Peter Jackson - Since I Was 16
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DillanPonders – You’re Welcome [Review]

Toronto, ON – On Apr. 1, Toronto’s drug lord extraordinaire DillanPonders released his highly-anticipated You’re Welcome remix project. The project dropped as … Read More »

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Captain California: Problem is heating up the West Coast [Article]

Vancouver, BC – All ears are on L.A. when it comes to laid-back bangers with a voice speaking for the ‘hood. He’s … Read More »

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Peter Jackson releases Since I Was 16; debuts at #53 on iTunes [News]

Toronto, ON – 9-0 Nickel Entertainment’s Peter Jackson has officially released his album, Since I Was 16. The 12-track original release features … Read More »

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The KOTD #Quarantine2 breakdown with Sketch Menace [Interview]

Calgary, AB – In case y’all have been sleeping, Mar. 28 marks the date of the massive #Quarantine2 KOTD event in Calgary … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]


4 Jan

HipHopCanada photographer Jamie Sands picks his Top 10 Shots of 2014 [Photos]

Vancouver, BC – HipHopCanada photographer Jamie Sands picks his Top 10 Photos of 2014 after the jump, but first a message from our Editor:

We owe a lifetime of gratitude to Jamie Sands for all the amazing coverage he’s provided us over the years. Teamed with our West Coast Editor, KassKills, as well as other West Coast writers, Jamie has always provided sick coverage of Vancouver concerts and events for us and 2014 was no exception. We could list everything out but it’s easy to locate the body of his HipHopCanada work by visiting his profile or our Photo Gallery. A quick search of his name on the site brings up 5 pages of results dating back to 2010. Needless to say, Jamie’s dedication to his craft and the West Coast scene has been a huge blessing to us.

So we asked Jamie to pick his Top 10 photos of the year. They’re all from BC-based events and mostly from Vancouver where Jamie resides. They’re listed by event date. He doesn’t pick No. 1 choice but I can tell you the Ab-Soul shot is my personal favourite. He’s also selected pics of Nas, Action Bronson, Redman, Run The Jewels and more. Each photo is accompanied by an exerpt of the original post the photo can be found in. Check it out after the jump. [More]

HipHopCanada photographer Jamie Sands picks his 10 Top Shots of 2014 [Photos] -
Eminem, Squamish Music Festival, August 2014

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4 Jan

KassKills’ Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos of 2014 [Article]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published January 2, 2015KassKills’ Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos of 2014 can be found below. But first, a message from our Editor:

For the past several years, HipHopCanada’s West Coast coverage has been spearheaded by Vancouver based KassKills. As our West Coast Editor, Kass has coordinated our coverage of shows, new releases, contests and interviews, as well as contributed her own interviews and stories. She’s a huge reason for a large increase in our West Coast traffic this year and remains one of our most valuable assets. If you’re in the Vancouver area and attending a show, you’ll likely cross paths with her as she attends a ton of gigs yearly. Hands down, she is a blessing to our team and the scene and she has lots of great things planned for you for 2015.

In 2014, Kass got in a ton of dope interviews including most recently with DPG legend, Kurupt (“Gotti Like That: West Coast words with Kurupt [Interview]“), Toronto’s Keys N Krates (“Innovators – Ground Shakers: The Art of Blending with Keys N Krates [Interview]“), and Ab-Soul (“Soul’s Philosophies: Ab-Soul (of Black Hippy) [Interview]“). She also linked up with Dizaster, iLL Chris, Craig MacMillan for Move Right Music, Wu-Tang’s RZA, Kid Ink, and Madchild although that one is technically Dec. 2013.

Not to mention a ton of audio/video posts, and album/concert reviews. You can find all of her posts (as well as several posts from her team), on her profile.

To bring in the New Year, we asked Kass to put together her favourite videos of the year. After the jump link below you can find her Top 10 picks along with some honourable mentions. Check it out! [More]

KassKills' Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos Of 2014 [Article] -
Evil Ebenezer, Saukrates, Rich Kidd

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4 Jan

Sarah Jay’s Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos of 2014 [Article]

Calgary, ABOriginally published January 2, 2015 – Damn. Is it just me, or was 2014 a massive year for Canadian hip-hop? It was overwhelming – I’ve never been so proud to be a part of Canadian hip-hop. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of how this year went down for me: I entered 2014 as the Associate Editor-In-Chief at HipHopCanada. This was a pretty big leap for me, as I spent all of 2013 as the Prairies Editor. So instead of just focusing on music from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, I got to take in tuneage from all across the country.

This year was an introduction to so many talented cats out in the central and eastern parts of the country. I was fortunate enough to be able to build with some amazing people, and take in some top-notch music. I also got to cross some dope interviews off my bucket list (like… Ghostface Killah, Future, and Action Bronson…NBD or anything!!!!!) I also caught some monster shows and got to fulfill my lifelong ambition of photographing an OutKast show. ZIIIINNNGGG! I also had an adorable bus ride with Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future in Whistler over the summer.

On a more personal level, this year totally reaffirmed the importance of having a hip-hop scene. Let me explain: I ended up in Edmonton at the end of January under some less-than-ideal circumstances. I didn’t know anyone in the city. But the Edmonton hip-hop scene took me in and within a few months I had a YEG hip-hop fam. [More]

Sarah Jay's Picks: Top 10 Canadian Rap Videos Of 2014 [Article] -
DillanPonders, Camm Hunter & k-os

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4 Jan

Rosa Jay’s Picks: Top 5 Canadian (Edmonton) Rap Videos of 2014 [Article]

Edmonton, ABOriginally published January 2, 2014Rosa Jason’s Picks: Top 5 Canadian Rap Videos Of 2014 can be found below. But first, a message from our Editor:

2014 saw the rise of Rosa Jason as one of our main Prairies correspondents and key Edmonton representative. Along with countless audio and video posts offering her take on the latest releases, Rosa also reviewed several great shows for HipHopCanada including Juicy J’s recent holiday concert in Edmonton, French Montana’s Edmonton tour stop just over a month ago, MGK’s Edmonton tour-stop, T.I.’s Edmonton debut, K Camp’s Edmonton debut, and Fabolous’ return to YEG after a brief hiatus.

