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 Post subject: Re: 90's rave
PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:49 am 
250 Plus!
250 Plus!
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LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO. Dude are you okay? Everything alright dunny? I'm kind of concerned now.

I explained once already as to what happened step by step. I am the one that did it, and I told you why. I will copy and paste it here for you to read once more, read it slow so you comprehend why I did what I did, who's words it was that I edited, and then come talk to me in a proper manner. You're taking shots at me in your temper tantrum above, you caught feelings because I replied to you in a proper manner via a full explaination (which I didnt have to do)...If you feel like taking shots at me for no reason, cool, but I'm only going to tell you this next part once. When you have an issue with me, or a issue with something on the board, address the issue, and leave HHC out of it. You have anything negative to say with regards to the site, address it in a proper manner, send a pm message.

If you have any issue with what I did with regards to the edit I did on your quote, send an official complaint, its the proper thing to do.

Heres my explaination copy and pasted as promised


You quoted me, then edited the quote to make it say GAY instead of REAL. Considering it was I that you had quoted, and I am a moderator of this lounge, I went into your thread which a moderator can do, and I simply put it back to what it says.

Son, next time holla at ya pops in a pm."

I'm done with this, anything further exercise your right to send a pm message, whether to me, or for the sake of sending in an official complaint.

PS...Your four words you typed above where you threw HHC into the mix, I'm editing those. Just so you know, it was me, and I'm doing it for the obvious, peace.

You take shots at the site, but this is your signature...

"The Great HipHopCanada Crash of December 2012 made me realize how much I need this website."

You can't play both sides of the fence.

:((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :((( :(((

Holy fuck I KNEW it was Devine all along. This explains the fag sized meltdowns over the site on a regular basis. You old fucking goat, you'll never change.

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