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Behind the scenes with NorthSideBenji, Pressa, & Houdini

2BridgeTv: BTS with Northsidebenji, Pressa, and Houdini

Toronto-based 2BridgeTv recently posted behind the scenes footage of three prominent Toronto rappers working in a studio.

The footage features Northsidebenji, Pressa, and Houdini laying down vocals, and vibing out to tracks they’ve already recorded.

It’s unclear when the track being recorded is scheduled to drop, but it’s clear from the YouTube comments that it’s going to be well received.

You can check out the footage below.

2BridgeTv: BTS with Northsidebenji, Pressa, and Houdini

You can follow @Northsidebenji, @HoudiniMusic, and @Pressa.Armani on Instagram.

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