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420 Klick in Pretendin
Scene from the "Pretendin" video


Song of the Day: 420 Klick enlists Peter Jackson for “Pretendin” video

Back in March, we brought you the Peter Jackson-assisted single “Pretendin” by budding Canadian group 420 Klick. Today, we revisit the single with the recently released video to present “Pretendin” as HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Originally dropping on April 20 at 4:20 p.m. on the dot, the new video premiered on YouTube to rave review. The song definitely serves as the perfect anthem for any 4/20 holiday, but weed smokers will find it works well to blaze one too any day of the year.


Scene from the “Pretendin” video

The video was directed by Dan Barker and edited by Lucas Sewards for Captured Films, and is just shy of reaching the 100K views milestone (currently sitting at 95K).

You can find “Pretendin” on various digital streaming platforms including Spotify and TIDAL.

Check out the video below.

Song of the Day: 420 Klick enlists Peter Jackson for Pretendin video

You can follow @lb420Klick and @PeterJackson905 on Instagram.

Written by Kyle McNeil for HipHopCanada

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