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Atlantic Canada

Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”


18 Nov

Listen to Jay Branks new single “4 The Love” featuring Justice

Vancouver, BC – Few to come out of Vancouver are producing straight R&B bangers and the ones who are are few and far between. Jay Branks is one in particular worth keeping an eye on and his latest single “4 The Love” featuring Justice comes courtesy of the Couverboys Collective and is definitely worth a listen…or five.

Check out the self produced track below and be on the look out for more from Branks and his crew in the near future.

18 Nov

Toronto’s Pressa to make highly anticipated performance debut on Dec. 18

Toronto, ON – Excitement is building as Toronto rapper Pressa gears up for his first ever show which is taking place Sunday, Dec. 18 at Fiction Club (180 Pearl Street).

This is a holiday special edition party for all ages with a live performance by Pressa Armani taking place between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Then at 10 p.m., the 19+ She So Pretty event will get started which will feature another performance by Pressa for the mature audience.

The event will also feature a special guest DJ from Toronto playing the best top 40, R&B hip-hop, reggae and soca music. If you’re planning on coming to the 19+ part of the evening, make sure you bring ID – dress code in effect. Check out the flyer after the jump.

Toronto's Pressa to make highly anticipated performance debut on Dec. 18 -

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17 Nov

Boost: Calgary’s Jae Sterling makes a statement with new ACR Radio single

Calgary, AB – The scumbag returns! On his latest single “Boost,” Jae Sterling proclaims his spot at the top of Calgary’s rap game over a sinister sounding ACR Radio beat. Check out the goodness below.

Boost: Calgary's Jae Sterling makes a statement with new ACR Radio single -

17 Nov

VNCHY talks about being the “Black Diablo” & making his own official theme song

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week, Toronto artist VNCHY released his latest record “Black Diablo” as the second official single release off the forthcoming EMINENT: 002A_0316.

“Black Diablo” serves as VNCHY’s own personal theme song. It’s the song that bodies the progression that’s led up to where he’s at now, and the steps he’s had to take to get there. Instead of staking his claim at rap’s “black Jesus”, VNCHY instead compares himself to the devil – the “Black Diablo.”

While VNCHY has mostly released singing records this year, he uses this song to remind us all that he still does rap, and that his rap bars are unfuckwitable. This record utilizes a combination of grizzly rap bars, a melodic hook, and some monster Arthur McArthur production. Check out the new single below, and scope our Q&A with VNCHY after the jump.

VNCHY talks about being the

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17 Nov

Bored In Canada: We caught up with The Posterz to talk about their new EP & boredom in Montreal

Montreal, QC – On Oct. 31, Montreal rap trio The Posterz (Husser, Kris The $pirit, and producer Joey Sherrett) released a brand new concept EP titled Bored In Canada.

The three-track project is a play on the name of the Scottish electronic music duo, Boards Of Canada. The tracklisting on the project consists of three tracks: “Bored,” “In,” and “Canada.”

This EP packs a lot into a short 14-minute span. And it’s highly recommended that you take this project in with some sort of illicit substance. It’ll take you for a nice little trip. “Bored” starts the EP off on some industrial punk-thrash tip, while “In” has an ambient atmospheric vibe. The project wraps with “Canada”, a faded and frenzied track that caps off the whole thing.

For each track, The Posterz either remixed Boards Of Canada records, or flipped BoC samples into new tracks. The end result is this unapologetically Canadian project that shows what happens when three artists get bored in Canada. Stream Bored In Canada below via SoundCloud, and scope our Q&A with the guys after the jump.

Bored In Canada: We caught up with The Posterz to talk about their new EP & boredom in Montreal -

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17 Nov

You need to watch Immerze’s new video for “Tropicana”

Vancouver, BC – Following his monstrous summer EP release of Before I Go, Vancouver artist Immerze returns with a new set of visuals for the track “Tropicana” (produced by Eshe Nkiru and Brevner).

“Tropicana” was one of the Canadian summer rap anthems of 2016. It’s so unapologetically Canadian West Coast; from the Brev and Eshe beat, all the way through to Immerze’s bars.

