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Review: Sarah Jay breaks down I Told You by Tory Lanez

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The best show of Osheaga 2016 was Tory Lanez at the Scène Verte Sonnet

Montreal, QC – On Sunday July 31, the annual Osheaga music festival finished strong with its third and final day of festivities … Read More »

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Here’s what happened when Mac Miller wrapped Day 3 of Osheaga 2016

Montreal, QC – The annual Osheaga music festival finished off its 2016 run on July 31 with one last day of shows … Read More »

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OVO Fest: Drake & Future pack the house at Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Toronto

On Aug. 1, I attended Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen concert in Toronto … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia’s Mitchell Bailey teams up with Cam Smith & Gold Bangz for “W

Nova Scotia’s Mitchell Bailey teams up with Cam Smith & Gold Bangz for “W


13 May

Premiere: Alpha Omega release ‘The Strain’ EP

Vancouver, BC – Here’s some news to end your week on the highest of notes. Swollen Members’ Prevail and Battle Axe Warriors’ Neph team up again as Alpha Omega to release their second EP titled, The Strain. Delivered by Kitsilano Records, is the follow-up to last year’s release of The Concept EP. If you’re unfamiliar with their previous work, the new EP is the second instalment in a three-part series. It features fast-paced lyrics, dynamic beats, and a blend of powerful tones.

This particular project is an EP wielding 6 tracks worth of epic productions, and high-quality lyricism, that skillfuly balances the strengths of their voices to create a collaboration that is their strongest yet. From a composition standpoint, The Strain is a well-rounded project that has 6 individually strong tracks. Alpha Omega blends East Coast boom-bap with the feel of a Western movie to create an engaging listen. The project was produced by Tyler of Professional Sinnerz, and will easily take you through a full listen and back again. 


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13 May

Toronto talent Shah teases upcoming EP Day of Shah with video series

Toronto, ON – It feels like it’s shaping up to be a summer filled with a copious amount of new projects. Toronto native, Shah, makes his introduction with the pre-launch of his video series and the teaser for his new EP Day of Shah – set to be released on June 8th.

The video series is described as, “involving some of the most prominent young producers, filmmakers, and fine artists from Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles,” and features the two first single drops. Set behind a cinematic videography style, the focus of both “Rookie Card” and “Don’t Do it Mandela” is rightly placed on Shah, as we follow his silhouette through two different storylines. The effect is a striking profile of the newly introduced rapper accompanied by a range of introspective bars, and intriguing guests (one being that massive alligator in “Don’t Do it Mandela”). The videos are bound to leave you interested in the new emcee. Check them out below.


Shah – Rookie Card

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12 May

DIPT celebrates 15 years with new collection and grand re-opening party

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver’s longest running premier streetwear and sneaker boutique is celebrating its 15 year anniversary!

Since opening in 2000, Dipt has become a staple in the Vancouver fashion scene. The retail space at 819 Hornby Street recently underwent a full renovation designed by the owner himself, Mister Martini, transforming the store’s presence as a hub for Vancouver’s streetwear culture.

Dipt celebrates 15 years with new collection and grand re-opening party -

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12 May

Flexx Luger: Young Allwood of Eighty 8 Five drops new visuals for “One x Two Freestyle”

Toronto, ON – In support of his new CD, Flexx Luger, Eighty 8 Five recording artist Young Allwood drops off his new studio performance-based video for his “One x Two Freestyle.” The video was shot and edited by NA Visuals and is available for viewing after the jump link below.

Flexx Luger: Young Allwood of Eighty8Five releases new visuals for the One x Two Freestyle -

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11 May

She Down: Toronto’s RandomactPAPA releases new Uneekint-assisted single

Toronto, ON – New music from RandomactPAPA. This is Trayvon Palmer-produced “She Down” featuring Portland’s own Uneekint. Check it out below.

She Down: Toronto's RandomactPAPA releases Trayvon Palmer-produced single -

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11 May

Jazz Cartier drops 360 virtual reality double feature for “Red Alert” & “100 Roses”

Toronto, ONJazz Cartier continues to push the boundaries of creativity and set trends among peers. His latest video employs YouTube’s new 360-degree video capabilities that surround your field of view with scrollable video rather than restricting you to the usual stationary 16:9 frame.

