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HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 9

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify earlier this year, and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every … Read More »

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A$AP Ferg is at the top of his game and Still Striving

He’s been on a tight tour schedule for the better part of the last year but A$AP Ferg shows no signs of slowing down.

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Review: Here’s what happened when Tory Lanez brought the I Told You Tour through Cal…

On Nov. 17, our friends over at Timbre Concerts brought Tory Lanez through Calgary for a stop along the I Told You Tour in support of Tory’s debut album release I Told You.

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Bored In Canada: We caught up with The Posterz to talk about their new EP & boredom i…

Montreal, QC – On Oct. 31, Montreal rap trio The Posterz (Husser, Kris The $pirit, and producer Joey Sherrett) released a brand … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single


21 Apr

Swisslizz gifts us with “Oh My” remix to get us through the mid-week stall

Vancouver, BC – It’s Thursday and we’re all feeling the mid-week drag before the weekend, but one of my favourite local guys just came out with a remix to get you through the rest of it. Swisslizz releases his remix of “Oh My” which is honestly a banger that you’re going to want to add to your library. This song is something that’ll carry over into your turn-up this weekend. It’s a good look for the local emcee, which features catchy bars, and a chorus that takes this song to the status of an anthem. The emcee has a really unique voice within the Vancity scene, and it’s undeniable that nobody else does it the same as him. More than anything, this is a remix that sounds even more developed than his previous work. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last of it. Check out the track below.


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21 Apr

Mynamesbn silently dropped this music video “FYIYABMSITBOAR” that you should listen to

Vancouver, BC – Hailing from Panama City, Panama  – Mynamesbn is a semi-recent Vancity transplant who has slipped under the radar the last little while. After a solid set at Media Club last weekend, a closer look at the emcee uncovered some really great work. The video for “FYIYABMSITBOAR” is one of them. This guy’s song will get everyone rowdy, and he definitely brings a sound that Vancouver is lacking. The visuals feature reverse contrasted shots of the emcee at a party. You can check out the music video below, and get more acquainted with a face we’ll probably be seeing again in the near future.


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21 Apr

Sundrynoname is ready to make his mark on the Vancity scene with debut EP VeyeOLET

Victoria, BC – Sundry aka. Sundrynoname is a somewhat new face, but his music isn’t reflective of his fairly new surfacing within the industry. You may generally expect a debut project to be strong and forward, but VeyeOLET is the perfect introduction that’s fair and exploratory to the talents of the Victoria emcee. Last week we saw his single release of “High Fashion Endo” which was an filled with rhythmic synths and Sundry’s identifiable crooning vocals.

This week he follows up the release with the debut of his feature EP, building on a similar sound which is similar to a haze-induced trance. The cool thing about this emcee is his music is really different than a lot of other material we see come through our submissions box, and it stood out without trying too hard. Rather, the whole EP is something that you could throw on at the end of a long day to wind down or jam to.


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21 Apr

Sese releases 2oolman-produced “Lite Green” to celebrate 4/20

St. Catharines, ON – Releasing his second new track in just under 2 weeks, self-proclaimed weed connoisseur Sese was ready to go for 4/20 with the new 2oolman-produced “Lite Green.” The song was actually recorded a couple of years back but for whatever reason it never came out… until yesterday that is. “Some shit we did in 2013,” Sese commented. “Got high and forgot to release it… Happy 420!

Sese and 2oolman have worked together quite a few times in the past, going back more than a decade now when they released the collaborative projects, Hit & Run and Taxiii Drivers. They still have a ton of unreleased material in the vault but it’s unclear when those songs will see the light of day. Currently, Sese is currently pushing the second installment of his Dragon Ball Z-inspired Saga Series, The Cell Saga. Meanwhile, 2oolman is now a member of the award-winning group, A Tribe Called Red and doing quite well for himself. Stay tuned for more updates and check out “Lite Green” below.

Sese releases 2oolman-produced Lite Green to celebrate 4/20 -

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21 Apr

Wasiu initiates the MTLien invasion in his new video for “Outer Space”

Montreal, QC – Montreal rapper Wasiu just released his latest video for “Outer Space” off the 2015 released MTLiens EP.

“Outer Space” is a track about Montreal invading the music industry. As foreigners (or aliens) that the mainstream industry hasn’t yet let into its circles, Montreal artists (like Wasiu) are staging their invasion and world-wide takeover.

This video (directed by William Fradette) utilizes a minimalist black-and-white concept, as well as a lone monolith in the background as a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. As Wasiu explained to me, the monolith is representative of the world and he’s strategizing his takeover from Outer Space: “I found it cool; the monolith represented earth… or the entertainment [and] industry world,” said Wasiu. “And MTL is outer space; like outside of that matrix.”

Montreal rapper Wasiu wants you to know that

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20 Apr

Happy 420: Here are 20 Canadian rap songs about weed

Edmonton, AB – Happy 420 everyone! As you probably know, today is 420 so you’re probably sky-high by now. That, or you dropped a new single, video, or mixtape. Because rappers love to drop things on 420. Either way, hope today has smoked you well.

