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All My Life: 2Soul enlists EPROD for video debut

All My Life: 2Soul enlists EPROD for video debut
2Soul in the "All My Life" video

Joomah Wallace, also known as 2Soul, is the multi-talented, young up-and-coming 23-year-old DJ, singer-songwriter on the verge of breaking into the tightly knit circuit of the Jamaican dancehall scene.

2Soul is sure to be a hit in dancehall music and is seeking to bring his one-of-a-kind style to international platforms. Today, 2Soul is hailed as the next rising star in dancehall with hot new singles, “All My Life,” “Gemini” and “All Night.” The young DJ is very optimistic and greatly appreciates all the recent feedback and sees all the attention as a reaching another milestone in his career.

All My Life: 2Soul enlists EPROD for video debut

The budding talent first started making music at the age 13-years-old while living in Jamaica in the community where the DJ was born and raised “5 West Greater Portmore” in the sunshine city of Portmore. As a teen, he was in a musical group called “Heartless Family” where 2Soul and his friends in his community would perform together.

But as 2Soul got older into his teens, due to the pressures of life, the young DJ made a sudden change at age 17 where he stopped making music fully and had to make ways to survive. But despite all of that his love for music never died.

All My Life: 2Soul enlists EPROD for video debut

In 2013, he migrated to Canada where he started to see life in a different perspective and was intrigued by the lifestyle. He was getting used to his new surroundings attending and graduating from high school but being a musician was always in the back of his mind. Fast forward to January 2018 that’s when things changed 2Soul decided he is going to start his career in music. He wrote 6 songs and voiced his EP by April 2018 showing a rare determination proving himself to be an asset to the musical fraternity.

2Soul is a promising local DJ with a lyrically insane flow of melodies and which can only be described as “Crazy” or better then the average in terms of his delivery. A humble but determined artist his motto is echoed in the outro of his new single: “Don’t be afraid to go for your goals.”

Check it out below.

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