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Review: Sarah Jay breaks down I Told You by Tory Lanez

Toronto, ON – Aug. 19 marked a major milestone for 2016 Canadian rap because Tory Lanez officially released his album debut, I … Read More »

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The best show of Osheaga 2016 was Tory Lanez at the Scène Verte Sonnet

Montreal, QC – On Sunday July 31, the annual Osheaga music festival finished strong with its third and final day of festivities … Read More »

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Here’s what happened when Mac Miller wrapped Day 3 of Osheaga 2016

Montreal, QC – The annual Osheaga music festival finished off its 2016 run on July 31 with one last day of shows … Read More »

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OVO Fest: Drake & Future pack the house at Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Toronto

On Aug. 1, I attended Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen concert in Toronto … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia’s Mitchell Bailey teams up with Cam Smith & Gold Bangz for “W

Nova Scotia’s Mitchell Bailey teams up with Cam Smith & Gold Bangz for “W


22 Mar

You need to hear this “Role Model” freestyle by Husser from The Posterz

Montreal, QC – One third of The Posterz crew, rapper Husser just dropped this monster freestyle treatment of “Role Model” by Eminem.

The beat was reworked by Tork and starts off with a chopped and screwed flip of the song’s beat. The song goes into its second half by transitioning to the original beat we’re all familiar with and Husser switches up his flow for the remainder of the freestyle.

The freestyle was recorded in the office of the label Cult Nation; to which Husser has recently signed. This serves as the first installation in Cult Nation’s new Cult Sessions series. The series will feature spur-of-the-moment improvisational performances and set-ups filmed for our viewing pleasure. So make sure you check Husser’s freestyle after the jump.

You need to hear this

21 Mar

East Coast up-and-comer MAK11 is trying to figure out how to “Function”

St. John’s, NL – St. John’s rapper MAK11 recently released a new video for his Roca Beats and Lazy James produced “Function” off the recently released New Atlantis project (which features a ton of major Roca Beats production credits – by the way).

A relatively fresh face on the scene, MAK11 has only been releasing videos since the middle of 2015 when we saw his debut “C4” video drop. The guy is definitely still honing his flow and delivery but we’re already starting to see his progression; which is dope.

Here’s how MAK11 broke down this song for me: “‘Function’ literally refers to the process of us becoming conscious and aware humans; learning how to function in the skin that we’re in, and how to live within our means while still being trapped in a systematic society.”

East Coast up-and-comer MAK11 is trying to figure out how to

21 Mar

The Original Mattress Co. releases top quality mix to introduce Daily Wave Plants series

Toronto, ON – It took me all of 20 minutes to realize I had to figure out how to download this mix for the drive to work tomorrow… smooth and easy-listening courtesy of The Original Mattress Co. with a whole range of artists and sounds. Trust me when I say Daily Wave Plants: Harvest 001 is worth taking in.

The Original Mattress Company is the only sleep boutique in the universe. We harvest soundwaves and through our patented process turn them into a sleep inducing vapor. Read up on our journeys, find out about our heritage, check into our headquarters, find out what we’re currently processing in our rotation and overall rest up, you’ll need it.

You can check out their website for more information. The track listing includes tracks from DENZELCURRYPH, Wave Chapelle, James Fauntleroy, Bodega Bamz, MONAKR and more. Check it out below.

Our Harvest is wielding beautiful results. These are the plants in our rotation machine right now. You’re Welcome.” – Hallway

The Original Mattress Co. releases top quality mix to introduce Daily Wave Plants series -

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21 Mar

As Obama announces end to Cuban embargo, Jonathan Emile gets political on “Viva Fidel!”

Montreal, QC – New music from Jamaican-Canadian recording artist and activist, Jonathan Emile. Following up on his The Lover / Fighter Document LP which dropped Oct. 2015, Emile teams up with producer Young Kico for his timely new track, “Viva Fidel!” The song’s release comes as U.S. President Barack Obama visited Havana, Cuba today to meet with Cuban leader Raul Castro. While taking questions from reporters, Obama declared an end to the commercial, economic, and financial embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba, dating back to the 1960’s. He is the first American president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

Emile gets extra political on this new record, mocking the hypocrisy’s of democracy and taking shots at the various short comings of the western political system. As the opening of the King Richard-edited video states: “This song is a celebration of the opening of diplomatic relations between The United States and Cuba as they continue to evolve into post-racial-social-democracies and wrok to rectify past injustices.” Check out Emile’s “Viva Fidel” – HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day – after the jump.

As Obama announces end to Cuban embargo, Jonathan Emile gets political on Viva Fidel! -

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21 Mar

Sean Leon told us about his new three-part track: “Europe Freestyle/ I Made It/ Debt & Vendettas”

Toronto, ON – As he gears up to drop his highly anticipated BLACK SHEEP nirvana album later on this year, IXXI Initiative founder Sean Leon hits us with this new three-title single release titled “Europe Freestyle/I Made It/ Debt & Vendettas.”

