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Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja discusses what it feels like to be “Outnumbered̶…

North Bay, ON – Earlier this summer Ojibwe First Nation artist Alja released a brand new nine-track mixtape entitled C.H.I.E.F, which features … Read More »

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Baltimore’s Trey Rx explains the emotional investment on his debut project, Frequenc…

We first got wind of Baltimore-based artist Trey Rx when he released “i-83” a few weeks back … Read More »

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DillanPonders got his first MuchFACT grant & used it to make a video for “Heave…

Toronto, ON – As he gears up to release No Mans Land on Aug. 30, SMMG artist DillanPonders just released a brand … Read More »

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I’m Just Sayin’: Jae Ari discusses his relations with women & making one …

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week Toronto artist Jae Ari released a new Hpnotic718-produced track titled “IJS” (or “I’m Just Sayin’”).
Although we’ve … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K


18 May

Akon to join Konvict Kartel for Canadian Promo Tour this June

Vancouver, BC – Grammy-nominated singer/rapper/producer Akon has announced that he will be joining the Konvict Kartel music group this June for their Canadian Promo Tour.

Using the same blue print he used to launch other successful acts such as Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Kardinal Offishall and Rock City, the tour across the Great White North will also feature Konvict Kartel alumni OG Boo Dirty, Tone Tone, and Tre Carter. The group will be performing tracks from their recently released Konvict Kartel Volume 1 mixtape for fans from coast to coast.

Akon to join Konvict Kartel for Canadian promo tour this June -

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18 May

DillanPonders celebrates the completion of No Mans Land with this new loosie “Planet Ponders”

Toronto, ON – In celebration of the completion of his album No Mans Land, SMMG artist DillanPonders just released a brand new loosie titled “Planet Ponders” (produced by Dutch Revz).

“Planet Ponders” is so befitting for DillanPonders. This is peak Ponders. He came up as the alien of Toronto rap, and has always been off in his own lane on his own little planet.

He started off as Toronto’s neighbourhood druggy rapper coke king. But over the years he’s narrowed in on his own brand of music that almost always touches on A) his inner circle, B) his girl, and C) how much he dislikes all the other earthling rappers on the scene who are trying to be a certain type of way.

On a technical level, Ponders’ sound has also completely changed over the years. Especially on the mixing, mastering, and engineering side of things. He’s taken the time to work on his engineering skills, and has also developed his own chameleon flow (watch for the flow switch-up at 2:07 on this … much fire).

Take a trip to

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17 May

Vultures: London’s KIV & IPKISS drop new visuals in support of Struggle Rapper

London, ONKIV returns with new visuals in support of his Struggle Rapper project which Sarah Jay broke down back when it dropped in April. “Vultures” was directed by OMG #519 and the song features IPKISS. Check it out below.

Vultures: London's KIV & IPKISS drop new visuals in support of Struggle Rapper -

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17 May

Premiere: B&E recording artist Stonez makes music video debut with “Don’t Push Me”

Ottawa, ON – Back in March, National Capital Region recording artist Stonez stepped back onto the local Ottawa hip-hop scene with two new singles, “Don’t Push Me” and “Might As Well.”

Today, the B&E artist Stonez is back with the premier of his single “Don’t Push Me.” The video was shot in Vancouver by LTDVZN (Limited Vision) and the song talks about watching who you are associating with as the streets can be a grimey place, and people and politics can push you to the limit, and sometimes beyond. In the video, Stonez stays 38 floors high in a downtown Sutton place hotel while rockin’ an Ottawa “Over the Top” lifestyle jacket, with a little bit of Vancouver’s finest to smoke on, looking over the city.

This is the first video release from Ottawa artist Stonez. Stay tuned for more new material coming soon.

Premiere: B&E recording artist Stonez makes music video debut with LTDVZN-directed, Don't Push Me -

Finna go hard, that’s why they call me Stonez.”

17 May

Tonight: Rich Kidd returns to The Rivoli as host for next Beats.Mind.Movement. showcase

Toronto, ON – If you’re looking for something to do in Toronto tonight, The Rivoli (334 Queen St. West) is the place to be. Rich Kidd, one of the city’s most well known producers and artists, will be hosting a dope hip-hop showcase along with Lazz, while music will be provided by Kappa Mezu and Empire Flow.

14 Acts, 1 Stage

After a successful debut showcase, Beats.Mind.Movement. returns with a dope line-up that includes Rene Williams, Durpy, Meika Holiday, Deni Jaay, Gene One, Josh Dillon, Myths of Eve, Pase Rare, Smokendo, Vastor, BRI, Karo Jasper, 99AJI, and Reaper.

Click the jump link below to check out the official flyer.

Tonight: Rich Kidd returns as the host for the 2nd Beats.Mind.Movement. showcase -

17 May

Tam shows love for Edmonton in this new “Ride” video featuring Mouraine

Edmonton, AB – With the entire city celebrating the Edmonton Oilers’ first playoff clinch in over a decade, Tam couldn’t have picked a better time to release his new video for “Ride” featuring Muta Mouraine.