For the video, Immerze got his hands on a blue Chevy Coupe and delivered a fun summer throwback visual, directed by GenreShoots. Check out the video after the jump and peep our Q&A with Immerze.

You need to check out Immerze's new video for Gucci Vandross -

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16 Nov

Mississauga’s Shabazz brought serious heat on his debut EP, Alma Sola

Mississauga, ON – It’s widespread knowledge that the current rap scene is being dominated by heavily trap-inspired beats and production. But amidst this trend is the slow, yet steady, development of another lane of emcees who are changing the status quo. Gone are the days of artists needing to show up with 3-4 minutes of heavy banging in order to catch a mere moment of their audience’s attention. Mississauga emcee, Shabazz recently released his debut EP, Alma Sola, which evolves past the stereotypical confines of current mainstream music in a direction which embraces overall musicality and instrumental influences. With this attempt he caters to a similarly evolved rap audience who appreciates the sensual moments of developed suspense, as well as the highs.

He uses the juxtaposition of languages and potent storytelling to easily guide listeners through his pursuit of emotional participation – and it’s fairly one of the most effective bodies of work this half of 2016. With contributions from Brampton’s K. Forest, the 8-track project is one that you won’t want to miss (but also one that you really need to hear). Stream the project below, and check out our conversation with the Mississauga rapper about his official debut.

Mississauga’s Shabazz brought serious heat on his debut EP, Alma Sola -

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16 Nov

Toronto’s Kavale talks the release of his new album, Carpé Diem, and making moves for his city

Toronto, ON – Following the official premiere yesterday on Noisey, Toronto’s Kavale took a moment to talk with us about his newly release album, Carpé Diem – a project that has helped defined himself within the Toronto scene as an artist who is ready to take the spot that he deserves. The project has been considered a reinvention of Toronto R&B, but tracks like “Nights Like This” and “Need Something” add strong hip-hop influences and passionately aggressive bars to make the album identifiable for both genres. He easily blends the best sounds of current Toronto to give listeners a project that represents a wide range of the scene, encompassing some of the best movements we’ve been seeing.

While the project is a fair by-product of his lengthy grind, the emcee brought on contributors KTLN, Julius and Missouri R&B talent, Trey Forever to bring their own diverse sounds. High-quality production value was established from Arion Knight, Julius, Derrick Ingram and Pierre-Alain, and the result is a polished and effective effort. Stream the album on Spotify now, and check out our exclusive conversation with Kavale, as we dive deeper into the composition of the project and his creative process.

Toronto’s Kavale talks the release of his new album, Carpé Diem, and making moves for his city -

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16 Nov

Vancouver’s Blak Ace enlists director Starving Marvel for new “R.O.E.” video

Vancouver, BC – Vancity up-and-comer Blak Ace enlists director Starving Marvel for his new video single, “R.O.E.” The track is available now on iTunes through Phizzo Entertainment. It follows Ace’s late 2015 single, “My Passion,” which is also available for download. You can check out the “R.O.E.” video now after the jump link below.

Vancouver's Blak Ace enlists director Starving Marvel for new R.O.E. video -

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16 Nov

Premiere: You need to watch Nixxon’s new video for “Beauty & The Beast”

Toronto, ON – HipHopCanada has teamed up with Toronto artist Nixxon (formerly known as JesseRay) to bring you the premiere of this new Nina Djacic and Tim Myles directed video for “Beauty & The Beast” (produced by Rekkzone and Zlender).

This song goes out to all the females who say they know what they want; but don’t actually have any idea what they want. It’s also a record that shows the duality of human nature. We all have a bit of “beauty” in us. But we also all have a bit of “the beast” in us.

This is the new Nixxon material we’ve been waiting on for a minute. It’s been a pretty quiet year for Nixxon, following the March release of the For No Good Reason EP. Turns out the guy’s been steady grinding all year; working on his networking and ratting in the lab.

Check out the video premiere below, and peep our Q&A with Nixon after the jump.

Premiere: Nixxon releases haunting new visuals for

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