50 Cent is not a baseball player. He made that clear last night (May 27) at New York’s Citi Field when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the New York Mets played the Pittsburgh Pirates. Well, tried to throw out the first pitch.

Unfortunately, 50′s throw was pretty bad, like maybe one of the worst first pitches of all time. People on Twitter were even polling whether he was worse than Tara, the ‘ninja cat’ or Carly Rae Jepsen, whose pitch also didn’t go so well.”

[Find out additional details at]

After the pitch was all said and done, Fif hoped on Twitter to poke fun at himself, reminding fans: “I’m a hustler not a Damn ball player. LMAO.” And that was followed by: “The sh!t almost hit the camera man damn, if you look close you can see them moving the plate. Lol…”

50 Cent is currently preparing for the release of his fifth studio album, Animal Ambition, on June 3, 2014. Click the jump link below to see the pitch and more commentary.

Wild Pitch: 50 Cent says he's a Hustler, Not a Damn Ball Player [Video] -

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28 May

DillanPonders – XXX (Remix) ft. Ziba [Audio]

Toronto, ON – T-Dot MC DillanPonders just dropped this ill remix of “XXX” off the NUMB EP. Dillan teams up with UK-based vocalist Ziba and producer Steve Bonas for a downright esoteric take on the track. The original non-remixed joint features minimal production, which brings Dillan’s flow (which is like 58,495,742,8542 bars per minute) to the forefront (you can peep the video for that over here, by the way).

But by bringing Ziba and Bonas into the mix, DP makes “XXX” into a completely different track. I love Ziba on the hook so much, by the way. I felt like the original track was more of a lonely-solo-drug-binge joint; because it was just DP musing about his substance use by himself. But the added female vocals make it seem less lonely. Dillan’s sophomore LP, The Boy Who Lived, is scheduled to drop in August via SmashMouth Music Group. So keep it locked on that. And peep the remix below.


DillanPonders - XXX (Remix) ft. Ziba [Audio] -

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28 May

Snoop and Seth Rogen get blunted and recap Game of Thrones [Video]

Los Angeles, CA – In case you missed it, Snoop Dogg brought Seth Rogen to the infamous GGN Desk. While the full interview has yet to be published, Snoop’s already released footage of him and Seth chopping up about the latest Game of Thrones episode – “I fuck with the Game of Thrones, that’s my shit!

*SPOILER ALERT* If you’re actively watching Game of Thrones and haven’t caught up to the latest Episode in Season 4 – this will ruin a lot of it for you.

But as Seth suggests in the clip, HBO should seriously consider running weekly updates about the show from Snoop… too funny! Check out the video after the jump.

Snoop and Seth Rogen get blunted and recap Game of Thrones [Video] -

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28 May

Church Chizzle – #4sixteenAM [Mixtape]

Toronto, ON#4sixteenAM is the latest mixtape release from Toronto’s own Church Chizzle. The 18-track project features work from various producers including BlackGhost Beats, RL BoWes, Manolo & Guinness, YBGB and Drum’N Coke. Guest appearances include Naturally Born Strangers – Adam Bomb and Rich Kidd, Trinity Chris, mDeezy, C-Flowz, Michael Mazzé and Seth Dyer. Click the jump link below to check out #sixteenAM now via DatPiff or SoundCloud.

Church Chizzle - #4sixteenAM [Mixtape] -

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28 May

Church Chizzle – Believe Me (Freestyle) [Audio]

Toronto, ONChurch Chizzle is back with a new track discussing life issues, relations with women and the newly released #4sixteenAM mixtape. For this one Church goes in on Lil Wayne and Drake’s popular “Believe Me” instrumental, co-produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz.


Church Chizzle - Believe Me (Freestyle) [Audio] -

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28 May

Dead Rappers Society presents: Davee Jonez video premiere for “Bettering” [News]

Toronto, ON – Last week the Dead Rappers Society threw a celebratory party at the #Hashtag Gallery to premiere a music video directed by Ben Gregor for the track “Bettering” by rapper Davee Jonez. The humble-yet-driven Chris Gayle (aka: Davee Jonez) explained his meeting Ben and getting involved with DRS. “I met Ben from recording at Sketch studios when Micheal -an engineer I work with – gave him some of my music and he liked my sound; I still don’t know why,” said Jonez. “He basically reached out to me and next thing I knew I was shooting my first video and it came out pretty dope. Then he emails me and telling me they’re throwing a cool shindig for my first video along with the other two DRS productions.”

Jonez saw Toronto-based Smash Brovaz producer-MC, Junia-T, at the party, and Junia-T expressed appreciation for the work Jonez was doing and asked to keep in touch. “Still I’m wondering what’s going on and the video plays and it all hits me. This is what I was born to do,” said Jonez. “Working with Ben was the coolest experience and he really helped me become the artist I am today from that one experience. I honestly can’t wait to see what else we can come up with.” Peep the new video, and see how the premiere went down after the jump.

DRS Presents: Davee Jonez - Bettering [Video] -

Still I’m wondering what’s going on, and then the video plays and it all hits me. This is what I was born to do. ” – Davee Jonez

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28 May

Swisslizz & Space H – Swerve [Audio]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published May 27, 2014 – Check out this new track by Swisslizz & Space H called “Swerve”. It is produced by Swisslizz and will definitely be a good summer track – check it below.


Swisslizz & Space H - Swerve [Audio] -

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