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Back 4 Blood: Ridgeway’s own Gudini returns with a new EP you won’t want to mi…

Toronto, ON – Gudini (who has also gone by the name Davinci) of the R-Way camp returns with a new hard-hitting EP … Read More »

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Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks: 10 new songs you need to hear on Spotify this week

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada recently relaunched Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks on Spotify. And this week we’re back with 10 new releases you … Read More »

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Coach Fresh: Maestro Fresh Wes talks new LP, TEDx, honorary diploma & more

Toronto, ON – From the opening effects on “Put Ya Guard Up,” to the “Skyscrapers (Remix)” that brings it to a wrap, … Read More »

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Casper TNG to headline New Year’s Eve pre-party in Ottawa on Dec. 29

Ottawa, ON – Toronto based Menace Muzik Group recently announced a New Year’s Eve pre-party in Ottawa featuring a headline performance by … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award


24 Jul

LSC artists Negus & zsay just dropped a song about their “God Complex”

Brampton, ON – Last week LSC artists Negus and zsay released a brand new collaborative single titled “God Complex” (produced by SwisherLord).

Negus and zsay use “God Complex” to compare themselves to superheroes. It’s not a flossy song though. It’s about being a superhero on the low and knowing what you’re capable of. And just because you’re capable of greatness and can save the world, it doesn’t mean you need to tell everyone: “I’m a superhero, baby girl/ And you didn’t even know it/ I know I can go and save the world/ Got these powers/ Never show it.”

And that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the LSC squad. They’ve always stayed extremely humble, to the point of self-deprecation. This is probably the closest thing to a flex song we’ve seen from the guys… and they called it “God Complex” because they don’t want to gas themselves up like that.

LSC artists Negus & zsay just dropped a song about their

24 Jul

Troy Phoenix had to hit like he’s “Barry Bonds” in his new video release

Toronto, ON – Last week REX World artist Troy Phoenix released a brand new video for his self produced track “Barry Bonds.”

“Barry Bonds” is the Troy Phoenix summer flex anthem, and serves as a nod to the former professional left fielder baseball player who is regarded as one of the greatest hitters of all time. Troy took that and ran with it, making a braggadocios track about all the hits he’s personally making right now and all the women he’s smashing: “This might be a hit/ I feel like Barry Bonds/ Yeah I got the juice ’cause you ain’t on your job/ I don’t take a L/ I don’t take a Loss/ I am my own boss like I run like the law.”

The video was filmed on the baseball field with Troy’s squad and plenty of red cups. It’s got a summer party vibe to it, but the track is still hungry AF. Troy’s not taking the summer off and he’s still grinding hard on that do-it-yourself approach. He produced and wrote this track, as well as directing the video: “I’ve done it/ I did it/ DIY yeah it’s fitting/ Film it then you see the vision/ You know that I kill it.”

Rex World artist artist Troy Phoenix talks about his new record & the timelessness of Marilyn Monroe

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23 Jul

RNB N**ga: J-Soul fires shots at rappers who “think they the shit cause a blog done tweeted it”

Toronto, ON – Earlier this weekend Toronto artist J-Soul released a brand new video single titled “RNB N**ga” (produced by Ariyan). This track comes to us following the release of J-Soul’s two-track Summer Fling playlist launch back in July.

“RNB N**ga” is a shot fired at all the rappers out there gassing themselves up on blog co-signs and thinking they’re a bigger deal than they actually are. Just because a blog posts about you, it doesn’t mean you’re a big deal and it doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful. Sometimes it means you just know the right people (or got really desperate and paid for a post somewhere).

The song also fires shots at all the genre labels people like to give artists. Genres are slowly becoming obsolete, anyways. Just because a guy raps, it doesn’t mean he’s just a “rapper”. And just because a guy sings, it doesn’t mean he’s just an “R&B singer”. So J-Soul wants people to stop referring to him as an “RNB N**ga” and boxing him in with the stereotypes – R&B isn’t just love songs and rap isn’t just drug songs: “She said all you do is sing about is drugs/ I said all your n**ga rap about is love.”

The NSFW video was directed by Rack & Pinion, and features lots of females, lots of boobs, lots of butts, and lots of drugs. Check it out after the jump.

RNB N**ga: J-Soul fires shots at all the rappers who

23 Jul

You need to listen to Sheperd’s new Harry Santana produced single “Can’t Be Love”

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week Sheperd released a brand new Harry Santana produced single titled “Can’t Be Love”.

“Can’t Be Love” is a song about the fear and hesitancy that goes hand-in-hand with catching feels. Sheperd spends the duration of the song telling himself that he’s not in love because he’s not 100% sure he’s actually in love. He’s still got his doubts – and he uses that as a way to talk himself out of his own emotions.

