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HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 8)
Pilla B is featured on Episode 8 of The 12 Pack


HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 8)

This week came very quickly for me and in all honesty, I had limited time to put this list together.

Thankfully, a handful of artists are dropping some solid music so pulling 12 wasn’t difficult. Here are this week’s choices. See you in another two weeks.

The 12 Pack is a bi-weekly playlist curated by music manager/producer MoJointz, and dedicated to promoting singles and album cuts coming out of Canada. The playlist is brought to you by and hosted on Spotfiy.

Please note: This is not the latest episode of The 12 Pack playlist. The embedded Spotify play below contains The 12 Pack Archive which features every song featured on the playlist since it first started in Feb. 2018.

HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 8)

The 12 Pack (Episode 8) Track Listing

Speng Squire – Highway ft. Tommy Kruise
Syph – I Got A Cheque ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan
Jazz Cartier – GODFLOWER
City Fidelia – One More Time ft. Carpe DM
Pilla B – You Ain’t Outside
Dutchess – 100 Mill
Portion – For Trappers Only
Villa – OMW
Dante Leon – Roses
NorthSideBenji – Confessions
JellyTooFly – Think About
Tomasi – Concrete ft. Rich Kidd & Breana Marin

HipHopCanada on Spotify: The 12 Pack (Episode 8)

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