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HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 6)

HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 6)

NmG’s Syph is featured on the latest episode of The 12 Pack.

I can honestly say, after three months of compiling this playlist and listening to hundreds of new artists from the North, I’m quite impressed with the pool of talent growing in our great country.

I’ve been in the music industry for almost three decades and have seen a lot of things change over the years. Many people talk about how hip-hop is boring and the young generation is killing the game, but I disagree. Styles change and things evolve. Yes, there’s a lot of carbon copies and less than inspiring messages being put out daily, but like everything else, if you put in an effort and search you can find some diamonds in the rough throughout Canada.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my song choices and have found some new artists you can follow. Take in the new episode and I’ll see you again in two weeks!

The 12 Pack is a bi-weekly playlist curated by music manager/producer MoJointz, and dedicated to promoting singles and album cuts coming out of Canada. The playlist is brought to you by and hosted on Spotfiy.

Please note: This is not the latest episode of The 12 Pack playlist. The embedded Spotify play below contains The 12 Pack Archive which features every song featured on the playlist since it first started in Feb. 2018.

HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 6)

The 12 Pack (Episode 6) Track Listing

Prime Boys – Sopranos
Brick – Get It Like
Syph ft. Tracy T – Memory Lane
Teon Gibbs – Rookie Szn
Hard To Kill – Torino
Young Lungs ft. Pollari, NetNobody – Wraith
APB – Paprika
RAH Sounds ft. Rochester, Joell Ortiz, R-Mean, Termanology – Real Sticky
Hush – Candy Color
7Day$ – Blessed
Hezi – Planet Buster
K Money – Bang Bang

HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 6)

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