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Lou Phelps discusses 001: Experiments & why Montreal isn’t ready to have its ow…

Montreal, QC – Earlier this month, Montreal artist Lou Phelps released his debut solo project titled 001: Experiments.
The eight-track project marks the … Read More »

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UNCRWND Volume 4 gearing up to be one of the hottest events in Toronto this May

Toronto, ON – One of our new star contributors, Stefan Calabrese aka CALABRU, has a big event coming up that we’re thrilled … Read More »

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Catching up with Riff Raff: The road from Mad Decent signee to Neon Nation kingpin

Calgary, AB – Today marks the Calgary stop of Houston rapper Riff Raff’s four-month world tour. The Canadian leg, in particular, is … Read More »

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Being a Struggle Rapper isn’t necessarily a bad thing: KIV’s new mixtape explo…

At the beginning of April, London artist KIV dropped a brand new 10-track mixtape titled Struggle Rapper … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Find A Way: Neon Dreams win Canadian Music Radio Award, shine at Juno Week

Find A Way: Neon Dreams win Canadian Music Radio Award, shine at Juno Week


4 Feb

New music: Toronto’s Friday aka Ricky Dred releases “Hungry” featuring T Gramz

Toronto, ONFriday Ricky Dred drops a new tune featuring T Gramz. Check out “Hungry” below and look out for The Divide EP coming soon.

Toronto vet Friday aka Ricky Dred releases Hungry featuring T Gramz -

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4 Feb

Song of the Day: Osei The Native released a new track & you will be “Bout It”

Mississauga, ON – In an industry where people are constantly trying to feed the wave or follow the path, it is refreshing to see an artist like Osei The Native, who is so confident is his craft and so comfortable in his own direction. A quick glance at his SoundCloud page might lead you to believe that the the Mississauga rapper is new to the scene, but those who have been following him over the last few years know that he has been one of the most underrated artists in the city, with such great potential.

He has performed all over Toronto including shows like uTOpia Fest (Jan. 2016), UNCRWND (March 2016) and most recently, Winter’s Interlude this past January where he performed his new single “Bout It” live for the first time.

There are very few rappers who can effortlessly ride a beat quite like Osei The Native. Pair that rhythm with an infectious melodic vocal tone and you have the Nahum-produced banger, “Bout It.” The recent release from Osei, outlines an “out with the bad, in with the good” mentality where the rapper finds himself coming to terms with certain setbacks and finding ways to keep moving forward. “Bout It” really allows the listener to step into Osei’s world and is a testament to his self assurance and confidence in his own craft.

“Bout It” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. Be sure to check out the track below and follow Osei on social media @OseiTheNative.

Tryna find the way, I’m misunderstood. This ain’t For the wave, this one for the books.” – Osei The Native

Osei The Native released a new track & you will be Bout It -

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4 Feb

You need to watch K. Forest’s just-released new video for “Link”

Brampton, ON – On Feb. 1, Brampton artist K. Forest released brand new visuals for “Link” off Eyes of Taiga.

Produced by DF, “Link” is a track about a female who K. Forest has invited into his inner circle. The video maintains a minimalistic aesthetic and was directed by Toronto cinematographer Ali Khurshid (who pulls double-duty as the director of photographer at Kid. Studio). This video is a smoked out, low-fi inspired visual that shows K. Forest hanging with his crew. It’s on some inner-circle, squad love tip.

Check out the video for “Link” below, and go download Eyes Of Taiga ASAP if you’ve been sleeping.

New music: K. Forest brings us to another Level -

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4 Feb

Check out dvsn’s new “Hallucinations” video via Apple Music

Toronto, ON – OVO R&B duo dvsn (producer Nineteen85 and vocalist Daniel Daley) just released a brand new video via Apple Music for their hit single “Hallucinations”.

Arguably one of the most important songs in the duo’s discography “Hallucinations” was the song that got a lot of fans on to dvsn in the first place. It’s an emotive, feelings-fuelled ballad about rehashing the memories of past lovers.

Check out the video preview after the jump, and go scope the entire thing via Apple Music over here. And if you haven’t done so yet, you really need to go download Sept. 5.

Check out dvsn's new

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3 Feb

HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 18

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify in 2016 and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every single week.

Each Friday we’ll hit you with a Canadian urban music playlist curated by our Associate Editor In Chief, Sarah Jay. Every week Sarah will be putting together a 38-track weekly selection of new releases, classic favourites, throwbacks, and songs she’s playing heavy on rotation.

This week’s playlist includes a ton of brand new music including JT Soul’s “Velvet Tears – 5:AM” (which just saw a dope new video release), Clairmont The Second’s “5000” (off the Quest For Milk and Honey Black Edition), Derek Wise’s “Law Abiding Citizen” (off the just released Inglorious LP), The 25th Hr’s “Devour”, VNCHY’s “Mandown”, Trey Forever’s “Like The Plug”, Named Tobias’ “The Breaks over…”, and Nafe Smallz and Puffy L’z collaborative “Superstar.”