We decided to hit you with a throwback to Canadian rap songs about weed that have been released over the last few years; from classics like JD Era’s “Smoking Good” and Classified’s “Higher” to more recent releases like Tona’s “Weed & Alcohol” and DillanPonders’ “I Like Weed.”

So all praises due to the most high! And make sure you hit us in the comments to tell us your favourite Canadian stoner rap jam.

Happy 420: Here are 20 Canadian rap songs about weed -

20 Apr

ILoveMakonnen confirms split from Drake’s OVO Sound

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week social media was buzzing with talk that “Tuesday” hitmaker ILoveMakonnen had been kicked out of OVO Sound. Today the Atlanta recording artist released a statement which confirms his departure from the crew, but leaves the reasoning behind the move up in the air.

A rep for Warner Bros. has confirmed that ILOVEMAKONNEN is no longer affiliated with the Toronto label but is still signed to Warner Bros. Records, which is also home to the OVO Sound imprint. This is the official statement from ILoveMakonnen regarding the split:

I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future & Mr. Morgan, enough for all that they have done for my career. No words can express how much I appreciate Drake for being a part of the success of ‘Tuesday.’ I’m sure the haters will have something negative to say, but all in all my choice to be solely on Warner Bros Records was the right thing for me and for my best interest. Sorry, there’s no beef to report, DRINK MORE WATER. ILOVEMAKONNEN

Atlanta's ILoveMakonnen confirms split from Drake's OVO Sound -

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20 Apr

Premiere: Listen to the Sad Mafia EP by 17 year old Richmond Hill producer Krinny

Richmond Hill, ON – HipHopCanada has teamed up with 17 year old Richmond Hill producing prodigy, Krinny, to bring you the premiere and official release of the Sad Mafia EP.

The Sad Mafia EP is a mash-up of Yung Gud beats and Three 6 Mafia vocal acapellas. It all stems from Krinny’s desire to hear Juicy J vocals over top of a Yung Gud beat. He grabbed the Juicy vocals off of Dorrough’s “Drugs In Da Club.” Then he mixed them with Gud’s beat to create the track hereby known as “Sus” (aka: the first track on the EP).

Krinny lurked around the Internet to collect a bunch of Yung Gud beats, and a bunch of Three 6 Mafia vocals (as well as some solo Juicy J and Project Pat ones, too). Then he threw them into Ableton until he got the sounds he wanted, and he delivered this finished body of work.

The project serves as a link between classic oldschool trap, and new wave future trap production. It also serves as a proper introduction to the artistry of young Krinny; new wave trill shit.

Premiere: Listen to the Sad Mafia EP by 17 year old Richmond Hill producer Krinny -

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19 Apr

Breaking down Brevner EP

Vancouver, BC – Since the release of his impressively rotated BREVNER EP in late February, Matt Brevner has seen a whole new level of attention in his direction. He’s been on the mouths, speakers and screens of many for the past few months, proving that he has the weight to make a name for himself outside of engaging in Canadian rap beef antics.

We let the album sit for over a month to take it in and for those who still haven’t jumped on board, we got a breakdown prepared of all 8-tracks that make up the BREVNER EP. Riding on the same vibes as the Vancouver-based artist – who frequently shows love to his Vancity scene – we took to some of the cities premium industry heads to grab quotes on their thoughts of the EP alongside our own own opinions.

Purchase the BREVNER EP here and check out our breakdown below.

Breaking down Brevner EP -

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19 Apr

Live From Rocky Mountain: We caught up with Derin Falana to talk about his new mixtape

Brampton, ON – Brampton artist Derin Falana finally released his his highly anticipated new Live From Rocky Mountain mixtape earlier this month.

The nine-track project is a major stepping stone for Falana. It features a slew of production credits, a diversified mix of bangers and slower jams, and a refreshingly authentic commentary on where Derin is at right now.

Live From Rocky Mountain is a nod to Derin’s come-up in suburban Brampton (more specifically, the Rocky Mountain Crescent and Eagleridge Drive intersection). It’s also a nod to the highly acclaimed children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. You’ll notice that the mixtape’s cover art (courtesy of Nicky Chulo) puts a cartooned Brampton spin on the all too recognizable cover art on the front cover of Where The Wild Things Are. And the project itself seems to have that sort of undertone to it, as well.

We caught up with Derin and got him to break down his mixtape for us. We talked about Derin’s come-up as a suburban kid and Brampton’s footing in the rap scene, as well as how the mixtape parallels Where The Wild Things Are. See how it all went down after the jump, and peep the new tape over here.

Listen to Derin Falana's new Live From Rocky Mountain mixtape -

“You’d have to fend for yourself in the music industry the same way that you would in a jungle. It’s survival of the fittest. I’ve worked so hard and I feel like I’ve finally reached or am about to reach the wild.”
– Derin Falana

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