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Some of our music community losses in 2020
Rest In Peace


Tribute: Some of our music community losses in 2020

We’re not even half way through 2020 and already we’re aware of close to 70 members of the hip-hop/urban music community that have passed away. Some passed away due to COVID-19 related complications or other health issues, and some died for reasons still unknown or made public.

Sadly, over half of the people listed (mostly male) were victims of gang related gun violence. There are 35 people on the list that were killed in a shooting. Many of the victims were between the ages of 16 and 25 at the time of their deaths.

We apologize for anyone we missed, or for any information listed inaccurately. We tried our best to compile the list below based on news reports, obituaries and occasionally Wikipedia entries. The table below lists the persons artist name, the date they died, the reason, and where it happened. We will update the chart if and when we discover inaccurate info.

Moments before we published this post, we got word that the victim of a Toronto Entertainment District shooting earlier in the day was in fact Northside Jane rapper Houdini. He was only 21.

Our condolences to the family, friends and fans of all those who have passed.

2020 Music Industry Deaths

2020 Name Location Cause Age
Jan. 1 Lexii Alijai Minneapolis, MN Overdose 21
Jan. 7 Naj Murph Newburgh, NY Seizure 30
Jan. 8 FTG Metro Ottawa, ON Shooting 18
Jan. 8 AhkDaClicka Washington D.C. Shooting 21
Jan. 8 15 / Fifteen Unknown Unknown ?
Jan. 8 Boss Rico Gwynn Oak, MD Shooting 20
Jan. 9 IBM Montae Cain Nashville, TN Shooting ?
Jan. 9 5th Ward Weebie New Orleans, LA Heart Attack 42
Jan. 11 EBN Roo Columbus, OH Shooting 18
Jan. 13 DemonBaby GG Dayton, OH Shooting 19
Jan. 15 PTCT Lil Buck Jacksonville, FL Shooting 23
Jan. 16 Homicide Sacramento, CA Unknown ?
Jan. 16 Tre Koast Phoenix, AZ Shooting 21
Jan. 17 Clyde Bazile Jr. Unknown Unknown 53
Jan. 20 Mr. Blue Ghost Minneapolis, MN Shooting 40
Jan. 20 Hostyle (Screwball) New York, NY Unknown 47
Jan. 20 Bucho Gardena, CA Unknown 24
Jan. 24 Dee Dave Baltimore, MD Shooting 29
Jan. 31 fourty4double0 Toronto, ON Shooting 19
Feb. 1 Big Booda Washington, D.C. Shooting 24
Feb. 2 J.Scott New York, NY Unknown ?
Feb. 2 Kofi B Cape Coast, GH Heart Attack ?
Feb. 3 Sleepy Codeiney Detroit, MI Shooting ?
Feb. 4 K-Man Malawi Car Accident ?
Feb. 4 Au$tin the Pacman Los Angeles, CA Overdose ?
Feb. 6 Head aka Self Made Birmingham, AL Shooting 27
Feb. 6 Yaygo Unknown Overdose 27
Feb. 7 FMM D-Boy Salinas, CA Shooting 19
Feb. 8 Band Pacino Houston, TX Shooting 29
Feb. 11 Huncho Dinero Birminghan, AL Shooting 18
Feb. 19 Pop Smoke Los Angeles, CA Shooting 20
Feb. 23 Young Freq Little Rock, AK Shooting 39
Feb. 24 Channel 5 Jdub Forth Worth, TX Shooting 17
Feb. 26 Lionel D Orpington, UK Shooting 58
Feb. 28 Dtrav Sauk Village, IL Shooting ?
Mar. 10 Bando Hothead Chicago, IL Shooting 17
Mar. 14 Silent Pressure St. Louis, MO Shooting ?
Mar. 19 DJ Black N Mild New Orleans, LA COVID 45
Mar. 28 Luccy2X Las Vegas, NV Shooting 20
Mar. 29 Jonathan Tsai Waterloo, ON COVID 41
Apr. 2 Muscle Gotti London, UK Car Accident ?
Apr. 2 ErnieWoodLo Vancouver, BC Unknown ?
Apr. 3 Tweedy Bird Loc Compton, CA Heart Attack 52
Apr. 3 Mic Raw (UN) New York, NY Unknown ?
Apr. 6 Mac P Dawg Los Angeles, CA Shooting 24
Apr. 6 Black The Ripper St. Johns, Montserrat Unknown 33
Apr. 7 Keeve Jacksonville, FL Shooting ?
Apr. 8 Chynna Rogers Philadelphia, PA Overdose 25
Apr. 10 Sweet Sable New York, NY COVID 58
Apr. 13 FastCashJune Washington D.C. Shooting ?
Apr. 20 Joey Knoxx Springfield, MA Shooting 34
Apr. 23 Fred The Godson New York, NY COVID 35
Apr. 23 BlacOwt Las Vegas, NV Shooting ?
Apr. 26 Tommy Uzzo New York, NY Cancer 64
Apr. 29 Stezo Unknown Heart Failure 52
Apr. 30 Nicco Bandz Unknown Overdose ?
May 5 Kiing Shooter New York, NY Live Failure 24
May 7 ABK BoBo Chicago, IL Shooting ?
May 7 Ty London, UK COVID 47
May 7 Richie Jerk Chicago, IL Shooting 22
May 8 Andre Harrell New York, NY Heart Failure 59
May 8 DJ Amanda Blaze Miami, FL Unknown 41
May 10 Nick Blixky New York, NY Shooting 21
May 22 DBG Doeskii Chicago, IL Shooting 16
May 23 KJ Balla New York, NY Shooting 23
May 26 Houdini Toronto, ON Shooting 21

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