Check out the playlist and tracklist for Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 18 below, and make sure you go follow us on Spotify.

HipHopCanada is now on Spotify: Listen to our debut weekly playlist curated by Sarah Jay -

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2 Feb

LeftField Keele breaks down his new video & talks about the “Nikes &A Peacoat” aesthetic

Toronto, ON – On Jan. 20, Toronto artist LeftField Keele released brand new visuals for his Frank Dukes produced “Nikes &A Peacoat” off THE SHADOWS mixtape (which you can scope over here).

The “Nikes &A Peacoat” video shows us the boy-meets-girl story of Keele and a female interest. They pass each other on the street, both sporting Nike kicks and peacoats.

According to Keele, the classic Nike and peacoat aesthetic is similar to nailing a song: you just need a hard beat and a strong verse. That’s it. Those two components complete the ensemble; they make the outfit. Check out the video for “Nikes &A Peacoat” below and scope our Q&A with LeftField Keele after the jump.

LeftField Keele breaks down his new video for

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2 Feb

Saved: The FADER releases new touching documentary about budding star Khalid

El Paso, TX – Today, The FADER shared a short documentary on singer-songwriter Khalid called Saved. The short includes a performance of Khalid’’s new track “”Shot Down,”” which is set to be released tomorrow Friday, Feb. 3 when Khalid’’s upcoming debut album, American Teen is made available for pre-order.

HipHopCanada’s own Kira Hunston interviewed the 18-year-old talent just recently in a discussion about how he found his voice and charted his own path to success. Click here to check that out or check out the documentary from The FADER below.

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2 Feb

Dark Matter: Johnny Darko talks about his new EP & why it’s his most authentic release ever

Toronto, ON – Toronto artist Johnny Darko recently teamed up with Cream to release this new three-track EP titled Dark Matter, as well as this new video release for “Double Cup.”

Dark Matter is Johnny Darko’s rawest release to date. The EP has a distinctly spacey, intergalactic vibe; and serves as an undefined body of work. Dark Matter is simply Johnny Darko being Johnny Darko, with no emphasis on making a certain type of sound of trying to adhere to what his fans want to hear.

As the EP plays out, Johnny gets deeper and deeper into self-reflection. By the time the EP’s final song – “Black Kimono” – kicks off, Johnny is knee-deep in rehashing his past relationships and examining his life from a third-person perspective.

With assistance from Cream on the production side of things, Johnny delivers a space-rap vibe with a very introspective undertone. It’s the same smoked-out brand of music we’re used to hearing from Johnny. Except it goes beyond that. Johnny’s flung himself above his signature cloud raps, and further up past the earth’s atmosphere.

Stream Dark Matter below via SoundCloud, scope the video for “Double Cup” after the jump, and check out our in-depth interview with Johnny.

Off The Lean: We caught up with Johnny Darko & Smooth to talk about their new video -

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2 Feb

Create. Define. Release: After more than a decade, CDR Toronto’s support hasn’t wavered

Toronto, ON – On a cold and wintery December afternoon in Toronto’s East End, I met with Gavin Alexander, Gareth Morgan and Ramón Charles – members of CDR Toronto’s brain-trust – to discuss music and culture in Canada, but more specifically CDR. We talked about its inception, the state of CDR and what the future holds. But what is CDR (Create. Define. Release.); and what makes it different from other producer centric events in the GTA? Well the format is simple. CDR sessions offer music makers the opportunity to submit their own songs (burnt onto CD, on a USB key or uploaded in advance) then hear them played in a club environment over a superb sound system.

CDR was started over 10 years ago by Tony Nwachukwu, then a member of Attica Blues. When the group’s run with Sony Music and MO ‘Wax came to an end, he sought to create a safe space where young artists could play their works in progress, develop their sound and find an audience. He soon called upon his friend Gavin Alexander to help get the project off the ground.

Toronto is a great city for music; with a huge range of sounds created within the GTA. After being here for 2 years I quickly realized I had to bring CDR to Toronto.” – Gavin Alexander

Create. Define. Release: After more than a decade, CDR's support for the scene hasn't wavered -

1 Feb

Harbored Thoughts: LSC artist Zsay talks about his new track & making vulnerable music

Brampton, ON – At the end of January, LSC collective artist Zsay released a brand new single titled “Harbored Thoughts.” Arguably his most vulnerable and emotive release to date, Zsay uses this record to take us through an emotional journey in the aftermath of dealing with a female.

This record opens up Zsay as a man dealing with the feelings that go hand-in-hand with not having feelings reciprocated by a certain female. It’s a sad record but it’s also a very honest and relatable record. Check out “Harbored Thoughts” below, and scope our Q&A with Zsay after the jump.

Harbored Thoughts: LSC artist Zsay talks about his new track & making vulnerable music -

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