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We Can: Kranium talks Tory Lanez, XXL’s Freshman list, Jamaican food & more

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EverythingOShauN discusses his two new tracks, working with Minty Burns & “Neva…

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Is the grass greener on the other side? Buddah Abusah discusses his new track & outlo…

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The HipHopCanada recap of HOT 97 Summer Jam 2017

East Rutherford, NJ – Another moment in hip-hop history was made at HOT 97 Summer Jam 2017. With a plethora of lively … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now


31 Mar

ONYX tour continues in Montreal this Saturday, April 1 at Le Belmont

Brantford, ON – We’ve been making quite a big deal about ONYX’s upcoming return to Toronto on April 6, but there’s plenty of opportunity to see them in Canada before then.

After last night’s show inside Brantford, Ontario’s Club NV, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz will be in Montreal on Saturday for a gig inside Le Belmont. From their the duo will make their way to Ottawa on April 2 for the Juno festivities and a show inside The Bourbon Room, before making their way back to Quebec City for a show at L’Anti Bar & Spectacles.

Other cities that will be hosting the Good Friday Entertainment-powered tour include Windsor on April 5, Calgary on April 7 (as part of Juggalo Weekend) and Abbotsford, BC on April 8 inside the Abbotsford Banquet Centre. Each stop will feature special guests Mugg Shot Music and Fortunato.

Check out the official flyer below.

ONYX tour continues in Montreal this Saturday at Le Belmont -

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30 Mar

Melvy Pockets sets the record straight with his new track “I Don’t F**k Wit’ Everybody”

Brampton, ON – After briefly changing his name to Yung Pockets, Melvy Pockets is back to his old stage name and back at it again with a new release titled “I Don’t F**k Wit’ Everybody.”

Produced by Rob Surreal, this track serves as Melvy’s ignorant yout anthem about not caring what other people think. Melvy asserts that although people say he’s changed, he’s simply just gotten smarter in choosing the people he surrounds himself with. That, and he compares the blowjobs he’s getting to the inhalation skills of the video game character Kirby.

Here’s what Melvy had to say about this release: “N**gas think I care whether or not they like me or f**k with me. I don’t care at all. This is gonna be that song when you’re in your f**k-the-world type mentality and only care about the ones who are really down with you.”

Melvy Pockets has a story to tell you about

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30 Mar

Lou Phelps & Planet Giza collaborate on “Fly Away” off the Nowadays Vol. 7 Montreal Tape

Montreal, QC – Earlier this week Montreal heavyweights Lou Phelps and Planet Giza released a new collaboration titled “Fly Away” off the forthcoming compilation project Nowadays, Vol. 7 “Montreal Tape” (due out next month).

“Fly Away” is a song about money and the paper chase, and the focus on materialism. The track features a filthy beat, anchored by a monstrous militant drum line. But what I love about this joint is the hook. It’s so simple but it takes things back-to-basics: “Paper, paper fly away/ Set up shop/ And we can get it any way you want.”

Lou also throws in a bunch of math with his bars. Like the maximum number of times you can fold your paper is seven times. And the goal in life is to flip your million dollars at least ten times. Oh. And then he throws shade at his high school math teachers, who make less money than he is making now. Listen to “Fly Away” below, and keep it locked on the release of Nowadays, Vol. 7 “Montreal Tape”.

Listen to Lou Phelps & Planet Giza's new collaboration

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30 Mar

Jordan Cassius proves you shouldn’t underestimate him on “Function”

Brampton, ON – It’s been just shy of a week since we got our hands on a release from the WayCool collective, but a new release came soon than expected. This crew is shaping up to be one of the strongest in central Canada, and they’ve been alternating their song drops for weeks between the various members so that they truly are a growing force to be reckoned with. Jordan Cassius dropped his new single “Function” last week, and this might the most promising prospect from the young emcee so far.

Joined by Chris Rose who handles the production on the song, Cassius delivers reverberating and hard-hitting bars. He raps, “If you can’t hold it down, then don’t pour up/ Why’d you even show up to the function? Babygirl, you can’t even function.” Fellow WayCool member Josh Dillon hops on the track to add background vocals and his own smooth touch. The single is full of witty catchphrases and the teasing hook is quick to catch on. Chances are you’ll be singing the words by the end of the track.

Stream “Function” below.

Jordan Cassius proves you shouldn't underestimate him on Function -

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30 Mar

Listen to the premiere of Vancouver rapper Zac Flewids’ new single “Pains Me Crazy”

Vancouver, BC – At just 19 years old, Zac Flewids is elevating his career faster than most artists. Following the release of “Double Condom” Zac dropped his newest release “Pains Me Crazy” today which you can premiere below. The Sebastian Busse-produced track is undeniably his best yet, and offers up a sensual hook that will have you coming back for a second and third listen. As both an artist and producer, Zac is a Canadian-bred talent you’ll want to keep an eye on as he continues to grow. This new single only proves that he’s putting in the work that’s required to make the step from local artist to something bigger.

