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Yeezy Taught Me: Kanye West takes Rogers Place to new heights at the Saint Pablo Tour

October 15 marked Kanye West‘s return to Edmonton for the Saint Pablo Tour … Read More »

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Toronto star Rich Kidd to host first Beats.Mind.Movement. showcase on Oct. 19

Beats.Mind.Movement. goes down inside Toronto’s The Rivoli … Read More »

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Attention Artists! Submissions are now being accepted for the 2017 JUNO Awards

Toronto, ON – The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) has officially opened the doors for submissions to the 2017 … Read More »

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Fiji & Ca$tro Guapo of CMDWN talk about their project Atlanada & the Toronto sce…

Toronto, ON – There’s no denying that Canada’s hip-hop scene is an enigma that has left many in the community attempting to … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Fortunato launches the Four Flags Tour in Saint John, New Brunswick on Oct. 7

Fortunato launches the Four Flags Tour in Saint John, New Brunswick on Oct. 7


21 Mar

Brad Bonds continues his streak of single releases with “Passing”

Brampton, ON – We’ve seen a huge dump of dope single releases from Brad Bonds, lately. Following the recent back-to-back releases of “Don’t Be Shy” and “Night Time”, Brad returns with this new Bravestarr Beats produced single titled “Passing.”

“Passing” marks a shift in Brad’s confidence as an artist. While his M.O. has typically been songs about girls and songs about macking, he decided to switch things up with a party song. I sort of misconstrued the track as being a cockier braggadocio kind of thing. But Brad set the record straight for me.

Here’s what he told me: “In retrospect, after I recorded it and was listening to the song it sounded kind of cocky. But I wasn’t really trying to come off like that. I just wanted to write something that people could feel cool listening to. A lot of my songs are about girls and stuff but I wanted to make something just for a party or a club.”

Brad Bonds continues his streak of single releases with

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21 Mar

Jape and Prezident Jeff team up on “Never Let Go” off Jape’s forthcoming PLAY EP

Toronto, ON – Fresh off a two-show stint at SXSW, Toronto artist Jape recently teamed up with Prezident Jeff (ie: one of my favourite Canadian producers right now) to release this new track titled “Never Let Go” as the debut single release off Jape’s upcoming PLAY EP.

Jape and Prezident Jeff team up on

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21 Mar

KIV & IPKISS got Ivan Cabus to direct this new video for “Come Up”

London, ON – Following the release of his recent Wake Up mixtape, KIV teamed up with IPKISS and director Ivan Cabus to drop this new video for “Come Up.”

In case you’re not familiar, Ivan Cabus is known for his work as an event videographer for NYON Video Productions. This was his first kick at shooting an actual music video so he worked with KIV and IPKSS to cook up this “hip-hop meets the country side” concept.

KIV & IPKISS enlist the help of director Ivan Cabus for this new video for

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21 Mar

JR Fillion & JorDel Downz enlist the help of Sese for this remix of “Northern Lights”

London, ON – London up-and-comer JR Fillion recently dropped a monster EP titled Northern Lights. And he’s just teamed up with Sese for this dope remix of the JorDel Downz assisted title single, “Northern Lights.”

The original song was produced by Milan Francis and serves as an anthem for all Canadian rappers on the come-up: “I’m stuck in this life/ Under these Northern Lights/ And I’m tryin’ to fight/ What I lost up in this fight/ And I’m sick of these walls/ So I show up at the show/ And I give it my all/ And I watch these haters fall.”

It’s a song about the hunger and drive constantly pushing these guys to take things to the next level. And everything is tied together with that “…under these Northern Lights” part of the hook. So you know it’s a Canadian ting. So of course it makes perfect sense that JR got Sese in on the remix.

JR Fillion & JorDel Downz enlist the help of Sese for this remix of

20 Mar

The Posterz just played SXSW & dropped this video for “Ben Up”

Montreal, QC – A few days ago The Posterz dropped this fresh new Vinoth Varatharajan-directed video for “Ben Up” off the recently released Junga EP (ie: one of the best projects that dropped in 2015).

And in case you missed it, the guys just graced SXSW in Austin at a show presented by M for Montreal and Exclaim! at Barracuda on Saturday night. So best believe The Posterz SHOULD be on your radar by now.

“Ben Up” was one of the darker songs off Junga, and also one of the darker songs we’ve seen from the trio. Think of this song as the “Junga For Dummies” tutorial, or something.