Sean has recently had many changes in life; both on a personal level and on an artistic level. While 2015 and 2016 have been big buzz years for Sean, he’s forcing himself to take a bit of a step back and re-evaluate his mark on the scene. That’s where a song like “Europe Freestyle/ I Made It/ Debt & Vendettas” comes into play. Sean’s at a point where he wants his music to stand for something and he wants to make a brand of music that’s timeless.

As Sean explained it to me: “I wanted my fans to know where I was at mentally and emotionally, because they’ve been patient. And I felt obligated to reward their patience with a release. They’ve been waiting, and I’ve been waiting too… and living, and going through changes. I became a father, and although it didn’t slow down my workflow it did make me think twice about my output. I only want to drop music that can rise above the noise and stand the test of time. I want to make my city and my country proud. I want to prove you can make it out of here on your own terms.”

Peep the song below, and make sure you go check Sean’s entire back catalogue which is available for streaming via Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more.

You need to hear this three-parter from Sean Leon titled

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21 Mar

Arys Déjan and Roca Beats are on the “OTHERside”

Toronto, ON – Toronto artist Arys Déjan recently teamed up with his go-to producer, Roca Beats, for this new release titled “OTHERside.”

Every person has an “OTHERside” to them and it’s up to the listener to determine what – exactly – that OTHERside means to them. Here’s what Arys told me: “I do feel like we all have [an] ‘OTHERside’, whether we choose to accept it, deny it, show it or hide it. It can represent either the dark or the light; left or the right; the aggressive side of you that’s ready to go to war…or the side of you that chooses to ignore the war happening all around you.”

Arys actually threw my question back in my face when I asked him what “OTHERside” meant to him, and he asked me what “OTHERside” means to me. That was very cheeky of him. But I think I’ve deduced that – to me – OTHERside represents the areas of grey in life and the duality to every situation and every person. Now y’all got to take this track in and figure out what it means to you.

Arys Déjan and Roca Beats are on the

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21 Mar

Brad Bonds continues his streak of single releases with “Passing”

Brampton, ON – We’ve seen a huge dump of dope single releases from Brad Bonds, lately. Following the recent back-to-back releases of “Don’t Be Shy” and “Night Time”, Brad returns with this new Bravestarr Beats produced single titled “Passing.”

“Passing” marks a shift in Brad’s confidence as an artist. While his M.O. has typically been songs about girls and songs about macking, he decided to switch things up with a party song. I sort of misconstrued the track as being a cockier braggadocio kind of thing. But Brad set the record straight for me.

Here’s what he told me: “In retrospect, after I recorded it and was listening to the song it sounded kind of cocky. But I wasn’t really trying to come off like that. I just wanted to write something that people could feel cool listening to. A lot of my songs are about girls and stuff but I wanted to make something just for a party or a club.”

Brad Bonds continues his streak of single releases with

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21 Mar

Jape and Prezident Jeff team up on “Never Let Go” off Jape’s forthcoming PLAY EP

Toronto, ON – Fresh off a two-show stint at SXSW, Toronto artist Jape recently teamed up with Prezident Jeff (ie: one of my favourite Canadian producers right now) to release this new track titled “Never Let Go” as the debut single release off Jape’s upcoming PLAY EP.

Jape and Prezident Jeff team up on

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21 Mar

KIV & IPKISS got Ivan Cabus to direct this new video for “Come Up”

London, ON – Following the release of his recent Wake Up mixtape, KIV teamed up with IPKISS and director Ivan Cabus to drop this new video for “Come Up.”

In case you’re not familiar, Ivan Cabus is known for his work as an event videographer for NYON Video Productions. This was his first kick at shooting an actual music video so he worked with KIV and IPKSS to cook up this “hip-hop meets the country side” concept.

KIV & IPKISS enlist the help of director Ivan Cabus for this new video for

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21 Mar

JR Fillion & JorDel Downz enlist the help of Sese for this remix of “Northern Lights”

London, ON – London up-and-comer JR Fillion recently dropped a monster EP titled Northern Lights. And he’s just teamed up with Sese for this dope remix of the JorDel Downz assisted title single, “Northern Lights.”

The original song was produced by Milan Francis and serves as an anthem for all Canadian rappers on the come-up: “I’m stuck in this life/ Under these Northern Lights/ And I’m tryin’ to fight/ What I lost up in this fight/ And I’m sick of these walls/ So I show up at the show/ And I give it my all/ And I watch these haters fall.”

It’s a song about the hunger and drive constantly pushing these guys to take things to the next level. And everything is tied together with that “…under these Northern Lights” part of the hook. So you know it’s a Canadian ting. So of course it makes perfect sense that JR got Sese in on the remix.

JR Fillion & JorDel Downz enlist the help of Sese for this remix of

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