With his own unique sound that is unmatched on the West Coast, Flewids passionately sings, “You don’t wanna’ save me baby, little mama’ this pains me crazy/She my momma’ she raised me crazy, little mama’ this pains me crazy.” On “Pains Me Crazy” he continues to rap about a love interest and the love/hate relationship that comes with it. You can stream the new single below, and cop it on Itunes here.

Listen to the premiere of Vancouver rapper Zac Flewids' new single Pains Me Crazy

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29 Mar

Watch Jonathan Emile channel Niccolò Machiavelli in this new video release

Montreal, QC – Earlier this week Montreal artist Jonathan Emile released a brand new King Richard directed video for “Niccolò” (produced by Notion) off Phantom Pain.

Emile has gotten a lot of buzz lately in response to the recent lawsuit he won against Universal/Interscope/TDE. Basically, Emile got a Kendrick Lamar feature for his 2015 single “Heaven Help Dem” off Lover/Fighter Document. Then the song was randomly removed from YouTube, SoundCloud and all other online platforms due to alleged copyright infringement. So Emile sued for damages, represented himself in court, and won. It’s a rare success story of the underdog taking on the Top Dawg and actually getting due justice.

This particular song actually addresses Emile’s turmoil-ridden relationship with the music industry, and how he’s had to deploy Machiavellian strategies in order to keep his head above water.

Ultimately, his legal battles against the majors are all dealt with (for now). So let’s keep it about the music because Jonathan Emile is an artist with an important message to share: “Autotune the dissonance/ Black militants ain’t shootin’/ Some looting ’cause they hungry in this game/ No scrimmage/ Image awards with no substance/ Black rappers lust for white privilege/ Look in the mirror/ Tone deaf Pitchfork era/ Hipsters like they ancestors pillage our culture/ Bald eagle/ That’s a cousin of vulture. If you felt insulted then I meant to insult you.

Watch Jonathan Emile channel Niccolò Machiavelli in this new video release -

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29 Mar

Juno Weekend: Peter Jackson will be live inside Ottawa’s Kavali Nightclub on April 1

Ottawa, ON – Ottawa is the place to be this Saturday as the 2017 Juno Weekend gets started with a ton of great events. One INDUSTRY party you won’t want to miss is taking place at Kavali (34 Clarence Street) and features a special performance by 9-0-Nickel Entertainment’s Peter Jackson. PJ will be performing his new single, “On A Wave,” which recently premiered on MuchMusic. Click the jump link below for the official flyer.

Juno Weekend: Peter Jackson will be live inside Ottawa's Kavali Nightclub on April 1 -

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28 Mar

Brevner delivers an authentic and impactful impression with visuals for “Chico”

Vancouver, BC – The resonating influence of an exceptional music video is underrated in our quick-to-consume media landscape, but BREVNER is one of the few artists who approaches his visual products with the same high-calibre that he presents in his music. Known for continually producing art which culturally inspires, his newest video release for “Chico” follows this elevated standard. With an auroral aesthetic, convincing lead characters, and pictorial Vancouver settings – the video is a provocative and everlasting tribute to, what many consider, the most moving track from the BREVNER EP.

Catch the premiere of Brevner’s new music video for “Chico” below.

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28 Mar

Coin In the Bank: OVO Sound’s Mike Zombie & Dougie F team up for new single

Willingboro, NJ – OVO Sound producer Mike Zombie and fellow Jersey artist Dougie F drop off a new Sonic the Hedgehog 2-inspired single called “Coin In The Bank.”

“’Coin In The Bank’ is inspired by Sonic 2, featuring a jingle from the video game’s ‘Chemical Plant’ stage. The quirky reworked chiptune is backed by a guitar accompaniment from Torin Martinez. The cover artwork, designed by Mike Z., features two game characters–one with red hair and the other with a yellow top. The red-haired character (Super Sonic) is representative of Mike’s real-life red tresses while the yellow one (Knuckles) is symbolic of Dougie’s yellow du-rag wearing swag.

Check it out below and download it now on iTunes.

Coin In the Bank: OVO Sound's Mike Zombie & Dougie F team up for new single -

Twitter: @MikeZombie | @DougieFmusic

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28 Mar

Toronto’s Frankie Payne releases new Ryan Conlin-directed video for “Mirror Man”

Toronto, ONFrankie Payne has released the latest visuals in support of his album, Message In A Bottle, which came out last year. Produced by Big Sproxx and Big Tweeze, “Mirror Man” was shot and produced by 5Side Motion, and the video was directed by Ryan Conlin. Check out the video below.

Toronto's Frankie Payne releases new Ryan Conlin-directed video for Mirror Man -

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