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Young Kazh of 100 Mad: Canadian Ties & Kalifornia Dreamz [Spotlight]

Our Spotlight Feature for May-June 2015 is Young Kazh of 100 Mad / Kuruption Camp / BAXWAR…

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SonReal, Tory Lanez, P. Reign, NBS & John River nominated for Best Hip Hop Video [New…

Toronto, ON – The 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards nominations were recently revealed and features some stiff competition in the Best Hip Hop Video … Read More »

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Action Bronson’s Mr. Wonderful Tour hits Vancouver (Live) [Review]

Vancouver, BC – The hip-hop scene in Vancouver was focused on the Vogue Theatre late this week where Action Bronson took to the … Read More »

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Remembering SixFire: Rising Alberta hip-hop talent passed away at 33 [Article]

Edmonton, AB – It is with deep sorrow that we report on the loss of yet another budding talented member…

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]


19 Mar

Jay Bee – Peace ft. Gripp [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Toronto-based producer Jay Bee just hit us up with a new single release titled “Peace,” featuring Gripp. This is the second single release off of Jay Bee’s forthcoming Highly Focused project, which is due out on Mar. 30.

So here’s the deal: y’all know John Lennon, right? Jay Bee took Lennon’s song “Give Peace A Chance,” and sampled it into a beat. Then he got Massachusetts-based MC Gripp in to murk it up a bit with some raw realness rap bars: “The world is doom and gloom/ It could ruin you/ And truly we have problems I don’t have solutions to/ Like a Rubik’s Cube.” Check it out below.

Jay Bee - Peace ft. Gripp [Audio] -

19 Mar

Ricky Storm – On My Mind ft. Anton Lovely [Video]

Toronto, ON – REX World artists Ricky Storm and Anton Lovely recently teamed up to hit us with their brand new music video for “On My Mind” off their forthcoming collaborative Free Spirit project.

This track is all about the introspective struggle that happens when your mind is racing in one direction while your body is caught up in something completely different. Yeah, you might be turning up at a condo party in Scarborough. But while you’re pouring up your cup and making moves on the honeys, you’re also analyzing your next big moves in the rap game. You feel me?

There’s some serious detachment going on here with the body and mind: “I can’t sleep/ But I’ve got dreams/ F**k my haters and my enemies/ And all them bitches/ I’m ‘a make ‘em hate the day they doubted me.” Peep the video after the jump.

Ricky Storm - On My Mind ft. Anton Lovely [Video]-

19 Mar

JD Era, Snaz join Battleaxe Warriors; Madchild releases video trailer [News]

Toronto, ON – About a month ago, Toronto’s JD Era posted a photo on Instagram of himself along with producer Snaz and Madchild of Swollen Members. Along with the photo, Era revealed that him and Snaz had joined the Battleaxe Warriors family. A week later, Madchild followed with his own post confirming the new BAXWAR connections.

With that said, you won’t need to wait long to see JD Era get to work. Today Madchild released a trailer for a new video he’s releasing featuring Era and Regina rapper Pimpton. The Big Shot Music-directed “The Roaches Vs. The Chosen” will be released on March 25 and a teaser can be found below.

HipHopCanada reached out to Era for his thoughts on joining the BAXWAR movement and his relationship with Madchild: “I’m not officially signed to the label but consider Madchild a big brother and really appreciate his support over the last few years. He’s been one of my mentors and is a forward think and leader in this country. Shout-out to all the Warriors! I’m looking forward to connecting with you all in person this summer on the road!

Madchild also gave us a statement about Era joining the team: “It’s a great time for Battleaxe Warriors. We are taking things to the next level while focusing on quality over quantity, which makes JD Era a perfect addition to the BAXWAR Family. We are honored to have him as a new member and he is one of my favourite MCs to work with. He’s an awesome guy and kills it every time! Proud to have another BEAST on board!

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19 Mar

Mooky – Nominee For Most Passive​-​Aggressive (Prod. Vulfpeck) [Audio]

Brampton, ON – Back in January, a Brampton-based youngin’ on the come-up named Mooky released a track called “Nominee For Most Passive​-​Aggressive.” The track was produced by Vulfpeck and was the second song off Mooky’s January-released Vania LP (which you can download over here).