She also covered Cam’ron’s comeback tour earlier in the year along with the Edmonton stop of the highly succesful Jay Z and Beyoncé tour and Edmonton’s KOTD West Coast Squad Tour.

In the sumertime, Rosa interviewed Hopsin and Rico Love and reviewed Future’s Honest Tour, among other shows. She also reviewed several projects, all of which can be found on her profile. [More]

Rosa Jason's Picks: Top 5 Canadian Rap Videos Of 2014 [Article] -
Vital & Brothers Grim

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3 Jan

Jaydahmann – Changes (Dir. LiquidArtsMedia) [Video]

Toronto vet Jaydahmann brings in 2015 with a new buzz single by the name of “Changes.” Check out the press release below and look for the LiquidArtsMedia-directed video after the jump.

Toronto, ON – On the feet of a new year and with new year’s resolutions on the horizon, exclusively on, Jaydahmann releases a fitting video and download for a new track called,”Changes.”

“Changes” is a track that will remind you of how far you have come in life and how unapologetic you should be on your quest to your destiny. The video captures a leather wearing Jaydahmann teaching the game of life to an adolescent boy as they walk through a beautifully coloured park.

This video is visually appealing with its seasonal backdrop stimulating your eyes and lyrically, this is the introspective and retrospective spittin’ Jaydahmann that the city of Toronto has grown to love!

To all planning to #Conquer in 2015, I leave you with a note from this track, “Just let it come to you, yeah, but don’t you worry if they run from you, yeah.”

2015 is yours for the TAKING!

Jaydahmann - Changes (Dir. LiquidArtsMedia) [Video] -

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3 Jan

Los Poetas – Los Poetas (Dir. Alex Narvaez) [Video]

Toronto, ONLos Poetas team up with longtime HipHopCanada affiliate, director Alex Narvaez, for the slick revolution-inspired visuals to their self-titled single. The video, serving as the first single to the group’s debut album dropping January 2015, stars Luis “Louwop” Segura, Martin “Che Uno” Cura, Marcel Jaramillo, Brian Quintero, Rene Jesus Escobar, Christopher Meneses Sanchez, Andrew Galicia, Cayden Segura, Oscar Campos, and Victoria Walton. It was written by Narvaez and Campos.

“Los Poetas” depicts military oppression and an assault on freedoms often taken for granted… speech, thought and general liberty. Louwop and Che Uno are approached by soldiers as they mind their own business, poetry in hand. The journal is confiscated and the outnumbered Los Poetas are matched through the woods by soldiers as locals watch on. A defiant young boy brings the detained MCs water and is soon discovered by the soldiers. But the words in the book connect with the commanding officer and seems to resonate with his overall view of things. The group is released and open their book to a page with a clear message:

Everyone is responsible for resisting oppression and injustice for a better world.

At least, that’s what I got without being able to fully appreciate the lyrics (it’s mostly in Spanish). But regardless of the language barrier, the flows are undeniable and the Vago-produced track bangs hard! Check out the video after the jump.

Los Poetas - Los Poetas (Dir. Alex Narvaez) [Video] -

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3 Jan

Know-It – Days of Grace ft. Substance & Illtone [Audio]

Cambridge, ON – Producer extraordinaire Know-It adds a new gem to the Dialysis catalog with a new tune assisted by Substance and Illtone (The Lyricists, Blacktivity). This is “Days of Grace.”

Know-It - Days of Grace ft. Substance & Illtone [Audio] -

3 Jan

Cashtro Crosby – January 27th (J. Cole Freestyle) [Video]

Ottawa, ON – New freestyle to bring in the year by Ottawa/Pittsburgh MC, Cashtro Crosby. Check out “January 27th (J. Cole Freestyle), directed by GWilliams, after the jump.

The album been on the way but J. Cole inspired me.

Cashtro Crosby - January 27th (J. Cole Freestyle) [Video] -

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3 Jan

RiFF RAFF – Prom Night ft. Peter Jackson (Prod. Pilot Beats) [Audio] #SOTD

Houston, TX – Today’s Song of the Day comes with some big news as it has come to our attention that RiFF RAFF will be taking 9-0 Nickel’s Peter Jackson on tour to perform their new single “Prom Night.” PJ absolutely bodies this sick Pilot Beats production – he’s certainly the stand out. Word is the video will be shot in the near future. Look out for more tour details coming soon and check out “Prom Night” below. S/O @90Nickel.

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2 Jan

Ottawa 2014 Bars & Breakbeats (Mixed by J2xF) [Mixtape]

Ottawa, ON – To go along with our year end wrap up content, we bring you this new mix from Ottawa’s J2xF, offering a mix of his take on the best material from Ottawa this past year. Check out Ottawa 2014 Bars & Breakbeats below.

“Was 2014 the greatest year in music for the Ottawa area?” asks Peter Simpson of the Ottawa Citizen. A valid question with a resounding “Fvck ya bahd!” answer. In case you were hibernating and just woke up in the new year, here’s a mix of tracks released in 2014 by some of our city’s finest up-and-coming hip hop artists — golden age era hip-hop, trap rap, nerdcore, gangsta rap, noise, alternative, horrorcore, political, glitch hop, beat., etc. — name it, Ottawa’s got it. 2015 level up! – J2xF

R.I.P. Johnny Bravo.

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