The Posterz just played SXSW & dropped this video for Ben Up

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19 Mar

Swisslizz represents for Vancity in “What’s Mine”

Vancouver,BC – Recently I had the chance to review the latest EP Tales from 25 from Vancity’s, Swisslizz. The overall project was a really fresh and uncharacteristically R&B sound that was warmly received by the community, and one which put the artist on the radar as a someone to seriously watch. It’s been a couple months since it’s official release and Swisslizz has returned to give us the first music video for the track “What’s mine”. Production for the song and the EP was largely handled by Shah, who contributes to making the project a strong statement of identity for the artist. Swisslizz further recruits Nicholas Tremblay to assist on direction of this video. In my personal opinion, it’s the visuals that take the track to legitimate hustler status.

The video follows the path of Swisslizz throughout his ventures on a particular evening. The videography is professional, and cinematic – focusing on a wide variety of details that portray the Vancouver night life and hustle of the rapper. You get a little bit of everything from this video, including dark and brooding shots of Swiss, the Vancouver skyline, the Granville club district, and a couple good looking girls thrown into the mix. Check out the music video below.


19 Mar

Newly signed Sony Music artist Kiki Rowe releases visuals for “High” featuring Capito and Shotty Horroh

Toronto, ON – 21 year old, Kiki Rowe, is a fresh Canadian R&B talent that is garnering her fair amount of respective attention within the industry right now. The young songstress has a fair amount of notable collaborations under her belt, working with DJ Mustard on her rendition of “Trust Issues” and Kygo on the remix of her song, “Got Me Thinkin.” As a new signee to Sony Music Entertainment Canada, she returns with the newest music video for her feature single, “High” featuring Capito and Shotty Horroh.

Whether you’re a fan of Kiki’s or you’re just catching onto her wave now, “High” is the perfect track to take you into the summer months. The music video features Rowe heading to a meetup with Capito and Shotty Horroh, where she joins in on a chill sesh’ with the rappers. Her vocals are warm and inviting, and match up nicely next to the bars of her collaborators. We can expect to receive more music from Kiki further into 2016, but for now “High” comfortably solidifies her a spot as a top Canadian artist to keep an eye on. Check out the music video below.

Kiki Rowe Press Release

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19 Mar

Larry Luxx drops remix of Tupac’s classic “I’m Gettin’ Money”

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver producer, Larry Luxx starts our week off on a high note by dropping a chopped up remix of Tupac’s “I’m Gettin’ Money.” The producer has been consistently recognized for his almost metamorphic style which generally takes listeners on a trip and a half. It’s this slowed down, morphed style of production that totally works for him and produces songs that are hazily reminiscent of darker experiences.

On this remix he tackles a classic piece of rap literature and seamlessly turns it into a track that is modern, and futuristic while still respectful to the roots that made the original so great. Take a listen below.


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18 Mar

VNCHY is preaching the “Truly” mindset

Toronto, ON – One of my favourite artists of 2015, VNCHY returns to deliver his latest single titled “Truly” (produced by Bijan Amir).

VNCHY blew on to my radar last year with his signature grizzly Dr. Dre-type of flow and low raspy delivery. But 2016 marks a total switch-up on the guy’s delivery. He’s been taking vocal lessons and has started singing on his songs. In fact, when I hit up VNCHY to ask him about this new release he was just coming back from his vocal lessons: “I am still very early in my vocal lessons however simple exercises and taking the time to understand my voice has done incredible things for me. I am consciously working on painting more vivid pictures with my voice and all the other tools at my disposal. My potential for progression is infinite.”

VNCHY’s music still has that dark conscious undertone to it, and his rap verses still get nice and low on the vocal range. But there’s a whole new element to his sound; the singing: “I don’t know what they talkin’ about/ They know we truly/ They know we truly.”

VNCHY solidifies his place as

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17 Mar

Bane teams up with Eestbound to pop a “Jigg”

Brampton, ON – On Mar. 16, B-Town up-and-comer Bane teamed up with Eestbound to drop his latest single, “Jigg.” Bane and Eestbound decided to give the grim Bane treatment to a song about popping Molly and turning up.

The song was actually inspired by a very specific line from a Kenny Coldcuts song (and in case you didn’t know, Bane and Kenny recently formed the Paranoia World collective together – eeeeeps!). As Bane explained it to me: “I made this song after listening to a Kenny Coldcuts song which had the lyrics ‘I just dropped a jigg in my double cup.’ Had it stuck in my head for weeks. But I wanted to make something happy-party-like but still have that dark feel to it.”

Bane teams up with Eestbound to pop a

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