Mooky comes in over top of some smooth funkadelic Vulfpeck production and hits right in the solar plexus with an anthem for all of you passive aggressive cats out there. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. Rap cats aren’t usually passive aggressive. They’re either aggressive AF or passive AF. But Mooky’s taking the cake from somewhere in the middle. And his approach is so on-point.

Mooky - Nominee For Most Passive​-​Aggressive (Prod. Vulfpeck) [Audio] -

19 Mar

JiDEO – No Brain (Prod. Rondos808s) [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Young Scarborough rapper JiDEO recently released a new single titled “No Brain” (produced by Rondos808s). The up-and-coming rap cat from the 6 gives a nod to Cypress Hill’s “Insane In The Membrane” on his hook and delivers a wild-out joint that’ll make you lose your mind. Hence why it’s called “No Brain.” You feel me?

JiDEO wants you so turnt that you lose your mind. By the time you’re done kicking it with this cat, you’ll have no brain left. You’ll just be hella turnt and riding along on that Rondos808s beat, which – FOR THE RECORD – is insane… in the membrane. Check it out below.

JiDEO - No Brain (Prod. Rondos808s) [Audio] -

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19 Mar

D-Sisive – Vanilla Ice|To The Extreme: Hijacked [Album]

Toronto, ON – Another new project from veteran Toronto producer-MC, D-Sisive, this time paying homage to someone he states is “the sole reason” he makes music today. None other than Robert Van Winkle, professionally known as Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice​|​To The Extreme​:​ Hijacked is available now on Bandcamp for a purchase of $5 (or more). The project was actually just recorded yesterday inside Toronto’s Haus Of Atanas between 12:30 p.m. and 9:20 p.m. To celebrate the release and D-Sisive’s 35th birthday, D-Sisive and a dope line-up of guest performers, will be performing tonight inside Studio Bar (824 Dundas St. West) with the show kicking off at 10 p.m. The line-up includes Adam Bomb of Naturally Born Strangers/Freedom Writers, Babylon Warchild, Danger Dean, IllVibe, Tragic of Philly Moves, Johnny Active and The Mighty Rhino. You won’t want to miss it!

D-Sisive - Vanilla Ice|To The Extreme: Hijacked [Album] -

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19 Mar

Selekwa teams up with JRDN and Classified for new single, “A-Million” [News]

Ottawa, ON – Ottawa’s own Selekwa has teamed up with 2 award-winning East coast hip-hop stars for his new single. “A Million,” produced by Classified and featuring JRDN, is available now on iTunes.

Selekwa teams up with JRDN and Classified for new single, 'A-Million' [News] -

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19 Mar

Camm Hunter – Oh No [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ON – Today’s Song of the Day is the latest single from Camm Hunter (of Down With Webster). The DWW rapper is gearing up to release a ton of new material leading into summertime so stay tuned! Check out “Oh No” below. And, in case you missed Just Saying back in January, click here to check it out.

Camm Hunter - Oh No [Audio] -

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18 Mar

Street Fighter II with Sese (Vlog) [Video]

St. Catharines, ON – New video blog from Sese discussing new music, joining Peter Jackson on the Since I Was 16 tour, Nightmare Klub, and the latest update on YFRWN3. Check out the vlog below. Click here for more details about the Since I Was 16 tour.

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18 Mar

Dirty Harry x TroyBoi – O.G. (Rap Remix) [Audio]

Calgary, AB - Calgary up-and-comer Dirty Harry just teamed up with U.K. producer TroyBoi to hit us with this new joint titled “O.G. (Rap Remix).”

Now before you get your knickers in a knot – cussing out Harry for not being an OG – you got to take in this song. Harry isn’t claiming to be an O.G. at all. He’s actually giving a nod to all of the mentors he’s had along the way; the OGs who helped him get to the come-up. “I came up under a lot of dope people who made a lot of money and told me things money could never buy,” explained Harry. “I wanted to make a song to some who are still here and the ones who aren’t.” Check it out below.

Dirty Harry x TroyBoi - O.G. (Rap Remix) [Audio] -

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