“Red Alert” and “100 Roses” were both produced by Michael Lantz and are featured on the Marauding In Paradise rapper’s latest project, Hotel Paranoia. When we first shared the video on Twitter yesterday, the video had under 5,000 views. Less than 24 hours later it’s close to the 45,000 mark – a testament to Jazz’s growing fan base and popularity. Check out the video and accompanying press release after the jump.

Definitely the first 360 music video I’ve seen. Don’t be surprised if you see other artists dropping their own 360 videos in the coming week. S/O Mad Ruk Entertainment.

Jazz Cartier presents virtual reality double feature for Red Alert & 100 Roses -

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11 May

SCOPE takes inspiration from the devastation of Fort McMurray for “In My Backyard”

Vancouver, BC – It’s a cool time to be speaking on the rising of the rap scene in Vancity, and the impressionable artists who are making their own strong introductions. Cue the entrance of Scope – a Vancouver audio/visual creative who just released his newest track “In My Backyard.”

Over email, Scope was able to elaborate and explain, “It’s a song which draws from the current situations in Fort McMurray, covering conscious topics about climate, political and existential issues. “In My Backyard” is written, performed and self-produced.”Check out the track below.

SCOPE takes inspiration from the devastation of Fort McMurray for In My Backyard -

10 May

Sharuk is here to answer our R&B prayers with “Sweet Nothings”

Vancouver, BC – It’s Tuesday, and the only thing that makes this mid-week hump better is the release of new music. Vancity newcomer, Sharuk just dropped “Sweet Nothings” which is a track guaranteed to have you feelin’ yourself. The song falls over a bright R&B-driven backdrop, and showcases some professional smooth talk and slick croons. The track is the first which gives us a look into his forthcoming project, entitled Back in June.

“Sweet Nothings” is a well-produced track that justly introduces a professional voice that you’ll want to watch. The amount of R&B voices on the West Coast is slowly growing, and we admittedly like it. A huge welcome is extended to Sharuk, and we have a feeling this is just a teaser of even greater things that can be anticipated from the crooner. Check it out below.


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10 May

R&B talent ninetyfour is setting the bar high for New Vancouver with debut album It’s Yours

Vancouver, BC – It was only a month ago that I watched the silhouette of ninetyfour, aka Tevin Douglas, take the stage as an opening performer at the Biltmore Cabaret for Sophia Danai’s album release party. His humble introduction presented no indication of the vocal talents hat he was about to unleash on the crowd. As with all things in life, the best are always the least expected. With a set that was thoroughly compelling, he showcased an influential sound which held the potential to set the bar higher than it has been for the quality of music in Vancouver. His subtle entrance (and killer performance) left us all questioning how he’d flown under the radar for as long as he had.

Sonically Douglas offers something that Vancouver has been lacking – a sensual voice which is strong enough to engage the community with a genre that’s been locally unrepresented. Many refer to the “new Vancouver” as a movement, and ninetyfour has been regarded as a strong prospect helping to lead it. Three weeks later, and he quickly fulfilled our hopes by releasing his feature album It’s Yours – an album that we didn’t know we needed until we had in our hands.


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10 May

So Loki strikes gold and delivers yet again with “Custom Linen”

Vancouver, BC – Brought to you by Owake Records, is the perfect gift to start your weekend from the local Vancouver duo, So Loki. These guys have perfected the delivery of consistently quality music, and “Custom Linen” is a track which appropriately follows suite.

The cool thing about this track is that while it maintains the stylistic roots of the duo, it also presents a chorus that will rope you in regardless if you get down with experimental or more mainstream rap.

Let’s take a moment to put some focus on the really hype bars that Sam Lucia shows up with, and the production which makes the track something evolutionary rather than a static experience. If you haven’t already pressed play, head down below and check out “Custom Linen” and then make sure you download everything else they’ve touched. The consensus is that it’s all gold.


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