The track is backed by a guitar-chorded beat that was engineered by Harry. As a duo, Sheperd and Harry usually deliver more of an ambient breed of music. So this particular song is a much different look for the guys. Check it out below.

You need to listen to Sheperd's new Harry Santana produced single

22 Jul

Gino flips his bankroll to a payroll off his new single “Payphone”

Los Angeles, CA – Having done voiceover work for Marvel, DC Comic, and Cartoon Network – West Coast artist Gino has a full grasp on his vocal abilities an wields them well on his latest release “Payphone.” The rcky-produced track contains a skit about a booking ring on the East Side of Detroit – a run off payphones. This track is a creative and upbeat take that shows Gino’s versatility.

The chorus that Gino sings, “Made a bankroll off the payphone, flip my bankroll, to a payroll,” is catchy and taunting. Stream “Payphone” below, and check out Gino’s previous release “Distant.”

Gino flips his bankroll to a payroll off his new single Payphone -

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22 Jul

Mississauga’s Khaliowe brings dancehall vibes to his new track “Who I Want”

Mississauga, ON – Khaliowe recently dropped his second single “Who I Want” off his upcoming EP, The Way. The Mississauga artist seamlessly captures the summer vibes of his city in the dancehall-influenced track. Tapping into his cultural heritage, listeners will appreciate the influence of his West-Indian background that makes this track an authentic and confident number. 

With his EP set to be release on August 25th, Khaliowe’s previous releases have shown his progression as an artist as he’s honed in on his own unique sound. With summer coming to an end, but the warm weather holding, “What I Want” is a great single to add to your summer playlists.

Stream the PROBEATZ-produced single “Who I Want” below.

Mississauga's Khaliowe brings dancehall vibes on his new track Who I Want -

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22 Jul

Ninetyfour launces the Spree Boy Series with “Able” featuring Top Gunna

Vancouver, BCNINETYFOUR launches his Spree Boy Series by teaming up with Toronto artist Top Gunna for “Able.” The pair describes how they are both able, strong men in their respective environments. NINETY brings a perspective and bars that relates to the female audience, while TG brings his signature raw edge.

The new single is the first from the “Spree Boy Series” which will feature a new track every Tuesday for the next 5-6 weeks. NINETYFOUR is consistent with his top-tier releases and has put Vancouver on the map with seamless delivery so we’re looking forward to seeing what he’s been working on.

Stream “Able” below, and check out the next release this coming Tuesday.

Ninetyfour launces his Spree Boy Series with Able featuring Top Gunna -

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22 Jul

The Ave In You: Clairmont The Second just gave Weston Road its very own anthem

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week, Toronto artist Clairmont The Second released a brand new single and accompanying video titled “The Ave In You.”

“The Ave In You” is an anthem for Clairmont’s own stomping grounds in the Weston neighbourhood. Clairmont delivers a visual that shows him whipping around in his hoopty, rapping about the pink walls and twin bed in his room, and swinging on the swing set while flossing about how much his girl and your girl like him.

The one thing that never ceases to impress me about Clairmont is how he’s one of the most DIY artists out there right now. Not only does he rap and sing and produce, but he also directs and oversees most of his own creative direction. This track was written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Clairmont, himself. He also directed the video. Check out the video and stream “The Ave In You” after the jump.

The Ave In You: Clairmont The Second just gave Weston Road its very own anthem -

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22 Jul

Mickey Blue releases “Anything” as the first single off his upcoming EP, What I Wouldn’t Do

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week Toronto vocalist Mickey Blue released a brand new track titled “Anything” as the first single off his upcoming sophomore EP What I Wouldn’t Do.

Produced by Markham-based producer Benstar, “Anything” is a downtempo love song about what happens when you’re trying to get that special someone back into your life, and you realize you’d be willing to do absolutely anything for them.

The track has a ’90s throwback R&B vibe, with a subtle drum line that keeps things bouncing. Mickey puts his heart out on his sleeve as he reflects on what exactly a relationship should look like and what he wants to be able to give to his girl: “You deserve the best/ And baby it’s the best when you call me your best friend/ Then we get to sexin/ Dinner in the evening/ Spending every weekend/ We don’t too much sleeping/ We too busy getting busy.”

Mickey Blue releases

21 Jul

Swave Session: Tory Lanez & Trey Songz drop a remix to DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts”

Toronto, ONTory Lanez lets off another Swave Session with the Trey Songz-assisted “Wild Thoughts.” Peep it below.

Swave Session: Tory Lanez releases Wild Thoughts remix featuring Trey Songz -

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