“I’ve had the video for about 3 years now and never felt like releasing it, Tam wrote. “But with the recent Oilers crave in Edmonton I had the director make a few updates and decided to release it hoping the team goes far with it.”

Only two days later, the Oilers were eliminated in devastating 2-1 loss against Anaheim in game seven of the second round. While it was a hard pill to swallow, one thing was for certain, from downtown to the south side, the love for our city was the strongest it’s been since 2006.

“Ride” is Tam’s ode Edmonton and everyone who holds it down, and if you ain’t with us, keep it moving. With immaculate visuals shot by Jeff Eckert, watch Tam and Mourine take on the “city that brought you Gretzky.” You can find “Ride” on Tam’s album YEG to the World via Bandcamp, Spotify or iTunes.

Tam Shows Love for Edmonton in new video 'Ride' feat. Mourine-

17 May

VNCHY discusses Money Baby: “Although money can give you anything, it is far from everything”

Toronto, ON – At the end of last month, Toronto artist VNCHY teamed up with S.L.M.N. and GoldenBoy for a brand new release titled “Money Baby.”

The song – which has pretty much gone viral at this point – is a journey through the unavoidable process of acquiring and investing money. Think of it as a moody, down-tempo Rap Finances 101 crash course. The clincher is that this song isn’t actually about how you spend your dough; it’s about your attitude towards money. That’s what changes everything.

This song also shows us yet another side to the VNCHY sound that we haven’t heard in a while. At this point we know the guy is both A) a supremely skilled spitter and B) a surprisingly sensual and soft vocalist.

VNCHY’s recently released EMINENT: 002A_0316 EP showed us a mix of raps and vocals. But this song takes things back to just the singing side of things.

VNCHY talks about being the

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17 May

That Ciroc D*%K (Puffy Juice) We Love Hip Hop Ep. 13 with guest Choclair

Toronto, ON – Don’t miss our amazing new episode with our guest, Choclair. We discussed the beginning of his career, meeting Kardinal Offishall and Saukrates before he even started rapping, Redman’s album beating Ice Cold in Canada, Ice Cold making its debut just behind Madonna, collaborating with Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and more! Collabos with Ol Dirty Bastard and More! The episode also talks about Diddy, Drake, Chris Brown and other artists. RIP Big Black!

You can find the We Love Hip Hop podcast on iTunes and other outlets.

That Ciroc D*%K (Puffy Juice) We Love Hip Hop Ep. 13 with guest Choclair -

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16 May

LARRY LUXX talks his latest remix of “Mask Off” and breaking his hiatus from releasing music

Vancouver, BC – Never before has it been a better time to be a producer in the music industry. With an overall newfound appreciation for the minds behind our favourite music, Vancouver has seen its’ own influx of creatives reveal themselves and step into their respective light. It’s been a few months since Vancouver producer/artist LARRY LUXX has released new content, but most people still recognize him as an established part of Vancouver’s rising scene. Known for creating distinct and individual remixes, he always finds a way to turn a good track into a completely new and revitalized sound.

You’ll find yourself constantly surprised with his music, as he generally breaks out of the boundaries of genres and constantly pushes himself to create unheard sounds. Following his recent hiatus from releasing content, he dropped a remix for “Mask Off” this previous week. It might be one of his most impressive tracks yet. We had to catch up with the producer to talk about what he’s been up to, and where he’s hoping to go with his career in the future. We’re silently hoping that it will include more remixes like this. Stream his rendition of “Mask Off” below, and catch our conversation after the drop.

LARRY LUXX talks his latest remix of Mask Off and breaking his hiatus from releasing music -

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16 May

Mizzy of KIDS delivers a tribute to the hustle on “Pay The Man”

Vancouver, BC – Serving as the lead single off his upcoming album, Clarity, Vancouver-based emcee Mizzy delivers “Pay The Man.” A tribute to the hustle, this new release touches on the Mizzy’s personal experiences and the labour that he’s invested in the greater pursuit of his career in music. One of the hardest working members of the West Coast community, Mizzy is known for his work ethic and passion for the culture among the greater public. We can validate that he’s not only about the talk, but shows up to manifest it in every aspect of his life.

In our online correspondence the rapper explains his hopes – that the single, “Empowers dreamers that also share this lifestyle: working for the man, paying the man, to support the dream; until the dream is realized and supports the life.” With his upcoming album due out in the Fall of 2017, this will be a nice addition to tide fans over. The album is produced in it’s entirety by MD of the Boomsday Alliance and recorded by up-and-coming Vancouver engineer, Jay Bagasbas.

Separate from his solo work, Mizzy is one third of KIDS – a group that has championed the local scene and helped put together one of the most notable local rap showcases in the city, Catch A Vibe at the Alexander Gastown. Mizzy’s an artist you’ll want to keep your eyes on. Stream the new single below, and look out for more releases from the album in coming months.

Mizzy delivers a tribute to the hustle on Pay The Man -

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